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Back from Berlin

I just bonked my head on our slanted walls so I'm suprised I can even type and focus at the same time. With that noted, I returned from Berlin tonight after two days of water soaked, mall fun with my friend Paddy. Truthfully, we barely left Potsdamer Platz - an area in the center of Berlin and just to the East of the old Berlin wall. Not that I'm complaining. With Paddy running the marathon, I didn't have to drink or go out to smoky bars and dance clubs. Instead, we were in bed by 10 p.m. both nights. Now that's a holiday.

Because I don't like to leave voice mails or send emails before I get on the plane (thinking that if it goes down, I'll be noted in USA Today), I'm dropping Club Fridays on Thursday this week. So think happy thoughts tomorrow as I fly Air Berlin to meet my friend Paddy in Berlin for the marathon. See, I'm already thinking "what if this is the last you read from me..."

It's a down and dirty Club Fridays this week. So if you don't like the beats hard with a twist, well, you might want to hold off until next week when the likes of Melanie C and Martha Walsh make their way to weekly turntable.

Soulmaniax and their track Sensuality gets hit hard by the German remix team of Ortega and Gold. The vocal reminds me a bit of Valeria who I featured a few weeks back. For the link, go here. And you know most likely there's a MySpace page out there for the remix team - and here it is! Now, for the second featured track, again, it's rough - but more tribal. Friscia & Lamboy, who recently hit the top of the dance charts with Deep Into Your Soul, work the drums on Corrine Bailey Rae's Your Love is Mine. For the link, go here. And to learn more about Friscia & Lamboy, join them in MySpace here.

Of course, a day before our entourage of friends begins to arrive, construction seems to have started on every corner around us. For most, I guess them working from 9-5 wouldn't be a problem. But because I'm home, trying to work, it drives me insane. Right now, I hear a saw, a hammer, and a few other tools I can't identify.

Gym Diary - 9/27

I'm not quite sure why men leave their shoes scattered around the locker room. Why don't they put them inside their assigned space with their clothes? Aren't they afraid their shoes might get stolen? Sure, you don't want some of them. But I've seen some pretty nice shoes laying around.

Bright Lights

With Oktoberfest just a few blocks away, on rainy nights like tonight, the festival illuminates the night sky. And from our upstairs balcony, it's a pretty sight.

Our Lessons Have Begun

Tonight we started our German lessons. And as Chris and I sat across from one another trying to ask what each other's name is (in German of course), I had flashbacks of my French class in Paris. I didn't like learning then and I don't like learning now. And not only that, I've always said these language courses remind me of being in college, studying Spanish, and taking those final exams right before Christmas or summer vacation. I dreaded the weeks leading up to the tests. Sadly, those horrible feelings come rushing back as my frustration builds by trying to say, "Mein Name ist David." Difficult I know.

Why I Need a DNA Subscription

I was wandering around the internet and ran across the latest cover of DNA magazine. Australia's #1 gay men's magazine currently features as its cover boy the winner of their swimsuit model contest - Dennis. I can see why he won. And you can watch a small video (sadly a bit fuzzy) of all the finalists. Check it out below.

Queer Munich - Not 1/2 Bad

My friends, who are arriving from Chicago later this week, told me I need to know where to go in Munich. In other words, where can they drink and get their groove on. So last Saturday night, when our newfound friends from Canada and Chicago, who we met in Mykonos, who live in Munich (are you following along?) were entertaining their friend from Los Angeles, I hopped on the party bus to experience everything (well, almost everything) Munich has to offer. And surprisingly, it wasn’t half bad.

Not the company of course. As we discussed at dinner, I’m ecstatic that I dragged Chris to the beach in Mykonos that Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had the chance to meet Greg and Mark (then again, since my voice carries, they may have heard my big mouth elsewhere).

The evening started at Nero’s Pizza and Lounge. I was a bit concerned about the smoke prior to going. With “lounge” in the establishment’s name, I pictured it to be a dark, smoke filled den. Mark mentioned they had a non-smoking section, but he said it became clouded over quickly. And because I didn’t want to pull my “this is too smoky so I'm going to leave but you stay and have a good time” card, I just prayed for the best.

