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Blogspot Battles

If you ever wonder where I find my Club One selections, I grab the links from a few "music lovers" sites. As I've noted many times, I don't upload any music - only share what's currently floating around on the great worldwide web.

Anyway, today I read a few chat "rolls" between the individuals who post the music. And sadly, it can get quite nasty between them. Apparently, they try to outdo each other in regards to their blog's popularity. Some post music. Some steal the links. Name calling ensues. And from there, it goes downhill. The bloggers are very protective of their "work" and don't want anybody stealing their thunder. Of course, my random postings aren't enough for them to care about. But for those who copy their links on a daily basis, they have some nasty words to share.

I suppose they highly guard their info as they create links from their uploads to advertisements. So, when you click on the song, it sends a "hit" to an ad. From that, they get paid based on how many eyes see the brand message. And for these 14 year boys who run home after school to pass along the latest Whitney dance track, I assume it can add up quickly. After all, those Cinnabon's and American Eagle t-shirts at the mall are quite expensive.