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The American Music Awards in a Nutshell

Adam Lambert's attempt to stir the pot by getting a blow job on stage and manhandling his drummer fell flat. I don't get the Black Eyed Peas. Their screams pierce my ears. Carrie Underwood wins hands down. Her outfit and performance were hot. What was up with Taylor Swift's Wayne's World back-up dancers? Rihanna needs new management. That, or somebody needs to tell her no. Janet looked like Peter Pan. She didn't move as gracefully however. And enough with the lip synching. If anybody could understand what J Lo was singing, please let me know. I liked the beats however. It seems as though Timbaland is back on the donut train. Ryan didn't look as tired - the botox worked. Whitney needed to focus more on her vocals and less on her hand gestures. Kelly showed why she won a singing competition. Sure, someone dumped a bucket of water on her head. Jay-Z and Alicia, from the audience reaction, win hands down for most popular of the night. Eminem seems irrelevant. And congrats to ABC for pimping every star on their fall schedule.