Maybe it helped we had reservations at 8 p.m. because it wasn’t half bad. Greg, Mark, two of their friends from Munich Mischa and Wenzel (those German names are tricky) and Erik from Los Angeles were alone at a “picnic style” table for 10 most of the evening. The restaurant’s two-floor design plan also helped to alleviate smoke for those sitting downstairs. It is, however, unfortunate for those dining in the “non-smoking” section upstairs and to the right. You may not be sitting next to someone blowing it in your face, but you’re the recipient of second hand smoke from at least 60 patrons downstairs.

The food at Nero’s was a bit indistinguishable – I can’t really recall if it was good or bad. And my Cosmo tasted more like cherry syrup than a drink that would do Ms. Bradshaw proud. But the six of us enjoyed each other’s company and the fruits of our discussion including the need to buy lederhosen, Erik’s hopeful return next Sunday for the Big Gay Day at Oktoberfest, the demise of smoking in Munich, dirty knees, cutlery and proper ways to stir your cocktail.

Bau was next on our stop through Gay Munich. The leather bar wasn’t busy (as nobody expected it to be around 9:30), but we made the best of it while some drank beer and others (like myself) consumed apple and vodka (the up-and-coming drink in Paris last year but considered trashy by some in Munich). With Thunderpuss from 2003 pumping in the background, I toured both levels of the establishment so I could fully assess if it was a place to return once the gang arrives from Chicago. Because there was something oddly entertaining about the décor and overall ambience, it makes the list. Next stop: Selig.

I was warned I’d be able to cut the smoke with a knife (like the one I used to stir my cocktail at Nero’s). So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled. But once we arrived, it wasn’t half bad. Selig is considered by most to be the hot spot in town (which explained it’s “filled to the rim” crowd)). I’m not quite sure what the owners were thinking when they designed the lounge and café as the flow is atrocious, but none-the-less it appears that this slight misstep becomes secondary to the crowd and drink selection. After scoring a table in the back, we sat entertaining ourselves for another few hours – making new friends along the way (who eventually were more difficult dismiss then bring aboard). And once midnight rolled around, N.Y. Club became our final destination to dance the night away.

I spotted N.Y. Club on the net a few weeks back as I was gathering notes on the gay nightlife in Munich. From their gallery, it didn’t look half bad. It wasn’t huge, but it also wasn’t the wine cellars with blinking lights I sometimes find elsewhere in Europe. Once we arrived, I quickly got my bearings by wandering through the first room’s bar area and adjoining room’s dance floor. Again, my reaction to those around me was, “This isn’t half bad!” The music varied and was current, the crowd slowly built to a strong capacity and they offered promotional free energy drinks with vodka. But it wasn’t until Mark, Erik and I wandered back into the darkroom that my night’s favorite moment occurred.

I’ve never set foot inside a darkroom. Queer as Folk is my only reference point for such gay standards (and I know better than to believe anything that show represented). So when the three of us turned the corner into the two opposing dark hallways, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would there be black lights slightly illuminating indescribable activities?

After taking five to six steps into complete darkness, what we discovered was a wall. No door. No lights. Just a wall. We turned around and headed down the other hallway. After passing two gentlemen standing by the entryway, what we uncovered was another wall. No door. No lights. Just a wall. “This is their darkroom?” I said. “Where was the heat I expected?” Not that I wanted to participate, but remember, this was a fact-finding mission for those visiting at the end of the month. So though the club exceeded my expectations for clubbing in Munich, anything beyond the lit corridors is uneventful.

So now, with my first gay night out in Munich behind me, I can give a full report to those back home. Let them ask me “where to go?” in Munich. With confidence I can reply Nero’s for pizza served with a side of gay, Bau for whiffs of leather, Selig’s for bustling but backwards flow and N.Y. Club for titillating tunes on the dancefloor only - all of which are surprisingly not half bad.

The Big Gay Day @ Oktoberfest

I don’t like beer. I don’t like smoke. I don’t like to sweat outside of the gym. So how could I possibly enjoy the Big Gay Day at Oktoberfest? After spending over six hours inside a tent full of thousands of drunk homos, I realized it’s all about the company you keep while standing on benches swaying to the Oompa band.

And since it’s 10:00 p.m. Sunday night, just a few hours after returning from the event, let’s just say a 10 point summary is the best I can muster. I’ll save the intimate details for the article I’ll write next year for publishing stateside. Because as I found out today, if you’re unfamiliar with Oktoberfest and the Big Gay Day, you need all the help you can get.

