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Taylor & Goats

This has to be one of the funniest video clips I've ever seen. So appropriate. Good job goats!

Ellen's Underwear Male Model Search

Which Ellen underwear model would you chose? I gravitated towards "Mike," third and in black.

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Powerful Video

ABC's "What Would You Do?" highlights what happens when gay couples are discriminated against in a Texas restaurant. Check it out. A few actions brought happy tears to my eyes.

Oscar Tidbits

If you watched the Oscars this year, you'd be interested to know that (according to Nikki Finke with Deadline Hollywood), the Bond tribute should have been a completely different presentation:

"OK, here’s what really happened with this tribute to 50 years of James Bond films. Besides the fact it looks like it was edited with a blunt meat cleaver. The Academy and the show’s producers hoped to gather together all the living 007 actors. But Sean Connery refused to come because he hates the Broccoli family. Something about how he thinks they cheated him out of money he was owed. Then Pierce Brosnan refused to come because he hates the Broccoli family as well. Something about how he thinks they pulled him from the role too early. Roger Moore was dying to come because, well, he’s a sweetheart. And Daniel Craig would have come because he does what he’s told by the Broccoli family’s Eon Productions whose Bond #23 Skyfall just went through the box office global roof. So there you have it."

View from Pee Wee

Thanks to Pee Wee, here's a preview of the Oscar auditorium. Yes, I'm besties with Mr. Herman. Duh.

Game Changer

For those of you who follow music, you'll be interested to know (if you don't already) that YouTube views are now incorporated into the Hot 100 tally which includes sales and airplay. In short, it's a game changer.

Gymnastics or Crossfit?

The Nebraska's Men's Gymnastics team created the video below to draw attention to their meets. Their antics wouldn't drive me to watch, but I'm sure there are many on what we call the world wide web who are entertained by their silliness. Check it out below.

Not So News

Todays news about Clive Davis isn't "news." Quite the opposite actually. Just sayin.

Sean is a Kansas (State) Alum!

Sean from the Bachelor went to Kansas State? No, it's not The University of Kansas, but he saw the value of a Midwest education. So maybe there's a chance for me after all!

What We Do To Stay Pretty

Michael and Marco

PTT has made note of Marco Dapper many times. So of course, I was surprised to learn that my new bestie Michael Burris modeled with him in NYC. I was even more surprised when Marco tagged Michael in a post on FB a few days ago. I told my buddy to invite him to Chicago to hang out - but just with me, spooning on the couch.

Introducing Theo James

The Grammys telecast this year is hot. And so appears to be Theo James in his new show, Golden Boy, on CBS. I doubt the drama will see a season two, but Theo at least caught my attention shirtless in the promo.

Taking Care of Business

Justin Timberlake's commercial for Bud Light Platinum just goes to show how those in the biz take care of one another. Jay Z, who appears on Justin's "Suit and Tie," is owner of my former agency, Translation. Translation just happens to have scored the Bud Light Platinum account less than two years ago. So you know there was some dealings at the dinner table with B, JT, Jay Z while Blue cried in the background.

America Goes Scruffy

I'm not the only one that's noticed scruff on about everyone I know. I began sporting the mini beard a few years back while living in Paris. Sure enough, America has CAUGHT UP. All of which explains the popularity of the gay site "Scruff." Grrr...

Beyonce WERQed It

If you had any doubt of Beyonce's performance skills, Miss B squashed them Sunday night at the Super Bowl. She's now moved to the top of my "must sees" in 2013. Nobody flips their hair and stomps their heels better.

PS - Kelly and Michelle of Destiny's Child were there too. But it was clear who owned the stage. Did their microphones even have power? Oh wait, perhaps that's what drained the lights. Ooopsie.