Pink Trash Travels

How Bizarre Correction

Oops! Tells you how much I know about feminine hygiene products. I don't use tampons for my homemade sweat protectors, but rather maxi pads (thanks T!). And speaking of, I found the original "garment guards" at Nordstrom today. I literally cleaned them out. Because not only did I want two sets, my friends decided they needed them as well. We'll all be pit free!

Chicago Live!

I arrived safe and sound in Chicago last night after what seemed to be a long flight of over nine hours. I don't know how people in coach manage the restrictions - especially space. I'm not prissy. But I've made it clear over the past few years that I don't like to fly.

Honestly, I'd go stir crazy in economy. Not that I don't consider it. I've been investigating flying the cheaper fare in April for the McDonald's convention in Orlando. But after this trip, I can say it's coach or no deal - especially considering the flight would be even longer.

How Bizarre

I've always said I wish there was a product to protect my shirts from underarm sweat. That, and I really don't like pitting out at dinner, etc. So over the past few years, I've actually investigated producing something for men - an underarm protector. And in the meantime, to make do, I cut out small patches of ladies tampons for the protection I need.

Well, a few months back I discovered "dress shields" do exist. Small companies offer them online. But unfortunately, I didn't order them in time to arrive when we visit Chicago and Mexico this week and next. So, I gave up my search.

Now here's where it gets odd. I thought about the product again last night. And today, while I was watching the Rachel Ray show, she highlighted a product sold at Nordstroms nationwide called Garment Guard. Then, my friend Paul sent me an email about the falling Euro, that it was good we were going to Mexico, and that he also would need a set of those "tampon" protectors I make since the temperature is hovering around 80 degrees. Again, the whole series of events is quite bizarre.

Needless to say, since Chris and I are shopping in the burbs on Friday, I'm planning a stop at Nordstrom's to look for the Garment Guard. They're available in two colors and two sizes: tan and black, regular and large. Here's to hoping they have regular black and tan in stock. Because in the words of Monrose (a girl group from Germany), "It's gonna be a hot summer, a hot, hot summer." (Check out the video below).

Good Morning Wannabe

For starters, imagine a low budget Good Morning America. Then, picture the most boring stories, unattractive reporters, and unappealing weather maps. This is GMTV in the UK (viewed from my English satellite). But since I don't have access to the original back home, this tepid program is my only choice in the mornings.

For example, today, the highlight of their telecast is discussing the 5.2 earthquake that hit the UK last night. Sure, it's news. But they seem to be quite excited about it. The hosts, with smiles on their faces, have requested emails, photos, anything from viewers to further detail the incident. Other than that, I can't honestly tell you anything else that was discussed. Wait, yes I can. They featured a Youtube sensation who can help you with make-up tips. Do you want that Leona Lewis from her Bleeding Love video? Well, you're in luck (see below). Now that's entertainment.

Mothering Sunday

I didn't know why I've been seeing all these Mother's Day commercials on our satellite TV out of the UK. It turns out Mothering Day, or the equivalent of Mother's Day in the U.S., is March 2. Apparently, the UK has celebrated the holiday on the fourth Sunday in Lent since the 16th century. Good thing to know Mothering Day will be over once we come back from Puerto Vallarta. I'm tired of seeing those Moonpig commercials (unfortunately, not available on Youtube).

I Bang! I Bang!

I got my haircut today. The long hair had to go. Not that it's short. It's just now I have bangs. And from what I can tell, the swooped doo for men seems to be quite popular (i.e. Zac Efron). That, and everywhere I look bangs are making a comeback (i.e. Janet). Look for my doo to premiere next week when I'm on location in Puerto Vallarta for some fun in the sun with 10 of our friends from Chicago.

This Crazy Weather

Again, today, it was mid 60s in Munich. Sunny and gorgeous. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If this is the result of global warming, I'm not going to complain.

The Search is Over

After eight months, we've finally found a cleaning lady. I'd given up hope that one would come our way. But the day after Valentine's Day, Chris surprised me with someone starting the following week. I guess he felt bad for not remembering the holiday. Not that I cared. I'm not a big fan of the Hallmark occasion. But having a cleaning lady, now that makes me happy.

