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Toni, Toni, Toni

Toni Braxton unveiled her official video to her new song, "I Heart You." Unlike some others recent attempts at good pop songs, Toni hits a third base single (not quite a home run). Too bad radio is ignoring the track. As for the video, it's a bit low budget with a shirtless hottie thrown in to keep the gays happy.

I'm still hoping to tell Toni in person my thoughts this week when I escort her through the McDonald's Worldwide convention in Orlando. She's an official judge for the Voice of McDonald's contest and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they need me to manage the talent while in Florida. In other words, I'm on call to ensure Toni and her weave will be happy.

PS - Be sure to pay close attention to the 2?37 mark. Toni is going the "TP dance." ;)