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Is That U Crocodile Dundee?

One of my favorite picks of the night - with my friend Neil Ford (who couldn't stop playing with his zipper). I pulled out my official Oktoberfest garb for the five hour affair at Mini Bar, Sidetrack and the frat house party. Some thought I was Steve Irwin and others believed me to be the star of the 80s Crocodile Dundee movies. Really? I didn't know them to wear Liederhosen.

Feeding the Ghosts and Goblins

Trick or Treaters Monster Animation Animated gif

$100 later and we're ready for the trick-or-treating to begin. Yes, we spent $100 to arrive at the magical number of 1,000 pieces of candy. And yes, I'm now thinking of what that $100 could have bought me: a one hour massage, a John Varvatos t-shirt, 66 dance songs at Masterbeat, almost a facial, a six month supply of orchids for the master bathroom. But as long as the ghosts and goblins are happy...

Happy Halloween

Photo courtesy Walter Rochowiak


I just got home from a Halloween party at someone's house. Me and about another 200 people were the guests. Let me state this: I don't know how they do it. Every year, they throw this party so they know the consequences of inviting over hundreds of their "closest" friends.

My liederhosen shoes were literally sticking to the floor. Where did they put their furniture? I did notice they did laid down some Home Depot runners to protect their carpet upstairs. In any case, again, I would just die when I woke-up in the morning to see my house trashed like that of a college Playboy awarded party. Die. Just die.

Halloween Eve

When Chris and I bought our Liderhosen three years ago in Munich, we rationalized the expenditure by saying we'd wear them as costumes once we returned stateside. So, tonight, I'll be sporting my ensemble for the first time - hat, shoes and all. Chris has opted out but I've decided to join the fun. He'll be staying home prepping dinner for tomorrow night - Halloween with chili and 1, 327 kids stating, "Trick or Treat." Yes, that's right. Over one thousand kids. It's gonna' be off the schizzle.

Great Minds Think Alike (Apparently)

I featured Kylie Tiringer on the blog a while back. After he requested that his pics be taken down because he was transitioning from one modeling agency to another, I became connected to him on the FB. So tonight, when I watched one of his videos from his new training BLOG, I noticed his choice of protein - but I didn't pay much attention. Fast forward to a few hours later when I opened a box Chris ordered from Amazon. Oddly enough, it's the same protein. What are the chances? It's not like it's a name brand everybody would know.

If you want to watch Kyle make a protein shake, check out the video below. I personally would add a few other elements to the shake, to make it more like a meal, such as oatmeal, Greens plus and blueberries, but he's got the foundation correct - especially the protein apparently. And sure, it would be much more entertaining if he was shirtless, but that would be too much I suppose. Who would pay attention to what he's saying?

Clint McCance's Hatred

We all have the right to say what we feel. That's a basic building block of American society. But when those words are filled with hatred, on the verge of verbal murder, it's time to shut them down. Case in point with Clint McCance, a public official, who wrote on his Facebook page, that, "Seriously, they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide." Sad. He can't even spell.

Pretty Gay

Yep, the blog went G-A-Y today with the past two posts. But that's why it's called "Pink" Trash Travels. :)

Howling 4 Taylor Kinney

He's one of my favorites on CW's The Vampire Diaries. Too bad I know that Taylor Kinney and his character Mason Lockwood kicks the bucket sometime soon (we're a few episodes behind). They should have kept him around longer because he's one...mighty...fine...werewolf.

Pumped Chris Evans

Chris Evans has always had a smokin' hot body. But for his work in the new Captain America, it appears he's stepped up his workout routine - that and downed bottles of multi-vitamins.

Be Smart People

Listen up people. McDonald's offers healthy food. You don't have to eat a cheeseburger a day. And to this Brazilian manager who SUED McDonald's because he gained over 60 pounds while managing the store, "You can spit it out." Yes, that's right Mr. Manager. You don't have to swallow. Chris samples food all the time and he he's not overweight - because he doesn't fully consume the food he's trying.

Narcissistic FB

Any more, when I jump on the FB, I cringe. So many people post nothing but narcissistic updates and Tweets - telling the world where they are, who they're with and why we should care. The problem is, most of the time, we don't. It's one thing to be proud of your work, your efforts, your life, but it's another to share such trivial matters - just to mask your insecurities.