In Celebration of Janet's Discipline

I was watching a few video clips on the "tragedy that was the Oscars" last night when a bit about Janet Jackson popped up on Her album hits tomorrow so the PR machine is in full force. They showed clips from her 20+ years in music - many of them hitting home as they deeply remind me of specific events in my life.

Rhythm Nation is one of those tracks that takes me back, literally, to 1990 where I learned to dance the running man by watching the video over and over again in my dorm room at the University of Kansas. When I hear those first few notes, accompanied by the descending elevator in the video, I'm once again an unsure 19 year old with braces trying to find his way in the world.

So, to celebrate Janet's release of Discipline tomorrow, and the memories that are sure to follow, check out the Rhythm Nation video below. I'm off to do the running man.

Red Carpet Live!

As I called it, I couldn't sleep. It's 2:56 a.m. and I'm watching the Red Carpet Live on E! I don't know why. Ryan Seacrest defines annoying. He's almost enough to drive me away from American Idol. The way he talks and moves his mouth. Annoying. What comes out of his mouth. Annoying. His entire demeanor. Annoying. Seriously. He couldn't be more annoying. But that George Clooney (who just popped on screen), what a classic "Hollywood handsome."

Oh Poor Oscar

I don't think many people care about the Oscars this year. Not only did the writer's strike put a damper on the evening, nobody seems to have seen the movies. So I guess I shouldn't be upset that I most likely won't be watching the Oscars live as the Red Carpet begins at 11:00 p.m. with the show commencing around 1 a.m. Though, who knows, I may be up as Fat Sally Sunday (fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits, gravy and brownies with ice cream) might come back to haunt me. Wait, I'm sure it will.

Pretzel Hunting in Spring

Because I knew it was going to be in the mid 60s this Sunday, and sunny, we planned on taking Maddie to the English Garden after our workout. Not only did we want to enjoy the weather while it lasted, I was looking forward to grabbing a giant soft pretzel.

Well, it's now 3:35 in the afternoon and we're back home from a long day's walk in the park - but with no pretzel. There were so many people out and about enjoying the weather that either the stands were out of pretzels or the lines were wrapped around the building once or twice. So instead, Chris, Daniel (Chris' personal trainer who've we've become friends with over the past few months), Maddie and I sat down and had a light lunch of roasted chicken and potato salad while soaking in the sun and beautiful lake surroundings.

I suppose I didn't really need a pretzel. We're going to Puerto Vallarta next week so the extra carbs would be my enemy. Then again, it's Fat Sally Sunday so I'm allowed to eat what I want. But with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits and brownies on the menu for tonight, I guess I need to leave as much room as possible in my stomach. Otherwise, I'll be nauseous later (which is bound to happen anyway).

TV Rewind - Gay American Dad

Another entertaining TV moment. This time, it's from American Dad. I'm not a big fan of the show. But because it's now on our satellite after Family Guy, we're giving it a second chance. Of course, we thought the first episode was quite funny as it deals with gay Republicans. There's plenty of stereotypes, and scenes I can't believe they sketched, but still, quite funny. Check out one of the musical numbers from the show below.

Favorite Friends Moment

Just another moment in the 10 years of Friends that I can watch over, and over and over again (and we do, and do, and do). Fat Monica rules!

Club Fridays - Peter Rauhofer

Peter Rauhofer doesn't usually make his special tracks available for download. He saves them for compilations. But last week, he made available on his website, and via Mediafire, his remix of Eyes On U by Tina. Basically, he takes a bit of Christina Aguilera and rubs her into a raw, beat driven track. If you like what I posted last week, then you may want to sit this one out. It's not for the fluff lovers. For the link, go here. And Peter's going to be in Chicago this week for a return engagement at Circuit. It's not my favorite spot, but apparently it went well last time as he's going back for seconds. Check out his schedule on his Peter's MySpace page. Schoones Wochenende!

What a Weekend Ahead!

It looks like Sunday will be the perfect day to go for a stroll in the English Gardens, grab a giant pretzel, and sit in the sun! Anyone jealous? Especially those back home?

What Would UR 6 Words B?

