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Wrong Text

If you're like me, sometimes you receive texts from a wrong number. Tonight, this happened to my friend Patrick. He received the following (from we're guessing a girl in high school). It gave us both a laugh.

"So i left with jerilynn after school bcuz we both had to be in the concert so when we were leaving kenwood we were gunna cross the street but the cars would let us through. So there were like these senior looking highschool boys all hanging out and stuff and we were still trying to cross when one of them... Or maybe he was just some random guy who looked like a senior. Came up and was like come on yall we gon' stop traffic. So it was jerilynn me and two thr like freshman looking girls tht we dont know and we crossed and he was like "ur welcome" but he didnt make eye contact all tht much like he was looking at something else so then i was like thank u and he was like yeah yall b safe n go home n he yo self some food."