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Ellen's Audition CD

For Ellen's DJ Search, you are required to submit a Tape/DVD explaining why you want the gig as well as a CD of songs you would play. I completed everything on Sunday and sent with Chris on Monday to forward to our friend Lisa in America so she could, in turn, pass along to Ellen's P.O. Box in Burbank, CA. Of course, Tuesday morning I awoke and realized the CD just wasn't good enough.

Considering how much time I spent on the DVD, I should have thought a little more about the CD. On the original submission, I included a hodge podge of songs from the 80's to today. I decided I needed to create a new one and resend.

So yesterday, I spent all afternoon creating three mini-mixes. One dance. One R & B. One disco. After three hours of beatmatching, I realized I couldn't split the mixes into separate tracks. As a result, Ellen would have received three tracks about 10-15 minutes long. I dont' think they'd have the patience to fast-forward considering the amount of submissions they'll receive. So, I reverted to my back-up plan of a traditional "Mix CD." However, to give it some flair, I grouped the songs according to style together and separated with static - as if you were changing the channel. I included such songs as:

Love Generation - Bob Sinclair (Club Mix)
Be Without You - Mary J. Blige (Moto Dance Mix)
Run It! - Chris Brown
Beep - Pussycat Dolls
Knock on Wood - Anita Ward
Best of My Love - The Emotions

After completing a CD sleeve titled "House Dance - A Little Fun for Everyone," I headed to FedEx to overnight the CD. 67 Euros later, the package was on it's way.

It wasn't exactly what I wanted. I would have preferred to include a mix. But from what I can tell, it doesn't really matter. I think the search is based more on personality. Let's hope she finds me entertaining! And if you didn't get a chance to see the video, it's below!

My "DJ Search" Audition Tape

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is looking for a new DJ. CLICK HERE to watch my audition tape. And let's hope Ellen, the producers and "momma" like what they see. Here I come L.A.!

Oh, and be sure to give the QuickTime film a few minutes to load. If you have problems, copy the following address into
your browser. If at first you dont' succeed...

Movie Night

Tonight, Xavier and I saw the film, "Inside Man." Halfway through, I wanted out! The best part of the film was Jodie Foster. Not only did she have the hair color I was hoping for when I visited Tony & Guy, her body looked amazing. Besides that, it was a 100 degrees in the theatre. They didn't adjust the temperature for today's first 70 degree day. And there were still people wearing winter coats and sweaters! Quel dommage! **1/2 out of ****

Looking Back on Wednesday

In short, it started great then went to "H," "E," double hockey sticks. I went to the gym around 10 as usual. I lifted weights quickly followed by a short cardio workout. And as I finished running, two young ladies and a gentlemen approached me. They asked if I would answer some questions and if they could include my photo in Glamour. For a minute, I paused. I was sweating and didn't have a chance to prep. However, I thought, "why not?" Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. Right? And of course, numerous scenarios swirled around my head. "What if it's good and someone spots me and wants me to do more?" "What if someone sees the photograph and thinks they need me for their new fitness campaign?"

Looking back, I wish I would have worn a different shirt to the gym. I wish I had been to my colorist sooner. I wish. I wish. I wish. I always tell Chris, "You never know who you'll run into at the gym." Now, he can never say anything to me when he sees me "doing my hair" before going to workout. Who knows, they may not even use any of the 50 shots they took. My face was at times snarled because I couldn't stop thinking about how unflattering the orange wall behind was.

Anyway, I then headed to class. Within five minutes, the teacher called me to the board. I was sweating from my workout. I could barely speak. From there, it was downhill. I left 90 minutes later annoyed that I still can't understand when people speak French. After 8 months, I was hoping to hear better. This level of frustration began to eat away at my enjoyment of living in Paris. So, from that I decided to "not stress anymore."

I won't get annoyed if I don't learn the language as fast or as in depth as I originally planned. Everything will fall into place as it should. My class will be soon over. I now know enough French to be dangerously slow when speaking to friends and strangers. I will now enjoy Paris - future fitness model or not!

Easter Road Trip

Last fall, Chris and ventured outside of Paris to find a cute, charming town. What we found was Roune – and industrial city that was far from pleasant. This past weekend, while visiting our friend Xavier in his house just south of the Loir Valley, we finally found what we were looking for.

Just like Chicago, it seems many people in Paris have second homes away from the city. For us, it was Saugatuck alongside Lake Michigan. For Parisians, they opt for either homes near the ocean (i.e. Normandy) or ones nestled in the French countryside. This past weekend, Xavier invited Chris and I to visit his home just South of the Loir Valley – in the heart of French farmland.

