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Dave's Fave from Jeffrey Fashion Cares

Jeffrey Fashion Cares, a benefit gala that helps to heighten the awareness of people living with HIV/AIDS, was held in New York City last night. From the photos I've seen, it appears to be quite the event - full of beefcake. But one stood tall above them all. Check him out below.

Taking Me Back

As I'm sitting here working from home, I'm listening to the Sirius' 80s on 8. Foreigner's Urgent just came on and took me back to high school when I'd stay after school to watch the drill team perform - not for the reason you might expect. I hung out because I "like" one of the girls - whose name fails me now.

I remember it being sunny, a little chilly, as they performed outside. And there I sat, like a sad reject, watching these girls pump their pom poms.

Getting Thor Ready

With summer not too far away, it's time to begin a new supplement program. So today, I purchased Cellucor's P6 Extreme along with USPLabs Yok3d. The first, P6 Extreme, is advertised to "...elevate free testosterone, block estrogen and DHT conversion, increase strength and lean mass, stimulate healthy libido and enhance athletic performance." Couple this with Yok3d, a continuous nitric oxide supplement, and I should be Thor worthy by June. Then again, none of these statements are certified by the FDA. So I could be nursing a muffin top instead.

Smart Move Enrique

After watching Britney's performance this morning on Good Morning America, I can understand why Enrique pulled out of her announced summer tour. He was probably like, "That girl's lost it."

Looking Good Mario!

For some reason, Mario Lopez, host of Extra TV, has been looking doubly hot. I asked my friend Valerie last night if she ever tunes in to the entertainment show. "Nope," she replied. I answered back, "You should. Mario is looking fine these days." Especially on Monday when Mario was sporting a blue Lacoste V-neck T-shirt. I'm just sayin'.

4 Fans of The Bachelorette's Kiptyn

Back 2 Form

David Beckham had been sporting a crazy butt crack doo over the past few months. Looks like he's finally over the center part. As a result, he's back in the HOT seat.

Where For Art Thou Britney?

In preparation for Femme Fatale's release this week, Britney Spears performed at Rain in Las Vegas Friday night. While many cross their fingers hoping for the Britney of yesteryear to re-emerge, it's obvious her dance moves were left on the floor just after her meltdown. Because from what I see, the ferocious gaze and lioness moves are gone and replaced with endless hair flipping and constant strutting. Judge for yourself below.

I've Fallen 4 Zoë Badwis

Yep, I'm Feeling It!

Superman in Chicago?

While sitting at home Saturday night, watching the original Superman, waiting for my penicillin to kick-in, I coincidentally read that the new Zack Snyder directed Superman: Man of Steel film might shoot in Chicago this summer. If Batman could do it, so can Superman!

It's been a long time since Club One has made an appearance on the blog. But when I found this remix of my latest gal's track (one that I've been promoting for a weeks now - which hit #1 in the UK this week), I couldn't resist sharing the Kaskade remix. Check it out HERE.

What a Surprise

Chris just returned from Asia. He brought back a gift from Marie Pierre from Paris - my favorite cereal! So delicious. Thanks MP!


I finally broke down today and went to the doctor to kill this cold bug that's been lingering around now for two weeks. And after talking about how I seem to get sick about every 6-8 weeks, he believes I might have some sinus problem (I forgot the name) that requires a two to four week supply of penicillin to overcome - explaining why I continually get sick. I hope this works. Because I'm over being unhealthy (as is everyone around me I'm sure).

If Anybody Can Do It, It's Captain America!

I used to go to the movies at least once every few weeks. But lately, I've found myself avoiding the cineplex due to the many annoyances that accompany the trip - talkers, eaters, and odd smells. However, I most likely will forego these distractions for Captain America and Chris Evan's pumped physique due this summer. Check out the first full length trailer for the first Avenger.

George Michael's Planning a Comeback

George Michael announced via Twitter that he's working on a new single with Stereogamous titled Every Other Lover in the World. In addition, he'll be supporting the "full on house track" with a new tour. If you'd like to hear perhaps what the track will sound like, check out LCD Soundsystem's I Can Change remixed by Stereogamous. If George delivers a melodic tune, with these kinds of 80s beats, it could be pretty special.

Mind Boggling

This thing we call the World Wide Web, specifically YouTube, has created a mind boggling endless supply of actors and their crazy characters. Take for example Drew Droege and Chloe. Droege has shot numerous videos, the latest titled Spring. These aren't lazy bedroom efforts with bad lighting. Instead, the videos feature layered animation with thematic music - all of which takes time to produce. Check out his latest below. Quite honestly, it's just as entertaining as anything on SNL lately.

Another Dave's Fave

If you're a fan of traditional family comedies, be sure to give ABC's The Middle a shot. Airing tonight at 7:00 p.m. CST, the show is worth your time - either live or via your DVR.

