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After 8 1/2 Years...

In 2005, after moving to Paris, I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. Over the years, my audience grew to include more than I originally anticipated - something I was always grateful for as it continued to reach people around the world. Even after returning stateside, I kept Pink Trash Travels going as thoughts in my head never seem to end.

But after 8 1/2 years, I've realized it's okay to end the blog. I have resisted for months, but last night, Chris mentioned to me that all things must come to and end - and that's okay. When one door closes, another opens. And with Facebook and Instagram, it seems the blog is ready for its last post.

So with that, I say so long and thank you to all of you who have followed along. I can't get but teary eyed when I write this as Pink Trash Travels is a piece of me I have difficulty silencing. But there's no time like the present.

Again, thank you. And may we find each other again soon.

Darth on Instagram!

Disney has begun it's marketing blitz for the new Star Wars films hitting theaters in 2015 with their Instagram selfie of Darth Vader. What an amazing way to introduce the classic characters to those kids today that have no idea who or what the evil one represents.

PTT Adores Stuart Reardon

I follow Stuart Reardon on Instagram. And from this photo, you'll see why. The professional rugby player, outspoken equality advocate and fashion model is one smokin hot man. Enjoy!

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday - a day where retailers try to cash-in on the post Thanksgiving shoppers. It's also one where I contemplate the future of PTT. With a busy work schedule, Facebook, and Instagram, it's hard to keep up with the blog and social networks. So I find myself contemplating next steps with Pink Trash Travels.

Because believe me, there are plenty of thoughts still running around in my head. But now, I get sidetracked by personal and professional posts on outlets that drive business my way. And because I'm growing a business, that's where my focus lies currently.

So depending on how the next few weeks go, I'll decide how PTT should live within my universe. I suppose it's hard to think of stopping the site as it's been part of me for almost 8 years. So many memories - all of which means I'm sure it will continue but perhaps more sparingly.

PTT Likes Sean Carrigan

Yes, it's been a while since I last posted. But work is busy. And with my presence on FB and Instagram, it's hard to be social! But Sean Carrigan, included tonight on "Modern Family" as John, made me go looking for more. Turns out he's a Soap Star and is age appropriate - born in 1974. I'll take him.

Gaga on X Factor

Gaga is in full force getting ready for "Artpop's" release. So this weekend, she performed two songs on the UK version of "X Factor." "Venus" and "Do What U Want." The first was to be the next single but because of overwhelming response, "Do What U Want" is now lined up to succeed "Applause." Check out the performance below.

Do U Know Matthew Hussey?

Matthew Hussey pops over to Hoda and Kathy Lee every now and then to give relationship advice. I'm happy when he does. He is adorable with his buttoned up looks, coiffed hair and sweet smile. I don't listen much, just look. And look. And look.

Get it GURL

Christie Brinkley was on Hoda and Kathy today promoting a "Sports Illustrated" book. She looks amazing for 60! For 50. For 40. 30. Or even 20. Whoever is her surgeon I want to know. A great combination of genetics and knowing when to say when with plastic surgery.

Potty Mouth

This video of a child taking into consideration all he ate while sitting on the potty is one of the funniest YouTube videos I've seen in months. And, basically summarizes how I feel sometimes after Fat Sally Sunday!

Wendy Schools Miley

I try to watch "The Wendy Williams Show" every night on BET at 11:00 p.m. It's a replay from the live version that airs at 10 a.m. The show has grown into an entertaining program all because of the host. There's just something about Wendy, her humor, reaction to life, etc. that I find appealing. Check out her thoughts on Miley and you'll see why.


Watching TV can teach you so much. Sofia Vergara on "Chelsea Lately" talked about her Monokini - basically a bikini attached with some material. See, it's not always about hot men. PTT appreciates a beautiful woman too.

Miley Yes!

Miley, I agree. Except for my "morning" is around 4 a.m. :)

Thanks ABC

Well last night's "Dancing with the Stars" delivered a shirtless Brant Daugherty. Thanks ABC.

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Go Shirtless Brant Daugherty or Else

I can't remember the last time I watched ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." But because Brant Daugherty appears on this season, I'm tempted to give the show a whirl. He'd better take his shirt off - just sayin'.

So Bad But So Good?

If you haven't heard Ylvis and their song "The Fox (What does the Fox Say?", you must be living under a rock. Likely to go down as one of the worst songs ever, the comedy duo from Norway's song just climbed into the US top 10. It's so bad apparently it's good.

Gravity Soars But Falls Flat for PTT

My friends and I saw "Gravity" last night at the Navy Pier IMAX in Chicago. I didn't know much about the film and wasn't necessarily sparked to see it by the ads. But the reviews (and my friend DP) sold me so I went. The outcome? The movie is visually stunning on the big screen. But after 60 minutes, I was a little bored. That, and I never quite never surrendered to believing the film and characters. It probably didn't help that Sandra now looks like an elf and George was, well, George. "Gravity" is, however, on track for the largest October non-sequel opening weekend of all time with $48,000,000.

Britney's Work Bitch Video Hits!

She's working it harder than she has in years, but at times it still seems like Brit is stuck in glue. Editing helps. At least she holds my interest until the end. Check it out below.

Josh Kelly is Real...Really Hot

I had never heard of Josh Kelly. But he's apparently tapped to co-star in a Lietime drama pilot "Unreal." Perhaps I should revisit the soap as well as ensure my DVR is set to record. Sweet Jesus he's hot.

Just in time for the weekend - requested hour set featuring remixes by those you know like Avicii, Miley, Beyonce, and Katy alongside those you might not such as Flashdancerz, Natali Yura, Liam Keegan and Zendaya. It gave me "gingles" at the gym (gym + tingles), hope it does you too - gym, home, car, wherever! Grab it HERE!

How 2 Smile

Oddly enough, this queen's funny take on how to snap a good picture involves some advice I believe I've used for years - to slightly laugh when taking a photo. Sure, he's a cross between a gay man and sassy black woman, but it's entertaining none-the-less.


Eric Turner and Morné Coetzer are getting married. Yet they don't have enough money to pay for their parents to fly to the nuptials. As a result, they hope YOU'll pay. Sure, they have enough to spend on themselves (take a guess), but not their mom and dad. Truly one of most pathetic displays of narcissism I've ever come across. Read all about their problems HERE.

Streaming Cher!

If you like Cher, or wonder about her new CD she's releasing Sept. 24, Amazon has it streaming HERE. Take a listen!

Smoking Hot

I agree with Buzzfeed. Clint Eastwood's son, Scott, is one handsome dude. Even smoking a cigar.

Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Well now I'm crying. After watching this video, perhaps you will be too.