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Turning 40

With just six days left until I turn 40, I'm still feeling fairly good about the day. I'm not depressed about leaving my 30s as I can't wait to see what the 40s bring. I suppose I'm a bit concerned about how my body will hold up, mostly for vanity reasons, but I guess only time will tell if my hair falls out, my gut gets bigger and my ass starts to sag.

Henry Cavill Wins the Cape

PTT made NOTE of Henry Cavill a few years back (in 2008 to be exact). So it's not a surprise that Henry Cavill was just named the new Superman in the reboot going into production this year.

More FB Factoids

THIS is exactly why people post such narcissistic status updates on Facebook. It makes them feel better and you worse!

Gym Tales

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Consider this a tip: as a courtesy to other gym patrons, stop leaving your stinking Old Navy undershorts and workout clothes on the floor when you go to shower. Put them in a bag and stuff them in your locker. I don't need to look at your sad choices for undergarments while I'm prepping for the day.

New & Noteworthy: Kelsey B Beauty Queen

There's something about the song that I quickly draws my attention - perhaps the beat by Rob Carillo. But the video, ugh. Someone needs to do an immediate re-shoot. Low budget meets Lady Gaga wannabe. Get back into the studio Kelsey and make a better video - one that's proper for your first release. Check out the video below.

New Monkey Beats!

Pop dance remixes are nice - especially in the summer when waving your hands in the air seems appropriate. But in the depths of winter, I enjoy some down and dirty beats. So this month's Monkey Beats is all about the drum beat with some unexpected surprises including circus music and some disco hits re-imagined. To download the one hour set, go HERE. And for a set list, simply shoot me an email and I'll send you the information.

I get so jealous when I see the weather warmer in places we used to live: Denver, Kansas City, Dallas. I always said Denver was so nice because in January, you could lay out in your backyard and get some sun. Today is a good example of that kind of day. 60 and sunny. Ah, how I miss it. I'm just sayin'.

Foregoing Fil-A

I like to grab a sandwich at Chik-Fil-A when visiting Orlando for work. But now that it's known that the company promotes inequality, I'll pass next time. And I suggest to every reader of PTT to RESEARCH and decide for themselves if eating at the fast food establishment is appropriate.

Manganiello Taking Flight?

Joe Manganiello soon could be taking flight as Superman in Christopher Nolan's reboot of the comic book franchise. Wearing spandex isn't as good as going naked (as he does in HBO's True Blood), but it's close.

No Thanks

Apparently now that I'm turning 40, the AARP considers me a possible customer. Sorry to inform you AARP, but I've got a few more years before I need your services. So bug off double A with an R and a P.

Ricky's Coming 2 Chicago

Ricky Martin is going on tour. April 19th, he'll be in Chicago. I can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday night in Spring.

RuPaul Soars

RuPaul's Drag Race didn't disappoint in its Monday night premiere. Not only does the show make you laugh out loud with its campy queens, but it's great to see the prize money and ratings soar. Season 3 opened to a 33% increase over last year with almost 500,000 viewers. Now, that may not seem like a lot compared to the Jersey Shore that scores almost 9,000,000, but you have to remember the show is on a gay network. So congratulations Ru!

Check out RuPaul's Drag Race Monday nights @ 9/C on Logo.

Making Me Reconsider

I've wanted to go to St. Barts for a few years. But now that I've watched how the planes land, I'm reconsidering the island as a destination. Check out the video below and decide for yourself if crashing into the ocean is worth a week of sun in the fun - stop, reverse that, fun in the sun.

At Least I Tried

I found out today that my hopes of spraying our 125 year old cottonwood tree with Florel to eliminate the fluffy stuff this spring is a lost cause. And any injectables are questionable at best. Charlie from Care of Trees actually recommended I use the money to hire someone to come every day or so to clean up the mess. "Great idea," I replied. But unfortunately, that doesn't eliminate the cotton from sticking to the house. All of which means we'll look like the Addams Family mansion for a few weeks in May.

In Memory

Because some have been surprised by the unfortunate news of Chris' mom passing, he wanted me to post the letter below. Also, in lieu of cards or any other sincere thoughts, he also wanted the money you'd spend to be forwarded to the Hospice that took care of his mom. Even a few dollars, the cost of a card, is appreciated by the Kansas City Hospice Center.

