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Tomorrow...12 Years Later

Not only will tomorrow, July 1, be the introduction of PTT's Dance XPlosion, but Chris and I will also be celebrating our 12 year anniversary. It seems like yesterday (well, not really) when Chris and I met in the fall of 1995 while living in Dallas, TX and working at Pizza Hut. We were first friends - him being one of my first gay acquaintances (as I was "straight" at the time). Fast forward eight months, and not only had I accepted who I was, I found myself with a boyfriend - my one and only actually. Most said it wouldn't work (including Chris' roomie at the time). 12 years later, I guess we've proved them wrong.

New & Noteworthy - The Saturdays

Sometimes I scoop Perez Hilton. Other times, he shares Euro pop gems before I do. In this case, it's the latter as I was hoping to find a link to the dance version by Moto Blanco to accompany the video. But because that version of the Saturdays' If This Is Love is only available on a promo only dance compilation for Europe, you'll have to wait for the uplifting house mix until later this summer. In the meantime, if you haven't seen the video, check it out below. I love me some fun girl candy pop.

Quiet and Boring

I was a little sad this weekend as everyone back home was immersed in gay pride activities while Chris and I were quiet and boring back in Germany. It was nice, however, to receive phone calls with updates throughout the gay party holiday. Those conversations alway make me feel just a little bit better.

2 Days Away - Dance XPlosion

Two days. Over eight songs. Total 4th of July fun. On July 1, look for dance remixes by Tina Cousins, Supafly, Nick Fiorucci (ft. Kelly Malbasa), Jennifer Hudson, Solange, Rosabel, Denise Lopez, Ting Tings and Cyndi Lauper.

Euro 2008 Champions - Spain

As I predicted, Germany lost the Euro 2008 championship game. But that's okay. Spain hadn't won since 1964. It's sometimes better to spread the wealth. Besides that, we got to see a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e Iker raise the trophy. And I know many who'd like to be one of the players holding him up in the photo - especially the one in the middle.

Men 2 Boys...or Ladies

It doesn't surprise me that the men's fashion show in Paris this past week blurred the lines between men's wear and women's pret-a-porter. After all, while Chris and I were shopping at Burberry on Saturday (specifically eyeing and buying their new Prorsum line), I commented on how the runway models look like they need to eat a sandwich. Seriously, I don't even think you can call some of them men. Boys maybe. Girls most likely.

Running on Iker

We may not be watching the Euro 2008 championship game between Germany and Spain with thousands of drunk Germans, but we're still enjoying a few minutes of the match before viewing Desperate Housewives on Fat Sally Sunday. Having just begun, both teams are scoreless. And as we're watching, we're both amazed at not only how well the players control the ball with their feet and head, but how they have enough energy to run up and down the field for almost two hours without passing out. Maybe it's the Spanish goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, that keeps them going. He's a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

Oh Little Blackbird...

After I was woken up by our little blackbird once again last week, I vowed to install the anti-pigeon stakes to keep it away. But for some reason, I postponed the inevitable (I think it was because I couldn't find the double stick tape). Well, after this morning when I had to slam a magazine down on the bathroom windowsill at 5 a.m. to shoo it away, I said tonight was the night. It was. But now Chris and I are worried the bird stakes will spear the poor little thing when it tries to land to chirp it's morning song. Because as I asked Chris, "How does it know not to land? Does it have radar?" He quickly replied, "Bats only have radar. Not birds." If that's the case, I sure hope I don't wake up in the morning to find our little blackbird impaled on the barbaric devise. That would be sad. But at least I'll be well rested.

Euro 2008 vs. Fat Sally

We were asked today if we were going to watch the Euro 2008 final tomorrow between Germany and Spain. If it wasn't on Fat Sally Sunday, I might say yes (Chris, on the other hand, would still say no). But because the game starts at 8:45 p.m., we'll be enjoying hamburgers, french fries, baked beans and corn, followed by apple crisp while watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. I'll participate by going upstairs on our second floor terrace and listening to the crowds around the city - followed by either fireworks or just fires in general.