We departed with Maddie on Friday around noon. We should have left earlier but we both wanted to go to the gym before leaving. Big mistake. What should have been a three-hour drive quickly evolved into a five hour haul (a combination of both traffic and our GPS system guiding us around Paris to avoid congested traffic). But fortunately, it was sunny. And as we drove South, it became warmer by the mile. So by the time we stopped at a rest area three hours in, it was almost 70 degrees.

Two hours later, we made our way off the 23€ toll-way and onto Xavier’s. Yes, 23€ for toll. My draw dropped when the total flashed on the screen. Maybe the French should open stores on Sunday to reduce the fare.

The countryside was picturesque. It was just as I imagined. Rolling hills filled with charming cottages and flocks of sheep. And as we made our way over to Xavier’s home, it became even more pictorial.

The main house rests on a small hill overlooking a babbling stream. The recently remodeled two-floor home is simple in design with a mixture of modern elements and was recently featured in February’s French Maison magazine. The former owner rebuilt the house a few years back after the original working mill was burned down (some say by the owner for insurance money). Not far away, the guest cottage, with two rooms on both ends divided by a dining room Xavier uses during summer, was recently beautifully remodeled as well (and continues to be worked on due to an unexpected flood this past March).

Over the next two days, Xavier treated us to some fine French cooking he only prepares in the country (otherwise, in Paris, it’s take out for the Frenchman). In addition, we explored small villages around his village of Huriel. I bought flowers at Jardineland for our flower boxes in Paris. We had an adventure trying to connect his projector for movie night. Our attempt to start a bonfire failed. We hunted for lamb. I watched a few episodes of Family Guy on my computer (I couldn’t go without TV for two days).

But more importantly, Chris and I had quality time with our newfound friend Xavier. We talked. We laughed. We had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Off to the Country

If the Easter Bunny comes to town, we won't be here. Chris, Maddie and I are going to the French countryside for the weekend. We're visiting our friend Xavier at his home just South of the Loir Valley. On the way, we hope to stop by a castle or two. I wanted to videotape the excursion but I unfortunately blew-up the power cord to my camera. As a result, there will be no film and no movie on the blog for another two or three weeks. I just hope Ellen can wait until Chris returns from the States with my new AC power adapter!

Ellen's DJ Hunt

Today I'm skipping class. Originally, I thought I was going to help Chris with a project at McDonald's. But apparently, it was cancelled. That, or he decided to enroll the services of another video cameraman. On the good side, it gave me a chance to skip my French class. I've never liked language classes. In college, I dreaded Spanish class. Even worse, I hated the final exams. I stressed for days about those tests. Unfortunately, those memories creep in to my studies here in France.

I know. It's good I go. However, now that I know the basics, I think I can learn just as much at home and out on the streets of Paris. My biggest problem is hearing French. I can come up with the words (all be it slowly). I can read it fairly well. Hearing it is a completely different story. Maybe it's my bionic hearing that causes problems. That, or the French just speak way too fast.

Anyway, with me missing my French class, I can finally complete my video submission for Ellen's DJ search. My dearest friend Valerie called me the other day to let me know Tony is leaving. As such, they need a replacement. I know I just started spinning last August, but Ellen's gig isn't about beat matching. It's more about personality, selecting the right song to jazz the audience and Ellen's guests. That I think I can do.

The only problem is I'm gay. And when I get excited, or goofy for that matter, I become even more gay - some would say a bit "Jack McFarland." Which means my chances are slim to none. From a show development perspective, I'm sure the executives won't bring on a DJ that remotely acts gay or even appears to be gay. I don't think they'd want to emphasize the gay aspect of the show - including Ellen. So, from that, I'm assuming they'll select someone who can tone it down. I'll try, but we all know how that will go.

Oh well. I'll submit my tape to her this week with the hopes of hearing something soon. And if not, I'll contiinue to spin alone at home creating mixes to share with the world - one listener at a time.

United Fare Sale

Maddie's Backyard

We may no longer have a house with a beutifully landscaped backyard and pooping ground for Maddie, but she has the next best thing: The Louvre. Though, let's be honest, I didn't like her pooping in the backyard anyway - or peeing for that matter. It burned the grass and made for some nasty yellow spots. Now, we have no such worries. There's no turf to protect. Only tourists to avoid.

Don't Worry...

...we're still okay. I saw on Yahoo! News how we made the press...again! It is true the transportation system was a bit affected. But I could still go to class. I could still go shopping for shorts. I still could make two trips to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for my "chili for one" meal this evening. So don't believe all you hear and read. You can trust some - but not all.

Houston...We Have a Problem.

Unfortunately, due to technological difficulties, you'll have to wait until April 15th for more video from France. Let's just say I'm in repeats until tax day. And look for DJ Daley (named after my departed pooch) to hit your iPod soon. I just figured out how to record my set onto the computer - hopefully being able to generate a podcast for those of you on iTunes. Tres amusément!

Until then, check back for more updates this week!