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Scary Olympics?

How frightening. The Olympic Committee might want to rethink their selection of Rio over Chicago if THIS continues. That, or they need to start spring cleaning immediately.

Push the Button

I'm a big fan of Mike Rizzo. His dance remixes are full of BPMs. One of his hits this season hasn't been available - until today (or at least it hadn't found its way to the web). So check it out by "pushing the button." Literally. Push it for a female vocal treat.

What I Find Funny

We stopped by the Jewel earlier this evening so I could make bierocks tomorrow night for dinner. Left in our small basket was a grocery list with the items below. I don't know why, but it seems to me that I found the list of a little old, lactose intolerant woman who needed some dessert. Here's what she was hoping to find:

Toilet paper 4 rolls
Italian break
Turkey meat butterball
1/2 gallon lactaid 2%
French green beans
tooth paste Sensodyne
Tapica pudding (and that's not a misspelling on my part)


My question is this: What's the first CD I play in my new vehicle? Because as I noted this week, that music will forever be connected to me driving home my shiny Santorini Black LR2. Of course it has to be current. So, I'm leaning towards Adam Lambert. Because if you haven't heard his latest, it's underrated.

Hair Today? Gone Tomorrow?

I thought about cutting my hair today. A friend noted his preference to my shorter, brown doo. On the other hand, I have others who opt for longer locks. So, I think I'm settling with something in the middle. Not long. Not short. Not brown. Not blonde. Because I agree with some in that when my hair is too long, and blonde, it ages me. And I confer with the others who say when it's longer, it's a breath of fresh air (especially when the wind blows). So, for now, I'll stay away from the salon - for a few more weeks anyway. By then, I'm sure, I'll have a different opinion.

Tomorrow's a Big Day

Tomorrow's a big day. Not only because our dining room draperies finally arrive, but also because I'm purchasing my LR2. After going back and forth with both suburban and city dealers, we finally agreed to a price out in Hoffman Estates. Not only was this dealer more aggressive with pricing, the sales manager shook my hand and looked me directly in the eye - something the car salesman downtown didn't do. So, they earned our business.


Chris and I were talking the other day about filming taking place at a house down the street. Chris asked if we would ever be considered for such a project. I told Chris, "I don't think so as ours is a bit untraditional. It's dark and masculine - not the white picket fence scenario."

So of course we find it funny that today we were approached as a possible location for a TV pilot filming in Chicago being produced by Sony Pictures TV. Of course, I'm going to contact the Illinois Film Office tomorrow. And how knows, maybe if they chose another home, at least I could inquire about a job.

Remembering When

Does hearing old songs take you back to a specific time and place? Today, for example, while listening to the 80s channel on Sirius Radio, I heard Love Shack by the B-52s. I specifically remember driving around in my electric blue Geo Metro in the fall of 1999 while a freshman at the University of Kansas. It was a rainy Friday night and I didn't have anything to do. So I hopped in my car and cruised around the part of town where many fraternities and sororities were having parties. At the time, I was considering joining the Greek system so it gave me a sense of belonging - even though I wasn't invited to their keggers. I can still hear the drops of rain landing on my windshield.

Baby Socks 2 the Rescue

With the new house comes the desire to keep it looking top notch. But with pets, that's not so easy. With our oldest dog Maddie, before she passed away, she had a hard time standing. So her nails dug into the hard wood floors. I wish that wasn't the case, but those mean something to us now as it's a little reminder of her presence.

And now with the puppy running around with her sharp claws (even after I trim them), the floors are taking a beating. So today, began forcing Whinnie to wear baby socks when she's indoors. This way, when she stretches her puppy legs, she's not digging into the precious wood floor. I don't think she's a fan of the pink socks, but I am as our floors might have a bit more life in them. Besides that, isn't she adorable?

Why I Heart Spartacus

I've missed a few episodes - apparently the one with the image below. If you'd like to see the uncensored version, just send me an email and I'll pass it along. I wouldn't want to scare my mom.

