Pink Trash Travels


I found this photo posted on a friend's Facebook page quite funny. Love the perspective and a comment that reads, "Plastics, listen up. First rule of thumb, never get your hair wet at a pool party."

Missing Out

I was planning on attending McDonald's worldwide convention in Florida this year. I've only missed one over the past 12 years as I'm usually working the event. But unfortunately, my attendance didn't pan out this year. Too bad too as I was excited to see Seal and Kelly Clarkson at the closing party. At least Chris is sending my photos so I can share the moment!

Three 4 Three?

I was chatting back and forth with Chris today while he is in Orlando. I mentioned his vitamins never showed up. Then a few minutes later, the UPS guy delivered his package. Later, I made note that the chair we had custom made for the office should be coming soon. He then sends me a note from the manufacturer saying it was done and on its way. So I was essentially two for two. All of which made me ask for a third - finding Jessie Pavelka in the bedroom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I go three for three. All Chris requested was that I take pictures. Done.

So True

Creeping Closer

I have yet to commit to watching ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" this season - even with William Levy. But when I see clips from the show, that feature Levy's sexy moves and amazing physique, I start to creep closer to the remote. Because let's face it, he looks hot even in a pair of sweats. Am I right ladies?

PTT Recalls Kaci

I loved Kaci Battaglia's "Crazy Possessive" when it was released last year. Sadly, the track never made an impact. But the beat is fierce and so is Kaci in the video. Work it girl.

Looking 4 Matt

I went searching the other day for the hot guy who played Drew Boyd on Queer as Folk. I found Matt Battaglia. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out he was on the Client List last night. Or rather Jennifer Love Hewitt was on him.

Wiping 4 Show

Getty Images featured this pic of Cristian Ronaldo today (yes, I'm giving Getty credit to ensure they don't hunt me down - Getty, Getty, Getty). What is it with straight men and their need to wipe their face with their shirt? I'm thinking it's to show off their bod. Oddly enough, someone at the gym this morning did the very same thing. I wasn't looking for it, but BLAM! There it was.

Oh Joe

My favorite werewolf Joe Manganiello went shirtless at Coachella this past weekend while sipping a lemonade. Can I be the straw?

PTT is Amazed

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde creates real cloud installations by controlling a space's atmospheric pressure and humidity. Amazing.

And His Name is Nick Denbeigh

I just made note of the shirtless hottie in the new Toni Braxton video. With a little digging, I learned his name is Nick Denbeigh and of course, he's a model. As he should be. He's sexy either way, but I love him with locks. Enjoy!

Toni, Toni, Toni

Toni Braxton unveiled her official video to her new song, "I Heart You." Unlike some others recent attempts at good pop songs, Toni hits a third base single (not quite a home run). Too bad radio is ignoring the track. As for the video, it's a bit low budget with a shirtless hottie thrown in to keep the gays happy.

I'm still hoping to tell Toni in person my thoughts this week when I escort her through the McDonald's Worldwide convention in Orlando. She's an official judge for the Voice of McDonald's contest and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they need me to manage the talent while in Florida. In other words, I'm on call to ensure Toni and her weave will be happy.

PS - Be sure to pay close attention to the 2?37 mark. Toni is going the "TP dance." ;)

Happy Earth Day


My cousin posted this picture with the caption (or something like), "Do you know what this is?" I know my friends in the 20s, and some even in their 30s, will be like, "Whaa?" All I can say is I have fond memories of watching "Grease" with the help of these in McPherson Kansas. Thanks for the memory.

Forget the Flakes

The guy below was featured in an article for Men's Health about "flaking hair." If he's waiting for me in the bathroom either in the morning or at night looking like he does shirtless, I don't care one way or another about his hair.

Ryan and His Guns

Another PopSugar jem - especially for those who love Ryan Gosling (you're welcome Hekk).

Mark and His Funky Bunch

Thanks to PopSugar for posting the pic below of Mark Wahlberg on the set of Pain and Gain in Miami, FL. Looking good Mr. Funky Bunch! Good. Really good.

Fess Up!

I'm an advocate for working out hard in the gym for results. So of course I get a bit annoyed when someone goes from lean and fit to big and muscley with less than 7% body fat, without attributing it to the cause. Don't pretend it's diet and exercise only. I'm just sayin'. I'm not arguing the fact that this guy isn't hot (I actually prefer the bigger version), but don't give false hope to those who believe your words - that or make the rest of us bitter because we can't keep up au naturale.

So Long Dick

Dick Clark, America's never aging teenager, died today of a heart attack. I can remember watching him on America's Bandstand growing up as well as spending countless NYEs with him and my grandparents (bean dip, Tostitos and all). Thanks Dick for all the memories.

Just Goes 2 Show

From a conversation on Yahoo! about "How Gay Couples Get Screwed On Tax Day." Just goes to show how ignorant some can be.

Less 4 Less?

Yep, it's tax day. The 24 hours when gays and lesbians are reminded in a big way that we pay our fair share (well some do) yet we are denied rights. If I'm a less citizen in the eyes of the government, then why don't I pay less taxes?

Team Chris

Even though the Hunger Games exploded at the box office, and Liam Hemsworth is now a household name (beyond his association with Miley), I'm still Team Chris.

