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"It Gets Better"

With four gay teens committing suicide this month from bullying, we need to spread the word that, "It Gets Better." Check out Dan Savage's video below.

Study Reveals Startling Numbers

I've talked to my single friends about their sexual relations - specifically asking them if they ever think about HIV when having intimate relations. Because if I were single, it's something I'd always be thinking about before, during and after having a bit of fun. So of course, THIS article startled me. It states that one in five gay men in the US has HIV and almost half of those who carry the virus are unaware that they are infected.

Listen up everyone. Be careful. Get checked.


I've been in an epic battle with our squirrels this week as they've eaten every crocus bulb I planted (even after sprinkling cayenne pepper and a $15 formula I bought at Home Depot). However, I believe I can now declare victory as I've invented a contraption that keeps my bulbs in place - and out of the squirrels grubby little claws. As such, I'm seriously considering developing a patent. Otherwise, I'd show a picture of my creation. Let's just say it could make me millions. Seriously.

Heather Morris: Better Than Britney

Who knew that Heather Morris, aka Britney on Glee, used to be a dancer - working with likes of Beyonce. No wonder Chris commented last night while watching the Britney Spears Glee episode, "She dances better than Britney." Check her out below.

Looking Ahead: PTT's 2010 Advent Calendar

I just found one day of my PTT 2010 Advent Calendar: Cranium Scribblish. Apparently it's a cross between a drawing game and the parlor game Telephone (where you whisper something down a line). Now if I could just get people to commit to a game night.

He's Back!

I tried going to bed. But I couldn't make it up the stairs without blogging about Brad Womack's return to ABC's The Bachelor. Apparently, he decided to come back for round two in hopes of finding his true love. I'm thinking he got tired of people calling him gay (since he turned down both women the first time). Either way, we'll now get more shirtless scenes with Brad. And that's a good thing.

Oh Yes I Am!

See what happens when I spend hours working on collecting data and writing a presentation for my new client? I ignore the blog. And that's difficult to do when I have a few bits to write about including my battle with the squirrels. Hopefully I'll have the time to update tomorrow.

Funny Wendy Williams

I don't need to know how to pageant wave, but the clip below of Kristin Chenoweth teaching Wendy Williams is quite entertaining. That Kristin is too darn cute. As for Wendy, well, it's Wendy. You hate to watch but you can't turn away.

Chris Evans, Is That U?

To say steroids aren't used in Hollywood would be an outright lie. Though, when you ask actors (who've beefed up for roles) about their weight gain, they attribute the change to their body to eating chicken breasts and working out for hours. Wrong.

Take a look at newly released photos of Chris Evans as Captain America. He's huge - and a bit weird looking now (the make-up doesn't help). There's no way that's natural. Then again, if I was playing Captain America on the big screen, I'd ensure my body was pumped full of juice also. After all, nobody wants to see a skinny Steve Rogers.

Angry Birds Makes the Cut

I don't have many apps for my iPad or iPhone. But, every once-in-a-while, I go searching for something fun - just in case it exists. I spotted Angry Birds last week and almost downloaded the bird catapulting game. I didn't however. Now that I've read THIS article, and seen the trailer below, I'm thinking I'll make a purchase tonight. I hate not knowing what all the fuss is about.

Words 2 Live By

When asked "...when she knew it was time to break it off with Jim Carrey," Jenny McCarthy tells Oprah tomorrow, "When it's not fun anymore, you need to investigate and do an inquiry into the relationship."

Who Is This Guy?

I don't know who the actor is in the new Corn Sugar ADVERTISEMENT, but he's engagingly handsome. I believe he's also the actor in an erectile disfunction spot that runs during the morning shows - one that starts in a kitchen then transforms to a jungle oasis with overflowing water. "Be ready at any time" the ad says.

So, I'm on the hunt. If you know him personally, please let me know. Otherwise, hopefully they'll release the actor's name at some point so I can share him with the world. Until then, a snapshot, along with the ad (that the Corn Refiner's Association stupidly won't let be embedded), will just have to do.

Pink Trash Travels to: Spin Nightclub

Last night, Pink Trash traveled to Chicago's SPIN nightclub. I had visited the establishment known for its "twink" and lesbian crowd a few weeks ago to play pool. Because we had such a great time, we decided to return last night with more friends. Understandably, some in our group were kicking and screaming along the way, but once there, they now understand why Spin needs a second look.

No, the crowd hasn't changed, but the space has. New to Spin is a lower level dance club. Open with two lounge areas, the space truly is one of the best in Boystown. That, coupled with good music, the renovation screams "good time."

So, the group of us decided to take it upon ourselves to reinvigorate Spin to the 30 and 40 crowd - the ones who have the money to spend on drinks (because last night at 11:30, for example, it was fairly empty). As a result, I've contacted Spin's management to possibly schedule a "holiday kick-off" event in November with discounted drinks and an opportunity for the nightclub to morph into a hotspot on Halsted.