Dear Friends –

As many of you know, my mother Betty Young passed away last Monday, January 17th, she was 77. She had been battling lung cancer for the past eight months, and despite the aggressive chemotherapy treatments, the cancer spread. Her condition quickly worsened three weeks ago, which led to her passing peacefully at the Kansas City Hospice Center – where they gave her unbelievable care, treated her with tenderness and respect, and ensured she wasn’t in pain. She passed with all the dignity and peace she so rightly deserved, surrounded by her loved ones.

In respect to her wishes, there will be no public services. And in lieu of flowers and cards, we kindly ask you to donate that money to Kansas City Hospice Center so they can continue the unbelievable care and compassion shown not only to the patients, but to their loved ones who are there with them. If you wish to do so, a direct link is below along with a mailing address.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the time you allowed me to share with her over the past eight months – especially those moments during the past two weeks. For this I am especially grateful. Thank you all for your kind wishes and your unbelievable support.

Mailing address:
Kansas City Hospice Center
9221 Ward Parkway
Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64114


It's 11:08 p.m. on Tuesday night and Jason Statham is on The Tonight Show. He's one sexy man - shaved head and all (and when I write all, I mean all).


If you're like me, and you have trouble sleeping, you might be interested to learn about tart cherry juice. I was told the liquid supports brain function and healthy sleep patterns (in addition to joint health to help arthritis and gout). So I started drinking 8 oz. in the morning and at night. Sure enough, I'm sleeping better. I still wake-up around 2 or 3 a.m., but my sleep is more intense - with dreams happening almost every night.

Now I've moved beyond the traditional juice to a 100% concentrate that you mix with water. According to the TART IS SMART website, the Montmorency cherries are known as "the healing fruit" with 17 vital antioxidants that support your mind and body. Check it out for a good night's rest!


We're trying to reduce our carbs past 7 p.m. So today, after returning from an interview in Oak Brook, I decided to steam cauliflower and garlic for mashing. If done properly, it comes close to tasting like mashed potatoes. However, for some reason, the water evaporated while boiling leaving a burnt pot that filled the air, and cauliflower, with a foul smell. All of which means I can't eat the smashed veggie. I wasn't that much of a fan before, now "fo shizzle" not so much.

Why Can't Our Gym Look Like This?

Dolce & Gabbana's latest gym campaign. If only one would stumble into my gym - perhaps the dude in yellow with the towel. I'd be more motivated for sure.

Starts Tonight on Logo!

A Gentle Reminder

As I'm sitting here glancing through photos from a party in Paris, I'm reminded just how old those Europeans can look. They may be fashionistas, but their partying ways aren't kind to their youthful appearance. On the other hand, for those of us turning 40, it helps us to look younger (when visiting Europe) without undergoing expensive surgery.

Chicago's Knee Gate

Apparently Jay Cutler, the quarterback for the Bears, got hurt in their loss today to Green Bay. So he opted not to play the majority of the game. Twitter is now ablaze over Knee Gate because Cutler stood on the sidelines, walked around and no doctors could be seen nursing him back to health. The city looks determined to blame someone for the loss - and it looks like Mr. Cutler is taking the fall.

Amazing Sound

Chris and I called it an early day at D.S. Tequila. We had a great time with friends, but decided 30 minutes into the game was enough. So now I'm at home watching the NFC Championship - with the surround sound speakers working overtime. It's amazing how I can hear through one of the speakers over my head random spectators yelling while at the game. I'm just sayin'.

Go Bears!

I'm not a football fan. But because the Bears play today with the hopes of going to the SuperBowl in two weeks, I'm heading to D.S. Tequila to hang with the gays while occasionally watching the game. Go Bears!

Why I Haven't Left FB

People are too obsessed with self-promotion on FB. But some use it as a way to make us all laugh and keep us informed - like this friend's posting from tonight. He wrote, "Best received text message of 2011 so far: Just left the world's most awkward 3some. At least there was a view of Central Park."

Crazy Saturday Night

We didn't have any plans tonight, so we ventured out to Pei Wei for some Ginger Chicken with Brown Rice. If you have the quick casual Asian restaurant cook your chicken in broth vs. oil, the meal only has 10 grams of fat, 57 grams of protein and around 600 calories (excluding the rice). Because HomeGoods was next door, we then decided to pop by to hunt down toilet brush holders for the bathrooms in the house. We found three (forgot the 4th). Nothing like a crazy Saturday night of Chinese food and toilet brushes!

