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New Avengers

I can't wait for this flick to open later this Spring. Avengers is my kind of popcorn movie and one that will get me back into the theater. Because as of now, the obnoxious popcorn munchers and rude talkers are keeping me at bay.

That Time of Year

Around 12 tornadoes touched down in Kansas last night. See one forming near Hutchinson, KS below. I remember the days of getting exciting when the sirens would sound - jumping on top of our roof to see if we could spot one. Unfortunately (and fortunately), Lindsborg sits in a valley of some sorts so the funnels usually swirled on by. An amazing site to see.

PTT Makes Note of Parker Young

Parker Young (as Ryan Shay) was featured in an episode of Suburgatory a few weeks ago (as well as PTT a few months back). But because I'm a bit behind in TV viewing, I'm not just getting to the show. All of which means it's taken me longer to make note that one of my friends, TP, should be watching this show. He would love him. Love. Him.

Angelina's Leg Takes Over

William Levy's Star Shines Brighter

Looks like a noted PTT HOTTIE is now a "Dancing with the Stars" cast member. Once again, PTT is ahead of the curve.

More Like Girls Gone Mild

The New & Improved Tom Cruise

Besides the Best Picture award last night at the Oscars, everyone is talking about Tom Cruise and how he seems to have turned back time. Because if you saw the latest Mission Impossible movie, you could see some facial wasting around his eyes. Magically, that has disappeared - most say from either fillers or fat injection. Read for yourself HERE. In any case, he looks amazing. Goes to show what money can buy.

Can't Wait

Speaking of Jessie

How did I ever miss this photo? Or perhaps I haven't but it's always new and fresh to me. Do you think he'd mind sharing his sunglasses? Or perhaps a little more?

Happy Monday!

I've been looking for photos to give my stylist an idea of hair color, and I found my way to my all time favorite Jessie Pavelka. Could he be any more dreamy? Lord, that sounds like Gay McGayson said it. But true!

PTT Snarks the Oscars

I won't be commenting on every bit of show detail, but a few will make their way to PTT. So check back for a few snarky comments!

My first snarky comment will be about Sandra Bullock. The girl's hair was pulled back so tight it affected her face. That, or she's been injected with too many fillers. In any case, Sandra needs to jump from the speeding cosmetic surgery bus.

Billy's opening number was fun. But not that funny.

Unfortunately, I can hear that annoying electronic beeping. A time when dog hearing isn't beneficial.

Cute ads including JcPenny's featuring Ellen and McDonald's "He Loves Me Not" french fry spot.

I'm about to fall asleep. The show couldn't be any more boring.

Coming this holiday season: Nick Nolte as Crazy Ass Santa.

Octavia Spencer is about to make me cry. She's amazing.

Tate Taylor, director of The Help, is a handsome man.

Why am I on the verge of shedding a tear?

At least Cirque Du Soleil brought some life to the show - through bungee jumping.

Chris Rock looks like a pencil topper. But at least he's funny.

Emma Stone is high-larious.

Now that Christopher Plummer won, I need to see what all the buzz is about.

Will and Zach are a funny duo.

This combination of silly skits and Oscar doesn't fit well.

Is someone paid for every time George Clooney is mentioned?

"Hello, I'm Angelina Jolie. Now look at me. My leg. At me. My leg. My lipstick. At me. My leg."

Kristin Wiig was robbed. With an average age 0f 62, of course the Academy gave Best Original Screenplay to Woody.

Hey Morgan Freeman, grumpy much?

I fell asleep long ago.

There's something very appealing about Jean DuJardin. Apparently more so than George and Brad!

The bands in the balconies give me the creeps.

Very graceful Meryl.

Tom Cruise looks even younger with that haircut. But I'm sure there's a plastic surgeon to credit also.

The Artist wins best picture. No surprise there. They say Harvey bought it.

PTT Breaks Down the Oscars

In case you're not a fan of the Oscars, yet you want to pop over for a quickie, check out the show running schedule below.