I'm not a big fan of going out, but when I do, I like to listen to good music with the option to dance - and not under an eight foot ceiling. So here's to hoping Spin management recognizes they have a chance to take their club to the next level rather than leaving it, and their shower contests, as a thing of yesterday.

Gym Tales

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To all you gym members who stand at the wall mirrors and pick at your face: Don't do it. That activity is one you should perform at home, not while in between sets. Nobody wants to see the gunk you extract from your face. Besides that, what do you do with it once it comes out? Just another reason to wipe off the equipment before using I suppose.

Congrats Big Bang

In my continued support of The Big Bang Theory, I'd like to congratulate the gang on their numbers for their first Thursday outing. Last night, the show grabbed a 9.2 rating/15 share at 8 p.m. Comparably, this was an increase of 23 percent from Big Bang's year-ago season-opener (7.5/11 on Sept. 21, 2009), when it aired out of Two and a Half Men on Monday. And considering CBS hasn't aired a comedy in this time period in 45 years, Penny and the Geeks are earning every bit of their salary increase this seasons.

Ryan McPartlin's Shirtless Spread

I don't watch Chuck. Actually, most don't as it hovers near the bottom of Monday night's ratings. But, I do know who plays Captain Awesome - Ryan McPartlin. Check out photos from his latest spread in Da Man Magazine. There's no need to comment. I'm sure you know what I'm thinking.

Sound Effects Please

I'm not afraid to admit I used to emulate Wonder Woman's spin when I was little. I loved the explosion and her transformation. I also ran around acting like the Six Million Dollar Man, so I suppose that balances out the gay factor. Check out Wonder Woman's transformation below.

Matthew From Malta

Check out some just released photos of our new friend from Mykonos. You might remember THIS photo I took with Matthew that made my "Pic of the Week." Um, um good.

Quotes I Enjoy

"If gays can't fight for this country, and we're not recognized as equal citizens, then why should we pay taxes - and in our case, a high percentage? "

"How about for every gay that is not allowed to voluntarily serve a straight kid is drafted to take his/her place. That seems equally as fair as DADT."

Where For Art Thou Obama?

The Senate just failed to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." I find it interesting that our fearless leader, who consistently noted his support of the change, was all but absent this week. Seems to me he thought it was better to avoid the controversy. So much for equality.

Still Spinning Those Phat Tracks

I'm in love with my new DJ software. It's essentially consuming all of my time. Then again, I've got music duties for two parties so there's not much time for me to delay the beats. I'm almost at hour two for the first. I'll be waiting until a bit later for the last event as I want to ensure I have the latest and greatest choices for the "poppy dance" selection that's been requested. I feel as though they'll be my big debut so it's got to be hot. Too bad I won't be at the first to ensure it all goes smoothly. Perhaps I could Skype?

Oh Dear

I explained to someone at a party on Saturday that I avoid the camera these days. "Why?" they asked. I replied, "Unless I'm the one in control of the photos, forget it. You don't know where they'll show up." Case in point with Aaron Eckhart this past weekend at the Toronto Film Festival. If he knew this picture might be splashed all over the internet, I'm thinking he would have bolted from the paparazzi. Ugh. What happened Aaron? Bad hair. Bad smile. Bad triple chins.

We received a flyer for a "Gourmet Italian Food" eatery named El Ranchito tonight. Do you foresee any problems with this name? Would you call a Mexican restuarant for baked mostaccioli? I think not. I'm just sayin'.

Ready 2 Rumble

In the fall, there comes a week when the big four television networks launch numerous shows in one short period of time. That week, Premiere Week, starts tomorrow when 16 first run series debut from Monday to Friday. So get your DVRs ready to rumble. It's going to be a busy week.

New & Noteworthy: Cheryl Cole's Promise This

Back in the Booth

I sold my DJ equipment when we returned stateside. Since then, I've been missing spinning those phat dance tracks (as my friend Matt would say). So I've been looking for software to run on my MacBook Pro that would allow me to create uber dance mixes - with beat blending and without breaks in between songs (so, when they're playing, you hear smooth transitions with energy builds and declines for an appropriate dance journey). I'm happy to report I purchased a program yesterday and have been busy spinning ever since. So, look for a mix to download soon!

Something Evil This Way Smells

On July 4, 2010, voters in Bavaria cast ballots in favor of a statewide ban on smoking that too effect last month. There's an exception for Oktoberfest 2010, but organizers decided to conduct a test during the 200th anniversary of the annual event which began last Saturday. However, people are finding without the smoke, there's a strong stench lurking around. So, to combat the odors, some beer tent owners are pouring a solution with special bacteria into the floor boards, around tables and toilets. Here's to hoping the mixture works as nobody wants the foul aroma around while trying to drink themselves silly.