Today I went to the grocery store - in a vehicle no less (Chris is out of town). As I was entering the Jewel, a woman began circling to find a parking spot. When I returned to my car, I see she finally found one. She had been driving around for more than 10 minutes trying to find a spot near the entrance. Sure, there were open spaces just a few yards back, but apparently she didn't want to walk. God forbid she gets any exercise. I'm just sayin'.

Note: as I finish typing this post, I'm sure some will question my thoughts regarding her ability to walk. Maybe she sprained her ankle? Sure. I'll give you that one. But from what I could see oozing out of the driver's seat, she just doesn't like to move much. Let the emails begin...

Why, People, Why?

I see the spot below quite often on Chicago winter television. But I can't imagine anybody actually wanting to visit Key Lime Cove. What crosses my mind while the ad plays are the following: How many germs are growing in that giant aquarium and why would anybody pay to sleep in those musty hotel rooms? Check out the spot below (most likely shot by a 12 year old trying to convince his parents to visit Chicagoland's largest indoor water park).

My New Fave

After visiting the Chicago Auto Show this weekend, my new vehicle of choice is the Land Rover LR2. With a muscular design reminiscent of vintage Jeep, the LR2 takes its place atop my wish list. And considering a sales agent mentioned demos would available soon, I might be able to grab one at a fairly good price. But what will happen to Bus Tales?

Hard Pill 2 Swallow

Our friends Tom, Randy and Patrick are leaving today for Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately, we're not with them. Because Chris has a gigantic project coming to an end the first week of March, we had to say no to joining our friends. They'll be celebrating Randy's 40th and Mardi Gras without us - which is a tough pill to swallow.

Sure, I could have gone alone, but that doesn't seem right considering Chris has waited for us to share the experience together. So, here we sit in cold Chicago, missing our friends, and the good times that await their arrival in Oz.

More Pee Wee

Pee Wee's show, a current hit in Los Angeles, seems to be on track to have a New York run later this year. If that's the case, I sure hope it falls around the middle of August when I might find myself in NY for a 40th birthday party.

A Bit Sad

We wanted to dine out tonight and see a movie. But because we're watching our diet, we opted to stay indoors to avoid the unhealthy restaurant fare and Jujubes. Instead, we ate scrambled eggs, ham and whole wheat muffins at 7:15 p.m. It's twenty minutes later. I'm already hungry.

Bus Tales

I'm afraid to sit down in the blue fabric seats, let alone eat on the crazy bus. But this passenger doesn't seem to care. Maybe I'm just jealous that he can snarf down a chocolate covered donut at 10:30 a.m. (two actually) and I can't.

Push the Button

Last April, while sitting having cocktails in the Bellagio, we watched a small group of men and one woman enter the bar. None of us knew who they were, but watching the reactions of those around them, we assumed they had to be somebody. A few weeks later, while watching Ellen, I realized the group was Lady Antebellum. Since then, the country group has exploded onto the music scene - their latest Need You Now rising up the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Check out a dance remix I recently heard on BPM. It's this week's HOT TRACK ALERT.

I work my ass off in the gym. So I get a little irritated when I see someone morphing from Archie to Arnold in just a few weeks. I suppose part of me is jealous as I could source the same vitamins they are taking, but I love my hair too much. And for me, it's not worth the risk. So should I still be upset? Absolutely. Especially because these men look good with short (or no hair) so it doesn't matter if supplements strip them of their locks. I'm just sayin'.

Bus Tales

I don't think Carrie Bradshaw would approve of this doily hair scrunchie. Then again, most people wouldn't.

Bus Tales

Going South to the gym today on the crazy 36 bus, I heard the following from the woman in the picture below. And believe me, there was much more to capture but I couldn't type fast enough on my phone.

"I straight up let myself go. I ate a whole chicken and shit."

"Man I haven't had sex in a month. I need to charge for sex cause I got no money."

Step Off Hollywood Bitches

For those of us who write children's books, and are in the process of trying to get published, news like THIS gets on our nerves.

Seriously. Most likely, the book is crap. But because someone has a name, they get shelf space. Step off Hollywood bitches.

