Pink Trash Travels

Why is it contractors can never show up on time? The installer for our laundry room cabinets was to be here by 9 a.m. He just showed up at 10. His excuse? "It was raining and I had to pick-up the van." Wrong answer. Just like the thousands who commute to work everyday, you plan for such hiccups. To say it was the weather is a lame excuse. Take responsibility and arrive on time. I'm just sayin'.

Oh my, what a find! I've been hearing this remix for a few days now on BPM. So of course, I was thrilled to land upon the track by the girl who "bled love" last year. She's back with another Tedder produced single - one that fortunately doesn't sound like a Clarkson/Beyonce collaboration. And of course, the remixer with a rock sensibility pumps up the jam. Check it out HERE. And get ready to hear this number at every gay dance party this season. "I'm just trying to be happy."

House Tidbits

As some of you know, I won't be happy until the house is perfect. But many of you are asking for pictures. From this, I've decided to select a few of my favorites within the house - the first being the Family Room cabinetry. I've included two pictures. The first shows the TV in all its glory. The second demonstrates how the panels conceal the TV and reveal shelves filled with our worldly possessions. Beautiful.

Glamour Shot?

This is exactly why Chris and I didn't win the American Idol pool. I'm a fan of Adam Lambert, but he looks like a cross between Rupaul and the elf that shoots arrows in The Lord of the Rings. Did he go to Glamour Shots?

While at Costco today, the cheese sample lady made a comment about my tan. I replied, "Spray tan." She answered back, "Really? Sexy." Good to know my dollars are being well spent. I'm just sayin'.

Just Because (He's Hot of Course)

Pink Trash Travels to: Lao Cuisine

Chris loves Thai food. So a few nights ago, we ventured over to 5359 North Broadway in Chicago to try Lao Cuisine. He spotted some patrons in the restaurant the night before so he thought, "Why not?"

The food was good and we'll most likely return. But here's my question, "Why do most Thai restaurants light their eatery with thousands of florescent bulbs?" It was so bright in Lao Cuisine I thought my skin would burn from the excessive illumination. Besides that, we all know florescent lighting never makes anybody look good.

Blogspot Battles

If you ever wonder where I find my Club One selections, I grab the links from a few "music lovers" sites. As I've noted many times, I don't upload any music - only share what's currently floating around on the great worldwide web.

Anyway, today I read a few chat "rolls" between the individuals who post the music. And sadly, it can get quite nasty between them. Apparently, they try to outdo each other in regards to their blog's popularity. Some post music. Some steal the links. Name calling ensues. And from there, it goes downhill. The bloggers are very protective of their "work" and don't want anybody stealing their thunder. Of course, my random postings aren't enough for them to care about. But for those who copy their links on a daily basis, they have some nasty words to share.

I suppose they highly guard their info as they create links from their uploads to advertisements. So, when you click on the song, it sends a "hit" to an ad. From that, they get paid based on how many eyes see the brand message. And for these 14 year boys who run home after school to pass along the latest Whitney dance track, I assume it can add up quickly. After all, those Cinnabon's and American Eagle t-shirts at the mall are quite expensive.

Welcome 2 the Hood

I know our neighborhood has a "watch" program. But I didn't realize how responsive they would be until tonight. An hour ago, Chris and I heard a "bang" outdoors. So we lazily investigated from our front door (as it won't currently open due to the re-plating of the door hardware) only to see our neighbor running down the block screaming, "Is everyone okay?" Apparently there was an accident on the corner. Nobody was hurt. Instead, it appears someone was driving a car, smashed into three along the way, then ran from the scene. Seriously, I've never seen a neighborhood swarm faster to a crime scene. All of which makes me feel better about crime in our neck of the woods. If the residents are that tuned in to the sights and sounds of Lakewood, then I might not need an extra flood light after all.

This week's Club One is for those of you planning Halloween festivities this weekend and next. This "ghostly" song has all the elements of a hot trick-or-treat anthem with darker vocals, Haunted Mansion organs and a kickin' beat. Check it out HERE.

Come on Jessie

My favorite hottie Jessie Pavelka recently launched his new WEBSITE. Sadly, there's not a photo gallery with shirtless shots of the Diet Tribe host. I'm hoping he revamps the site to include some T & A. Otherwise, what's the point?