Spritzing Aitor Mateo

I ran across the ad below for Davidoff Champion cologne. The featured model, Aitor Mateo, looks amazing. But how often do you see men lifting weights without their shirt? Perhaps in a sauna I suppose. And spritzing yourself with Davidoff Champion after lifting sounds (and smells) horrid. Perhaps after a good shower for a night on the town. But nobody asked me.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Tight Leather Pants

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars, I noticed Maksim Chmerkovskiy wore tight leather pants on Monday's performance. As I commented in the previous post, who cares about the stars. He's the only reason to watch - especially in tight leather pants.

Kylie on Dancing with the Stars

I don't watch this seasons Dancing with the Stars. The "stars" just don't seem that interesting. So I was sad to see I missed Kylie perform on the results show. Good thing Perez featured the video - now on PTT. A few notes: (1) That Kylie sure likes the gays and (2) Dancing isn't her specialty. But that's okay. We love her anyway!

Matthew Morrison Shirtless

It's crazy that such a headline, and image from six months ago, can make my blog traffic explode - that and a shirtless Matthew Morrison on Glee tonight. Obviously everybody went running to Google for more.

Listen Up CBS Execs

Chris loves CBS' Hawaii Five-O. I enjoy it as well, but not for the action scenes. Instead, Alex O'Loughlin is the draw. Sadly, he's not shirtless enough. CBS network executives should play to his strengths - looking good without clothes.

Glamming 4 Grindr

Today while working out, I spotted a cheese across the weight room floor actually taking pictures of himself. Apparently, he thought he was pumped and looking good for a new Grindr profile pic. I wanted to tell him he wasn't. For starters, who wears camouflage pants to lift. And his ripped tank should have bee sewn together. Though, you're always someone's chicken. So, I'm sure he'll get some action with the new glamour shot.

DJ Lutty's Reco

Dave Audé is my favorite DJ remixer/producer of the moment. And his latest hour set for BPM on XM/Sirious features some hot tracks that had me jumpin' for joy at the gym yesterday. Smokin' tunes include his remix of Erika Jayne's One Hot Pleasure and Nicole Scherzinger's Poison.

Jayne's track takes me back to Fire Island this summer when our friends couldn't stop singing the "Bang, bang, bang..." chorus after seeing her at the T-dance (though, they were mocking her more than anything). I thought the track was quite catchy but now with Dave Audé's special touch, it's on another level. I've always been a fan of Jayne's so I wish her the best with this collaboration.

As for Scherzinger's Poison, the original, a masterpiece by Lady Gaga producer RedOne, is a special treat (sure, a bit overproduced by fun none-the-less). Dave's version, again, somewhat drowns out the Pussycat Doll's vocals throughout the chorus but the energy and dance beats definitely make up for what's lost.

Check out the hour set HERE. And if you have BPM, check out his show on Saturday night's at 8 p.m. EST.

One. Long. Day.

Yes, it's 1:59 and I've been working since this morning. This Milk project, due tomorrow, will be the end of me. But at least I know it needs to be complete by 1:30 on Tuesday. That, however, has made my day quite long. But, looking on the bright side, I've billed enough hours in just one day to pay for our trip to Puerto Vallarta in February. So one day of hell pays for one week of fun! When I look at it that way, well, I shouldn't complain. Back to work I go.


We used to be big Halloween decorators. But since we moved, and upon our return, we haven't felt like participating. But today, Chris decided he wanted to play along - making thousands of kids who visit our home next Sunday happy.

So we pulled out the scarecrow (that I crafted in 2005), the orange flood light, the blinking eyes, the fabric ghosts (modeled after reading Martha), and the strobe light. All of which means for one week, our home will be quite spooky - and not cheesy like many in the neighborhood who go overboard with the spider netting and inflatables.

Reasons I Love Melissa & Joey

ABC Family's Melissa & Joey is enjoyable on many levels. The comedy is simple - reminding me of shows from the 70s like The Brady Bunch. That, and I find Joey Lawrence hot - not only his body but his clothes too. Now, if I could only find the cardigan he wore in the Halloween episode.

Click for a closer look

Creepy Snickers

I suppose good advertising elicits an emotional response out of the viewer. However, it's better to bring out good feelings, not creepy ones - like the Snickers Halloween commercial with the giant "lady" and scary mask. Check it out below.

Oh No. It's Coming

We've had a beautiful fall in Chicago. I hate to see it leave. But with temps forecasted in the 40s in just over a week, I'm afraid it's on the horizon. Boo I say. Boo.

