Pink Trash Travels

Late Lunch

A favorite lunch of ours (well, mostly Chris and Patrick's as I nibble on their leftovers because I eat a sandwich packed from breakfast). Greek salad with grilled chicken. Delicious.

Every Day in Mykonos

Our friend Steve noted that when he thinks of Mykonos, he imagines it to be something like the video below. Every single day Steve, every single day.

Good Morning

A view of the Agean Sea from outside our terrace. A beautiful calm, peaceful morning.

Darn it. If I only had my camera tonight. We had an amazing sunset picture with the gang from Dallas. They'll send it to me upon our return stateside but I'd like to share it with you now. Cause it's good. Real good. I mean, amazing actually. My hairs in all the right places. I'm just sayin'.

My New Purchase

Last year in Mykonos, I spotted a rubber watch, simple in design, black and white, as we walked through town. I didn't buy it. Sadly, the next day when I returned to make my purchase, the watch was gone. So this year, when I spotted a black and white MoMo watch similar in presentation, I made the purchase. I'm happy I did. My likey!

Mykonos Day Four

Last night, we ventured up into the hillside for a pool party. Apparently it was some gazillionaire's villa. The view was amazing. The crowd was a mix of Londoners, those from Dallas, Miami, LA and New York. Of course, we were the only out-of-towners from Chicago (and as pointed out by an attendee one of the only few they've met on the island - ever). Not surprising. In reverse, when globetrotters stop in the States, they skip the Windy City and head straight to the East and West coasts. Perhaps after meeting us they'll think differently. :)

Update: I thought I'd have a few photos to upload, but Chris' iPhone didn't take such wonderful shots. So, either I capture some tonight or it looks like PTT will have to be fully uploaded upon our return.

Monkey Beats: Road 2 Cairo

I created this mix on our way to Cairo (as well as a few hours spent mixing before Mykonos). Not that the music is indicative of what you'd hear in the Middle East, but rather it's a one hour set that has a wide range of musical beats. Because as I wrote upon coming home last night from Space (see post below), dance music shouldn't be static - but rather move with the night. All of which I try to capture in just under 60 minutes. Get the set HERE. Enjoy!

XLSior's Main Party in Mykonos Review

Yep, it's 4 a.m. and I just arrived back to the hotel from XLSior's party at Space. My review? The venue had hints of Chicago's Crobar but with no where to dance. Two large bars sat in the middle of the dancefloor. We had a fun crowd of friends, but the music was a non-stop tribal beat with some vocals thrown over the never ending track (at least before Peter Rauhofer as he hadn't started yet). There was no build. There was very little variation. All of which baffles me to why some DJs don't know the value of taking you on a journey on the dancefloor. Perhaps Peter, if I would have stayed, would have done so. But after four hours, I was cooked.

Οχι (Oh-hee!)

Nothing like finding out our dog sitter dropped the pooches off at our home without putting them in their room to bring you down from a vacay high. Good thing our friends who are housesitting came home relatively early from work. Otherwise, Murphy might have gotten bored, or perhaps scared, and decided to chew his way to Mykonos to find us.

Pink Trash Travels to: Mykonos (Again!)

Yep, we love it so much we've returned for a fourth time. Once again, staying at the Theoxenia, our time in Mykonos will be filled with sunsets at the Elysium, visits to Jackie O's and perhaps a rendezvous with Peter Rauhofer at Space for XLSior's main party.

A Bit Nervous

I'm a bit nervous to eat or drink anything but processed milk and protein bars (that I brought from home). After all, I spent yesterday in the hotel room watching The Nanny Diaries, two episodes of My Name is Earl, Friends, Joey, and one episode of Project Runway, Monk and Mad Men due to a very upset stomach. In any case, we're going to venture out tonight to the Birdcage - Cairo’s best Thai restaurant that Lonely Planet describes as, "...a soothing, wood-panelled space that’s a favourite with wealthy Cairenes. Standards such as fish cakes and grilled beef salad are delicious and beautifully presented, as are more nouvelle offerings like pla pow (sea bass wrapped in banana leaves)." Here's to hoping all is well tomorrow when we depart for Mykonos.

Pink Trash Travels to: Giza

Because my stomach finally settled, we could venture out to the pyramids today. We had originally planned to visit both Giza and Dashur, but after riding two hours on a camel, in the dessert, with the sun beating down, we opted to cal it a day - and an amazing day it was. Sure, the camel tour was a bit shady, but we were treated to views and locations others couldn't see (including our tour guide fetching fine sand from the Sahara dessert). So in the end, it was all worth it. That, and you have to understand the Egyptians are hurting so what's a few more bucks out of our pockets.

Look for more pictures once I can upload my camera. But for now, a few shots snapped by Chris (me looking pregnant in the best of the bunch).

