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Pink Trash Travels to: Cougar Town

On Saturday night, Chris and I ventured out with a group of friends to Chicago's new Club 33. The restaurant in Chicago's Gold Coast is a throw back to 1933 and somehow related to prohibition. Once you get past all the "cougar" boobs popping out, you can absorb the mahogany rich decor and Titanic staircase that leads you to the second floor balcony (where fortunately our table was located).

The American menu is loaded with meat and potato dishes (such as my pork chop and macaroni and cheese) and the desserts are just what you'd expect with an apple pie option, red velvet cake and brownie sundae. So of course, this is my kind of restaurant - except for the price tag (I suppose they need to pay for the gym conversion). Needless to say, we'd return. It's always fun to watch middle aged women with overflowing breasts and their badly dressed Chicago male companions having a good time in the big city.