New & Noteworthy: Starshell's Superluva

Finally, Starshell has a video to support her debut track, Superluva. The song has been spinning about since last Spring (especially in my LR2), but unfortunately, it's not gaining traction at radio. And I don't think the video is going to provide much help. Not only does Starshell seem a bit stiff, the video isn't what I'd call a home run to introduce America to Starshell and her song originally written for Britney Spears.

Old Navy Goes Shirtless

I think I'd stop blowing my own leaves if Thierre di Castro, from Old Navy's Citizen Cargos commercial, was for hire.

Still Here - Just Crazy

Yep, I'm still here. But until next Tuesday, my head is stuck the sand. Well, not really the sand but work. It's 1:23 in the morning and I've been working all day trying to complete a deck to forward to my client in the UK before tomorrow. From there, I have a feeling my weekend is shot. But that's okay. I just picked-up another project with them today so not only is the continuing work good (for paying for our new fall collection now hanging in our closet), it's great resume filler.

Save 20% at Saks!

If you like to shop, check out Saks Fifth Avenue FRIENDS & FAMILY. Receive 20% Off with code: FRIEND7. Of course, my YSL shoes are excluded. Boo.

Nate Not Doing So Great

I have to admit, I gave Nate's show more than a few chances to tickle my fance. After all, he used to run in and around our circle - at the same brunches, the same dance clubs. So I felt it was only proper that I give him some attention. Unfortunately, I couldn't give him much.

The show, to be honest, is boring and unfocused. And that forced smile is torture. But nobody asked me. I would think, however, that Harpo conducted research prior to airing the show - they had to have asked somebody. And I'd think those people would have easily identified that the show didn't have a clear point of view, like Dr. Oz or Rachel Ray.

Now, there's RUMBLINGS he could be the first Oprah protege to hit the chopping block. Which, I'm afraid, is the end result. It's very difficult to build an audience once you've lost them. And with Anderson Cooper coming to daytime TV next fall, there's only so much room for the homosexuals.

SuperMartxé Goes 2 Paris

My friend Dave sent me a note about a video for SuperMartxé featuring Paris Hilton. I never was able to get the link to work. So I'm happy I finally stumbled across the promo piece for the club promoters based in Spain. Check out the video below - filled with club kids, beefcake (especially in the orange), and a stone cold Paris Hilton who can't dance to save her life.

From Sensation to Sideline

Well now Craigery Morgan has just turned annoying. It's as though he's trying too hard. That was a quick five minutes.

U Snooze. U Lose.

What? We could have BOUGHT Chicago's Brown's Chicken for just under $600,000? Why didn't I know about this?

Loving It

A & F in Europe

A & F announced two years ago that it would be opening stores in London and Paris. London happened, but Paris didn't. It seems that's changing as the store on Avenue des Champs-Élysées is scheduled for next summer. I'm sure they're pushing sales in Europe as stateside the retailer is struggling. That's what happens when you don't change your look for 20 years.

Though, I'm not sure Europe will pull them out of the basement. It looks just as tired on the them as it does us. In fact, Chris wore n A & F t-shirt while running around Rome. He thought nobody would see it. We did. He's now leaving it behind for the maid. Thank god.

Over 30K Views. Really?

Wow. It's crazy to think the simple video below, showing us bowling in Kitzbuhel, has been viewed almost 35,000 times. I never would have looked but I received a note from YouTube asking if I wanted to join the partner program - which pays you for views. There must be a minimum that generates the message. Maybe 30,000?

Excuses Excuses

As I was talking to my friend Tom today about Halloween, he asked if I was going to dress up. "Heck no," I replied. I then continued by saying, "It's just a night where people have an excuse to wear wigs and go shirtless." In the gay community that is.

New & Noteworthy: Hurts Stay

So much of the Hurts reminds me of Tears for Fears. Check out their latest video below.

Dance Monkeys!

The original dance monkey was born a few years back when I lived in Paris and was spinning for fun. I wasn't sure if it would ever see the light of day again considering I sold my DJ equipment when we returned to America. But with the Mac, anything is possible. So I'm happy to announce that Dance Monkey is reborn as Monkey Beats! Download it HERE.

What exactly does a monkey have to do with dancing you ask? The name came to light when my friends and I were dancing at Crobar in Miami during Winter Party 2006. My friend Dave and I decided to entertain ourselves by clapping feverishly while chanting to the gays, "Dance monkeys, dance!" A few years later, when I needed a name for my mix set, Dance Monkey seemed like an obvious choice. But you should never go back. As a result, Monkey Beats is born.