I'm loving Janet's new single, Make Me. I'm just sayin' (again). Besides that, it gives me the opportunity to showcase Lucy the Slut again. Love her and her pink cocktail!

Pink Trash Travels to: Crazy Town

Just when we think the minor construction will be completed in the house, we find out the cabinet guy needs yet another day to finish installing the pieces in the new family room. So, that means when the appraiser comes tomorrow at 2, I won't be able to properly present the house. Not that it should matter as our LTV (loan to value) ratio is low (meaning we owe less than the property is worth). I just don't like being disorganized. It sends me directly to crazy town.

Feeling So Urban

Now that we live up North on the block of 5200, I'm required to take public transportation down South to the gym. So today, I rode the "L" train followed by a short stint on the bus (as it was passing by). I'd prefer to drive, but because the weather was nice, my journey didn't seem so bad. And in the process, I felt so urban. I'm sure my feelings will change tomorrow, or the following day, when I realize this is my only way of commuting until I get a full-time job (and the resulting car purchase). So today good. Tomorrow, who knows?

Thanks Ms. Gaga

Because of Lady Gaga's success, RedOne (the producer) has taken over the music world. The latest group to receive his Midas Touch is the Sugababes with new member Jade Ewen. Check out About a Girl below.

Now that we're in a house, and not some European flat or American condo with secured access, I get a little nervous about break-ins. So, tomorrow I'm asking our contractor to install two motion lights on the North side of the house and South side of the garage. Sure, we have two dogs and an ADT security system, but in these tough economic times, you need to take extra precautionary measures. I don't want to be disturbed in the middle of the night by some hooligan trying to steal my plasma from the lower level! I'm just sayin'.

Well ladies and gentlemen, as promised, today's Club One is by none other than Ms. Nasty herself. Ralphi's take is a bit more laid back (hence the "Martini" in the title), but it fully captures the essence of the original's similarities to All For You (thanks to Rodney Jerkins and not Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis). Take a listen HERE.

Janet's Back!

Wow, I'm gone for a week and Janet decides to add a new single to her greatest hits album she's releasing in November. Make Me is fun, classic Janet in the vein of All for You. Look for a Club One entry soon! In the meantime, take a listen HERE.

Think I Can

We're not totally unpacked, but I think I can return to blogging on a regular basis. I've received a few notes from loyal readers to get back to "normal." So, that's what I hope to do starting today. Aren't you excited?

Random Thoughts

Because we've been focused on pulling together the house, I feel somewhat like a hermit crab. I haven't talked to friends in days, my gym schedule is off, and I've barely been able to keep up with the news (like the story today about a boy's homemade balloon). At least we settled down a bit tonight to watch the season premiere of 30 Rock. What a great show. And watching it on our new 52" plasma made it even better!

Alexandra Burke Live!

Ask me what TV show I miss from Europe and I'll quickly answer, "The X Factor!." After all, it was one year ago when we were introduced to Alexandra Burke. She could sing, dance and perform like a seasoned professional. So of course I was anticipating her return to the show to sing her first official release. She didn't let me down. Check out her live performance below. Luv her!

Wow, this new internet system we have installed in the house is fast. No more waiting for images to load. That makes me happy. I'm just sayin'.

Do U Miss Me?

Yep, we're still moving. Which essentially means I've been off-line for almost four days. Ugh! I've got so much to say I don't know where to begin. So, I suppose I could abbreviate:

1) We've run the gambit of emotions while moving. On one hand, we're exited. On the other, we're a bit depressed as it's overwhelming. So, we're trying to focus on the positive.

2) With such a big house, you'd think we'd have plenty of room for our stuff. Wrong. Instead, we're running short of space. All of which means we'll be having a giant garage sale soon.

3) Because we've got a new house sound system, I've been listening to KISS FM while unpacking. Britney's new song has become my unpacking song. I'm sure there's some hot remixes floating around - I've just not had the time to find them.

4) On that note, I've been listening to the same iPod gym mix now for almost a week (because of course we're still going to the gym). And considering I add a new song or two every day, I'm sure you can understand I'm looking forward to searching my contacts for fresh dance jams.

When we get settled later this week, look for photos. I know you can't wait.

Not Connected

Because we're moving, I'm off-line until the low volt guys make the connections work. So bare with me while I'm in transition. Not more than a few days I hope. After all, I've got plenty to report.