1. Our day started at 9:45 a.m. And even then, we found ourselves standing in a line for more than an hour before sneaking our way through a side-door.

2. I assumed I’d have to chug my first beer to make the second go down easier. Instead, the beer was actually not half bad. Sure, I mixed it with some spearmint gum and held my breath while drinking, but even then, it could have been worse.

3. The crowd wasn’t that attractive. I thought I’d find a few more hot men in liederhosen for my “Men of Oktoberfest” posting in a few weeks, but in the end I found two.

4. I held off going to the bathroom longer than I have in years – seven hours. I don’t like to pee in troughs.

5. The band plays a rotation of five songs for the first five hours. Afterwards, they throw in some soft sounds of the 70s including John Denver and the Eagles.

6. I made five euros by returning bottles to the beverage counter. I originally had one, but collected more from the table as I thought my efforts should be rewarded for walking across the tent in such extreme conditions.

7. It was hot and smoky. In fact, it was really hot and really smoky. My eyes are still burning and I sound like Carol Channing.

8. There were many times I wanted to take off my shirt. Not that I wanted Oktoberfest to evolve into a circuit party, it’s just the fact it was extremely hot. And knowing excessive sweat flattens my hair, it was something I wanted to avoid. But removing your clothes is against tent policy – out in the open anyways. The bathrooms, I guess, are another story.

9. The sun is extremely bright after you’ve been inside drinking for hours. We felt like exposed night crawlers after making our exit past the hundreds still waiting to join the party.

10. We’ll be doing it all again in less than two weeks when our friends arrive from Chicago. But because there’s only one Big Gay Day at Oktoberfest, something tells me it won’t be the same. Then again, with 10 of us going, we’ll make that day at Oktoberfest gay enough.

Forget the Roger Rabbit

I've always said that the Paris techno parade was entertaining. Now it's spawned a dance craze. Watch a sample below.

Sad George and Abe and Tom...

What is wrong with the dollar? Again, it tanks against the Euro, the Pound and even the Canadian Dollar? Now it's not even cheap to go to Canada!

The Drunkfest Has Begun

Oktoberfest doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but the alcohol activities have already begun. As I walked around town today, to my right and left were groups of mostly young men shouting with beer bottles in hand. The next few weeks should be entertaining - for all of us. I'll try to capture as many escapades as I can and share with you here on PTT. And unlike the "Men of Mykonos" photos (and my fear about looking creepy while taking the shots), those staggering around probably won't even know they're the center of my attention. They'll be too busy being drunk.

Kylie's X Hits Stores 11/26!

Because it's Club Fridays, why not feature a bit more on Kylie's new and mostly uptempo album? Go here for all the information (well, most of it anyway) you'll need to know about the upcoming release.

Considering how much I love Girls Aloud, I'm surprised I've never featured their dance remixes on Club Fridays. Then again, most of their remixes just plain suck. That is until today. Their new single, Sexy No No No, remixed by Xenomania, is actually better than the original. It kicks a full on power punch. For the link, go here. Unfortunately, Xenomania doesn't have a website presence - yet. But according to this MySpace page, they're putting together a girl group stateside. So if you're in NY, good luck!

Up next is another group Xenomania has worked with on original and remixed versions in the past - Sugababes. About You Now is their first single from their new album. And as the case with the Girls Aloud track, the dance remix (this one by Spencer & Hill) is much better. For the link, go here. For information on Sugababes and their new album, go here. And just like every other artist and creative type (except PTT - why add another page?), Spencer & Hill are members of MySpace. For their link, go here.

That's it for this week's edition filled with high energy and melodic dance tracks. Be sure to check back next Friday when PTT gets down and dirty with new remixes by Ortega and Gold and Offer Nissim. They're not for the faint of heart!

Pssst! Pass it Along!

It all started in Mykonos when I combined the two German words Super! and Wonderbar! into one word - SuperBar! I vowed to make it spread like wildfire. And today, without hesitation, our friend Mark used it at the German post office. Of course, the clerk looked at him like he was crazy, but apparently she's not hip enough to get the lingo. SuperBar!

Beer 4 Dogs

Who says Oktoberfest should only be for beer thirsty people? Pooches who visit The Bunter Hund cafe in Vienna will be treated to special canine beer as well as the same pretzels and Bavarian sausage given to attendees at the real Oktoberfest. That's nice, but our dog Maddie wouldn't be able to participate. When we fed her Weiss Wurst (white sausage made from pork and veal) last week, her tummy was upset for days. And believe me, it wasn't pleasant.