Can you describe your life in six words or less? Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure is a new collection of "six words or less" life descriptions by readers of Smith magazine. It really makes you stop and think, "What would my six words be?" I need a few days to think about that one.

Feeding Heidi Klum

I've been busy at work this week. Over the past few days, I've been putting words into Heidi Klum's mouth. Pretty cool. Now if I could only go to the video shoot in LA.

Brit Awards - Amy Winehouse

For me, the Brit Awards were everything the MTV European Music Awards should have been - and better. But unfortunately, I didn't have tickets to the show. Check out Amy Winehouse's performance below (with Mark Ronson). She's definitely on the road to recovery. I just hope it wasn't too soon and she slides back down to rehab. Look for videos of Kylie and Leona coming up!

So You Think You Can Dance Ross and Monica?

I'm watching one of my favorite episodes of Friends where Ross and Monica dance at Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve. Sure, I've seen the episode (and all 10 seasons) more than 20 times since we moved to Europe. But it's still funny - especially the dance sequence. Check it out below.

"What am I...retarded?"

As I was leaving the gym today, I tried saying "what's up" to one of the hot trainers. But what came out was a bunch of gibberish. Not that he makes me nervous, it's just for some reason, I get tired of saying "Wie gehts dir?" (an informal "how are you?") so I tried something else - which didn't work. So, instead of being pleasant, I just looked (in the words of Jake Ryan's friend on Sixtenn Candles) retarded.

I mean, when I jokingly say hello to my friends back home, and others who speak English, I say funny greetings like, "What up dude?" and "Shello." No, I'm not being serious but it's nice to mix it up. I guess I shouldn't try to be funny in German. I just look foolish.

What I Find Crazy

That's it's February 19th and I just sun bathed outside on our upstairs terrace for one hour - receiving enough color to turn slightly red!

What I Find Funny

Chris' personal trainer, Daniel, referred to Chris as my "big cow" today. He meant bull (as in the Spanish kind that fight those men with little red capes), but it came out as the animal that gives us milk and hamburger.

Brad Pitt - Ein star für Alice

In this ad for Alice running in Deutschland, Brad Pitt speaks and comprehends about as much German as I do. Check it out below.

Who's in Charge?

I'm watching Ellen. Usually, the show runs about four weeks behind the daily chat fest in America. But for some reason, the show is now flip flopping between pre-Christmas episodes and those from the New Year. Who's in charge of programming the satellite channel? Are they drunk? Do they not know how to count?

The Remnants of Fat Sally Sunday

It's 3:42 and Fat Sally Sunday, I'm afraid, is interfering with my sleep tonight (though, waking up and seeing the beautiful moonlight shining through the windows is a pleasant surprise). That's what happens when you chow down on a plate full of pasta, one garlic baguette and three cupcakes with a side of chocolate ice cream as a moistening agent for dinner.

How I feel right now, however, is the point of Fat Sally Sunday. The "sickness" helps me to control what I eat the rest of the week. And as we now leave for Puerto Vallarta in 11 days, it's crunch time for getting ready to wear the swimsuit. Oh, the things we do...

Munich Sunsets

Almost every night, I comment how pretty the sunsets are in Munich. Tonight was no different. So, I ran upstairs to capture a glimpse of the vibrant colors from our upstairs balcony. The oranges, blues, golden yellows...

New & Noteworthy - Girls Aloud Can't Speak French

Girls Aloud returns with one of the most infectious singles to hit the airwaves this year. Sure, the title is a bit corny. And the video follows their traditional path of poorly choreographed numbers - except this time the five ladies are dressed like French maids (or French whores). But with all the badness comes pure pop fun with sugary bits on top. Check out the video for Can't Speak French below.

There are hundreds of websites out there that share music - providing links to tracks you can download for free vs. supporting the artists. I've probably featured a few on Club Fridays without my knowledge. However, my goal is to share with you remixes of songs that are unavailable to the general public (especially those not released in the US). So the tunes featured on Club Fridays actually are for promotional purposes only - increasing awareness for the original track and artist.

This week, Westlife finds their way onto the weekly dance music spotlight with their latest single, Us Against the World. I love boy band remixes as the original version is usually too sugary. The dance version by Wideboys (MySpace Page) retains the vocals but adds some punch. For the link, go here. And for more information on Westlife, go here.

