Pink Trash Travels

Do U Miss Me?

Yep, we're still moving. Which essentially means I've been off-line for almost four days. Ugh! I've got so much to say I don't know where to begin. So, I suppose I could abbreviate:

1) We've run the gambit of emotions while moving. On one hand, we're exited. On the other, we're a bit depressed as it's overwhelming. So, we're trying to focus on the positive.

2) With such a big house, you'd think we'd have plenty of room for our stuff. Wrong. Instead, we're running short of space. All of which means we'll be having a giant garage sale soon.

3) Because we've got a new house sound system, I've been listening to KISS FM while unpacking. Britney's new song has become my unpacking song. I'm sure there's some hot remixes floating around - I've just not had the time to find them.

4) On that note, I've been listening to the same iPod gym mix now for almost a week (because of course we're still going to the gym). And considering I add a new song or two every day, I'm sure you can understand I'm looking forward to searching my contacts for fresh dance jams.

When we get settled later this week, look for photos. I know you can't wait.