Introducing the "Shewee"

If you're a woman, and you want the privacy of urinating without removing your clothes, or whilst standing and sitting, then you need to check out the Shewee. Yes, ladies, forget crossed legs or uncomfortable squatting. In addition, you'll be able to maintain your privacy and banish bare bottoms. And best of all, the Shewee allows you to travel the world with the comfort of home right tin your pocket - or pants actually. Thanks to Chris for finding this gem of a product on his flight back from the UK yesterday.

In Celebration of Pride

Do you know the origination of the rainbow gay flag? I didn't. Apparently, Gilbert Baker raised the first rainbow flag on June 25, 1978 at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Fay Celebration. Happy Pride everyone.

It Was the Right Thing 2 Do

Maddie and I went for a walk tonight. Unfortunately, she did a #2 in front of a cute guy's gate leading up to his front door. I picked it up, but it still left a small smear on the pavement. He said something to me in German. I told him I don't speak German. He then asked if I could have her "shit" down the sidewalk, not having her "shit" in front of his door. I replied, "Listen, I pick it up. I do my best." A few seconds later, it turned into a pissing match. I then turned and walked away as he was yelling, "Next time, I'll kick the dog."

So, as I walked around the block, I realized I was an ass and that I may have misunderstood his demeanor. Because sometimes, when Germans search for the right English words, it comes off a bit harsh. As a result, I made my way back home, dropped Maddie off, then returned to apologize. His friends were outside. I asked them if he was upstairs. He then came down, I said I was sorry, that I was somewhat of an ass, and that I'd do my best to keep the poo away from this gate. We shook hands, smiled, and I returned back home. It was the right thing to do. Oh, and did I mention he was cute?

Naked Biking Anyone?

I wouldn't want to participate, but apparently many want to be part of "Muenchner Nacktradler"- a community organizing naked outings throughout Munich including biking, bowling, and rowing. Crazy nuf', it's legal (and I would think uncomfortable too).

Spray it on Sam!

The Germans have created a spray-on condom. Not a big surprise as the Germans like their sex, nudity and everything in-between.

The Best Bike Ride Ever

While the rest of Munich was watching Euro 2008, I decided to ride my bike through town (checking out store window displays and newly hung "sale" posters in the process). I wanted to be part of the action without having to fully commit to a crowd of 30K people at the Olympic stadium (and the expected rowdiness). And because everyone was collectively gathered at bars and restaurants watching the game, the streets were empty. As a result, I was able to ride my bike down streets and sidewalks normally reserved for just pedestrians. In addition, I didn't have to obey traffic light signals. So, my bike truly was the best bike ride ever.

Heinz Update

Again, it smells of a publicity stunt. But, I feel inclined to participate in the brewing battle just to show that the right-wingers aren't the only ones who can orchestrate a campaign. So, be sure to check out this article on an on-line petition calling for the gay ad to be reinstated. Or, if you want to jump directly to the petition, be my guest. As of this posting at 6:50 p.m. Wednesday, the petition has over 3,000 signatures.

Google Top Global Searches

I stumbled across 2007 Google News Most Popular Global Searches while hunting for a few hot topics. Sure, the info is six months old, but I still find it interesting.

1. American Idol
2. You Tube
3. Britney Spears
4. 2007 Cricket World Cup
5. Chris Benoit
6. iPhone
7. Anna Nicole Smith
8. Paris Hilton
9. Iran
10. Vanessa Hudgens

A few surprise me including the 2007 Cricket World Cup entry as well as Vanessa Hudgens. For more popular searches, check out Google's Zeitgeist.

Did U Know?

Did you know that 80% of the power in France comes from nuclear resources?

Boo 2 Heinz!

Heinz pulled a British TV ad for its Deli Mayo last Friday in response to viewer complaints. The Advertising Standards Authority says it received 202 complaints, some stating the ad was "offensive, inappropriate and unsuitable for children." And of course, Bill O'Reilly had to weigh in by saying, "I just want mayonnaise. I don't want guys kissing." Well, guess what Bill, I don't need to see heterosexuals kissing or rolling around in Jello to sell me deodorant, but I get to see it everyday. In other words, deal with it.