The Road 2 Oktoberfest

With just over 24 hours until the Mayor taps the first keg at Oktoberfest, those on the fair grounds are final prepping everything from sausage stands to water rides. And with some of the tents open for practice runs and special events, you can already feel the excitement in the air.

His Name is Paul Sculfor

KT Tunstall's Suddenly I See, along with star Alessandra Ambrosio (and her many outfit changes), made me take a first look at this UK commercial for Next's 25th anniversary. But it wasn't until I saw Paul Sculfor (Jennifer Aniston's ex) in the spot that I wanted to watch it again, and again, and again. The man is hot and he deserves a second look. Check him out below.

Serious About School

It all makes sense. This article from 2006 identifies Germans as having the highest IQ scores in Europe. And yesterday, this German article notes that at the Nuremburg airport, police have tracked down over 100 families returning late from holidays. As a result, these cost-saving vacationers will be fined for having their children miss the first four days of school. Now that's some serious schooling.

Chris Crocker - Media Star?

Boy have I been out of the loop on this one. The hysterically funny video below by crazed Britney fan Chris Crocker has now been viewed almost 8 million times on YouTube along with countless parodies and broadcasts on such late night talk shows as Jimmy Kimmel. And because of his 15 minutes of fame over the past seven days, Variety is reporting that Chris may get his own TV show. See what happens when I don't get to watch ALL American programming?

Wednesday, Sept. 19

Last Thursday, it was a good day at the gym. I made my way up to my hottie to say hello. Needless to say, we flirted a bit - all the way down to the locker room where he commented on a few of my body parts as I finished blowdrying my hair. Of course, I ended up thinking about him the rest of the day. And because Chris had his own encounter at the gym earlier that morning, we both decided there was something in the air.

My hottie said he'd return on Monday. I'm not going to schedule my workouts around him, but if I so happen to be there at the same time, all the better. Unfortunately, he was a no show both Monday and Tuesday. But today, he returned - unexpectedly. Though as we talked, a bit of his luster was gone. It might be because I could smell smoke and his teeth were a bit golden from his nasty habit. We both worked our way around the weight room - me making the effort to talk to him more than the reverse. I guess my nervousness was gone due to his star not shining as brightly - literally.

But all that changed when I ended my workout early (due to me forgetting my shorts and having to workout in athletic pants - meaning cardio wasn't an option). When I said goodbye, he made a sad face which brought it all back to center once again. And when he repeated that look as I was about to leave, while standing holding his towel in the locker room, I quickly forgot about any shortcomings he might have. Because from the vantage point, it was all good.

Kylie's 2 Hearts Hits 11/12

It's a big fall for diva music. Of course, you've probably heard about Madonna's new album as well as releases by Mariah and Celine. But do you know that Kylie Minogue's new single 2 Hearts will be out on November 12 in Europe? Fortunately for those of you stateside, Capitol Records is scheduled to release her album early-to-mid winter - so you won't totally be left out in the cold.

New & Noteworthy - TLoffer

Pink Trash Travels is all about sending good vibrations your way. But, if my little site can also bring some attention to those deserving it, then that's even better. My cousin Teresa in Kansas started painting a while back. And last night, she forwarded to me a link to check out her art. And what do you know, it's pretty good! It's not that I expected something horrible, but her paintings were a pleasant surprise.

Our tastes are more on the eclectic side with odd people hanging on our walls. But if you like picturesque Kansas scenes (lighting being her specialty), or other simple subject matter like orchids and ballerinas, then her art might be just what you're hoping to find for the guest bathroom or breakfast nook.

Check out Teresa Loffer's artwork by clicking here.

Because It Came Up

Because on Saturday night our conversation, for a bit of time, revolved around sanitary toilets, I'm once again posting (for Greg specifically) the automatic toilet I've seen in Berlin and elsewhere. It still gets me everytime.

Siegfried & Roy Strike Again

Siegfried & Roy tapped the first keg at the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas this past Saturday. The duo has launched the event in Sin City for the past three years. Who knew Las Vegas had a Hofbrauhaus? And why did they start a week earlier than Munich? Besides that, was Paris Hilton unavailable for tapping duties?