How many times do you have to send additional messages, either text or emails, because you typed the wrong word? Especially because what you typed makes no sense or sends the wrong message - literally? I have to do it all the time. I'm just sayin'.

Finding Poo

I went over to the house tonight to select a grout color for our master bath wall. Before our designer arrived, I thought I'd do a #1 in the bathroom connected to our bedroom. Unfortunately, somebody had already done a #2 - and didn't flush. Even worse, I couldn't flush the waste away. So I'm not sure if the plumbing was turned off or if the toilet is already broken. Here's to hoping for the latter.

Like a Good Neighbor

Our fence at the new house is falling over into the neighbor's yard. So of course, I want a new one. Fortunately, our neighbors want a new one as well. I just finalized with them tonight their commitment to pay for half of a new fence. We're not getting a design that duplicates the South side of our property, but we're also saving around $2K. So, I can deal with the inconsistencies. After all, most fences in Chicago don't match anyway. Besides that, Boston Ivy will be covering both of them in the near future. So in the words of Joy Behar, "So what? Who cares?"

Blogging Live: Crazy Bus

Riding on the crazy bus going North. Watching a mysterious liquid spill from a plastic bag. Don't know if it's beer or pee. Neither is good.

Read & Support

Our friend Kevin is a personal trainer at LVAC. He mentioned to me the other day that he's featured in a new on-line magazine. So, I checked it out. Sure, it has some work to do on layout and design (and lighting for some of the models and featured contributors), but Kevin's fitness article features some helpful tips. Read and support a local Chicago initiative, MintMale, HERE.

Poor Joe

German newspaper Bild is reporting that Sepp Krätz, proprietor of the Hippodrom beer tent at Oktoberfest (and the tent where we partied with Chicago friends a few years ago), turned down a request for a reservation by Joe Jackson. Krätz is quoted as saying: "You can't go celebrate and party if your own child has passed away only a short while ago. It's just not right".

Just Because

I'd for sure take spin class if Jessie Pavelka was biking next to me.

This artist recently performed the original version of this song on The Today Show. She should have opted for THIS remix version by the "go to team" for house music. And as an added bonus, how about a light and airy REWORKING of this "Crack is Whack!" diva's latest. Enjoy.

Today I was forced once again to ride the crazy 36 bus going North to our house. And as I sat in the back of the bus, all I could think about was how my nice, clean jeans were getting dirty by sitting in public transportation. I'm just sayin'.

Bonour McDonald's

McDonald's is CELEBRATING 30 years in France with the opening of a restaurant in the Louvre's Carrousel.

Dare I say I just washed my last load of gym clothes at the apartment? With our delivery truck arriving next week to our new house, and the washer and dryer connected as of Monday, I believe it just might be. Because I'm tired of hauling a basket full of colors and whites down three flights of stairs, outside, in the elements. I'm just sayin'.

"Gary Speaking..."

This bit from Family Guy cracks us up. So of course I find it funny that Chris sits next to a "Gary" at the office. And when Gary answers the phone he says, "Gary speaking" - which sounds like "Housekeeping."

Tighty Whities

I'm trying to add some muscle mass to my otherwise slim and lean frame. So I'm eating basically whatever I want along with omitting cardio from my routine. In addition, I'm rotating a heavy leg workout into my schedule at least twice a week. As a result, my jeans are fitting more snug. Besides that, my undergarments are riding higher than I like. So, I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too.

New Kylie

Because I saw Kylie in Munich last year, I didn't buy tickets to her first stateside tour. I suppose it's because I wasn't that impressed. Don't get me wrong, I love Kylie. But the show in Munich was a bit flat. Maybe the show touring America is better. From the clip below, it appears she's thrown in some new material - which I like. It's a nice simple pop song. It's no "Can't Get You Out of My Head," but those songs don't come along that often.


I never lost anything at Oktoberfest - except for my breakfast last year because of the flu. But if I did, it's great to know the Germans are so efficient on running a CENTRAL LOST AND FOUND.

New & Noteworthy: BWO

Just because we moved back from Europe doesn't mean I've stopped loving my Euro pop. And one of my faves is BWO (Bodies without Organs). Their sweet presentation of Swedish treats is heavenly. Check out their latest video below.