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When Being Friendly Turns Sour

Why is it difficult for some people to be nice? Even worse, why do I feel stupid about being nice and having this kindness rejected?

It all began a few weeks back when I was down in the locker room at one of my two gyms. This large, muscular man (a turtle in the making) who I spotted while lifting unfortunately had his locker right next to mine. So, to be nice, I shuffled away a bit, and asked, "How was it?" He replied, "How was what?" I then wanted to look him in the eye and say, "Your workout you dumbass." But I didn't. Instead, I stated, "Your workout," to which he answered back, "Good." I felt like a fool. Not only did he most likely think I was interested in him, I was upset for giving him the time of day as he undressed in front of me - obviously wanting me to pay attention to his cockiness. So from that day on, I've essentially ignored him as I didn't feel the need to be kind any longer.

Well today, as I was leaving the locker room, him and his roommate came from around the corner as I was tossing my towel into the used bin. Without thinking, I said, "How are you doing?" It's a common phrase I throw out to be nice. Well, not surprisingly, he said nothing. So I passed between the two and headed out the door. Not only didn't he respond, there was no head gesture, no acknowledgement, nothing. As a result, I've been irritated by my display of kindness all day. Silly, I know, but true none-the-less.

If only he was a reader of this blog. I could say to him, "Listen dude. Just so you know, I'm not interested. So get off your high horse and realize you're not all that." Maybe he is? Who knows. Either way, I suppose I shouldn't care about such trivial acts of unkindness and instead focus my energy on the more positive things in life - like making myself a tuna salad sandwich for lunch. After all, I'm hungry.

Classic Jazzercise

It's summer. So in case you're still trying to lose a few pounds to fit into that string bikini, maybe jazzercise is the way to go. If I didn't know any better, I'd think the one in front is Kristin Wiig from SNL.

PTT Entertainment Report: UK #1

Because I'm such a fan over European pop, PTT is always happy to report what's big across the pond in the UK. This week, check out the new number one track in the UK by La Roux. Bulletproof is a throwback to the 80s with its Yaz influenced beat and melody. Check it out HERE (as the video is disabled by request).

Paying the Price

For those of you who have been wondering why PTT had no updates this weekend, let's just say I was consumed with gay pride activities. As for today, I'm now suffering through a mild hangover. All of which reminds me why I don't drink - and probably won't consume another alcoholic beverage for months. Sure, the weekend was fun. But I don't like paying the price. I'm a baby that way.

PTT Entertainment Report: Transformers Blows Em' Away

The new Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen, is expected to grab almost $204M over a five day time period starting last Wednesday. That's crazy! We bought tickets for the IMAX showing next Wednesday. I suppose one could say that's how we'll be spending our 13 year anniversary. Which, seems fitting as I believe we spent our 11 year anniversary seeing the first Transformers movie while visiting Lisbon a few years back. Yes, that's right, we saw a movie in Lisbon.

Maddie's Stairs Adventure

I Can't Wait 4...

...the day when we have central air conditioning again. I thought when we moved back from Europe, we wouldn't use it that much. Because while living in Paris and Munich, we didn't have the convenience. But with the temperatures in Chicago reaching 90+ with a heat index of over 100, not only is it pretty much impossible to survive without air conditioning, our dog Maddie and our cat Dennis would never speak to us again.

So until then, we rotate two window units in our temporary apartment - one switched on during the day in the living room, while the other in the bedroom rests. Then at night, vice versa. It will be nice to set a temperature in our new home and rest assured that not only is our house constantly nice and cool throughout a 24 hour period, but our bills will be skyrocketing also.

My Fondled MJ Doll

I bought a Michael Jackson doll back in the 80s. I never opened the package. Instead, I kept it hidden in my old closet at my grandma's house in Lindsborg, KS. Then one day I returned home from college to find out my little brother discovered my Michael Jackson doll, opened it, and ruined any hopes of a future selling opportunity as nobody wants a fondled doll. Somehow I knew back then that MJ wouldn't be around long. Today, I wish I was wrong.

Hot Track Alert!