Quite honestly, I'm guessing the inclusion of two gay men kissing in the spot was done purely for shock value (at least they weren't stereotypical queens with purses falling out of their mouths). As a result, Heinz has now garnered millions of dollars worth of press - both good and bad. Look, it got my attention on Pink Trash Travels. And that's priceless! Check out the ad below.

What I'm Craving

(1) Diet Dr. Pepper. (2) Chipotle Carnitas burrito with just a little rice, pinto beans, mild and corn salsa, a sprinkling of cheese and a mini dollup of sour cream.

No Madonna, No Geraniums

It's interesting that this article detailing Madonna's sluggish sales for Hard Candy, as well as her concert, appeared today on I was just thinking about how radio isn't playing her second single Give It To Me as I listened to it on my way to Germany's version of Home Depot looking for cascading geraniums to fill in what I thought would be trailing petunias on our first floor terrace.

The Spanish Men of Euro 2008

Cesc Fabregas - Love the accessory Ashton.
David Villa - The image speaks for itself.
Iker Casillas - Even angry he's adorable.

A First

You always hear jokes about Jehova Witnesses coming to your door. It's never happened until today. I wouldn't have answered the door as I wasn't expecting anybody but since i don't have a peep hole, I thought it might be our downstairs neighbor. I was wrong. They started speaking German, I asked for English. They replied by asking if I'd tell others about the bible, I answered back, "Probably not." I'm expecting a bolt of lightening to strike me down any minute now.

On Second Thought, Maybe I'll Stay Home

It's hard to describe the impact football has on fans in Europe. When the World Cup or this year's UEFA Euro 2008 championship is in play, people literally go crazy. In the words of our PTT correspondent DP in Switzerland, "It puts Super Bowl fans to shame." I'm sure it has something to do with country pride. It's not just about a team, but one's culture and heritage. As such, apparently it can get ugly. Check out the warning the US Embassy just released below. Maybe I'll just stay home and watch it from the comfort of my couch.

On Wednesday evening, June 25, Germany and Turkey will meet in the semifinal round of the 2008 European Football Championship in Basel, Switzerland. Various cities in Germany have set up viewing areas for the public to watch the live broadcast of this game. The "Fan Mile" in front of the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin is expected to draw up to 500,000 German and Turkish fans, Frankfurt am Main will host a public viewing area at the Rossmarkt, and Munich is setting up a large public viewing area at the Olympic Stadium where 30,000 fans are anticipated. Similar events are planned in other cities and spontaneous celebrations or demonstrations related to the match may occur throughout Germany.

Because of the high fan interest in this prestigious semi-final elimination game between Germany and Turkey, there exists the possibility that disturbances, including violent disturbances may occur before, during or after the match, which begins at 20:45. At a minimum, post-game celebrations will likely result in traffic congestion in larger cities. Crowds celebrating previous German and/or Turkish victories have blocked streets and rocked vehicles attempting to pass through them.

We remind American citizens in Germany that even mass gatherings and demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence. American citizens are therefore urged to avoid the areas of demonstrations if possible, and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of any demonstrations. American citizens should stay current with media coverage of local events and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Americans in Germany are encouraged to register with the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, or at either the Munich or Frankfurt Consulate, through the State Department’s travel registration web site, , and to obtain updated information on travel and security within Germany. Americans without Internet access may register directly with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consular Section. By registering, American citizens make it easier for the Embassy or Consulate to contact them in case of emergency.

For the latest security information, Americans living and traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs Internet website at , where the current Travel Alerts, Travel Warnings, Worldwide Caution, and Country Specific Information for Germany can be found. Up-to-date information on security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the U.S. and Canada or, for callers outside the U.S. and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).

Cadbury Gorilla Wins Big

I always thought this commercial for Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate was a bit weird (and maybe even a little creepy). But apparently, those on the judging panel for the 2008 Cannes Lions competition felt as though it was one of two best commercials in the world. Check it out below.

What Happened This Weekend?

Our friend Todd Morgan swung through Munich on Saturday night for less than 14 hours. But, it was good to see him. Mark, Greg, Chris and I entertained him at the Spatenhaus for dinner. From there, we ventured out to Ivan's for the best mojitos in Munich, followed by a brief stint at Selig's. Sadly, I didn't take my camera. These days, I forget more than I remember. We didn't even get a snapshot of him for the guest photo frame. I guess that means I'll have to superimpose Todd on some German lad in liederhosen.

