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Thinking 2 Myself

I didn't wake up to watch the Royal Wedding live. I haven't turned on the TV since 8:30 a.m. this morning. As a result, I feel a bit disconnected from the hoopla. Will I regret my disregard for the big event? It's not like I had much of a choice however. Today was work first. With projects with Sara Lee and Wrigley running parallel paths, my time is a bit crunched. But that's okay. I've got my eye on some new summer duds.

Chris' Royal Adventure

While I was sweeping up dog hair from two hairy beasts who drop their coat like a Christmas tree, Chris was in London watching the Royal kiss with our friends Ruben and Nicolaas (who we met in Mykonos). What a great experience for them all - again while I'm cleaning. Something's a bit wrong with that picture, "Don't you think?"

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Putting Things into Perspective

Yes, Chicago was double digits cooler than it should be this time of year - officially the coldest April 28th in 34 years. But when you compare it to the staggering amount of tornadoes working their way through the South, we have little to complain about.

Try, Try Again

I popped over to YouTube to find a Giuseppe D. Extended Mix of Lori Michaels Rebound. It's a great way to sample the song before downloading. What I found instead was this video of her performing at what appears to be a GQ event. What's up with crinkled banner? I'd ensure my backdrop was a bit more presentable. That, and my back-up dancers. They look like they walked out of a brothel. And Lori, you're no Britney so if you're trying to break into the biz, you can't rely on molasses dance moves. Take a cue from Erika Jayne who knows how to work with her limited space.

Chicago Weather

Yep, sounds about right. It's the wettest April in 12 years in Chicago and the cloudiest since the 1890s. I'm sure once our 120 year old cottonwood tree decides to bloom, and we NEED it to rain to keep the white stuff from blowing, there won't be a cloud in the sky for weeks.

And His Name is William Levy

The Today Show previewed the new video So Into You by Jennifer Lopez today. Not only do I love the StarGate produced song (perfect for summer and a sure fire top 10 hit), but the featured love interest ain't half bad either. Look for William Levy, a Cuban actor and former model (duh!), who's currently filming the Mexican telenovela Triunfo del Amor, to explode in Google searches soon.

It's Here! Monkey Beats May 2011

Loaded with artists like Ricky, Kristine W, Cee Lo, Britney, Robyn and Nicole, the set takes you on a journey from piano driven house to full tilt energy and back down to a funky electro beat. As I've always said, the music shouldn't sound consistent, but rather take you on an adventure. So I hope you enjoy the latest and greatest in dance music - all new tunes! Check it out HERE.

Constant Questioning

Why do the British, in many circumstances, always end their sentence with a question. "Now that's a beautiful hat, isn't it?" I suppose I do it on occasion myself. "I know, right?"

Now That's Stinky

There's nothing like walking into the men's locker room and getting a big whif of old tennis shoes and blowed out hair. Makes me wonder why I shower at the gym. Wait, I know. I don't like getting our bathroom dirty.

So Far, So Good!

Three songs into my May 2011 mix and I'm feeling it. For starters, new tracks by Ricky, Cee Lo and Kristine W. Can't wait to hear how the rest unfolds!

And the Best Part Is...

Are you tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding? I am. However, there's one bright star in an otherwise murky royal universe - and that's Tim Vincent. The Welsh actor (and Channing Tatum doppelganger) provides updates from London. He's truly the reason to stay current on all things royal.

Billy vs. Priscilla

Chris is in London for business through next Sunday (so yes, he will be part of the Royal Wedding hoopla come Friday). But tonight, he's being treated to a show, Billy Elliot. He wanted to see Priscilla, but he didn't think his entourage would go for it. My response? "You're the client. So tell them bitches you want to see Priscilla!" After all, they most likely wouldn't say no to the boss.

I'm glad, however, that he didn't venture down that path. I want to see the show (produced by Bette Midler) on Broadway in New York. Finding time to get there is a whole other story.

Spilling the Beans: An Update

So after I spilled the beans to my cousins last night, they both sent sentimental notes back in regards to my revelation. For starters, it wasn't a surprise (I can hear many of you screaming, "DUH!"). But the best part is they don't care. So I suppose I built a wall for nothing. Then again, you just never know how someone will react - as we've all seen and heard the negativity. In this case, however, I couldn't have asked for a better end result.

Queer as Folk Moment

Sometimes it's hard to imagine the shenanigans on Queer as Folk ever happen in the gay world. But yesterday, one did. We were having a late lunch, and a couple stopped by to say hello to one of my friends. Later in the day, he received a note asking, "Want to have a threesome?" Of course, we were all shocked (yet amused at the same time).

My friend replied with a "funny" thinking it would end the conversation. But as the day progressed, and drinks were consumed, that original text took on new meaning. Because I found out this morning that the threesome, did indeed, happen.

So if you ever wonder if a Queer moment could happen to you, it can (gay or straight). You just need to be open to it - ready and willing to flash the goods.