5:30 PM: Show starts, Billy Crystal’s opening number.
5:40 PM: 1st award – Cinematography.
5:43 PM: Art Direction.
5:52 PM: Costume Design.
5:54 PM: Makeup.
6:03 PM: Foreign Language Film.
6:07 PM: Supporting Actress.
6:20 PM: Editing.
6:23 PM: Sound Editing
6:26 PM: Sound Mixing.
6:33 PM: Cirque du Soleil
6:37 PM: Documentary Feature.
6:41 PM: Animated Feature.
6:49 PM: Visual Effects.
6:53 PM: Supporting Actor.
7:04 PM: Score.
7:08 PM: Song (expect a possible Muppet surprise here).
7:17 PM: Adapted Screenplay.
7:20 PM: Original Screenplay.
7:31 PM: Live Action Short.
7:34 PM: Documentary Short.
7:37 PM: Animated Short.
7:44 PM: Direction.
7:58 PM: In Memoriam.
8:07 PM: Best Actor.
8:15 PM: Best Actress.
8:27 PM: Best Picture.

PTT Loos Forward 2 G.C.B.

ABC replaces Pan Am with G.C.B. (Good Christian Belles) beginning March 4. The Kristin Chenoweth starring vehicle looks quite entertaining - especially with Mark Deklin as one of the handsome leads. I spotted a clip of him shirtless but I can grab the shot. So you'll just have to wait until it airs for more to surface. Don't worry. PTT will lead the charge.

Cruising Anyone?

Ever since we worked with Tom at Cruising with Pride on our friend Patrick's failed 40th birthday adventure, we get updates on upcoming events. Today I received a note about an Atlantis All Gay Sydney Mardi Gras Cruise. If the man pictured above will be there, sign me up.

Big Wet Gay One

Days of Our Lives, one of the only soaps left on daytime TV, showed its first gay kiss. And it was a doozy! Check it out below. A bit young for my tastes. But appreciative of the network's support of the gay and lesbian community.

Got 2 Get Gotye

It's amazing Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" hasn't picked-up more speed stateside. The song, with its Sting influenced vocals, definitely has an 80s quirky vibe updated for today. Radio programmers take notice: 85 million have watched the video on YouTube. So get to playing.

As an added bonus, check out a fierce dance remix HERE.

Holy Hotness Batman!

I spotted the amazing Skating Aratas on the "Ellen Show" today. Of course, I paid more attention to the shirtless hottie. He can spin me around anytime.

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PTT Appreciates Jennifer Aniston

Whatever plastic surgeon Jennifer Aniston is using, others need to follow suit - like fellow "Friends" alum Courtney Cox (who's starting to resemble Janice Dickinson). Jennifer looks amazing - gorgeous.

PTT Questions Matt Quinlan

Speaking of "Survivor," I was also told about Matt Quinlan. His promo shots don't make me jump for the remote to DVR the show. So unless I find some additional photos, I'll stick with the ABC comedy line-up.

PTT Hunts Down Jay Byars

I was told tonight that there are a few hotties on the new season of "Survivor." My friend P-Diddy called out Jay Byars. Great body but he doesn't float my boat. And from previous modeling photos, it appears Jay bulked up for TV. I know I would.

Sunny Days

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I'm seeing posts about the weather in Dallas: 79 and sunny. San Francisco: 70 and sunny. And I was happy about 42 and sunny in Chicago! I'd prefer it to be 30 degrees warmer however.


Whitney performed "Saving All My Love for You" on the David Letterman show in 1985. What's most impressive is that Whitney just walks out, pics up a mic, and starts singing. It was that natural. Amazing.


I can't escape Aaron O'Connell. And that's okay. He's my "hottie of the moment." Check him out in the Liquid Plumr spot below for Double Impact. I'll let him snake my drain anytime.

Note: The actress playing the housewife is quite good too - great comic timing.

Happy Fat Tuesday

Just don't eat the baby!

F**in Beeps

I've made note of the annoying electronic, digital noise I hear in the background of some TV shows. I first heard it last year during the Oscars. Unfortunately, the subtle beeps seem to be spreading. Now I hear them on ABC, the CW, and Fox to name a few. From searching the net, it seems to be a sound compression issue - only problematic when there's laughter or music (and not during commercials). If anything, good thing to know I'm NOT ALONE. Chris can't hear it. But I can. And it's annoying. Here's to hoping the network executives hear our complaints.

