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I'm a Believer

I wasn't a believer in the energy shots swarming the market. After all, research shows these little bottles of adrenaline have the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee. But after drinking one last night, and a few weeks ago, I can honestly say, "They work!"

If anything, 5-Hour Energy helps you to stay focused. I don't yawn. And I'm not ready to go home by 10 p.m. And it's not psychological as no matter what I'm told to believe, I'd still be tired and wanting to go home. But with 5-Hour, I'm able to continue the night closer to midnight.

Of course, you need to give your body a few hours to absorb the ingredients. Don't expect to come home a few hours later and go to bed. I need about (big surprise) four to five hours before I try to sleep. Then again, I don't sleep well so others response times may be different.

All in all, my opinions of 5-Hour Energy are positive. Anything that helps to squash Old Lady Lutman is a good thing.