So I'm happy to share my first Monkey Beats with each and every one of you. You'll hear a wide mix of musical energies, vocal styles and thumping beats as I believe a DJ set should take you on a musical journey - starting here and ending there. Each track should lead into the next - making sense along the way. It's not about playing the same BPM for 60 minutes. Nor is it about throwing songs together hoping that they stick. Instead, it should be a seamless clubbing experience. With that said, you'll hear songs including:

Rihanna - Only Girl in the World (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
Maroon 5 - Give A Little More (Roger Sanches Extended Mix)
George Michael - I Want Your Sex 2010 (Freemasons Club Mix)
Paradiso Girls - Who's My Bitch (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix)
Mariah Carey - I'm That Chick (Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Club Mix)
Ryan W - Untouchable (Razor N' Guido Mix)
Steven Lee and Granite - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Rauhofer Mix)
Niamh - You're the One Wendel Kos Extended Mix)
Donati & Amato - Thrill Me (Donati & Amato Main Mix)
Dave Aude - Figure It Out (Ralphi Rosario Mix)

As this is my first mix using new software for the Mac, it will only get better as my skillset on the electronic turntables improve with time. But for now, I hope you enjoy the first Monkey Beats!

PS - As for DJ Lutty, I opted for a nickname from high school. Thanks Julie Norberg!


Vintage Madonna and Chicago

Perez Hilton posted a letter Madonna wrote to her friend Steven Meisel in 1991. In it, Madonna disses Chicago, not once but twice. Yet, she's more than happy to swing through the Windy City to collect millions of dollars in ticket sales. Oh Madonna, why you talkin' so bad girl? Then again, I wasn't around in 1991 and at first glances, you could think Chicago is full of some greasy, overweight men. I suppose you're right Madonna. How could I question you so?

God Help Us

The A-List: New York recently premiered on Logo. The "Gay Housewives of NY" claims to follow "boys who brunch" in NY - the gay elite. Quite frankly, I'm embarrassed for the stars of the show. I'm sure they thought this might be a great way to further their careers (Mike Ruiz, really?). But instead, it's a sad depiction of a gay lives - and ones I would hardly classify as "A" list. I could quickly name 10 friends who could be featured, but would never allow themselves to be the so poorly exploited.

The Original SNL "Surprise Party" w/Kristen Wiig

After Craigery Morgan spoofed SNL's "Surprise Party" skit with Kristen Wiig, I looked for the original on Hulu. I couldn't find it - until today. So check out the original below. I hope Wiig brings back Sue in the 2010 seasons. She deserves to be seen again, and again, and again.

Even More Meaningful

While driving back from Costco today, I was listening to one of my favorite songs of the moment - Wonderful Life by the Hurt. It wasn't the infectious melody that caught my attention today but rather the lyrics. With all of the gay teen suicides over the past few weeks, the chorus lyrics ring true.

"Don't let go
Never give up, it's such a wonderful life
Don't let go
Never give up, it's such a wonderful life"

McRib Fans Take Note!

On November 2nd, for the first time in 16 years, McDonald's will sell the McRib sandwich at restaurants nationwide - vs. the traditional approach of sporadic appearances throughout the year. But, don't wait to buy one. You only have six weeks. As Jan Fields, McDonald's USA President notes about why it's not around January through December, "It doesn't sell well all year long because people get tired of it."

Nicole Scherzinger's Poison

For all you Nicole Scherzinger fans, she's got a track cooking with RedOne - famed Lady Gaga producer. Check out bits and pieces of the song below. The vocals would be more suited to the Bad Romance singer, but Nicole should get some attention if and when this ditty sees the light of day.

Craigery's Whirlwind Continues

Somebody has too much time on their hands. Check out a video where Craigery Morgan is superimposed into the original SNL skit he re-enacts.


As I'm sitting here working at home, Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners just came on the radio. It takes me back to living with my dad (who passed away in 1991) and step mom in McPherson, KS in 1982. My brother and I would play in the basement with our sticky octupus that we'd throw against the mirrors surrounding our dance floor and juke box - watching it crawl to the floor. Just another memory that makes me ask, "Where did the time go?"

Cosmo's Hottest Bachelor is...

Cosmo magazine just named their bachelor of the year - and it wasn't one of my friend Patrick's top five picks. In fact, after seeing them live, I'd say a few weren't as good as their photos whereas some were even better. Take Minnesota for example, he was positioned up front and personal on The Today Show - where he should be. Very nice. But his picture wasn't anything to brag about. So who won? Ryan McLean, age 30, from Ohio!