And though Alicia Keys No One has been out for weeks, the dance version by Lenny B is just now surfacing. Again, a track not available for purchase on iTunes or other sites, but should be as it's uplifting treat. Lenny B (MySpace Page) , who's another producer being kept very busy these days, provides the remix. For the link, go here. And for more information on Alicia, go here.

Indiana Jones 4 Trailer Up & Running

It's been almost 20 years since Indiana Jones hit the big screen. He returns May 22 with what's sure to be one of the summer's biggest hits. I'm assuming Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will open in Munich around the same time. Then again, we're still without Sweeney Todd. Check out the trailer below.

Ditching Armani for A & F?

I love how David Beckham's style has gone from London chic to LA Abercrombie. I know some say men in their 30s are TOFA (too old for Abercrombie), but David works those shorts with a simple white T and flip flops. He makes me want to buy a pair "real bad..." Though, I'm sure every store will now be sold out.

My question is this: How does he make those plaid shorts look so good? He's a skinny thing (as compared to how he's presented in those Armani billbaords). But somehow, some way, he makes everything look good. Maybe the shaved head? The shades? The tattoos? No matter, it's all goooooooood.

A Meatloaf Valentine

After 11 years, Valentine's Day isn't that big of a deal. But, you can't let it go by without acknowledgement. So, tonight I'm making meatloaf in the shape of a heart with "I Love U" spelled in ketchup on top. And we're breaking our tradition of carbs for dinner as it's a special occasion. Even better, I found the green beans we love from France at a gourmet grocery store downtown. Couple that with So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, and it's a V-Day to remember.

Happy Valentine's Day

I was looking for something funny to post for Valentine's Day. Instead, what I found was one of the best Celine Dion impersonations I've ever seen. So, for all of you who may need to lose a few pounds after eating your chocolate hearts, check out the video below. It's not laugh out loud funny, but her take on "Ms. Titanic" makes me chuckle.

Where Did U Go Rapidough?

I made note of Rapidough back in December in my Advent calendar. Since then, we've bee searching for the "Pictionary with dough" game - with no luck (except on eBay where it costs approximately $75 and is shipped from Australia). Apparently, UK toy stores have been sold out since Christmas. Is it this year's Wii?

So my friend Tom Pickett, who also would like to purchase one, suggested we make our own version. We found the rules on-line. We just need three dough colors and one "I can't believe they called it this" dough plug (to steal dough from the other team essentially making it more difficult to play). We're hoping to play the homemade game in Puerto Vallarta as we'll have seven glorious days to keep ourselves entertained. Though, after a few margaritas, the dough doesn't have a chance.

Subway Performers

As I was sitting on the train today in Munich, I realized I never see train performers. Unlike in Paris, there are no singers, dancers or puppeteers parading around on the subway. Maybe it has something to do with asking for money - which probably isn't allowed. I'm not complaining. There's enough to keep me entertained for my 20 minute ride to and from the gym.

Nothing NU

Some days, there just isn't much to write about. And today, was one of those days. I thought about going downtown to sit outside because it was sunny and warm. But then I'd have to order a coffee or a bite to eat - both of which aren't ideal. I don't need to get hooked on coffee and I sure can't have a pretzel two weeks before Puerto Vallarta. So instead, I cut down the grass we have on the 1st floor terrace (in anticipation of Spring) and removed the dead geraniums in the flower boxes. I worked on my kids book, sent out a few resumes, and of course Swiffered the floor (something I can never do enough of with a furry cat and hairy dog). And forget cooking dinner. With Chris gone, I decided to just reheat chili he made on Saturday (it's delicious). I've eaten it two nights in a row - something I do quite often when he's away as I hate to cook. Now it's Friends, then Sex and the City and off to bed. As I said, nothing new.

You Can Never Go Back

Our old house in Chicago is for sale. Two years and six months after we left, the new owners have decided to list our treasured home at 1449 W. Cullom. As a result, Chris and I just had a 20 minute conversation about buying it back, blowing out the rear, and building the house we had in mind before moving to Paris. Not only could I protect my pup's grave, but Chris wouldn't have to change his driver's license! Then we thought, "You can never go back." Our life won't be the same once we return. So living in our old house again, could be odd. Besides that, what would the neighbors think?