Captain America's Adversary

With Iron Man performing magic at movie theatres, did you know Marvel has moved forward with creating a team of superheroes to appear first in individual films, then unite on screen to battle evil together? One of those superheroes will be Captain America - created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby during World War II as an all-American adversary to Germany's Adolf Hitler.

4th of July Mix CD

As I was sunning myself this past weekend, I heard Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight, on the radio and I wondered, "Where are the dance remixes?" Well, my question was answered as I found the just released Moto Blanco and Johnny Vicious dance remixes. So, look for Jennifer to be added to the "do-it-yourself" 4th of July Mix CD line-up scheduled for posting July 1st!

#1 in Germany

Ops...They'll Do It Again

Sure, we get the latest American shows on our UK satellite like Ugly Betty, The Ghost Whisperer and American Idol. However, we also get British trash TV like this show where 80s pop bands will undergo plastic surgery then reunite to perform. This makes any of those past Fox network specials (like How to Marry a Millionaire) seem like Emmy award winning material (speaking of Emmy, congrats to Ellen for her fourth daytime host award!)


And with no air conditioning, a sunny top floor flat, and Chris baking apple crisp, bread, and dinner pizzas, it feels 10 degrees warmer inside our apartment!

What I Find Funny

Better than Nothing

It's 12:50 a.m. on Sunday morning and we just got in from a night with our friends Mark, Greg and Todd (who's visiting from L.A.). I haven't had the time today to really update the blog with anything interesting, but I can't let the day go by without noting some event or newsworthy item from Munich. So, consider this post about dinner, then drinks at Ivan's (my new favorite hot spot for Mojitos) and Selig's an important moment from today (in addition to our Bridal Tea from this afternoon). We had a nice time. I'm not sure how exciting the post is, but is it better than nothing? I sure hope so.

4th of July Mix CD

Since many of you will be traveling over the 4th of July holiday, look for a special Club One posting July 1st with all the ingredients for a do-it-yourself mix CD. So far, on tap are both house and electro tinged singles by SupaFly, Nick Fioruccci, a 2008 reworking of a Tina Cousins classic, a just uncovered gem from down under by Melissa Tkautz and hot new "releases" (and I say that loosely as you can't buy most dance music these days) by Solange and Freemasons!

Munich Hitler Tours

We haven't participated in an official Hitler tour, but we have visited most of the sites noted in this article about the popularity of Hitler tours in Munich. Quite honestly, I understand the fascination. From an outsiders perspective, it's interesting to learn about the man and the country that followed him.

Ellen in Chicago

I just watched the first Ellen show taped in Chicago (from May 5, 2008). I don't know who was the production manager for the show but they needed to rethink the set. Couldn't they have chosen a better background than my former workplace; 111 E. Wacker and its parking garage entrance? Besides that, there were deflated balloons dangling from a tree right behind the guest's chair. It sure didn't paint a pretty picture for Chicago. Hopefully tomorrow's episode will be better - and with sunny blue skies.

Go Gaga for Gaga

Radio programmers need to freshen up a bit. Forget the lollipops of the world and give new and upcomers, like Lady Gaga, a chance. Check out Just Dance below.

Beckham's Latest Unveiling

Does David Beckham even play soccer anymore? Or, is he now just an underwear model. At least Armani's latest offering actually resembles David - meaning they haven't added 20 pounds of muscle onto his small and lean frame. Check out the unveiling of his mega poster in San Fran below. And I believe those are girls screaming, that or just really feminine boys. If it's the latter, oh dear...

Hot Man Running

Over the past few years, Maddie has developed a slight limp. So, besides giving her medication everyday in the form of a biscuit, we're now trying to walk her more often and for longer periods of time. During the winter, it's fairly difficult. But now that it's summer, and today is truly the first day in almost two weeks where the weather is perfect, Maddie and I went for a long stroll around the Oktoberfest park - and good thing we did. Let's just say this, "If only I had my camera." There was one hot man jogging the park.