NBC's "Smash" Tanks

For those of you who have interest in TV, specifically deciding if you should commit to a series or not, you might want to know NBC's "Smash" is no smash. With only 38% retention of "The Voice's" 16 million viewers, I'm wondering how long the network will commit to the Spielberg produced mid-season replacement. I'm guessing not long.

PTT Pick 4 Spring

My new must have for the new season. Marc Jacob's Varsity Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt. Perfect for Spring with distressed jeans and some Chucks.

PTT Recommends Cher Lloyd

My afternoon jam. Cher Lloyd deserves some stateside attention. Perhaps now that L.A. Reid signed her to a record deal, she'll take off.

Oh Crap

I just bought my tickets for WP in Miami. To complete the survey, I had to answer an age question - resulting in a pull down menu that grouped me with 60 year olds. Crikey. Perhaps I shouldn't be going. Old school reunion or not.

Wasting Energy

Apparently proponents of Prop 8 in CA are asking for a full 9th circuit rehearing. Meaning, the case could go before 11 judges instead of three. It's mind blowing how much time and effort people spend just to deny equal rights to gays and lesbians.

What is Gay-Ville?

I still don't know what Gay-Ville is (even after watching the video), but the clip grabbed my attention. Though, if the creators of the promo piece asked for my opinion, I'd tell them to focus more on the hottie in blue jogging on the treadmill. Just sayin'.

Offering Our Services

"The Vampire Diaries" alum Taylor Kinney has landed a lead role in the NBC firefighter drama pilot "Chicago Fire." Hopefully this means the hottie will be filming in the Windy City. Do you think he needs a place to stay?

Making a Connection

Over the past few weeks, pictures have surfaced from the 90s. Our friends are seen in cut-off denim, sporting bobs, dancing on Fire Island. All of which has sparked conversations about that time in gay culture between those who participated and younger generations that seem to have no way of connecting to the hey day of circuit parties.

As I didn't come out until I was 26, I never really jumped in with both feet. I did get my toes wet however (Chicago's Fireball, Diseny's Gay Days and Montreal's Black and Blue). So it's interesting that what goes around comes around - as a large group of us are going to Winter Party in Miami in just a few weeks. We initially joked, "Let's take it old school" as there's something about remembering a time where we didn't eat for weeks, worked out like crazy, and tanned for a golden bronze color - all in the name of attention.

Of course, times change and so do we. It becomes less about the drugs, the box dancing and boy attention and more focused on laughing with friends and dancing under the sun with the Atlantic ocean as a backdrop. And should a glance or two come our way, even better.

The New Doo

So after much debate and inside my head cray cray talk, I decided to cut my hair today. This is the end result. Not too short - but definitely updated. And I'm told it takes years off. And at 41, that's a good thing. :)

Deserving Some Love

Whitney's last release, "Nothing But Love," got no love from the public. But there are a few good tracks that should have been appreciated by radio programmers and the buying public - one being "For the Lovers." It chugs along with a chorus that begs to "throw you hands up." Check it out below.

Blogging Live: Comfy Couch with SNL

Tonight's episode of SNL, 36 minutes in, has to be one of the best in months. Guest star Maya Randolph deserves credit as do Amy Poehler and Justin Timberlake. High-larious "Bronx Beat" and "Beyonce" skits are highlights. Musical guest Sleigh Bells, however, need to go back to the Poles.

Blogging Live: From the Car

I just dropped Chris and our friend Hekk off for dinner. I'm now back home but I don't want to get out of the car. 80s on 8 is counting down the Hot 100 from this day in 1985. What a great year. I might just have to sit here all night.

And the Winning Haircut is...

Yes, I've decided to cut my hair. After hours of contemplating the move, and conducting a poll with both new and close friends, I realized it's time for a change. Sure, I fear I'll become less noticeable once my golden locks are gone. But there's something to be said for updating my look. As a result, the winning haircut will be inspired by Bradley Cooper. If only I could steal some of his good looks too.