PTT Picks Sharon Needles

If you're like, "WTF?" Then you're not watching RuPaul's Drag Race, Mondays, on Logo.

Going Deep with William Levy

William Levy, Dancing with the Stars Latin hottie, goes deep in an interview about the show. Just another excuse for him to go shirtless really. I'm sure many won't complain.

Just. Plain. Silly.

Think again before you try anything like this at the gym. Just plain silly, dangerous and wrong. Thanks FB for showing how much of an idiot not only the guy lifting is but his "trainer" as well.

Forget the Boobs

There's been much talk lately about Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage and her show The Client List. But from what I could tell on a promo, maybe we should be paying more attention to the hotties - like Colin Egglesfiled. Check out a few stills below. I'm thinking I need to give the show a chance.

Go Shawn!

Check out my friend Shawn Gustafson's new video for his recording of Rihanna's Talk that Talk, Cheers and Roc Me Out.

PTT Loves Models Who Play

Volleyball can be fun. But with models, even more so (especially the male kind). Check out pics from Models 4 Water charity and their MBVT (Models Beach Volleyball Tournament) held last week in South Beach (of course).

PTT Appreciates Gaultier's Diet Coke

Leave it to Jean Paul Gaultier to add French flair to Diet Coke in Europe. As a new creative director for the brand, his fashionable products will be available in nine countries across the pond starting this month.

PTT Likes It

Don't you just sometimes want to say, "OMG. Who the hell cares?" I know I do.

Pure Camp Fun


PTT is Digging Kat

If you watch the Vampire Diaries, you're most likely a fan of Bonnie. But did you know Kat Graham sang too? In fact, she's been trying to make a name for herself in the music biz for a while. Her latest track, "Put Your Graffiti on Me," at first raises eyebrows. But the Beyonce "4" beats grabs on to your brain and won't let go. Besides that, she's a fan of the gays. So check out her performance of the song at SXSW 2012 below.

PTT Likes New Bikkembergs Campaign

This still from Dirk Bikkembergs' new campaign made me want to learn MORE. How about you?

PTT Recommends Freemasons March Radio Set

If you're on the hunt for some new gym tunes, particularly a DJ set that is full of energy and vocals, check out Freemasons' March Radio mix. Not only does it start with Ms. Perry's new one, but there's a sprinkling of Freemasons hits throughout. Nothing but FUN. Grab it HERE.

Happy Easter!

I admit I'm a clean freak. So I'm happy the Easter Bunny surprised me with glass cleaner in my basket this morning. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!

PTT Loving Dude

The energy on Mavi & Davide Svezza new track Dude is off the charts. Check it out below. Then grab on iTunes or Beatport.

The Gays Go White

While some of you are celebrating the rise of Jesus, know thousands of gay men will be dancing the day and night away in Palm Springs at the White Party. The idea sounds appealing, but after Winter Party in Miami, my circuit shoes are packed away for a while - if not for good.

Creepy Easter Photos

Thanks to my friend Tom for sharing the site where I could locate some creepy Easter photos. You think clowns are scary.

PTT Likes Dance Again

It's Hot Video Friday! J Lo returns with PitBull (perhaps just a bit too much on this record) for another guaranteed hit for the actress turned songstress turned reality star turned songstress once again. Dance Again, with its melodic chorus, is a feel good dance track DJs will play on the piers to the beaches from Miami to Mykonos this summer.

PTT Likes Calvin Meets Scissors

Calvin Harris is on a roll. Starting with Rihanna, followed up with is very own single, and now a new track by Scissor Sisters, he's giving David Guetta a run for his money. Check out Only the Horses below.

PTT is Happy 2 C

I'm a big fan of Karmin's Brokenhearted. I believe the song to be some mighty fine pop music. So I'm happy to see the single's climb up the Billboard charts - jumping into the Top 40. Congrats Karmin. I see more success in your future.

FB Etiquette

Let me repeat myself (because I'm sure I've ranted about Facebook etiquette before today). If you send a FB friend request, follow it up with a note - especially if we've never met. For example, do we have many friends in common? Or do you just want to be friends because you find me interesting? In any case, support your cause with an explanation. It's quick. It's easy. And it raises your chances of being accepted.

PTT is Sad 2 C Them Go

Well if you haven't heard, not only is Kristen Wiig leaving Saturday Night Live, but Andy Samberg and Jason Sukeikis are hitting the high road as well. Their departure depicts a grim picture for the late night comedy show. Then again, SNL survived the disappearance of actors just as talented.

Dudes & Donuts

Wow. Scion goes gay with their "Dudes & Donuts" commercial for the tiny automobile. I'm not sure why anybody would buy one after watching, but I suppose it catches some eyes - especially those who like pumped up Jersey Shore wannabes. Check it out below.

PTT Approves

Chanel debuts its new scent, Allure Home Sport Eau Extrême, with a sexy campagin featuring surfer Danny Fully and shot by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigalow. PTT approves.

PTT Likes ES Collection

When we lived in Munich, I found a pair of ES swim trunks that I adored. So every year, I check out their latest offerings. I'm loving what the Barcelona, Spain based retailer has to offer. Check out some of my favorite screen grabs below from their online CATALOG. I'm hoping to order the "Poland."

For a closer look, click on any image (and I recommend a closer look)!