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Whinnie Wednesday

We weren't expecting to adopt another puppy anytime soon. But for some reason, the topic came up last week. So I called the humane society where we adopted Dailey - our second pup who passed away before moving to Europe. I asked if we were still on file so down the road, when we decide to adopt again, they would have all the paperwork. We weren't as it had been 10 years since we adopted Dailey. The shelter then asked what we were hoping to find. I explained a larger breed, puppy, who would get along with other animals. Kristy, the volunteer, then noted they had a 4 month old Leonberger puppy in foster care who needed a home. So, a few days later we drove to Downer's Grove, along with Maddie, to see if the Lutman/Young family would be making a new addition. Turns out we are as we pick up "Whinnie" on Wednesday after her spaying. Good thing we'll be moving shortly. We'll need all the room we can get.