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Street Tales

When the weather turns warm, there are some who feel the need to remove clothing. If you're Jessie Pavelka, sure. If you're an 85 year old man with hairy lats, not so much.

Hollywood Has Arrived

Sony Productions began shooting the pilot The Line in our neighborhood today - across the street and right next door. It's all quite exciting but my new grass seed in the front yard isn't too happy. Sure, they're compensating us for running a wire through our backyard, but if I would have known my seedlings would be squashed like grapes, I would have requested more.

I did give the location scout a tour of our home yesterday. Apparently, they're always on the hunt for the perfect home. His thoughts? "Gorgeous!" I'm thinking it's ideal for a major motion picture this summer featuring Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.

Boy, are my posts from today "G-A-Y!" I'm just sayin'.

Dancing Packs a Punch

I've never watched ABC's Dancing with the Stars. But this season packs quite the punch with an eclectic cast including a hair flipping Pamela Anderson, Shannon Doherty and two hotties, Jake Pavelka and Aiden Turner (the latter being my favorite of the moment). He can't dance but, in the words of Joy Behar (or her SNL equivalent), "So What? Who Cares?"

Jeffrey Fashion Cares Hottie

One of the best from Jeffrey Fashion Cares. I want to know what swimsuit he's wearing. I need one for Fire Island and Mykonos.

For some backstage photos from the event, visit ohlalamag's coverage HERE.

Ricky Martin Admits He's Gay

Ricky Martin ANNOUNCED today, "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am." It's never an easy decision to admit the truth. So it's wonderful to hear that Ricky is finally at peace with his sexuality. Besides that, it's nice to have him in our club. He's hot.

Gym Tales

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I was standing in my towel today after a good pump session. A hottie asked me how to work the lockers as he's new to the gym and to Lakeview apparently. Jeremy said he moved from Bucktown to be near the lake. But because of his wandering eyes, I'm thinking it's more to be near the boyz. Spring is in the air!

SNL Funny

One of My Faves

Lady Gaga's video Telephone featuring Beyonce has been viewed over 20 million times. And one of my favorite scenes, and musical accompaniment, is when she claps her hands, chats her teeth and curls her index fingers. I love it when something so simple can accentuate a musical beat.



Beware PTT saintly readers!, a website someone just forwarded to me, is basically porn on the web. You know, the kind of photos where someone takes their picture in front of a mirror using their mobile. Most are flat out disgusting. A few are entertaining. And some are quite hot. :)

March 27: It was a special request made by my friend Tom, so I thought other PTT readers may enjoy the Owl City track remixed. So, PUSH THE BUTTON over the next seven (7) days I say. Push it.

Gym Tales

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Today, by accident, I left my iPod Shuffle at home. My entire workout was shot. If I don't have some thumping tunes blasting in my head, not only is my gym time less effective, I'm left to hear the idiotic conversations of those around me.

Right Next Door

Yep, it's confirmed. The pilot episode for a new series on CBS, titled The Line, is shooting right next door. I knew we were bypassed when I saw a few wandering around inside their home. I guess a single dad cop in Chicago wouldn't live in our remodeled home. Makes perfect sense to me.


I thought I lit the grill. Instead, I just turned on the gas. So when I went out just seconds ago to place my bison burgers on the hot grill, it was cold. Not thinking, I then pushed the ignite button. Let's just say I'm lucky the wind is blowing over 25 mph. Otherwise, my eyebrows would be singed and I could possibly be blind.

So Close

I made note a few weeks back of our house being spotted for the filming of a TV pilot. Well, we learned today they chose a home South of us as well as another location one block West. The trucks arrive Saturday with filming next Wednesday. I told Chris maybe I should set-up craft services on our front porch.

Tostitos Sign Explodes in Popularity

I'm always curious what's listed under Google's Hot Trends. So of course I was surprised to see "Tostitos Sign" as the 7th most popular search item. So I thought, "Why?" Apparently, there's much current discussion regarding the logo and its use of two people eating salsa. I never knew. See what you can learn when it's 11:00 p.m. and you can't sleep.

Gym Tales

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I guess when you're 83 and sagging, you don't care about walking around the gym with dangling balls and butt cheeks. The problem is, I do. So please don't.