Gaga Goes Gaga Again

Lady Gaga performed at the Brit Awards last night. Her renditions of Telephone and Dancing in the Dark were creative, yet a part of me thinks Lady Gaga sometimes tries to reinvent her music too much instead of letting the tunes speak for themselves. Because quite honestly, the public's attention span is short, and Lady Gaga's act could start to rub many the wrong way. She's not overexposed yet, but she's nearing the fault line. Keep it under control Gaga.

Speaking of Jobs

I'm all about finding a job in entertainment. But in the Windy City, those don't come around often. So of course, I got excited when I spotted Chicago job postings for The Nate Berkus Show. It seems as though this former acquaintance will be filming his new lifestyle program at Harpo.

Some of said I should contact Nate. But my thoughts are quite the opposite. I'm sure "friends" will be coming out of the woodwork to ask for everything and anything under the sun. So instead, I've applied for production jobs online - including a talent booker. And even though my experience doesn't quite match their "qualifications," my rich work history can still be applicable to the position's roles and responsibilities. I mean, read the posting below and tell me this doesn't sound like a job I should land:

• Research stories and show ideas
• Receive, evaluate and respond to pitches from outside sources
• Relentless and resourceful in the quest for stories and guests
• Demonstrates excellent pre-interviewing skills
• Staying current on local and national news stories and make calls when appropriate
• Initiate and establish strong relationships with subjects of ongoing news and feature stories
• Consistently demonstrates originality and creativity
• Demonstrates exceptional skills when approaching potential guests

Here's to hoping they think the same. If not, maybe I should pick up the phone and call Nate. "What's up Nate? It's been years but..."

There Goes Another - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
Today I finally got the call that gives me closure about a job opportunity I began discussing in December. As I told Chris, I'm not upset. I actually think it's for the best. If anything, I just don't like to be told, "No." Just ask my mom.

Olympic Thoughts

I'm watching a woman from France shoot a gun. This is a winter Olympic sport?

I'm a Believer

I wasn't a believer in the energy shots swarming the market. After all, research shows these little bottles of adrenaline have the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee. But after drinking one last night, and a few weeks ago, I can honestly say, "They work!"

If anything, 5-Hour Energy helps you to stay focused. I don't yawn. And I'm not ready to go home by 10 p.m. And it's not psychological as no matter what I'm told to believe, I'd still be tired and wanting to go home. But with 5-Hour, I'm able to continue the night closer to midnight.

Of course, you need to give your body a few hours to absorb the ingredients. Don't expect to come home a few hours later and go to bed. I need about (big surprise) four to five hours before I try to sleep. Then again, I don't sleep well so others response times may be different.

All in all, my opinions of 5-Hour Energy are positive. Anything that helps to squash Old Lady Lutman is a good thing.

Bus Tales

I'm not sure why she felt the need to be so loud, but this mom-to-be spewed cuss words at every opportunity (even while licking a valentine sucker). At least she extinguished her cigarette before loading down the bus.

Push the Button

You've got seven days to push the button for a hot track by one of my faves from the UK (and a good friend of Simon Cowell). That's seven days. Grab it while it's hot.

Catching My Eye

I've seen Dave Salmoni (from the Discovery Channel) on both Ellen and now Chelsea Lately. And each time, he catches my eye - for many reasons. Great body. Nice Midwestern charm. Great body.

Bus Tales

Owning a car can't come soon enough as I grow weary of the crazy bus #36. Then again, as Chris noted today, talk about blog fodder. True dat.

For starters, this gentleman is sporting dirty sweat pants with loafers. Secondly, I couldn't tell if he wasn't wearing socks or better yet, panty hose.

This purple haired monster crawled on board the crazy bus with her grocery bags filled with Cheez-its and a Twizzler hanging outside of her mouth. She then proceeded to apply lip liner while not only talking to herself but never removing the licorice stick. Now that's talent.

Snow Blues Settling In

Chicago received 12.5 inches of snow over the past 24 hours (along with an earthquake). Sadly, this snow will be around for weeks. Talk about depressing.

