Pink Trash Travels

Making Improvements

Because you can see directly through to the back of our house from the front door, we decided to create a stain glass window for the second, interior door of the breezeway. After all, how can I ignore door-to-door salesmen when they see me sitting in our family room watching TV? I don't want to be rude.

So we once again worked with Robert at Harmony Art Glass in Chicago. We found a design we used as inspiration. From there, we collaborated with Robert to select various glass to complete our design.

Yesterday, we stopped by the store on N. Clark to check out his progress. As you can see, it's beautiful. We only made one slight change as the framing device around the center bloom seems a bit like glass blocks. So, we kept the concept but changed the squares to resemble more of an abstract presentation.

Of course, our change means installation will be delayed a few more weeks. All of which means I hope the cold weather keeps the door knockers away. Again, I don't want to be rude.