What I Find Funny

Kylie's video for Wow, a track only released in the UK (and not the rest of Europe), was edited for broadcast TV because the original broke broadcast regulations for the use of strobe lighting. Huh? Check it out below.

Sunny Days in Munich

I thought when we moved to Munich, we'd be tramping through snow at least once or twice in the winter. But to date, it's never happened. Instead, the sunny skies and mild temperatures are pushing up daffodils and forcing bushes to bloom. Not that the sky couldn't open up and we get dumped on before Spring. But as of today, we've been very lucky. Sorry that doesn't apply to many of you back home who seem to be having a rough winter. Quite honestly, you can have it. And sadly, it makes me giggle - just a little.

I'm a Strutter? - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
As the result of us watching Sunset Boulevard Sunday afternoon, Chris and I started talking about Hollywood and their obsession with looks. Then, the conversation slowly morphed into a chat about how I think my pores are too big and how I'll be able to mentally handle getting old and gray. But it wasn't until he casually mentioned that him and his trainer Daniel talked about how I strut around the gym after lifting, with one shoulder up, one shoulder down, that I really got concerned. I was appalled. Obviously, it was something I wasn't aware of (though, I did make note how I try to keep my shoulders back so I don't slouch). So I stood up and practiced my walk - trying not to be ostentatious (wow, that's a big word). Here's to hoping I've solved the problem. I don't want to look like one of those guys who's trying to overcompensate for something else.

New & Noteworthy - Kylie

In My Arms is the second single pulled from Kylie's latest - but only for Europe. The UK is treated to the less interesting Wow. Check out the video for In My Arms below. That, or wait to see it in every gay bar across America soon.

I was waiting to feature Alexandra Prince's song Rising High on Club Fridays until next month. You see, 12 of us are going to Puerto Vallarta March 1 - 8th and for fun, we have a song "contest." Everyone submits one song. During the week, you not only try to figure who submitted what, but you also must make not of the title and artist. The person with the most correct answers win. My submission this year was to be Rising High, so of course I had to wait (as everyone would know it was me who submitted the song). Well, I spilled the beans last week to friends about my excitement towards the track produced by Sykes & Sugar - all of which means I can now share my excitement with you about Alexandra and her song.

You may recognize Alexandra's voice from such hits as So Many Times by Gadjo and Are You (Watching Me Watching You) by Sykes & Sugar. Well, the self identified "Queen of House" is now on her own. For the link to the extended version of Rising High, go here. And as an added bonus, I've also noted her contribution to Locktown's Alive. My friend DP loves it so for him (and everyone else who deems it worthy of a listen), go here. And be sure to check out Alexandra's website here. Once there, you'll learn all about the "Queen" - including that she's from Hamburg, Germany! And don't forget to check out iTunes for the Michael Lange versions as well.

Dave's Faves: Illinois Street Lounge

For those of you who have iTunes, you must check out (under the Radio section - 50s/60s Pop) Illinois Street Lounge. It's noted as "Classic Bachelor Pad" music. Think Mad Men soundtrack with accordions and feather drums. It's my new favorite station to set the mood, along with lit candles, for my return home from the gym (I like walking in the door to a clean flat smelling of fig trees with tunes in the background). Besides that, it's a swanky vibe for Maddie while I'm away.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We live in the meat packing district in Munich. Supposedly, it's an up-and-coming area - with all the trendy folks relocating for bigger and better flats. I can see the change as there are cranes everywhere you look. However, I digress.

Today, as I was walking Maddie, I spotted the two butchers across the street carrying into their shop a giant, dead pig wrapped in a plastic bag. I know I eat pork. That's what I have on my 5:00 sandwich some days. But when you see the poor animal bloody and in plastic, it almost makes me want to become a vegetarian (this is exactly why I don't like fresh fish delivered to my table in full form with its eye sockets staring back at me). I guess I'm lucky I didn't see them carrying a cow. How would I ever be able to eat meatloaf again?