Cursed in Egypt

I don't know if there's an official name for Egypt's version of Montezuma's Revenge‏, but today I had the curse. As a result, I've spent all day in bed while the boys investigated the Museum. We were to visit the pyramids, both Giza and Dashur, but we postponed it until tomorrow hoping my insides get back to functioning properly. All of which means I won't be touching any more Egyptian food - just to be safe.

Just a few things I've noticed in Cairo:

(1) Nobody obeys traffic laws in Cairo. In fact, everyone drives wherever they want. No traffic lanes. No crosswalks. All chaos.

(2) It's so hot in Cairo the geckos fry on the sidewalk.

(3) Walk with purpose. Locals are less likely to screech "Hey brother" to take advantage of your giving sensibilities.

(4) Broken down cars line the streets - causing traffic disruptions (and frazzled American nerves) around every corner.

(5) Tourism is down. In fact, we were one of 25 or 30 people today at the Citadel. It was as though we were treated to a private showing (feeling like Madonna in the process).

Pink Trash Travels to: Citadel of Salah Al-Din

Yes I'll be wearing jeans in Cairo when it's 104 degrees. Nobody said that being respectful was always fun or comfortable. I'm just sayin'.

Arrived in Cairo!

After a long day of traveling, we arrived in Cairo. Frst impression? Intense. At the airport, we were mobbed by taxi drivers and men wanting to help with luggage. And our method of securing our Visa seemed a bit seedy. But we landed at our hotel one hour later with rattled nerves from the drive - welcomed by bomb sniffing dogs. I wasn't sure why we had stopped. In fact, I started to get out of the car until Chris made note of the German Shepherd's purpose.

Today, off to explore.

Lady Bumping!

Because it's Saturday night, it's time for Lady Bump. Think Annie does disco - with a screech thrown in for good measure.

Once Again, Taylor Kinney

No words needed really. Enjoy the images or just watch the video. Some say You and I is a bit country. Well, that's what happens when Shania's ex gets involved. I enjoy it however! Both Kinney and Gaga.

Bye Bye Burger King

Burger King, in an effort to revitalize their sales, says bye bye to the scary Burger King character. I say keep him around. Scare more customers away - running them to McDonald's!

New Aussiebum

Those Aussies sure know how to sell a pair of boxers. Of course, what originally caught my eye was the hottie sporting the new Freedom line. But I actually found the slim boxers quite appealing - especially to wear in the hot summer months when you need a bit of breathing room.

My Avatar

At my new job, they create Avatars for employees coming onboard. Many are quite representative of their inspiration. Mine, however, seems a bit off. For starters, my face could never be that round. And what's up with the blonde eyebrows and pink lips?

Of Course

3D emoticon 179
Of course the Euro is gaining strength against the dollar - just in time for our trip to Egypt and Greece. Boo.

Taylor Kinney in You and I

Lady Gaga's video for the Mutt Lange produced You and I premiered this week. I love the song's late 90s Shania vibe. But what caught my eye in the video was the hot shirtless guy. You don't get much in terms of static shots, but what you do see is mighty fine. Turns out the sexy one is Taylor Kinney from Vampire Diaries. No wonder I'm attracted to him. He was my fave on the CW's biggest hit. More of Taylor please.

In Support

We're integrating a client into 90210's upcoming storyline. So I suppose that means I need to watch. I haven't to date, but I do hear there's some hot new characters being added. Sold!

NFL's "Sexy" New Face

GQ calls New York Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez "The bright new face of the NFL." Yep, I agree. But maybe they should have uses "sexy" instead.

Why I Watch Big Brother

I've said it once, and I've said it again, Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 13 is smoking hot with his salt and pepper hair and all-American good looks. But his homophobic rant still sits heavy on my mind. He should just apologize so I can get back to lusting after him 100%.

Northalsted Market Days 2011

Identified as the Midwest's largest two-day street festival, Northalsted Market Days is one crazy affair.

Is Tonight 4 the Boys?

When asked if I wanted to join my friends to go downtown tonight to the House of Blues for a big, gay dance party, I made note that I was comfy on the couch. One friend replied, "Tomorrow night is for the couch. Tonight is for the boys." His statement almost made me go. Almost.

Just BFFs

According to Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie are not gay. In a statement released today, the children's program noted the two are just good friends. Sesame's Facebook page reads, "Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves." They even go on to say, "They have no sexual orientation." Okay, I get it. They're hermaphrodites.

Joe Manganiello's "It Gets Better" Video

Thank you Joe for raising awareness for the Trevor Project. If only you would have raised your shirt too.

Curmudgeon. C-U-R-M-U-D-G-E-O-N.

I was recently called a curmudgeon. I had to look it up. Apparently someone thought I am a "bad tempered or surly person" when it comes to this weekend's Market Days festivities. Not really. I'm just not a fan of drinking, taking vitamins and hanging with Cheryl. As I noted, I can find better ways to spend time with my peeps.

Sweet Smell of...