When I first encountered the runner (who looked Spanish or Italian), his shirt was covering what looked to be quite a delicious build. Luckily, for round two and three, he removed his shirt. And as I predicted, it was worth the wait. I'm glad Maddie needed to walk slowly or I would have missed my evening treat. I think Maddie and I will have to go walking more often around 7 p.m. if that's what's on the menu.

So Long Blackbird!

What I originally thought was cute has turned into a nuisance. Every morning, around 4:30, a blackbird with a red beak shows up to chirp on our upstairs terrace along with other birds sitting atop the rooftops around the neighborhood. As a result, I wake up way before my body says it's time to rise and shine. So, today, I've decided to install anti-pigeon stakes on the corner where it sits. So long blackbird. I need my sleep.

The Gay Cup Runneth Over

Is it me, or does everything seem to be going gay lately? Either the tide is turning or a major backlash is on the horizon.

Summertime calls for easy, breezy dance tunes to play poolside. So check out If You Wanna Go (Club Mix) by Paolo Di Miro. Sure, the artist is male but the vocals are female. Where's her credit? And why can't you find any information on Paolo?

Mother Nature's Mean Trick

I'm not sure if it's a wives tale or one that has scientific merit but this year, it rings true. Schafskälte is a German weather phenomenon where "sheep cold" spells can result in temperature drops of 5° to 10°C during the period between June 4 to June 18 (most often around June 11). The name comes from the risk to freshly shorn sheep from the unusually cold weather (and also could apply to our dog Maddie as I shaved her a few weeks ago). And considering current temperatures in Germany are under 15°C, I suppose the facts speak for themselves.

So Emotional

You can't help getting choked up while watching the clip below of Del and Phyllis getting married on Monday in San Francisco. I only hope voters in November don't take away what has now been given to every gay man and woman in California - their civil right to marry. Hopefully, as the months go by, those who might vote "no" will realize their neighbors, work colleagues, and family members are just wanting to be happy. And that by seeing first hand that gay marriage doesn't destroy society (or even their own association with marriage), these naysayers will accept what can only be described as "the right thing to do."

Men of Euro 2008

Ivan Klasnic (Croatia)
David Villa (Spain)
Raul Albiol (Spain)
Pascal Zuberbuhler (Switzerland) - Dave's Fave

Time 2 Snicker

Crazy Summer Nights by Magnus Carlsson (former member of Alcazar - which I loved) is climbing the charts in Sweden. Some have noted that the single is "perfect for this time of year." My reaction? The song couldn't be more pink. And his performance below? It borderlines George Michael in Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. Get ready to snicker. And, if you love the cheesefest, check out the radio mix for added Swedish pleasure.

McDonald's On-the-Go

Eating a hot burger and fries, cooked just right, inside a McDonald's restaurant is heavenly. But I'm not a big fan of eating the food at home as I prefer my fast food fresh. But it seems as though many Germans don't mind a room temperature Big Mac. I see hungry patrons with McDonald's bags on the train or walking down the street everyday.

I'm sure my food attitude has something to do with the fact that I'd rather not eat on the go - especially on the train. Not that the German trains are dirty (they're quite clean in comparison to those found in Chicago and other major cities), it's just trying to eat while others stare at you from across the aisle isn't that enjoyable.

The Chris Report

For the week of June 16th, Chris will be in Italy for a team building event and a tour of a chicken plant - both of which I'm glad I'm not attending. I don't miss the days of mingling with fellow employees during silly activities like trust exercises.

Do U Take This Man...

And so today it begins. Men marrying men. Women marrying women - in California at least. How long will it take to reach Kansas? Congratulations to all those tying the gay knot today.

Talk About Generalizations

I suppose this explains why some run away, screaming like a little girl.

FSS Report Card

- 1 Activia Yogurt
- 1 Peanut Butter & Jelly 1/2 Sandwich
- 1 Bierock
- 10-15 Peanut M & Ms
- 1 Peanut Butter & Jelly 1/2 Sandwich
- 1 Giant Bowl of Spaghetti with Garlic Bread
- 1 Slice Coconut Cream Pie

It may not sound like much, but by 9:30, I was full. The homemade Coconut Cream Pie sent me over the edge. And I would have eaten more M & Ms at Indiana Jones, but they were peanut and I wasn't in the mood.