I Was Looking 4 A Summer Outfit

Old Spice Strikes Ad Gold

Clara. Jared. It's been a while since we've had an advertisement spokesperson morph into a pop culture icon. But with Old Spice's commercial featuring Isaiah Mustafa, they've struck gold. Check it out below. Then back to me. Then back to the spot. Then back to me.

Summer is just around the corner. With the warmer temperatures come dance songs that, instead of beating you over the head with instrumentation, chug along with a smooth beat and airy vocals perfect for sunset cocktails in Mykonos. So, for my friend Patrick, PUSH THE BUTTON I say. Push it.

Looking Forward 2 It

Opening this weekend, Hot Tub Time Machine looks to be my kind of movie. Sure, it's obviously trying to duplicate the success of The Hangover, but the throwback soundtrack and Romy and Michelle's humor should make for an entertaining film. I'm there.

Chris Evans Named Captain America

Marvel announced, after two years of searching, that Chris Evans will be Captain America. There was speculation he wasn't interested in securing another superhero role after his stint as the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four. But really, what else does Chris have going on that anybody cares about? This way, he's almost guaranteed a hit picture (nine actually as he's signed on for nine options including combinations of both Captain America and the Avengers). All I can say is I hope Marvel keeps his shirt off as they did in the Four flicks. He'll then secure at least one segment of the population.

Mykonos Bound

It's always nice to have a vacation on the books - one to look forward to and one to keep you physical fitness in check. So I'm happy to report, after just a few hours of deliberation, we're headed back to Mykonos this year. Of course, we selected our favorite week to return - the week before Labor Day. The Euro crowds have disappeared, the island is in a more calm state, and the gay crowds take over.

PT's European correspondant noted a gay party week makes it's second year appearance in 2010 from August 20 - 28. But I don't think we'll be changing our plans to attend. After all, it's not about a circuit event but rather a time to relax, have some fun when we want it, and drink Frapp├ęs. Though, we do arrive on Saturday, August 28th, just in time for the closing party. So, we'll get a taste of XLsior before the circuit queens depart on Monday (after a day of rest I'm sure).

Gym Tales

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Sasquatch was in the gym today. I feel for the guy as his body was covered with hair - alot. But what was even more odd was his shaving of a v-neck. I suppose he doesn't want his shag to show when wearing button downs.

Hot and Handsome's posting of the picture above made me go looking for more pictures of British rugby player Ben Foden. Hot and handsome come to mind.

New & Noteworthy: Mika's Kick Ass

Add another song to the discography of Lady Gaga's producer, Red One. This go around, he collaborates with Mika. The end result is one of Mika's best tracks and possibly his first to truly break stateside. Though, the road will be tough as the flick it supports doesn't look to gain much traction. Still, the song is worth exploring. Check it out.

Finding Out What It's all About

I pride myself on usually being ahead of he pop culture curve. But for some reason, I've been slow to jump on the Twilight bandwagon. I suppose I didn't really care. So today, Saturday, I decided to watch the first movie in the series. I'm half way through, to the point where you learn that vampires sparkle, and I'm thinking, "WTF?" Vampires sparkling? Really? Beyond that, the acting is terrible. I guess kids these days will watching anything.

Say Whaaa?

Wow. Balian Buschbaum, a German pole vaulter, used to be a girl? In the words of Stewie, "Say whaaaa?" For more photos of Balian, go HERE. I'm just as in shock as you'll be too.

Hugh Jackman Makes Me Thirsty for Tea

Helping Anyway I Can

I received a note from Masterbeat a few weeks back asking if I would be interested in sharing some of the playlists from Winter Party. They caught one of my postings regarding the annual event and thought I'd like to draw attention to the playlists. To answer Meg's question, "Of course!"

I'm a big fan of not only Winter Party but music as well. So be sure to check out Winter Party playlists by some of today's hottest DJs HERE.

Gym Tales

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No matter the day, there's always a gym tale to be told. Today, I watched as a heavy set man tried wrapping one towel around his plump figure. I applaud him for going to the gym - hoping to reduce his size. But shouldn't he know by now one towel won't do the job?

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we break it down club house style. Starting with a throbbing beat, then ripping to the original, then back again, DJ Dan blows up the Peas! Push the button I say. PUSH THE BUTTON.