Dave's Faves

Food Should Taste Good's all natural sweet potato chips were featured on The Today Show this past week. So when I cruised down the chip aisle at the grocery store today, and spotted the bag, I decided to give them try. The tortilla chips made with sweet potato are a combination of a chip and a cracker - with only the healthiest ingredients including stone ground corn, high oleic sunflower oil, evaporated cane juice and sea salt. Best yet, you can eat them alone or with you favorite dip (such as hummus) for a healthy delicious afternoon snack.

So Long Liz

Beautiful. Talented. Caring. "Celebrity is not something that comes without responsibility."

Yay Nicole!

Congratulations Nicole on your first #1 solo hit in the UK! You reached the top spot this week with Don't Hold Your Breath. Well deserved. Now if we could only get America on board.

To see the video (restricted from embedding in the US), go HERE.

My 2 Sec Review of Dancing with the Stars

Those dancing stars sure like to spray tan. Chris Jericho is kinda sexy. And Kirstie Alley may actually transition to look less like a drag queen.

New & Noteworthy: Kazaky's Love

My friend DP asked me today if I had heard of Kazaky. I answered back through Facebook, "Nope." Soon after, I hopped onto YouTube to check out their video for Love. My jaw dropped as I watched this Ukranian boy band dance to a Willy Wonka electro beat. Their moves are quite...dramatic. Think Single Ladies meets Priscilla - Queen of the Desert. Check out their video below.

Big Summer Jam

Check out a song sure to be a hot song this summer - at least in Europe. Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland in What a Feeling.

Which Way 2 Go

I'm visiting my hair stylist on Tuesday for some much needed therapy. I know the color will be seasonal, but I'm unsure of the cut. Do I go shorter (as seen below in the first picture), or stay more with what I'm currently sporting (as depicted in the second image)? Sure, the blonde has thicker hair, but the idea is the same. Send me an email with your vote!

Thanks Me-TV

As I'm sitting here on the couch, I got pulled into watching an episode of My Three Sons. All of which made me hunt for more information on the show. Did you know it aired for 12 seasons? 1960 - 1972? And that the the show jumped from ABC to CBS in 1965 and survived the departure of the eldest "son" who was replaced by an adopted son thereby keeping the "three" sons intact?

Some might call this useless information. I, on the other hand, find it a fascinating examination of America's pop culture. Now what do I feel like eating some lime Jell-O?

The Power of Laverne

With one more sick day required, I'm at home watching Laverne & Shirley. There's something to be said for the power of childhood TV to make you feel better.

It's That Time Again

The annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union is being held in Düsseldorf May 14, 2011. Over the next few weeks, countries will be selecting their entries such as Eric Saade from Sweden and his song Popular. Check it out below. Cheese galore!

Nicole's Killer Love - My New Summer Jams!

Today I received a gem in my inbox - a link to Nicole Scherzinger's new album Killer Love. And having just zipped through the 14 tracks, I can declare, "I'm in love." Why or why won't this get a release date in the U.S.? The beats are heavy, the melodies are catchy, and Nicole's vocals are some of the best out right now. Perhaps America is waiting to see how the album fares in the UK first. They shouldn't. Give Killer Love a proper release already!

Favorite Tracks
Killer Love - Produced by RedOne (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez)
Don't Hold Your Breath - Produced by Dave Aude (Mega DJ)
Club Banger Nation - Produced by RedOne
Say Yes - Produced by RedOne
Wet - Produced by Stargate (Rihanna)

Unfortunately, Killer Love doesn't include Cold. Dave Aude produced the track but apparently it didn't make the cut.

So Adorable

Matt Bomer is co-hosting Kathy Lee & Hoda today while Ms. Gifford is on vacation. He seems so genuinely nice that I've decided I want him to join our circle of friends. Matt, are you listening?


Because I'm still fighting my bug, I sat in the steam room today for a few minutes. Not a good idea when you spray tanned just 24 hours before. I looked down and it was as though maple syrup was dripping onto my towel. Mystic Tan says this shouldn't happen. Blame it on my odd body mechanics. Products never work like they should.

Hoping 4 Butterflies

My friend P-Diddy has a date scheduled for this weekend. As I told him today, "I'm excited for you!" Why? You see, I never really dated. All of which means I live through these types of experiences - the good and the bad. And there's nothing better (well, maybe a few things) than the happy butterflies you get when you're so enamored with your current interest. So, with that, I wish him the best!

This Season on American Idol

If you're skipping American Idol this season, you're not missing much. The only alluring aspect of the show is the judging panel. The talent screeches, is off key, and is barley tolerable. I do, however, enjoy Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. They've brought a new energy to the show. Sure, they're a bit nice, but their chemistry is watchable. Besides that, Ms. Lopez has a fierce stylist. That hair, in all of its blown out glory, deserves its own show.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I won't be drinking any beer today, but I am wearing green striped socks in honor of the holiday. So to each and every one of you, may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Crazy 4 Glee

Something tells me the reaction in this video from Glee was played out all across America - with both gays and straights. Amazing for everyone to see. Just goes to show that within a few years the old white folks making poor decisions will get pushed out by a more diverse crop of young adults willing to accept gays as equals.