Gaga in Greece

Check out a video clip, pulled from Perez Hilton, featuring Lady Gaga in Mykonos. Considering it's fairly quiet on the island now, it's no surprise the paparazzi are up in her business. And just think, we were walking down the same corridors just a few weeks ago. But here's my bug: if she didn't want to be bothered, she could take off her silly clothes, wear some smart pants, along with a hat and glasses, and nobody would know, or care, who she is. So that tells me it's all about the press. Give it up Gaga and you wouldn't be mauled. I'm just sayin'.

Say Goodbye Mr. Paladino

Today, in addition to it being Columbus Day, we celebrate "National Coming Out Day" - an internationally recognized civil awareness day for coming out and discussion about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. So of course, it's disheartening to read and hear Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's foul and idiotic statements about brainwashing children into thinking that homosexuality is acceptable. That, and his inappropriate statement regarding gay pride parades that reads, "They wear these little Speedos and they grind against each other and it's just a terrible thing. Why would you bring your children to that?" Yes, he has a right to free speech. But there's something to be said for being tactful - especially from someone who wants to be a leader. I think he's just sealed his fate. Say goodbye to the governor's seat.

What's Changed?

As I'm sitting here watching The Today Show on NBC, specifically a story about bullying in school, I can't help but to think the same happened when I was little as well. We've all been called names and pushed around. So why is it now that there are so many children committing suicide? Did the same situations occur back then - but nobody reported it?

Welcome Back Bob

I'm happy to report that Tuc Watkins returned to Desperate Housewives last week (which we finally watched tonight). It's been too long Bob Hunter. It's been too long.

Hot or Not?

I'm not sure why it came up, but the other day I had a conversation with my friend Patrick about rating yourself on an attractive scale of 1-10. If somebody asked you, "What number are you?" What would you say? Interesting dinner conversation.

Celebrating the Number 10: 10/10/10

New & Noteworthy: Barbra Streisand

No, it's not another gay anthem. Rather, Duck Sauce's track is a collaboration between DJs Arman Van Helden and A-Trak. It's already a hit in Australia, and looking to be so in the UK. America may come calling 6 months later. Check it out.

More on Mr. Kansas

For those of you who also selected Mr. Kansas as Cosmo's hottest bachelor, you might be interested in knowing more about Mr. Margres. According to the school newspaper at Bethany College (a small university behind the bowling alley my parents used to own):

Margres is a 6'2" 215 lbs freshman from Sayreville War Memorial High School in Sayerville, NJ, where he was the quarterback for the football team. He was a three year varsity starter. He received honors such as first team all-division, first team all-conference, all-county, all-area, team MVP, and selected for the all-star Snapple Bowl. His senior year he had 907 yds passing and 69% completion.

Margres is the son of Robin and Mark Margres. He has a 4.0 high school GPA and was ranked 4 out of 400 in his class. He plans to study biology at Bethany College."

Craigery Morgan Update

With almost 2,000,000 views, one could say Craigery is an overnight sensation. More interestingly enough, however, is the fact that he's made videos before and nobody cared. So it just goes to prove timing is everything. Which, I suppose, gives me hope that if my children's book (sitting at an agent's office) doesn't get optioned, there's always tomorrow.

Nose Whistler?

Are you one of those people who can't hear your nose whistling? You know, someone who, when they breath, emits an annoying sound that I can hear from across the room. My question is this: how can it not drive you mad? Shouldn't it? Wouldn't you want to know the cause? Misplaced hair? Bat in the cave?

Patrick's Picks

Now that I've had some time to regroup today, I can finally make note of Cosmo's 2010 Bachelor Blowout. Though, instead of PTT identifying the best of the bunch, I thought my friend Patrick's top five would be of interest. So, as he writes, " are my picks (in no particular order). This was tough to narrow down to 5. The picks run the spectrum." I agree with most, except for the last selection. Different strokes for different folks.

Florida: Daniel Elbittar, 31, Miami, Actor

Kansas: Mark Margres, 21, Lindsborg, Biology Student

California: Thomas Foley, 26, San Francisco, Founder and CEO of financial tech company

Hawaii: Clint Torres, 27, Wahiawa, Graphic Designer

Nevada: Rocky Fain, 31, Las Vegas, Filmmaker