Nakedness Returns to Starz

Spartacus returned Friday night to Starz. But Spartacus - Gods of the Arena is a prequel to the original series. So there's new characters to watch - in all their naked glory. Set your DVRs for some cheap porn.

Lopez Bounces Back

I've said it once, and I'll say it again - I love the current state of radio. Pop/dance is THE style of choice from Lady Gaga to Flo Rida. All of which means if you're looking to make a comeback, turn to the hit makers who rule the charts with their beat heavy productions - i.e. Max Martin, Dr. Luke and RedOne. And that's exactly what Jennifer Lopez did for her new single, On the Floor. Sure, RedOne apparently stole his own production from Kat Deluna (Party O'Clock), but he's hit a homerun for the new American Idol judge. The whispy chorus intro is perfect for Ms. Lopez, and the "la, la, las" are an easy way to create sing-a-long melodies. If you haven't heard the song, check it out below.

Like a Good Mehcad

I'd call our State Farm representative Beth more often if she could deliver someone as hot as Mehcad Brooks to my front door. Check him out in all his shirtless glory below. The pants aren't half bad either.

Gym Tales

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It's always nice to have some "eye candy" at the gym for self motivation. The problem is, there's rarely anything good to look at while working out - which is odd. You see hot men on the street with great bodies. So they go to the gym. But which gym? What time? I need to know so I can adjust my schedule accordingly.

Cell Phone Etiquette

I'm reminded today that some aren't aware of cell phone etiquette - specifically if your call is dropped while talking. Know the person who INITIATED the call should call back. It eliminates any waiting and "busy" signals (when's the last time you heard a busy signal?)

Rafael 4 Armani

Rafael Nadal is the new face of Emporio Armani's underwear line. Interesting enough, you can see how much the photos are altered by comparing the "behind the scenes" shot with that of the campaign's first big photo release. Obviously one is way better.

Good & Tasty

Now that PV is just weeks away, I've got to watch my diet a little more closely. As I sat in my friend's hot tub in SoBe, I felt the jets wiggling my back fat - and that's not fun. So it's all about eating every few hours, healthy carbs, high protein, with good fats. My favorite of the moment is low fat Greek yogurt, with a drizzling of low glycemic blue agave, sprinkled with Ancient Grains cereal. I'm finishing a bowl right now - and I could eat another, and another and another. Though, that would be counterproductive.

Catching AI

I caught a few minutes of the new American Idol tonight. My first impression was that Steve Tyler's screeching is going to get old - fast. Did I miss Simon? Not really. J Lo is breath of fresh air - perhaps because she glows more than the sun. And Randy, he's Randy.

Speaking of Johnny

We all hope time is good to us. In the case of Johnny from Grease 2, it looks like time bitched slapped him with a fierce hand. I suppose it's a bit startling to me because I haven't seen him in years. I'm sure someone will say the same to me in three decades.

"I've Got a Rep 2 Protect"

My mom the other day mentioned she was jumping on Skype. Unless I have hair and make-up, with the perfect lighting, I'm not joining her. I'm not a big fan of video chats because they seem to enhance all of the ugly qualities I'm trying to hide. In the words of Jonny Nogerelli from Grease 2, "I've got a rep to protect."

Going Silent 4 a Day

Because I can't fly flags at half-mast, and I'm not sure how to make PTT go black, I'll instead stop blogging today, January 18th, out of respect for the passing of Chris' mom (she did, after all, read the blog every now and then). So no cool videos. No witty observations. No half naked men.

Goodbye Betty

After more than a week in hospice, Chris' mom finally passed away. Goodbye Betty. You meant the world to the Young boys. They are who they are because of you. And for that I thank you.


Meet the New Spartacus

Liam McIntyre has just been named the new lead in the Starz drama series, Spartacus. From the photo, he's no Andy Whitfield (who had to bow out due to cancer). Network executives liked his acting, but have asked him to bulk up for the role. Let's see what a few steroids will do.

Jimmy Choos for Men

I've found my shoe pick for fall 2011. Jimmy Choo just unveiled his new line of footwear for men. Think Converse meets modern British style with hints of Italian craftsmanship. I'd better start saving now.

Mariah's Ken Lee

It's nice having PTT readers submitting content they find humorous. So thanks to my friend Hekk in Chi-town, check out Ken Lee as performed on Bulgaria's Music Idol. It's not that unusual for most of us to get a few words wrong while belting out a Mariah tune. But in this case, I'd say the contestant should have done her homework.