Audi's New A1

As I'm on the hunt for a new car, I was excited when I spotted information on the new Audi A1 (apparently, every luxury vehicle is trying to duplicate BMW's success with the Mini Cooper). Unfortunately, it appears the A1 may not make it stateside until 2015. And since I can't take the bus for another five years, no Audi A1 for me.

I'm on the hunt for a vehicle. And I've got to say, it's not fun. Stressful is more like it. I'm just sayin'.

Vampire's Aren't Just 4 Girls

I found out yesterday that one of our new favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries, is the #1 show for girls 12-24. That's no big surprise considering the man candy on the show. Seriously, nobody in the town of Mystic Falls is fat or ugly. All of which is fine with me.

Super Ads

This is the first year (in a long while) that I didn't watch at least some portion of the Super Bowl. Not that the actual game ever drew my attention - it was the ads. So I was happy to find THIS Yahoo! site that features many of the spots from the big game. That, or you can hold off until USA Today makes note of the winning ads tomorrow. I personally couldn't wait that long.

What I Got 4 My Birthday

What a way to begin my day. As I was listening to the 80s channel on Sirius, Chris gave me my birthday present: a new MacBook Pro. As I'm entering this blog post, I'm still dazed by my new toy's bright screen, backlit keyboard, and ability to actually play a full video without stopping and starting (as my previous Mac had just grown old and tired).

But because my old Mac had been with me since our move to Europe over five years ago, it was difficult to see it go. I suppose that's why it's packed nicely in the closet so I still feel as though it's part of the family.

Something We'll Miss

Our friends leave for Sydney in just under two weeks. And from the looks of the video below, we're going to miss quite the party. So, I hope they make enough memories for all of us.

As I'm managing the development and execution of an "entertainment area" at McDonald's Worldwide Convention in Orlando in April, I'm having to hire talent to fill some character costumes. It's recommended that I also hire a "handler" to assist those in the costume so they don't fall down, hit walls, etc. The talent agent said I could hire a "pretty girl." Of course, the second time she threw in a "hot guy." I'm thinking I'll chose the later. I'm just sayin'.

The Hell that's Auditioning

One of the reasons I stopped acting was I'm aweful at auditioning (good on stage, but terrible while being judged by a table of yahoos). Seriously, my last audition was horrible. I came out of my body, looked down upon myself, and thought, "What the hell are you doing?" That was the end for me.

Auditioning is like pulling a tooth without general anesthesia. Many actors hate the process. Even worse is auditioning during pilot season (the time of year networks greenlight shows and the casting process begins). Check out THIS detailed account of how it all goes down. Amazing to think an actor ever makes it on television (hence why many flounder for years in Hollywood before the magic begins).

Mel Never Learns

Mel Gibson does it again. When this reporter asks him about his rants and such from a few years ago, Mel decides to derail the conversation. And, quite eloquently, calls the reporter an "asshole" before the camera shuts off. Of course, Mel released a statement saying he was referring to his agent off screen. Right Mel. No wonder nobody cared about your movie this past weekend. Check out the video below.

PTT Diet Tip

There seems to be much talk these days about "no sugar" diets. I suppose it's due to New Year's resolutions being made. Either way, if you're looking for a healthy, natural alternative to sugar, look no further than HONEY. Mix a tablespoon in with some Greek yogurt and you have tasty treat filled with antimicrobrials and antioxidants.

Bus Tales

Because Chris returned from Asia, today I hopped onboard the crazy bus once again after a two week break. No more car luxury for me (well, that is until I finally make the big purchase). Instead, I get to spend precious moments with characters such as "Muppet Man" who liked to gobble on his cell phone. What memories will I make tomorrow.

I love getting emails from new readers. So thanks for spending not only the time to send me a note, but also a few minutes with Pink Trash Travels every day/week.

Thank U Starz

I'm not one for bloody television. But in the case of Starz new series, Spartacus, I'm making an exception. After all, the TV show is filled with shirtless (and quite beefy) men. And my favorite, CRIXUS, was even shown naked (and I'm talking full frontal nudity ladies and gentlemen). So if you're not watching, you should be. See what you're missing below.