Hoppy Easter

Loving Happy Endings

If you haven't sampled ABC's Happy Endings on Wednesday night, your'e missing out on a show that's well written and stuffed with a likeable cast - including a gay that goes against stereotype (chubby and non-swishy). Check out the show on Wednesday nights, 10/9 Central.

Spilling the Beans

This weekend at my grandpa's funeral, my cousins asked me why I hadn't responded to their Facebook friend requests. I told them I just never opened their notes when in reality, it was all about them learning that I'm gay.

So I talked to their dad about it. I told him I was going to now let them make a decision about my life, not the reverse. So I just sent them a note not only accepting their request, but also letting them know that I'm gay.

You just never know how they'll react. I suppose if it's negative, our relationship won't be any more different than it is now as I only see them/talk to them once every five years or so. Hopefully my revelation will bring us, and the family, closer together.

Cheesy Goodness

Today, after my grandpa's funeral, my family hosted a lunch inside the Messiah Lutheran Church's Fellowship Hall. On the menu, baked ham, pasta salads, three types of sheet cake, cherry Jell-O with bananas, and (my new found favorite) cheesy hashbrown casserole. And quite honestly, I couldn't stop eating the fat loaded carb side dish. It was delicious. So I'm thinking I'll have Chris bake some Every Easter in memory of my grandpa. A new Lutman tradition.

Celebrating Life

Today, we buried my grandpa. And instead of mourning his death, I preferred to celebrate his life. So I focused on all the good he did for my family and the town of Lindsborg - and it was a lot.

Heading Home Tomorrow

Israel in 2012?

While bopping around the net tonight, I spotted an ad for Steele Travel and their Tel Aviv Pride trip in June. I don't think I'd ever join a group of gays (who weren't my friends) on such an adventure, but the agenda made me want to go next year. So of course, I sent THIS link to Chris and our friend Patrick as I've talked to them about the excursion in the past.

Our friend Dave will be going to Tel Aviv this year for Pride. So if anything, we'll have a first hand account of the experience. This way, we'll know more about possibility exploring the country in 2012 rather than returning to Greece.

Rest in Peace Grandpa

After almost two weeks in the hospital, my 88 year old grandpa finally passed away today (just one week shy of my grandparents 65th anniversary). He was always smiling - a goofy head of the Lutman clan. And to me, that's how he'll always be remembered.

Maksim Goes Shirtless - Again!

Maksim Chmerkovskiy propelled Kirstie Alley to the top of the leader board this week when he performed shirtless and in leather pants. I didn't call and vote. But he held my attention.

McDonald's Hiring Bonanza

Today McDonald's hopes to hire 50,000 employees across the country. The burger giant has been good to us. Now it can be good to 50,000 new hires as well.

New Beyonce

Beyonce is set to return to the airwaves with Girl (Who Run The World?). Check out the demo HERE. She definitely stays true to her sound while taking her music to another level. Can't wait for the full remixed and ready for airplay version.

Why the Silence Chris?

Thor premiered in Sydney on Sunday night. Why didn't Chris call me to be his date? Cue the crickets.

Logo Expands Its Original Programming

Looks like Logo, MTV Network's gay-themed network, has greenlit The A-List: Dallas. The spin-off from the New York version is expected to be slightly different - MTV calling it a "retooling" (which is a good thing). Though I watched the NYC version, it was terribly staged and had little to do with anything "A list." Look for The A-List: Dallas to premiere on Logo this fall.

Gpa Update

After three days in hospice, we're still waiting for the day to come when he says goodbye. A few of us are concerned he feels as though he has unfinished business - which could be our grandparents 65th anniversary party that was scheduled for May 7th. Here's to hoping something happens soon as my grandma is having difficulty with the process - as we all are I suppose.

Taking Me Back

With Abba's Dancing Queen playing on the 70s channel on Sirius, I'm taken back to the bowling alley in McPherson, KS where I'd spin around in the playroom listening to the worldwide smash as my parents bowled. How could they not know I was gay?

Getting Screwed

Apparently the US government isn't the only one screwing us this tax day. Mother Nature decided to f**k us as well with her frigid temperatures and snow accumulation.

Happy Tax Day! And for those of you who have to write a check to Uncle Sam, or don't receive the refund you were hoping for, have peace in knowing almost 50% of Americans don't pay any Federal Tax. I'm not sure why some are exempt, especially when we're facing a large national debt, but my thoughts are everyone should pay. Everyone.

Jake's Everywhere

We ventured around town today. And everywhere we turned, I spotted Jake Gyllenhaals. His scruff and disheveled appearance seems to be big with men in the 20s. Ain't nothing wrong with that!

Pink Trash Travels 2: Lillie's Q

We're headed to Bucktown tonight to try Lillie's Q. According to their website, the restaurant "...offers award winning barbeque in a contemporary setting. Decorated with meat hook light fixtures with Edison bulbs, reclaimed wooden tables, and a four-foot copper moonshine still, Lillie’s Q is a perfect blend of southern tradition and Bucktown personality."