Globe Snarking - The Awards Show

Christian Bale over Geoffrey Rush? Really? I don't agree. I do believe, as stated before, that Bale has amazing hair however.

Who is that sitting next to Julianna Margulies? Hot.

Katie Segal has NEVER had plastic surgery. Never.

The band is working overtime.

That Tron dude is hot. Yep, I'm sure there will be plenty of "hot dude comments tonight."

Congrats to Chris Colfer from Glee! Great speech!

My friend Val writes, "I like the dangling crystals in the background." I didn't even notice them? Ooh, now I see them. Nice. Some poor sap had to hang them all.

Ooh, the head of the Hollywood Foreign Film Press just slammed Eva. Awkward!

Steve Buscemi was nominated for Ghost World? Oh wait, I was thinking of Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage. Ugh.

Boardwalk Empire for Best Drama? Um no. I think someone's kissing up to Martin Scorsese.

Side note: for those of you watching the Globes, and you see a Nationwide Insurance commercial, the spokescharacter was my fraternity brother at KU. Congrats Bob Wiltfong!

Val writes, "Please tell me you hate J Lo's dress. Horible. Reminds me of a Dorothy Hammel number."

Where is Cher? Why isn't she there to accept? Or better yet, sing? Maybe she's planning her 83rd comeback?

Justin Bieber looks like a pixie. Give him his fairy wings already.

You can always rely on Robert Downey Jr. to make us laugh at these award shows.

Annette Bening is beginnin to morph into Diane Keaton.

Dennis Quaid is parting his hair and looking quite handsome. Show more of him please.

Why does Sylvester Stallone's upper body not move? Maybe those human growth hormones embalmed him early.

Oh Tilda, why must you embarrass the lesbians? The hair. The dress. The horror.

Someone heard me. Thanks for the Dennis Quaid close-up.

Smile Halle Berry. Or drink. Either way, look like you're having fun.

On a side note: Am I crazy or does that Adam Sandler movie with Jennifer Anniston look somewhat entertaining?

Zac Efron apparently gained 17 pounds of "muscle" for a movie role. This explains why his neck can barely fit into that shirt.

Steve Carrell and Tina Fey are hysterical. True comedic talent.

Looks like Aaron Sorkin hung out by the pool too long today.

Oh lord, I was excited when I heard Thor and Captain America were coming onstage together. But now that I've seen them both, it's not as good as I'd like it to be. Chris Hemsworth looks hot as ever. Chris Evans needs some attention. Maybe if they'd start kissing.

Congratulations to Sue Sylvester! As witty as ever.

Michelle Pfeiffer is alive!

Wow, Vanessa Williams is working the smokey eye.

Good thing Leah Michelle didn't win. I hear she's difficult. The award would have made her even more of a diva.

Jane Fonda looks amazing. Just enough plastic surgery to tighten everything up - perfectly.

Matt Bomer is hot.

Congrats to Jim Parsons. I've been supporting his career since day one. Congratulations Sheldon Cooper!

The Fighter is having a good night. Perhaps I should see it.

Nice facial expression Helena Bonham Carter. She was thinking, "Who's this chick?"

Boo, can we fast forward the Cecille award? ZZZZZZZ. I'm almost asleep now.

They need to stop cutting to Helena Bonham Carter. She looks more idiotic everytime.

I'm still not a fan of January Jone's outfit.

A big night for Glee. Well, except for Michelle. Wah wah.

Who was the crazy afro guy behind the writer of Glee? A Richard Simmon's offspring? Or that fancy guy who paints pretty trees.

Is Alicia Keys pregnant?

Halle Berry is one sexy kitten. You could hear the audience gasp when she slinked across the stage.

Paul Giamatti was bleeped out. Or was that my Comcast acting up again?

Does Halle Berry ever grow tired of being drooled over by every man in America? I'd say straight man but gay ones appreciate her sassiness.

Natalie Portman deserved to win. Hands down. No question. Though, that acceptance giggle about her husband was a bit ridiculous.

As point 2:40 in the show, the audience looks tired. That, or nobody cares about "The Kids are Alright" winning Best Comedy or Musical.

I love Sandy Bullock, but what's up with the bangs? She's looking a bit like Morticia Adams in a pink dress.

Colin Firth wins for The King's Speech! And all is good in the world. I'm not a fan of "artsy films," but that one was worth the price of admission.