Footloose in Bavaria

The European MTV Music Awards are scheduled to be held in Munich on November 1, 2007. However, the Catholic Church wants to cancel the show. You see, the first day of November is All Saints Day when playing loud music and dancing in public is prohibited. Winfried Rohmel, a spokesperson for the church, was quoted as saying, "You don't get this day off to party." In contrast, Munich's city hall insists the show is an indoors event, limited to a small attending clientele, and positions the city favorably in the eyes of the world community.

Will Snoop Dog and the kids at MTV find a way around the Catholic Church to throw their European awards show all while doing it to an 80s style sound with a heavy synthesizer beat? I sure hope so. I've requested two tickets with the full intention of dancing all night long!

Finally, A Quicker Picker Upper

Today, while shopping for dog and cat food (along with a few plants for the first floor terrace), I spotted new bigger and stronger paper towels. I was excited because, for the past two years while living in Europe, we've had to use basically oversized napkins for paper towels. Paris and Munich haven't had have anything close to a "quicker picker upper"- until now. Even more funny is the fact that they are marketing these towels for heavy duty jobs like cleaning your grill, your hubcaps and yard rakes. After using one to wipe down the kitchen counters, I'm afraid their statement is a bit of an overpromise. It's great for daily chores, but not even close to strong enough to wipe the grime off your yard utensils.

Bonjour Monsieur Womack!

The Bachelor on ABC is a horrible show. The only reason to watch the trash is if the Bachelor is hot - and this year he's H-O-T. His look is somewhat French (similar to Frosty from L'Usine in Paris) with his short hair, blue eyes and scruffy face.

Unfortunately for us, ABC isn't offering The Bachelor on iTunes. So the only way I'd be able to grab the show is via TV Torrents. And because that's one downloading avenue I haven't mastered, I guess the trials and tribulations of Brad Womack will be unknown to me. How will I ever survive?

Some Quirk with UR Monday Morning Coffee

I love uncovering those odd songs and videos that might otherwise go unnoticed. Take Feist and their track My Moon My Man. It's full of quirky from the star of the video to it's similar take on OK Go's treadmill concept. Besides that, the song is quite catchy. Take a look and listen below.

Now, don't tell me you've never wanted to "catwalk" down the escalator!

The Power of the Pink $

Quoting Ms. Cusak from 1997's In & Out, "Is everybody gay?" This week, Daihatsu began targeting homos with it's "Ihr Trevis-Typ" dancing studs. Now Air New Zealand goes for the pink dollar with it's Pink Flight commuting from San Francisco to Sydney for Mardi Gras next February. The flight sounds hilarious, but what happens if the entertainment is horrible? 14 hours with bad drag is...well...a drag.

International Tipping Guide

When you travel abroad, you never know what to tip. So USA Today recently published this chart to assist world travelers. And with the dollar in such turmoil against the euro, you'll need all the help you can get.

Soul Seekerz is a collective production team out of the UK featuring three core members as well as a rotating mix of collaborators. Having first hit big with Dannii Minogue a few years back, they've been busy working with the likes of Bananarama, Basement Jaxx and Pink. This year, they've achieved even greater success with remixes for Rihanna, Ne-Yo and Ciara. As such, Club Fridays is featuring two of their latest productions.

I love Leann Rimes - especially when she goes more pop than country (as was the case with her last CD released only in Europe). So, of course, when I spotted her new single Nothin' Better To Do, remixed by Soul Seekerz, I knew it would be fantastic. For the link, go here. And for the original version, be sure to check out iTunes - it's available (but of course, not the dance version - hence why I'm featuring it on PTT). And last but certainly not least is Debbie Harry's new solo effort Two Times Blue. A few versions of the not-yet released single are floating around the clubs, but the Soul Seekerz version beats them all. For the link, go here.

For more information on Soul Seekerz, be sure to check out their MySpace page here.

New & Noteworthy - Sonny J

For whatever reason, experimental pop music in America is unappealing. In Europe, however, artists seem to take chances with combining the old with the new, or beats with instrumentation, to create something noteworthy. Sonny J, with it's Jackson 5 imitation and Sesame Street video, is a case in point. Check out Can't Stop Moving below.

Germany Withholds Support

According to Fox News, Germany's lack of support for further sanctions against Iran may lead the U.S. to take military action against the Islamic regime. Here we go again.