What a sad week this has been with the passing of Ed McMahon, Farrah and now MJ. But instead of focusing on the sadness this all brings, let's return to music to uplift us in a time when not only the world has lost icons of yesterday and today's generation, but economic pressures and war tear us apart as well. From that, check out a new find and now one of my faves as they sing, "Don't Upset the Rhythm." ENJOY!

PTT Entertainment Report

The Freemasons, along with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, deservingly return to #1 in the UK this week with Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer Check out the video below.

Why I Find it Difficult 2 Go Out 2 Eat

I met Chris today for lunch at Wildfire in Oakbrook. After he returned from the restroom, he said, "We should order the cherry pie for dessert." I replied, "Um no. Not with Pride coming up this weekend and the 4th of July right around the corner." Then I continued with my explanation of why I don't like to go out to eat. "It's so much easier to avoid the bad food when you eat at home. You don't see it. You don't want it. You don't crave it." Because now all I can think about is that plate of desserts our waiter presented to us around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon.

What? Michael Jackson Dead @ 50?

Can it be true? Michael Jackson died today? First Farrah, now Michael Jackson? My stomach just turned a bit. Two icons from my childhood gone.

Shame on Perez

It makes me happy to know I'm not the only one that thought Perez Hilton overstepped the boundaries when he used a gay slur against from the Black Eyed Peas. In short, for him to attack others for its usage (such as his bout with Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy), then turn around and spit the word out himself, is very hypocritical.

PTT Fond Memories

With the onset of summer this week came the placement of a box fan in the window to cool down our temporary apartment. The whirling sound of the Lasko brought back memories of living in Lindsborg, KS with no air conditioning, watching my grandma nibble on watermelon, and sipping Diet Shasta from an ice cold can purchased from Lee's Thriftway just three blocks away.

Milan Fashion Week Faves

While living in Europe, I never made it to Milan. I heard it wasn't that great - very industrial. But during fashion week, I'm sure it would be quite enjoyable as models such as those sporting Dirk Bikkemberg would be running amok. Check out two of my favorites from his fashion show this week - especially the first.

Hot Track Alert!

Some dislike this American Idol's latest release as it sounds like another Teddy rehash. But give the dance remix a listen as it's mixed by none other than the Bimbo himself. Really, with Bimbo, you can't go wrong. Well, that's what it seems like lately. Check out the hot track HERE.

Kylie Taps Xenomania

It was announced this week that Kylie Minogue will be working with Xenomania on her next album. If you're unfamiliar with the duo behind Xenomania, they are the ones responsible for 20 top 10 hits for Girls Aloud as well as the Pet Shop Boys latest effort. According to the source, "By working with Xenomania, Kylie hopes to create a really coherent album which will once again connect her to the pop market." All of which is great news. Not that Kylie's last album, X was bad, it just missed the mark in terms of making an impact at radio and with the buying public. Here's to hoping Xenomania and Kylie will make beautiful, melodic, pop music together.

The Housing Report: June 23

Today Chris ventures out to a stoneyard to inspect the Calcutta Gold Marble slab below for possible use on our kitchen countertops. I was hoping for a piece that was a bit more flowing vs. swirl, but we'll see what Chris thinks. And considering the kitchen is his baby (while mine is the backyard landscaping), I'll defer to his opinion.

Going 2 Far

I just spent the last 11 minutes watching a confessional video from Perez Hilton on his attack last night at the MuchMusic Awards. I agree with his thoughts that "...violence is never the answer." However, Perez also needs to understand that the hateful words he spewed, including using derogatory slang towards gays, isn't appropriate behavior either. Sure, Perez Hilton is upset. But I'm afraid once he reviews his video, he'll realize he went too far in the battle of words against the Black Eyed Peas.

Dinner 4 2

Who needs to go out for dinner when your other half is cooking at home a delicious meal like the one above? He even de-tailed the shrimp. Now that's service.

...the day when I have a walk-in closet to hold all my shoes as now they sit on an open rack in our temporary apartment collecting pet hair from Dennis as he suns himself in the open window just three feet away.