What a Scam

The UK is always running "pay to play" contests where you call to enter. On GMTV right now, they're featuring a game where for $2 per call/text, you have the chance to win $10,000. Well, it seems like a money making scheme to me.

Up and Coming Cologne

I love a creative ad campaign. So when I heard about naughty images attached to protruding objects around Paris in support of a new Tom of Finland cologne, I had to share. Talk about a way to get a "rise" out of consumers!

New & Notworthy: PCD

Pussycat Dolls are summer. Their music isn't deep, but rather mindless fun. The same can be said for their new video. It's all about the dancing - and that's fine with me! Check it out below.


We just got home from finally seeing Sex and the City. The movie was a bit long, lost some of the special pacing from the series, and overall seemed just okay (not that it was bad, but I felt as though Michael Patrick King, the series creator, could have shaved about 45 minutes from the film). And because it was over two hours, I'm hungry. As I told Chris in the car while passing the corner pizza joint, if we were "just two straight hungry dudes," we'd pick-up a pizza bolognese and eat it while watching Friends. But because we're gay, that's out of the question. Instead, I'm having cottage cheese with a side of wheat cereal. The sacrifices we make...

Memorable TV Quotes

It's a good thing we have English satellite TV. How else would I be able to share memorable TV quotes? From My Name is Earl and the episode Early Release, "It looks like a thimble wearing a wig down there." I'm sure you can guess what Joy was referring to. I'l leave it at that.

Poor Perez

Sometimes when people find success, their heads almost explode. In the case of Perez Hilton, I started to notice his over-the-top behavior on The View last year (via Redlasso of course). To himself, he could do no wrong. Well, his time has come. His clothing line at Hot Topic is anything but hot. Actually, it's quite cold. And with only 7 people showing up, he threw a tantrum. Again, in the words of Nelson Muntz, "Ha! Ha!"

I could have hung out in Orlando to snag Ne-Yo's autograph at McDonald's worldwide convention, but I wasn't a fan (and I'm still not). But Stonebridge has turned me onto their interpretation of Closer with their addition of an uplifting house treatment that removes the bland elements of the original and focuses only on best parts of the song including the chorus. "I just can't stop. I just can't stop." Have a great weekend everyone!

Take that Ann!

Obviously this woman is power hungry. She thinks she can marry only couples of her choosing? Well, the state of California showed her! In the words of Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons,, "Ha! Ha!"

What Dave's Doing Now...

Friday, 9:28 a.m. I'm listening to C9 Radio on iTunes before going to the gym and meeting Mark for a "ladies who lunch" rendezvous. Lollipop by Lil' Wayne just came on. Not only is this single #1 in America, but his album is expected to sell upwards of 800K copies - twice as much as Mariah and four times as many as Madonna. I have one question, "Why?" Lollipop is horrible. The beat is overused, his vocals are annoyingly distorted, and I'm over "shawty." Radio, would you please move on!

Happy Friday the 13th

I'm superstitious, but not when it comes to today. Ever since my senior year in college when my fraternity (and partnering sorority) pulled the number 13 from a hat at our first Rock Chalk Revue meeting , and we swept the awards show four months later (including Best Show), the number some would avoid is my lucky number. So, happy Friday the 13th!

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has Summer Gone...

With today's weather, you'd never know it was June.  Where's summer?  Maybe the 50 degree weather is our bad luck since it's Friday the 13th.  All I know is I'm sitting here getting ready to eat my Activa Multi-Cereales yogurt at 7:10 a.m. and I'm cold - and not from a/c.  Burr.

New & Noteworthy: Sugarush

The soulful sounds of the 60s are alive and well in the UK. And, because of Amy and Duffy, they're starting to creep stateside (though Duffy's Mercy stalled on the Billboard charts at #29). Who knows if radio will pick up Sugarush Beat Company's L-O-V-E. Sadly, I think it may be too soulful. Check out the awesome animated video below.

Those Swingin' Heteros

Right wing extremists are always quick to point out the eccentric behavior of the gay community. Well, it's good to see others in the line of fire for once.