And So It Has Begun...

Sorry 2 Hear

Starz announced today that Andy Whitfield, the lead actor in their 300 inspired series Spartacus, won't be returning for a second season due due, "...aggressive treatment for a recurrence of cancer." As a fan of the show, especially Whitfield prancing around in his loin cloth, we wish him and his family the best during this tough time and hope to see him back soon on the small screen - naked or not.

A DADT Message from Lady Gaga

Congrats Big Bang

I've supported The Big Bang Theory since its premiere in 2007. So, of course I'm thrilled to report the comedy's move to Thursday's looks promising. Last night, a two hour marathon from 8-10 p.m. dominated each of its half hour by a wide margin - in both adults 18-49 and total viewers. Sure, there wasn't much competition airing, but the ratings are strong considering they were all repeats. Congratulations Big Bang!

While digging up our front parkway, pouring new dirt, and scattering grass seed, I heard THIS song on Sirius. Being from Kansas, and a former resident of Kansas City, I found the dance/electro track quite invigorating. That, and "...somebody's in Kansas City that loves me" as Chris is there right now. LOL. Check it out.

Gym Tales

Today, I saw a middle-aged woman reading People magazine while she performed leg extensions. I wanted to walk up to her and say, "If you're reading about Lindsey while exercising, most likely you're not exercising hard enough. Put the rag down and start sweating for Christ's sake."

New & Noteworthy: Kelly Rowland Rose Colored Glasses

We were relaxing by the pool in Mykonos when I heard Kelly Rowland's Rose Colored Glasses for the second time. And unlike the first, I really enjoyed the mid-tempo track. Ever since, it's grown on me more and more everyday. Check out the video below. It's nothing special (as I'm sure her budget wasn't too big). But you can at least appreciate the song.

FB Etiquette

Listen, if your'e going to send me a Facebook request, and I have no idea who the hell you are, you should at least send along a note explaining why you want to be friends. If it's because I'm a friend of a friend, great. If it's because you think I'm hot, even better. Either way, don't just expect a click through without me understanding why I need you in my electronic life. I'm just sayin'.

Thanks Pee Wee

Chasing Chase Rice (and Perhaps Shannon Elkins)

My friend Patrick just sent me a text about hot men running around half naked on the latest edition of Survivor. So, of course, I switched the channel. I quickly learned I was 30 minutes ahead because he was watching a recording. As such, I jumped on-line to see who would peak my interest in the "young" tribe. From their photos, Chase Rice (what a name) was the winner because of his rugged good looks (with Patrick swearing Shannon Elkin deserves a second look). I'm not usually a fan of the CBS megahit, but perhaps this season I should give it a try.

Considering it's her last season, I expected Oprah's 2010 opener to be up more than 3% over last year. it wasn't. 3% increase isn't much to crow about. As for our friend Nate, his show debuted to a 20% increase over the same time period last year, but down 8% from its lead-in and down 20% on the second day from Monday's premiere. Here's to hoping he irons out the kinks, gets more comfortable with hosting, and energizes his somewhat mellow show. I'm just sayin'.

Working 4 the Man

For those of you wondering if I've found a full-time job, the answer is "no." But I have added a new company to my list of consulting clients.

This past week, after months of discussion, I finally started my first project with Brainjuicer - a funky research company out of the UK. I'm leading their think tank to generate and develop ideas for a candy company - new products, rebranding, etc. I work from home which is great. And depending on how this relationship unfolds, more work could be in my future. So, here's to hoping this is the beginning of a long, beautiful friendship.

Smoking Joe

We haven't started watching True Blood: Season Three yet, but it's nice to know we have something to look forward to this winter - and that's Joe Manganiello. He's quite captivating. Perhaps it's the hair. The face. The body. I'm thinking it's all three. He looks quite delish at the MTV Music Awards this past Sunday. Why I wasn't invited I'll never know. Sure, I was a guest at the European Music Awards in November of 2007, but we all know how that ENDED.

Gaga vs. Madonna

It's amazing that someone devotes the time necessary to compile a video like the one below that compares Lady Gaga to Madonna. YouTube truly is a creative outlet for many - something I can appreciate.

New & Noteworthy: Enrique and Nicole Heartbeat

Love it. Love it. Love it. And the remix to the single will forever remind me of Mykonos (as we loudly played the CUTMORE version in our Citro├źn on the way to Elia beach). Check out the video below. It's frickin' hot with a capital H-O-T.


If you like what you hear, be sure to go to iTunes and BUY the single. Nicole may have won Dancing with the Stars, but her solo record career isn't going so well. She needs all the support she can get!

Our New (But Old) Home

Our architect wanted to photograph the house for submission to various magazines. For them, it's a way to generate business. For us, we finally have a few good shots of our remodel project. You can click on each image for a larger look (if necessary). N'joy!