Get 2 It!

I know it's tough for some to workout in the morning. But if you're trying to slim down, it's the best way to get the most out of your gym time. Read THIS article to learn more.

On Tonight's Glee

Unlike most, I'm not a huge fan of Glee - preferring the storyline to the music. But this season, even the writing is weak with characters flip flopping over every scenario. So I was pleasantly surprised by tonight's episode that featured the first original tunes by the cast. Of course, it helps that Max Martin (Britney, Katy and Pink) produced and co-wrote the sunny side up Loser Like Me. Look for the track to go top 20 next week - perhaps even top 10 (depending on digital sales) with the other original song, Get it Right, not far behind

Yay Kathy!

Great to hear Kathy Griffin's new push for a Tony, Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony, is getting great REVIEWS from critics in New York. You can check out her special 50 and not Pregnant on Bravo this Thursday.

67 Forecasted 4 Chicago This Thursday!

Going Green?

For those of you not from Chicago, you may not know the city colors the river green every year for St. Patrick's Day. And sadly, it stays that color, or some form of it, for 11 more months. I will say this: on a clear blue day, it sure looks purty.

New & Noteworthy: Jessie J

If you haven't heard of Jessie J, that's all about to change. The British singer/songwriter is about to explode. Check out her amazing performance on last week's SNL. What a voice. All you can really say is, "Dang!"

Funny Auto Corrections

If you have an iPhone, you know how irritating the "auto correct" can be. It seems like everyday I'm having to backtrack something I wrote. Check out one of the more popular submissions to from February.

I've noted my admiration for Bravo's Andy Cohen. But it's apparent today, as he substitutes for Kathy Lee on the fourth hour of The Today Show, that he likes to be the center of attention. Let Hoda talk already. It's her show after all. You don't always need to be talking. I'm just sayin'.

There Goes More Shelf Space

Great. Another famous person decided to "write" a children's book. Kristi Yamaguchi's was on The Today Show promoting her book, Dream Big Little Pig. It's nice to know these celebrities can easily publish their "ideas" while the rest of us are forced to muddle through layer after layer at publishing houses. Whatever Kristi. Go back to the skating rink.

Note: I will admit, it looks quite cute. But that's beside the point.

The Ides of March

If you follow the Roman Calendar, today is the Ides of March. So if you have a few minutes, dedicate something to the God Mars. That, and give remembrance today to Julius Caesar as he was stabbed 23 times on his way to the Theatre of Pompey.

The French Doing it Better?

Dancing with the Stars made its way to France. Among the contestants is singer M Pokora. If the US version would feature someone like him, maybe I'd watch more. He's sexy in a David Beckham kind of way.

Lady Gaga Makes a Surprise Visit

Love her or hate her, Gaga knows how to show her appreciation to the gays. Last night, after her show in Louisville, KY, she visited Connection - a six block gay dance club Chris and I actually visited when we were thinking of moving to the Bluegrass State in 2002. In the past, artists might think twice about making these types of special appearances. But because of social media, they now spread like wildfire - reaching beyond their audience and helping to cement their place in pop culture.

It's Back!

Yes, the cold bug has returned. Chris was sick all last week. I tried avoiding his germs but apparently I failed. So once again, I've come down something. As I told Chris today, "Nobody is surprised anymore." All of which means I need to either find better vitamins or start living in a bubble.

Kansas Takes Big 12 Title

I don't watch much college hoops, but I do love it when my alma mater Jayhawks win big as they did yesterday nabbing the Big 12 title and hopeful #1 seed. Congrats!

DJ Paulo's in the House!

If you're on the hunt for some serious workout tunes to get you pumping, check out DJ Paulo's WEBSITE. His most recent I Love Brasil is heavy on the beats with known vocals thrown in for fun. Other podcasts are available as well - some that go even darker. Check him out.

New & Noteworthy: Kerli Army of Love (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix)

Some have been comparing Kerli to Lady Gaga (due to her quirky sensibility and synth heavy beats). But the Estonian is a bit more European with her "breathy" vocals. Check out the Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix below.

Oh That Crazy Pee Wee

Check out Pee Wee's appearance on Conan this week. It's good to have Pee Wee back - in fine form I might add.

A No Go 4 FaceTime

With the launch of iPad 2 today, FaceTime now comes to the newest Apple tablet. But am I the only one who doesn't want to use this feature - either on the iPhone 4 or iPad 2? For those family and friends I don't see often, the last image I want them to see is my poorly lit mug. Perhaps FaceTime should come with hair and make-up. If so, then I might consider using it. Otherwise, I'll stick with the traditional telephone call.