Gets My Goat

We're sitting here watching Barefoot Contessa on our satellite. Never mind that we've seen the episode once or twice. But because our Sky service doesn't seem to get the newer episodes, we're reduced to watching repeats.

On tonight's show, Ina is making homemade granola. Here's what gets my goat. She covered four cups of oatmeal with 1/3 cup oil. Then, she mixes in almonds and coconut. After she toasts the dish at 350 degrees or so, she says it's healthy and good for you. It's that kind of comment that makes "Judy" in Oklahoma eat three bowls - then wonder why she's fat! Even worse, "Judy" will then most likely turn around and sue the show. Isn't that the American way?

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present as our router arrived today. And after Chris talked with T-Com over his cell phone tonight, not only did we reconfigure the new hardware but also our wireless network. So, we're up and running! No more sitting in the hallway. My butt is relieved.

Happy Birthday 2 Me!

Yes, today is my 37th birthday. I've now moved from mid-thirties to late thirties. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. I suppose as long as I'm still breathing and have some hair, it's all a good thing. Besides that, didn't Oprah say that 40 is the new 30?

As I look forward to the next 12 months, I have so many changes on the horizon. I'll be moving back to Chicago to be with our friends and family. We'll find a house we adore where I can build a Koi pond in the backyard. I'll secure a job I'm excited about - and one that I don't mind going into on Monday. I'll buy a Jeep. I'll actually be able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family in Houston who I haven't seen in years. I'll travel to NY and New Jersey to visit friends who've moved. I'll be able to watch TLC and the Food Network (I miss Paula Dean). But before all that, our life in Munich will be full as well.

We'll be once again joining everyone in Puerto Vallarta in March. We'll be making our annual trip to Barcelona - but this time with friends Mark and Greg. I'll be visiting my friend Dave who's moving to Zurich (many times most likely). We'll be returning to Mykonos in September with Patrick, Mark and Greg (and others TBD) along with a side trip to Santorini. I hope to add to my list of countries visited while living in Europe with trips to Dublin, Copenhagen, Milan, Budapest and Dubrovnik. And besides all that, in between continuing work for McDonald's UK, I want to complete my ode to Dr. Seuss - a title I hope sparks some interest within the children's book publishing community.

So, it looks to be an exciting year. And if Oprah is right, I'm now just entering my late twenties. Boy that sure sounds better.

New & Noteworthy - Doktorspiele

Doktorspiele by Alex C. featuring Yass borderlines on one of those European trance tracks that rubs you the wrong way. But I actually didn't listen to the song until today as it's usually playing on German MTV while I'm doing cardio. What originally caught my eye were the two hot dancers included in the video. Now I want to know where to get the little black number one of them wears as he's gyrating to the beat. It's just the swimsuit I'm hoping to find for our beach travels in 2008. And if I can look half as good as him, with his ripped body, well, I'll be happy. Check out the video below.

Looking Back: Fasching

The Battle 4 T-Com: Tuesday

Forget the fact that I'm receiving one or two calls a day from T-Com asking if my DSL line is working again. In the words of Stewie from Family Guy, "Damn you, NO!"

I tell them, "It won't work until I get my new router which I hope you're supplying." I should receive it tomorrow. But I'm not holding my breath. Tomorrow will be on week without internet. Or, as I would call it, eternity.

It's Fasching...

...or Fat Tuesday, or Pancake Day. No matter what country, it seems today is the day to celebrate with a drink, some fattening food and possibly a silly costume. Here in Munich, it's called Fasching and the town celebrates by overtaking the Marienplatz. In short, it's an excuse to drink (like the Germans need another), eat and be merry. Look for photos once I have an actual internet connection that allows me to upload a photo faster than the current rate of 10 minutes per slide. Happy Fasching everyone!

Looking Back: The Weekend

Dave, Greg, Walter, Mark, Chris, Jeff & Dave

With our friends Jeff and Dave in town from Milwaukee, we ventured out once again to experience smoke-free Munich. And as we’ve done before with friends in town, we repeated a pattern of dining at Morizz then going to the once-a-month Pop Party (though, last time, because of the smoke, I left early while the night continued on for the Chicago boys).

