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My ESPN Kicking In

Three months ago, Chris and I bought tickets to the pre-Broadway engagement of The Addams Family in Chicago. Before making the purchase, however, I noted I had a bad feeling about spending almost $400 for tickets on a Thanksgiving weekend as my ESPN told me one of the stars, either Bebe or Nathan, would cancel their performance. So of course, it was no surprise to me last night when I spotted a small sign in the theatre lobby that read, "The role of Gomez Addams tonight will be played by some dude's name I can't remember." "I knew it!" I exclaimed.

Chris and I immediately asked an usher where we could go for a refund. With 50% of the reason we bought tickets not performing, I refused to spend a small fortune on some understudy's lucky night. Luckily, we found tickets for two weeks later, in Row M (vs. L), four feet across the aisle. Not only that, we saved over $75!

Everything happens for a reason I guess. Though, I wonder if Nathan gave any consideration to those less fortunate who came to Chicago specifically to see him in the show. If not, I say Nathan owes them all a personal apology - with a side of cash for their troubles.