Summer Has Arrived

Today, because it's truly the first day of summer, with a temperature of 88 degrees and sunny, I felt as though I needed to get outside. So after lunch, I ran down and along the lake to North Avenue Beach. I've never been there on a Saturday afternoon - and it was crazy! Though, standing around, drinking alcoholic beverages, as the sun beats down on your sandy back, doesn't sound like much fun to me.

The Housing Report: June 19

On my way back into town today, I decided to drive by the house to check on its progress. What I found was a flooded basement and a neighborhood that looked as though a twister had ripped through it. And because we didn't have any power, nothing could be done with the 8 inches of water that bubbled in our newly framed basement.

I suppose if you want to look on the bright side, there was no drywall installed, so the lower level was just cement and boards. However, I of course, have been focused on the "now what?" all day. Specifically, "Why did this happen?" and "What's going to stop if from happening again?"

The flooding has exposed a few possible, critical missteps on the part of either our contractor or architect. For example, "Why was an extractor pump removed from the plans by the city without anybody telling us?" Sure, it has nothing to do with pumping sewer water out of the basement, but it's deletion would have brought to our attention the need for flooding protection as we thought an extractor pump was just another name for a sump pump. So we would have asked. They would have told us the difference. And my next question would have been, "Then what's going to keep the basement from flooding?"

And if any work would have needed to be done on the new sewer line to the street to keep water from rushing back into the house, it should have been done the first time we spent over $7K to dig up the front yard. Because if they now tell us we need to revisit the sewer line, and it's going to cost more money, I've got a few choice words prepared.

So on Monday, I'm getting to the bottom of it. Somebody will take ownership and it won't be us.

Hot Track Alert!

She's got the number one record in the UK this week. And I made note of her impressive debut a few weeks back on PTT. Check out THIS hot remix by the Bimbo himself. One of the best tracks out this summer!

Ruehl Closing

When I overheard Ruehl employees discussing how rough sales had been lately, I never imagined one week later I'd be reading about A & F's decision to close the retailer due to poor sales. I guess it's good for me as that means more items on sale soon!

Giving it a Go

With The Proposal's opening tomorrow, I'm venturing out once again to see a movie in Chicago. I'm a bit worried as every film I've seen since our return to America is filled with "talkers." Even worse, I've faced off against an unruly Hispanic woman with the IQ of a 12 year old. Here's to hoping my friend Patrick and I will avoid the "riff raff" by going downtown where AMC River East is a bit more high brow (as the $16 for parking demonstrates).

So Many Ughs My Tummy is Turning

I don't know why I read articles like THIS that detail what possibly could have happened with the Air France jet that recently plunged into the ocean. Victims found with no clothes, broken bones, fractures, etc. Ugh. Doubly ugh. Triple ugh.

The Housing Report: June 16

I finally mentioned to my grandma the other day that my new house was located in a Swedish neighborhood in Chicago. She was thrilled as I'm from Lindsborg, KS, a small Swedish community in the heart of Kansas. And even more interesting is the fact that our house was built in 1907 by Oscar Holmgren - a fellow Swede. All of which makes moving in to our new home that much more enjoyable.

Why I Hate AT&T & the iPhone

When you purchase a phone, there are some basic functions you want to utilize - such as retrieving voice mail. I can't count how many times I receive a phone call, without the phone ringing, and it goes to an unreachable voice mail box. So, I usually end up calling the person back and asking what message they left on my "blipping" mobile services provider. If the service doesn't improve, I'll stomp inside my local AT&T store, make note of my issues, and demand either they fix the problems or terminate my contract.

Glambert Goes Gaga

It's been confirmed that Adam Lambert, our pick in our American Idol pool, will be working with RedOne - the producer behind Lady Gaga, Sean Kingston's Fire Burning, and the electro dance sound now taking over the airwaves. Not a big surprise as it seems like a match made in heaven. Here's to hoping RedOne experiments a bit with his sound and doesn't duplicate what's already been done.