I'm not sure I agree that The Social Network is the best movie of the year. My opinion might have changed slightly this weekend as I caught the film for the second time on the plane to SoBe, but not enough for me to say with conviction, "YES!"

And with Ricky's final words, I write, "Good night."

Globe Snarking - The Red Carpet

I thought it could be entertaining to snark as the Globes unfold - first the Red Carpet on E! followed by the show. I won't be as detailed as Nikki Finke from, for example, but a few fun remarks will make for interesting reading tomorrow (I hope). So, away we go...

Ryan Seacrest just interviewed Chris Hemsworth. The man is hot. But who did his hair? It was loaded with gel.

How can Ryan Seacrest not know Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family isn't gay? I'm embarrassed for you Ryan.

Is Helena Bonham Carter raising pigeons in her hair. Comb it out sister!

Giuliana Rancic is sporting a Snookie bump which looks a bit "alien-like" from a side profile.

Sometimes Ryan makes me uncomfortable.

Is Emma Stone wearing a dress made out of peach shammies?

Looking great Armie Hammer.

Ease up on the make-up Keith Urban. That, and sport some heels when standing next to your wife.

The spray tanners in LA must have been working overtime.

I think the rumors could be true: Sofia Vergara seems a bit snooty.

And even though Giuliana has hair from outer space, she's kinda funny.

I wonder what the stars think as they stand behind other stars waiting for Ryan (for example Meagan Fox loitering while Halle chats with Mr. American Idol).

My, Anne Hathaway, those are some big shoulder pads.

X-Tina is looking more and more like Anna Nicole Smith.

Congratulations Johnny Depp. You took a shower.

January Jones wants you to play Tic Tac Toe on her chest.

Christian Bale has nice flowing locks. He must use Living Proof Full shampoo as well.

And here we go with the awards show...

Pink Trash Travels to: A Wine Tasting Party

Yes, I went to a wine tasting party last night. More to come. Tonight, I'm not off to a dinner party at some South Beach mansion on the harbor. I'm not sure what to expect - hopefully not some fancy affair where I can't breath. More to come.

If I Was Tweeting, Here's What I'd Write

Today, while running on the beach, I passed two hotties. One big, all American blonde (my favorite) and another more "modelesque" with great hair. Both made me feel a bit flabby.

SNL's Breakout Skit

One of the best reasons to watch Saturday Night Live this season (and there aren't many) is to catch The Miley Cyrus Show. "Cause, you know, it's pretty cool."

And apparently, because of Anne Hathaway's high-larious take on Katie Holmes, Mr. Cruise and his "wife" won't be attending this year's Oscars. Oh well. Stay home and dress your baby girl in high heels and teach her about Scientology.

So U Think It's OK 2 B Fat?

Thanks to blog contributor Hekk, I READ that "It's okay to be fat." Of course, this opinion is stated by "big girl" and not a gay man. We know better. Because in the gay community, it's quite the opposite. If you're fat, you're shunned to the corner - only to be reintroduced to society when you have a glistening six pack.

On that note, I'm off to run in South Beach. I need to work off a few calories as well as to enjoy the sun. Because tomorrow, it's back to reality where I'll be freezing my nipples off until Feb. when we head to Mexico.

PTT Discovers Pom Iced CoffeeX

Yesterday was a long day. I woke-up at 3:30, grabbed a cab by 4:30, was in Minneapolis by 7:30, had meetings until 2, returned to the airport, waited for my delayed flight, flew back to Chicago, ran through the airport, caught my plane to Miami, traveled three hours, landed in Miami at 10, and finally rested at 11. So, needless to say, because I didn't want to check baggage at any part throughout the day, my suitcase was fairly full. All of which means I didn't have room for my pre-workout beverage of choice. So today, before heading to Crunch fitness in South Beach (story to come), I tried Pom's new coffee beverage - specifically the Vanilla blend.

As described, "POMx Iced Coffee is one buzzy beverage. And with a daily dose of POMx – The Antioxidant Super Extract – it’s also one of the healthiest. In fact, when it comes to antioxidant power, nothing comes close to POMx. While POMx Iced Coffee is brought to you by the pioneering people behind POM Juice, there’s something you should know: our coffee tastes absolutely, positively nothing like pomegranates. That would just be weird."