The Euro Strikes Again

Because our friends are coming to Munich in a few weeks for Oktoberfest, they forward to me such articles that detail the rise of the Euro and fall of the dollar. They now ask if Munich accepts food stamps. As I told them, after a few beers, they'll forget the fact that they're spending 40% more for the thrills and chills of riding the ferris wheel and the "Euro Star" rollercoaster, eating a giant pretzel, drinking 2 liters (or more a day) of beer and eating a 1/2 chicken.

Thursday, Sept. 13

I don't pay particular attention to individuals in the locker room (well, maybe a few). But I find it somewhat bothersome that someone would come to to the gym, workout, then wear the same clothes back to the office that they wore to lift weights. Specifically, I'm referring to their undergarments. I'm fairly certain the point of going to the gym is to sweat - and most people do. They may not drip due to a heavy cardio session, but they still produce moisture in those tight regions where little air circulates. So why wouldn't they bring something fresh to change into once they're finished? Do you want to be sitting next to them during a two hour meeting later in the day when the gravy they produced earlier has had time to ferment even further? I think not.

New & Notworthy - Soraya

She's big in Spain with her brand of sugary pop confections. Check out Soraya's newest single, La Dolce Vita below. Afterwards, you may need something salty to balance the sweetness - perhaps nachos? Um, nachos...a treat they don't do well in Germany.

Giving Chicago the Bird

When I was in Chicago last month, I received a parking ticket for being, what else, parked in the street during their monthly street cleaning activities. I contested via mail with documentation showing no signs were present and that it would have been impossible for me to know the regulations considering I was a visitor. I've been checking the City of Chicago's website over the past four weeks to determine next steps. Today, it's noted on my ticket number that I've requested an in-person hearing (sure, I'm planning on flying back to Chicago so I can visit my friends in the Department of Revenue). So apparently it looks like they decided the best way to get their money was to ask for my presence to contest the ticket. It's moments like this that I'd like to shove my paper ticket right up their ARSS.

Trevis Goes G-A-Y

Daihatsu, a Japanese car company, seems to be targeting gay German men with this website full of dancing cowboys, pilots, and baseball players. Skip the auto details and head straight for the "Ihr Trevis-Typ" section where you can make the YMCA wannabees shake their groove thing. Anything for a buck - a gay German buck that is.

Ronald Fights Global Warming

In the spirit of spreading good news, it's nice to hear McDonald's is being recognized for something other than over-salted hamburgers that result in jail time.

Tuesday, Sept. 11

I was going to post a gym diary today about sweaty underwear and cellphone shots in the locker room, but when I noticed that it's September 11th I thought my entry should wait until tomorrow. Rather, I want to recognize the significance today holds in history and pass along this article about those who are memorializing people killed on 9/11 by doing something good.

For All U Non-Smokers

I don't smoke pot, but I love me some Weeds (season two now playing on our Sky satellite).

2007 MTV European Music Awards

While I was watching the mess that is Britney Spears on MTV, I spotted a teaser for the MTV European Music Awards being held in...get this...Munich! If I can't hunt down tickets (oh please let me find tickets), I might be able to spot a star or two at Leo's Sports Club (considering it wins by default). Then again, Leo's is far from being the class act L'Usine is in Paris so Justin may sit this one out.

Tearing Down Walls in Mykonos

It’s easy to fall into routines – going to the gym at 10, snacking on a turkey sandwich at 5, watching the cancelled What About Brian on Tuesdays while eating a chicken breast and salad. So when Chris and I retreated to Mykonos this past weekend, we assumed we’d fall into our normal vacation pattern including laying by the pool, dining early and going to bed before 11:00 p.m. After all, there was nobody to curb our married habits. But once we arrived on the island named after Mykons, the grandson of Apollo, we decided to mix things up and force ourselves out of the box we usually build when away from home. Consequently, we met Greg, Mark, Walter, Walter, Mike and Bill – eight guys who turned our unexpected holiday for two into a memorable vacation filled with a profusion of Greek salads, a plethora of sunset drinks and numerous Dreamgirls drag queen performances.

But the three couples weren’t alone in helping us to find our way out of dullsville. Eric and Filippo, our friends from Munich, arrived on Saturday. And though we assumed they’d be busy with their own agenda (as it sometimes goes when you not only stay apart but have other friends around), we found ourselves together jumping up and down yelling “Superbar!” (the result of my slip of the tongue while saying “Wonderbar” and “Super” in German).

