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His Time Has Come

We don't talk to Nate Berkus anymore. He used to hang with our crowd a long time ago, but most of us have lost contact with him over the years. Anyway, due to his connection with Oprah, he's done quite well for himself. Being in the right place at the right time helped move his career along.

Lately, we've noticed Nate is looking better (as before he was a little heavy and appeared tired). My thought was something had to be motivating him to improve himself. My first idea was he might become a permanent guest panelist on Oprah's Friday Live. But when the show revamped itself, my theory was blown.

Well this week it was announced that Sony Television is in discussions with Harpo productions to spin-off Nate into his own show for the fall of 2010. We've wondered why it's taken so long (as he's been a guest on her show since 2001). My guess is there were others in line before him. And now that Oprah is considering moving her talker to her namesake channel, there are some deals going down to ensure her empire continues. Enter Nate.

It will be interesting to see how the ratings unfold for the gay designer. Will his sexual preference limit his audience? I'm sure it will turn away a few viewers, but Ellen's popularity, combined with the research I'm sure Sony has conducted when Nate appears on Oprah, leads me to believe the show will be a success. Probably not as big as Dr. Oz this year or Dr. Phil in 2002, but a ratings winner for its timeslot. Do you really think Oprah would stand behind a risk?