It's nice that I can open my office window for some fresh air. But today, at around 5:00, I realized the grilling fumes from Rockit Bar & Grill located next door fill the office with mouthwatering scents of Rockit Ribs and Cinnamon Raisin Grilled Cheese. And when you're hungry, that's not a good thing.

New & Noteworthy: Nicole Scherzinger's Wet

Nicole Scherzinger's Killer Love is the soundtrack to my summer. And Wet is one of my faves off the album. Happy to see they've made it the official third release in the UK. Too bad the video is a bit weak. I created a more appropriate presentation in my head - full dance mode with purple rain falling from the sky. Now that would have been hot.

I'll Buy It

Andy Cohen, Bravo Executive VP, is penning a memoir. According to book publisher Henry Holt:

"Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Mo., Cohen knew two things about himself: that he loved popular culture and that, around the age of 12, he was gay. He suppressed the latter and fed the former. His media diet was a steady stream of 70s shows like 'The Brady Bunch,' 'Laverne & Shirley,' and 'Donny & Marie.' He had a passion too for the medium's stars like Farrah Fawcett, Mary Tyler Moore and Susan Lucci, many of whom he would later meet. By his twenties, he was out of the closet and out of St. Louis. In 1989, his life changed forever when he landed an internship at CBS News in New York. With his irrepressible personality and sky's-the-limit attitude, over time he went from intern to producer, absorbing everything he could about the industry and the guest stars on the network’s morning show. His book will include many hilarious moments of mishaps on the set and while on assignment, and tell of his coming-of-age social life filled with antics and mayhem."

Cher Lloyd's Swagger Jagger

She didn't win the UK's X Factor but we all knew she'd rule the charts no matter. And sure enough, this week her song Swagger Jagger overtakes the top spot in the UK. You may not know what to think of it upon your first listen, but some are calling it quite the pop masterpiece. Check it out below.

A True Friend?

I hate to admit it, but I was watching a bit of Logo's horrendous A List tonight. The show may be a train wreck, but it's good mindless entertainment to wind down my weekend in preparation of a busy work week ahead.

With that noted, someone on the show stated something that hit home. When asked about "being a friend," one replied, "Do they call to catch-up? Do they call to ask how you're doing?"

All of which made me realize we throw the "friend" title around quite haphazardly. It made me stop to think just who'd I'd call a friend. For sure it's much less than almost 300 identified on my Facebook account. Perhaps just another reason to ditch the social networking site.

Right On Kenny!

I agree Kenneth Cole! However, we're already paying our share in taxes - more than we should actually. After all, we're not full citizens in the eyes of the government.

Better Than Nothing

I forgot my camera at every turn this week. As a result, I don't have one good picture of our good times with Nicolaas and Ruben. Instead, I've got the blurry and "raccoon eye" iPhone shot taken (as a test no less) outside of Fuego last night. Better than nothing I suppose.


As we drove by Lollapalooza last night on the way home from a movie, I thought to myself, "Chicago is amazing!" I was right. Check out a friend's shot of the city as Coldplay entertained the masses. Gorgeous.

Potentially the Worst...Movie...Ever

With our friends Ruben and Nicolaas in town from the UK, we went to Cowboys & Aliens Friday night. Ruben wanted to see a movie in an "American cinema" so the Jon Favreau film, featuring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, won out. Too bad. Because it goes down as one of the worst movies of all time. Great concept. Bad execution. Bad script. Bad everything. So avoid the movie that made only $36M last weekend and dropped over 60% this go around. Opt for Planet of the Apes instead that garnered a Cinemascore of A-.

Side note: I will say this, Daniel's butt in chaps looked amazing. Not enough to save the film however.

Cavill as Bizarro?

Is it me, or does Henry Cavill as Superman look more like Bizarro than the Man of Steel?

New Face of A & F

Romain Vennat, a 20 year old biz student living in Paris, is the new face of A & F. Looks about right to me. He may be French, but he looks quite like the all American boy from Nebraska.

Sexual Skittles

The Skittles ad below is generating a ton of buzz in the ad community. It will never make broadcast TV, but the filthy spot is gold for its creators - Cousins based in L.A. Check it out below.

Forging Ahead

I must admit. Now that I'm working, and working, and working, I'm finding it more difficult to update the blog. I barely have time to breath let alone find something witty to write about. But I will not give up. I will forge ahead. I will find hot men to share - like Ryan Gosling from Crazy, Stupid, Love

Pink Trash Travels to: Szalas in Archer Heights

For a change of pace, we decided to venture out of the city for Polish food. Sure, we could have taken our good friend Xavier (who's visiting from Miami) to a fancy downtown establishment, but something tells me that wouldn't have been as fun. After all, Szalas in Archer Heights was like visiting Disneyland with its loaded meat trays, water wheel, dance floor and house "band." Check out the video below of "just nine dudes visiting a Polish restaurant on the South side."