So as sad as we are that our friend Xavier was unable to join us, we’re incredibly happy that our experimental behavior resulted in such unexpected friendships – both those that we cultivated and even those who were just in passing. Now if only our investigational nature could continue once we work our way back to Munich. Who knows what we’d find. But I have a feeling that’s biting off more than we can chew. We need to know what happens to Brian.

Is Britney's VMAs Gig Causing Unrest?

It's 5 a.m. and I can't sleep. No, it's not because of anticipation to see Britney perform at the MTV Music Awards but rather the result of Fat Girl Sunday's meal last night (chili, cornbread and too many fresh baked chocolate cupcakes). That's not to say I'm uninterested in what's being called Britney's comeback. It's quite the opposite. But because our satellite won't play the VMAs until tonight, I have to wait to comment on her performance - which I hate. I like being part of the moment. I feel somewhat left out as the world discusses the show and I'm unable to participate. By later tonight, it will be old news. Then again, I'm sure she'll do something outrageous to which we'll all reply, "Oops...she did it again."

What a Dumbass

Once again a dumbass is attacking McDonald's. Apparently, the dumbass ate a hamburger with too much salt. The dumbass is now pressing charges. What a dumbass.

The Road 2 Oktoberfest

We've been away the past few weeks so my Road 2 Oktoberfest entries have been a bit sporadic. But as you can see, the festival is coming together with the amusement rides finally making their appearance. Though, I'm not sure how confident I am with the construction of a "temporary" roller coaster - and with hanging seats no less.

New PTT Home Page

It was time for a change so the Pink Trash Travels homepage has a new look. And since many of you go directly to the blog address, I thought I'd share with you the new design. It's still very simple (no Flash or moving pictures), but I find it quite cute - with Maddie there to welcome you. See it by going here.

Impersonating Barker's Beauties

While our friends Joel and Mike were in town, we visited the BMW Museum. It wasn't our first choice in terms of planned activities, but with the rainy and cold weather, our options were limited.

The museum will be relocating in less than six weeks to its new facility across the street. When it does, it will take more than the current 30 minutes to explore. But I had no complaints as I'm not a fan of most museums.

I did find, however, a beautiful 1958 BMW in the perfect shade of green with tan leather interiors. It's an amazing car and it deserved to be showcased. So without actually touching the classic automobile, I did my best impersonization of Barker's Beauties from the Price is Right. Posing on the hood would have been better but, sadly, that wasn't an option.

Moto Blanco hit it big with their remix of Mary J. Blige's Be Without You. Since then, they've applied their house flavored, vocal rich flavor to releases by George Michael, Mutya, Erika Jayne and Shayne Ward. Their newest creations are for K-Klass, a fellow producing team, and the one-and-only Jennifer Lopez. For the link to their version of the K-Klass single Let Me Show You , go here. And for the link to Moto Blanco's take on Jennifer Lopez's Hold It, Don't Drop It, (to which she'll be performing the original version on Fashion Rocks September 7th), go here. To learn more about Moto Blanco, you can also visit their Myspace page, currently under construction, here.

Men of Mykonos

I wanted to digitally capture those men we found attractive this week in Greece. However, I didn't want them to know. Not only does it seem a bit "old man creepy", it probably would give them an attitude - some of which seemed to already have one. So the shots aren't as crisp as I'd like (or as numerous). But even with that being noted, I'm fairly certain you can appreciate the beauty that is the Men of Mykonos 2007. For a closer look, click on the scrolling images.

Hey Mr. Pelican!

This pelican escorted us through Mykonos. Apparently, he's famous. Who knew.

From Hot 2 Cold

So long summer! With our arrival back to Munich late last night, we quickly had to switch from shorts to sweatshirts as it's 40 degrees and raining. That will suck the tan right out of us for sure.

Look for photos later today (if not by tomorrow) along with a brief synopsis of our week. And instead of the usual day-by-day account, along with things-to-do and places-to-see, I'm saving the information for a brief "First Timers Guide to Mykonos" that will hopefully find its way into the American press next year. Apparently, if I publish it now, it may impact the rights to publish the content down the road. So few words with tons of pictures will have to do (but I think, for Mykonos, pictures will literally speak a thousand words - especially in the case of my "Men of Mykonos" snapshots).