But unlike the first time, not only did I tag along but we continued the night at NY Club. Pop was full of what appeared to be kids in high school. Besides that, the music was choppy – sounding more like someone pressing fast forward on a CD changer rather than a true DJ. NY Club was better. Actually, not half bad. We once again found kicks by visiting the dark room, or hallway. We did manage to hang in there until 3 a.m. – which for the Lutman/Young household, is quite late.

As a result, however, the next few nights, after sightseeing at the English Garden and a road trip to Salzburg, we rested at home. That was, until Monday night, when Dave and Jeff, at around 10:00, jumped up from the sofa and decided to go out. Their Austrian Red Bulls apparently kicked in – that and they’d probably had enough of lounging with the old people. Bingo anyone?

But it was nice to have visitors once again. Chris and I see enough of one another on a daily basis. Not that we don’t want to spend time alone, it’s just after more than 2 ½ years of quality Chris and Dave time, having friends from back home around the house is welcomed treat – even if that means having Fat Sally Sunday more than once a week (because you can’t be on a diet when friends are in town – what fun is that?).

The Battle 4 T-Com: Monday

After hours of calls, I discovered T-Com never sent my router. Someone dropped the ball. "Fire them!" I declared. Also, because our internet was established by a third party, I need to contact them in regards to our passcode - and possibly getting a new one. I'm assuming they'll have it on hand so ordering a second won't be necessary. I've placed a call to Bavarian Satellite. We'll see where it goes from here.

On a different note, what about those Giants? Poor Tom Brady. His perfect record shattered. Not that I truly cared, but I was cheering for him as I spotted him in the Monoprix in Paris a while back. So, I felt as though we made a connection.

Things That Make U Go Humm...

I've never given it any thought, but when someone asked yesterday why we don't see any German Chocolate Cake in Germany, I didn't have an answer. "Huh!" I replied. After some research, I discovered the cake is named after an American who developed a sweet baking bar for Baker's Chocolate Company.

Named in honor of Sam German, Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate was first sold in 1852. But it wasn't until 1957 that a Dallas newspaper published the recipe (crafted by a homemaker) for German Chocolate Cake. That gooey, sweetness sure sounds good right now - especially with a tall, cold glass of milk.

The Battle 4 T-Com: Saturday

With Britney in rehab and the writer's strike nearing the end, what drama will consume your daily existence? How about the Lutman/Young household's quest for connection the world wide web?

As of Sunday, we still don't have a router or code to activate the internet. And now T-Com is telling us since everything is working on their end, there's no need for them to send a technician. We're scheduled to have another dialogue with them tomorrow (on the English helpline where nobody speaks English). At the rate we're going, this actually may take longer than Hollywood strike.

UR Kidding, Right?

Just when I thought I had plans for the internet to be back up and running on Monday, now they're telling me that since I have a new router, and the line is working (and not their issue), a technician ISN'T going to come out after all. I said, "Excuse me! Your technician disconnected everything. He's going to come back out and put it all together again. Especially considering I don't know how to read German and input the special code I'm waiting for..." Now, T-Com is calling me back tomorrow regarding my "issue." So, I might be sitting in this hallway for much longer than anticipated.

Oh Leo's

It's been a while since I've written anything new about Leo's. The gym hasn't been that exciting lately. No hotties. No drama. But today, I got "in trouble" for not placing my workout towel on the mat before doing sit-ups. Of course, I obliged. But I educated Daniel (who's amazingly nice and cute to boot), who pleasantly made the request, that if I do what he's asking, then I won't be able to wipe my face with my towel when I'm doing cardio. Who knows what I'd collect from the mat. So then I thought, "What if I don't use a mat and just lay on the floor?" That's my plan of attack next time. I'll show them.

The Internet Saga Continues

Good thing I cancelled the T-Com technician today. Not only don't I have my "code" to "unlock" the internet, the router they sent is now at the post office and can't be picked up until tomorrow! Apparently they tried to deliver it today. Of course they couldn't leave it with our neighbors (as they always do with other tenants' packages). Besides that, it's in Chris' name and he's just getting back from Nice - meaning I can't even go collect it if I wanted to.

So here I sit, again, on the cold, hardwood floor in our building...