PTT Hears a Weird Sound

When watching TV, I hear this odd electronic noise in the background - especially when a crowd laughs, or music is loud. Chris can't hear it. But I can. I blame my dog hearing. Turns out I'm not the only one. OTHERS across America here it too. Who's going to fix it?

PTT's Inspiration

As I wrestle with cutting my hair, I turn to images of styles I like to keep me going. From this, I found my way to JAKE OWEN. He's a country singer - and one that's quite adorable. I'm on my way to the shorter doo (featured in the second photo), but I do appreciate his long locks in the black and white.

PTT Shares a Rumor

Could Janet Jackson be filling one of the vacated seats on X Factor? If so, wise move on Simon's part. She'd be an amazing addition to the team. Go for it Janet.

For the Hekk of It

Perez featured this pic of Ryan Gosling leaving his hotel in Bangkok (hence the comment scribbled in white). I can't argue with Perez however. Ryan's arms are looking pumped! Is there anyway I can jump on a plane headed for Thailand? Seems to be the week to jet away (with Carnival starting today in Brazil and our friends escaping for some fun in the sun).

PTT Fun Fact

Tom Skilling on WGN TV news just noted this winter Chicago has had 41 days of 40+ weather. Compare this to last year's 6, and you can understand why this has been quite a mild season and one I'm thoroughly enjoying.

PTT Remembers Device's "Heart Attack"

I've been hunting for this track for a while - never remembering who sang it (and searching the title netted zero results). All I could recall was that it featured some dude with blown out blonde hair in black leather. A fave of mine from 1986. Thanks 80s on 8!

PTT Spots Joe

I just spotted a Head & Shoulders ad for Joe Mauer with the Twins. Couldn't tell you much about baseball but I can confirm he's adorable.

Makes You Go Hmm...

It was noted today in regards to Whitney Houston's death that many who achieve an overwhelming amount of fame seem to get stuck in that moment - their psyche stops growing. So they handle life as they did at the age they achieved success. Michael as a boy. Whitney as a 19-year old who wanted everything her way. Interesting assessment.

Now That's Funny

Bitch Pudding Wishes U...

Ladies & Gentlemen - He's Out!

We've known all along, but Matt Bomer finally admitted to the world that he's gay. After all, he has a partner and three kids. But everyone admits their sexuality on their own time. So congratulations Matt for feeling comfortable enough to let the cat out of the pink bag. Now go grab your toaster.

Note: Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers' upcoming film "Magic Mike" starring Channing Tatum

Happy Valentine's Day

Growing up, for V-day, we'd decorate paper bags to share Valentine cards with our classmates. Cupcakes with sprinkles would soon follow. A fond childhood memory. Too bad I can't have a cupcake. With Miami two weeks away, sweets are confined to Fast Sally Sunday. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

PTT Likes Bernardo

His name is Bernardo Velasco and I luckily stumbled across his photos while getting caught up on news today. Not much needs to be written as the photos speak for themselves. N'joy.

PTT Likes Katy's Latest

Katy Perry's latest single, "Part of Me," one of three songs added to a repackaged version of "Teenage Dream," isn't anything groundbreaking, but I'm diggin' the track. Another fun collaboration with Max Martin and nothing short of what I'd expect from the hitmakers. Check out Katy below as she performs the song live at the Grammys.

Enhancing the Bean

A digital canvas of lights called Luminous Field was installed at Millenium Park's Cloudgate sculpture (also referred to as The Bean). Gorgeous addition to the tourist attraction - adding color though the gray February days.

RIP Whitney

PTT Likes "Hotel Nacional"

Happy Saturday

Because we all could use some ABBA on the weekend.


Eloquent and courageous words spoken with heart by Republican Maureen Walsh in Washington about the Equality Marriage Act.

Towel Pusher

Eddie Cibrian goes topless for Charisma bath and bedding products. The 38-year-old hottie, married to LeAnn Rimes, appears in the company's new Spring catalog. One word. Yikes (and that's a good thing). Makes me want to buy a towel or two.