Until then...

Alcohol - The Good and the Bad

Now I know why people drink - it's fun. But I also now know why people don't drink (especially in my case) - you feel sluggish and lazy the next day. Which, quite honestly, I hate. But my pain is a small price to pay for the fun we've had meeting new friends over the past few nights. And as of 5 p.m. tonight, it looks like we'll have one last hoorah in Mykonos before leaving tomorrow.

Like Groundhog Day the movie, we'll once again return to the Sunset Bar at the Elysium hotel for socializing where I'll hopefully meet the remaining hotties I've spotted over the past few days. Three down. One to go.

Makes Me Wonder

Speaking of my Greek God, is taking a picture of a hot guy at the beach creepy? What if I snap more than one? Can I consider that "appreciating my surroundings?"

Mykonos Live! - Day Four

It finally happened - we hit our social stride yesterday. After having a relaxing day by the pool on Saturday, I forced Chris to go to the beach. Once there, we muddled our way through the process including not only finding chairs but locating the perfect location to "guy watch." The later didn't happen as it was prime time at the beach so we were pushed to the back. But because of where we settled (and the fact my voice apparently carries), we met a group from Munich and Germany who, of all places, are originally from Chicago and Detroit (partially anyway).

So after spending some time with them, as well as our friends from Munich who we stumbled across while running to catch the ferry (which we missed), we found oursevles at a table of 13 for dinner around midnight and out drinking until 4 a.m. - both of which are unusual for the Lutman/Young household. But because of the crowd (and those other hotties around us), it was all worth it.

I don't think we'll be returning to the beach before we leave as Chris wants quality pool time to relax. That could all change, however, if my Greek God in the picture below were to ask me personally to find my way back to his stomping grounds. Talk about a reason to do anything!

Look for more pictures next week (especially of my favorite Greek standing in the sea...YIKES!)

Mykonos Live! From Hell 2 Happy

Yesterday was quite a day. We awoke at 5 a.m. to catch our 7:15 ferry from Athens to Mykonos. It was to be a two hour high speed boat. Instead, the trip lasted four hours. And ironically (as I complain constantly about cigarette smoke), the concierge booked us in the smoker's economy class on the ferry (as apparently there were no other seats available in business or first). Chris specifically requested non-smoking so I'm not sure how that unfortunate incident occurred. Either way, it made for a long boat ride.

Once we arrived in Mykonons, we departed the boat. Unfortunately, there were no cabs, no hotel buses, nothing. So with luggage in hand, we stomped through the dirt to find a cab. We were hot and quickly becoming quite irritated. Luckily, some random "pop-up" instructed us to get on the bus for town. So, we turned around and stuffed ourselves into a bus full of too many people. My irritation level increased with leaps and bounds as the sweat ran down my back.

The bus dumped us off in town where again there were no cabs. We called the hotel and basically said, "What the fuck?" Their response was they didn't know when we arrived so they were unable to pick us up. And, the hotel driver was busy taking someone to the airport. So they advised us to find a taxi stand. So again, we walked with our luggage to a taxi stand. Once there, we found out people had been waiting for over an hour and it most likely would be an additional hour. I told Chris either the hotel found us quickly or we'd be headed for the airport for a prompt return home. 20 minutes later, the driver came to our rescue.At this point, I was hating Mykonos. It was hot, dry and unpleasant. But my attitude changed once we arrived at the hotel.

The Theoxenia Hotel is a throwback to the 60s - though updated for today. Our room is pleasant and overlooks the sea (or is the ocean?) And after two hours by the pool, I began to let my negative feelings go. The hell was behind us and it only could get better - which it did later that night.

We left the hotel around 8:30 for a drink (yes, we had a cocktail before our unusually late dinner reservations at 10:00 p.m. - which is even early for Mykonos). We sat outside and watched the mixed crowd pass us by. Retail stores were open late. The restaurants and winding streets filled up around 11.

So as Chris and I enjoyed our meal with a glass of wine (two drinks for Dave Lutman if you're counting), we realized Mykonos is quite the opposite as it appears from the outskirts - and would be the perfect place to return with friends to enjoy the charming boutiques, trendy restaurants and gay friendly atmosphere. It didn't take long to go from being in hell to quite happy indeed.