Pink Trash Travels

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday - a day where retailers try to cash-in on the post Thanksgiving shoppers. It's also one where I contemplate the future of PTT. With a busy work schedule, Facebook, and Instagram, it's hard to keep up with the blog and social networks. So I find myself contemplating next steps with Pink Trash Travels.

Because believe me, there are plenty of thoughts still running around in my head. But now, I get sidetracked by personal and professional posts on outlets that drive business my way. And because I'm growing a business, that's where my focus lies currently.

So depending on how the next few weeks go, I'll decide how PTT should live within my universe. I suppose it's hard to think of stopping the site as it's been part of me for almost 8 years. So many memories - all of which means I'm sure it will continue but perhaps more sparingly.