Pink Trash Travels

Prepping for the Gay Prom

Getting ready for Miami is somewhat like preparing for prom. You shop. You tan. You diet. So today, I went to Toni & Guy for a color touch-up. My roots were needing some attention. After two hours in the salon chair, what I see now is color similar to Betty White's on the Golden Girls!

It's blonde. It's bright. It's going to take some time for me to accept my golden locks. I'd try to calm it down, but God only knows the outcome. So, it is what it is. But for those of you traveling to Miami next week, here's a bit of advice: Bring your shades. I wouldn't want my hair to blind you.

Moving Day

This past weekend, I helped the ever-so-talked-about Brazilian move from his "Harry Potter Cubby Hole" to another flat across town. Believe me, I didn't want to do it. I don't like to move. I don't move myself. And when most people ask, I offer money in exchange for my services. But Lorenzo needed my help. Besides that, it was an opportunity for me to spend not only more time with the South American but other new friends including Stephan, Xavier and Bruno.

As most can attest, making friends is hard. But as time goes by, you settle into a group of people you can appreciate and trust. Fortunately for us here in Paris, we've stumbled across a nice collective of individuals we enjoy. The funny thing is they aren't American. So even though game nights won't happen, and cultural Pee Wee references are lost, there's something special about our newfound European friends.

So moving day wasn't much more than relocating furniture. It was a chance for me to bond with the boys. They say difficult challenges bring people closer together. On Saturday, as the rain pelted my face and my back screamed for a massage, that's exactly what they did.

Whisked Away to Barcelona

It was my first trip to Spain. I was ready to eat an Enchilda. Who knew they don’t specialize in Mexican food? Instead, it’s Paella and Tapas – two items I’m didn’t think I was particularly fond of. My opinion of both has changed. They were delicious. I also was excited to see a city portrayed on TV with wonderful aerial shots of religious figures high on mountaintops. Problem is, apparently what I expected to see is in Brazil – Rio to be exact. I was never good at geography (even though I worked at Rand McNally). Our accommodations were top notch in the heart of Barcelona. Camper shoes translates well to a hotel (but not to an adjoining restaurant that features “Food Balls”). Though, I wish they wouldn’t limit the room’s cooling temperature. I like to sleep in the cold. I’d also recommend firmer pillows. Shopping was divine with many stores having their bi-annual sales similar to Paris. And you can’t complain when you receive an “employee discount” at Diesel by making friends with a fellow Parisian. Like they always say, “It pays to be nice.” Chris and I didn’t argue once. Though when it was my turn to choose a restaurant for dinner, it began to get tense. The only downfall was the attractive factor of the Spaniards. They must have been in hiding – or on a winter holiday to Rio.

For shoe makers, Camper sure knows how to decorate a hotel lobby.

And there's nothing better than a snack bar at your disposal 24/7.

Rooms were good sized with strong colors. But the pillows need help. They're limp with no head support. So, combined with the fact that I didn't have a fan, and the room fan kept turning on and off, the first night was a bit rough.

Across the hall from the bedroom is a living space complete with a swinging hammock. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a late night snack from the 7-11 downstairs because they can't sleep.

The view from our "living room" window.

A street performer demonstrates his creativity oustide our hotel. Give the man an "A" for effort. Much better than the "gold statue" lady we saw, and everyone sees, from Paris to Barcelona to Rome.

What's up with the chickens for sale next to a store offering $500 cashmere sweaters? Is there that much of a demand for roosters in Barcelona?

A beatiful shot of one of the many churches in Barcelona. I couldn't tell you which one, but it's amazing none-the-less.

Inside a church, but unlike most, this one has...

...a petting zoo complete with roaming ducks and ponds loaded with goldfish.

Last but not least, the dreaded food balls from Casa Camper's Food Bar next to the hotel. They may come in numerous flavors, but nothing sets them apart from one another. They all taste like dry paste. Bowling balls would be more delicious. At least the decor is pleasing. Again, kudos to the designer.