I'll let you know how it goes. Then again, it'll be 8:00 o'clock by the time we arrive. So we might be finding somewhere else to eat as they don't take reservations. Saturday night in Bucktown can be a crazy place.

UPDATE: No Lilli's BBQ for us. It was too late to try and venture across town to Bucktown. We did eat at Smoque BBQ however. We haven't been to the Food Network fave in almost a year. Not sure why. It was just as delicious as it was the first time last May for Mother's Day.

Fries Xposed!

Ken Calwell, CMO of Wendy's, got it right when he said, "People are saying they want high integrity ingredients, things their grandmother would have used, that don't look like they came out of a chemistry lab," Calwell explained in an interview with BNET. "But they're also saying I've got a family to feed and can only afford to spend about $4 on my lunch, and I've only got about a minute or two to eat it."

All of which explains why Wendy's Natural Cut Fries aren't all that natural. They are sprayed with sodium acid pyrophosphate, a chemical that prevents them from turning brown from two baths in frying oil - one at the factory and the other at the store. They're also dusted with dextrose, a sugar derived from corn, for similar purposes.

So don't be fooled by the ads touting their "natural" qualities. There's more to the fries than meets the eyes.

My Big Gay Secret

My uncle and I were talking the other day about my "secret" with my grandparents - that I'm gay. He thinks my grandma may know, but not my grandpa. I agreed. It was confirmed today as my uncle said my grandpa shouted out this morning, "Does David have a girlfriend?"

Soon 2 Pass

Tonight, they moved my grandpa to hospice. For those of you who aren't familiar with hospice, it's a place you go to peacefully die. After a week of ups and downs, it was obvious today that my grandpa wasn't going to survive. His heart, kidney and lungs were failing. So my family made the decision to end life support. From what I understand, he's in no pain. And because my grandpa is completely sedated, and my grandma is in loving care, I won't be returning home until the funeral. I'm fortunate I had the chance to say my goodbyes this past week - exactly why I flew home.

Thank you to everyone for your wishes and thoughts. They're much appreciated.

Thinking of U Grandpa

Kelly Returns Home

The original American Idol returned to the stage last night to perform her duet with Jason Aldean, Don't You Want to Stay. I love the song, but not Clarkson's outfit and hair combo. Her stylist (if she has one) seems to be lost - unsure where to place the season one winner. Is she country/pop celebrity or Kansas City housewife on her way to the Sheraton? In any case, Clarkson demonstrated why she won in the first place. The voice is effortless. Now do something with that hair and bad heels.

Nobody Wants an Oompa Loompa 4 Prez

The White House doesn't belong to Willy Wonka so no Oompa Loompa should be working there. Then again, I highly doubt Donald Trump is serious about his run. More likely, he's looking for publicity for his television show The Apprentice. Seems to be working.

Classic Disney

When Disney released Tangled in theaters last fall, I didn't have any desire to see their 50th animated feature. But because I needed something to watch on the plane ride home yesterday from Kansas, I decided the light fare was perfect for my trip. And boy was I pleasantly surprised! Tangled is classic Disney with a yearning heroine, wicked adult figure, male savior, colorful animal sidekicks all accompanied by an engaging score. And Donna Murphy as crone Gothel was especially appealing.

So if you haven't seen Tangled, you're missing out on one heck of a throwback to Disney's roaring days of animation. Rent or buy it today.

After returning home tonight from Kansas, I decided to run out to the gym. After all, I had half of an IHOP short stack to work off. My training wasn't award winning. Quite honestly, I think I was distracted by all of the douche bags that lift around 7.

Roller Coasting

My grandpa's health is like a roller coaster. Tonight, after landing back in Chicago, I learned he might have kidney failure (on top of all of his issues). This was after I thought we were heading in the right direction.

Turns out the kidney problems could have been a pre-existing condition. So I've gone from expecting him to pass tonight to now waiting for more news tomorrow morning. Up and down. Down and up. I finally realized we need to just take it one day at time - perhaps hour at a time.

Graphics Free!

I didn't bring my computer to Kansas. Instead I thought my iPad would travel better. As a result, my posts are limited to text only. Bummer. Because, for example, I'd love to share Some shirtless pics of Sam Witwer from ScyFy's Being Human. I got our friend Patrick hooked on the new series featuring the hottie from Glenview, IL, Juliard and the CW's Smallville.

What's Up

Pink Trash rarely goes quiet. But because my grandpa in Kansas was rushed to ICU, I've been both traveling and spending my time in the hospital with my family. Being 88, my grandpa has his share of health concerns. So with this latest set back, it didn't look good. But the past 24 hours he's seen improvement. With me in Salina until tomorrow, posting might be minimal. But know my head is filling up with much to share - like my tour of fast food and quick casual restaurants in the heartland.

Getting Validation

I sometimes wonder if my hair style fits today's current trends. So it was good to see my cut in a fashion ad today (as well as on the French guy on Brothers & Sisters). It's nice to have validation.

Goes 2 Show

With 46% of registered Republicans in Mississippi against interracial marriage, it goes to show rights for individuals shouldn't be left for the public to decide.