It's an odd (but in a good way) mixture of flavors - a subtle coffee blend with hints of vanilla. Apparently, the pomegranate is only included in concentrated, tasteless form. So, you're getting the benefits of the fruit without the taste! I'm not sure how often I'd drink it, but for now, it's a nice change of pace.


Pink Trash Travels to: Bank of America

I realized I needed money for the cleaning staff tomorrow. So I drive to the Bank of America up the street. I park my car, bounce inside to grab some cash, and out I go. I'm guessing it took all of one minute. As I was jumping in my car, I see behind me a city parking employee with her electronic ticketing machine. I drive away thinking, "Did she just give me a ticket?" So I swing around and find her as she's walking up the street to ask her so I'm dwelling over it until tomorrow.

"Were you parked in the tow zone," she said with a bitter attitude. "No I was waiting," I replied. "Was your car moving," she asked? I shrugged my shoulders with nothing to say. "I didn't give you a ticket," she grunted. "But stay out of the tow zones."

Sure, I was illegally parked for one minute. And yes, I suppose she could have given me a ticket. But why did she need to be so callous with her remarks when I was pleasant enough for two? Perhaps it's the only level of control she has in her life.

All of which made me wonder if the city can issue you a ticket without giving you any documentation stating that you received a violation? I'd think not, but with the City of Chicago, one never knows.

Gym Tales

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Riddle me this. If someone showers in the men's locker room with the shower door wide open for all to see, why would he then put his underwear on under his towel while standing in front of a mirror? He obviously likes to show his junk to the world, so why so shy when it comes to dressing?

Illinois just passed a major tax hike. So now we jump from 3% personal tax to 5%. Nothing like working harder to bring home less. Here's an idea - how about reduce spending? I'm sure we could go into the budget and select a few areas that don't need the cash. I'm just sayin'.

Because Dennis Never Gets the Love

Whinnie and Murphy's Snow Day

Sad News

For all of you wondering about Chris' mom, I'm sad to report she took a turn for the worse this week. So, in short, they're moving her to hospice to make her as comfortable as possible in her last few days. He's currently in Kansas City and will be over the next week or so. He's doing as well as expected - it's not easy for him and his brother as their mom raised them alone. Chris isn't one for sharing the information, or the attention that might come from the news, but I wanted to keep those of you who know him in the loop.

Meet My New Client

Britney Returns with Hold It Against Me

I grabbed Britney's new single, Hold It Against Me this morning. My blogging peeps bought the single in New Zealand and shared it with a select few of us so we could listen and comment. Now, 12 hours later, I can give what most likely will go against the norm. The Britney Spears track isn't groundbreaking, but the electro romp will connect with today's teens and gays - sending it up the charts.

My problem with the track is that it relies on instrumentation to keep it moving forward, then falls back a bit on the chorus - just shy of a having a killer hook (though the combination of beats and chorus finally connect near the song's end). And the breakdown kills the momentum (thanks to the foray into dub-step) . I'm surprised Max Martin and Dr. Luke, the hit makers behind Katy Perry (for example), didn't create a track where the hook latches onto your brain just out of the gate. Here's to hoping a video, with dance moves that would make Janet melt, kick the track into the stratosphere - where it should be flying without any help.

Update: I will say the track is destined for some fierce dance remixes. One of the first out of the gate is the Barletta remix. Check it out HERE.

Episodes Shows Promise

I just watched Matt Leblanc's return to TV tonight in Showtime's Episodes. For starters, the show has promise. I'm sure I appreciate the program because of its Hollywood insider premise. In addition, Leblanc looks great - much better than his last years on Friends. The silver hair does him good. So here's to hoping the show finds an audience. I know I'll be back for episode two.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is Ready 2 Mingle

Maksim Chmerkovskiy will be the next Bachelor - in the Ukraine! Maybe if it's a ratings hit ABC will consider him for the next season of the TV show stateside. I'd watch. And I'm thinking most of you would also.

Quite True I'm Afraid

The clip below between two gay animations in the gym locker room is a bit long, but the dialogue is humorous at times. Check it out and "Work, work, work, work, work."

Speaking of Murphy

We adopted Murphy from a shelter because he was rejected by two homes - the first because the wife didn't want her gift and the second because he wasn't dander free. I was hoping because he was a labradoodle, that he wouldn't shed. Turns out he must be a first generation because I see his hair all over the floor - all of which explains why the second home couldn't keep him. So now it looks like we'll have even more hair in our home. The vacuum, and my nerves, will be working overtime for the next 15-20 years.