A Breath of Fresh Air

What would we do without Europe and other nations introducing us to not only dance pop but quirky pop as well. Check out a single by Australian actress Lenka. I'm sure The Show will make its way into a stateside commercial any day now.

The Housing Report: June 15

With electrical and low voltage going in this week, the house doesn't look much different than it did a few weeks ago. Until they start drywalling next week, I'm afraid there isn't much to tickle your fancy. But you can be the judge of that!

They've begun priming and painting the exterior.

Our master bedroom closet and ladder to the attic.

The master bathroom with vanity wall in the background.

The second floor, vintage bathroom.

The lower level guest bedroom.

The lower level media room with foosball table area to your back upper right.

The lower level laundry room and mechanical room. They've begun drywalling the mechanical room with red plank tiles on the floor (though, you can't see them as they are being protected by paper.

A shot down the lower level hallway to the guest bathroom and crawl space under the new construction.

The newly dropped landing with repositioned window.

The hallway that leads past the powder room and pantry to the kitchen and family room.

The mounds of blowing cotton from our 120 year old cottonwood tree in our backyard. Seriously, it's everywhere!

Our new garage with cedar siding and new window (another window is on the right side). Lattice work that flanks the large front window is still to come.

A dark shot of the family room. The ceiling will be a grid ceiling, uplit, with ceiling fan in the center to cool the space down on hot days.

Our formal living room with newly opened entry - thus creating a more casual environment (nobody wanted grandma's formality).

Our formal living room.

Through the front door and beyond the foyer and dining room to the new addition family room.

Dolce & Gabbana Know How 2 Get UR Attention

One of many new shots by Mariano Vivanco for Dolce & Gabbana's new 2009 Intimo collection. Thanks goes to Oh La La Mag for the image.

Who Knew?

Did you know "bejeezus" is a word? For some reason, I thought it was slang for Jesus. Not sure why, but I did. Anyway, I saw the word used in an article today about a small meteorite hitting a 14 year old German boy in the head. Crazy.

Speaking of Swedish, this week's Club One Secret Affair artist hails from my homeland. Her hit is making its way across the pond - only on BPM however. Check out the radio remix featured on the dance channel. It's a more simplified version of the track, but I love how it pumps along. Check it out HERE.

Just Like Home

Considering I'm from Lindsborg, KS, a small Swedish town in the heart of Kansas, it's fitting that we're moving to Andersonville in Chicago. It's a Swedish community located just 15 minutes or so North of downtown Chicago loaded with restaurants, shops, and even a Swedish museum. And this weekend, Andersonville hosts the annual Midsommarfest event - one of the biggest street festivals in the city. I've never been but I look forward to checking it out on Sunday with the gang.

A Real Final Destination

How tragic. It's as though this woman couldn't escape death. Sounds like a scary movie to me.

David's New Doo

David Beckham unveiled his new ads for Emporio underwear at Selfridge's in London this week. The man looks good no matter how you part his hair.

Hair Drama

I got my haircut last night. Unfortunately, it's not quite what I was hoping for in terms of a trim. I now feel as though I have a variation of the Posh bob. I had explained I needed a little removed from the bottom, while leaving the top with long layers. Something I feel got lost in the translation - from my mouth to his ears. I suppose it's nothing a few weeks can't help cure.

The Housing Report: June 10

We met with our design firm last week to review placement of electrical items such as light fixtures, outlets, etc. You wouldn't think selecting where a bulb will shine is fun, but it was. I suppose it makes the project's completion all more real. Besides, what we're paying for construction, I should get as many jollies out of the process that I can.

The future home of our kitchen.

Where eventually a framed ceiling will be in our family room (to the South of the kitchen).

My Birdie Moo Moo.

I was excited this week as Chris and I received our McDonald's retro t-shirts that we ordered from the McDonald's premium catalog. I selected a red t-shirt with the Big Mac theme song printed on the front, a vintage blue t-shirt that reads, "Do You Want Fries with that Shake" and a pink one with Birdie. Unfortunately, I ordered a large - which is as big as a tent. So, we'll now have to send them back for an exchange. I don't want them skin tight, but I can't be walking around in a moo moo.