I'm not sure if it's because Spring is in the air, but when I see friends of ours who fall in "love" within just a few days, it drives me madder than the Hatter. Are they so desperate to land a boyfriend that they're willing to lose themselves in the process? More than that, because they forego any sensibilities, they overlook warning signs that should send them packing. Come on guys, your'e men, not boys. I'm just sayin'.

And So it Was...

Just over 12 hours after our American Idol evening ended, I can say the first night of our annual pool gathering was a success. It didn't go off without a few glitches however - such as my camera's flash not launching and our Comcast box not allowing us to watch as we record the program. So I had to stop and reboot the piece of crap. All of which means I began to sweat profusely thinking we wouldn't be able to watch the show. Guess who's getting a call today to replace, for the fourth time, their amazing HD technology?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St.Patricks Day Animated Gifs
I'm not wearing green today and I won't be consuming any alcohol. But I can still wish you a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

And the Pressure Builds

Tomorrow night, Chris and I are hosting the first Tuesday gathering of our 2010 American Idol pool. And because this is the first time we've really had the group over to our house (well, any group really), I'm a bit nervous. I feel as though I'm under pressure to make a good presentation. Sure, it's our friends, but you still want to make the house look perfect. So the next few days will be filled with flower arranging, spring cleaning, and food preparation.

It's Fat Sally Time!

We just enjoyed a Fat Sally Sunday meal of fried chicken, buttery corn, creamy mashed potatoes, sweet cole slaw and homemade biscuits. Afterwards, we both had to clean the kitchen. I asked Chris if it was worth all his time today, and he replied, "Yes."

I, on the other hand, think the hours that it took to create the "Sunday at grandma's meal," along with the effort it required to clean the kitchen, were a bit excessive. Then again, I'm not much for cooking. Eating a delicious Fat Sally Sunday meal, yes. Cooking, no.

Pink Trash Travels to: Chicago Bagel Authority

If you're looking for a steamed, fresh bagel in a casual Chicago setting, served by a cute bagel boy (at least today anyway), head over to Chicago Bagel Authority on Armitage. It's hard to find a seat on the weekends, so be ready to jump.

Yep, Gaga's Telephone is Here

You'll either love it, or hate it, but either way you have to at least appreciate the fact that Gaga creates videos like they used to in the vintage days of MTV. With almost 700K views in less than 12 hours, it's bound to push her single into the top 10 (from it's current #11 position) on the Billboard charts.

Push the Button

We've all heard Lady Gaga's Telephone. In fact, probably a little too much. I mean, the girl never goes off radio - not for one second. Now with Beyonce's Videophone picking up steam, especially with the Mike Rizzo dance remix, we'll be hearing more from the Gaga for weeks, months, and years (at this rate). Check out the Mike Rizzo dance remix by PUSHING THE BUTTON. That's right push it.

PS: for anybody having issues with the link above, please note I'm only sharing what's currently available on the net. I don't upload music. If anything, maybe you should release these dance singles so people can actually buy them. What a thought!

Almost Finished!

Dining room curtains - IN. Hallway window treatment - IN. Pantry and laundry room wood blinds - IN! Stained glass door - IN! Unfortunately, the kitchen and formal living room shades aren't ready - BOO! I'm hoping they'll be installed by next Tuesday when we host our first American Idol pool party (that's money pool not splash around in the water pool).

And So it Goes In...

Designed by us, created and manufactured by Harmony Art Glass, our new stained glass front door is truly beautiful.

The Real Reason

I don't think Chicago is STAYING OFF THE BUSES because of long lines. Rather, I think it's because of all the crazies.

Looking on the Brightside

Chris and I don't go to the movies that often anymore. In fact, since we returned from Europe last year, I can probably count on two hands how many times we ventured out to the theatre. It's not because there's a lack of good movies, but rather because of the rude patrons and the resulting confrontations (as in last year's BATTLE after Wolverine).

So of course THIS article, submitted by my friend Tom, hit close to home. I suppose I should be fortunate my run-in with an idiot at Kerasotes in Chicago didn't result in a near death experience.

Where Perception is Better Than Reality

While watching the Oscars this year, it was obvious the makers of Botox and other non-evasive plastic surgeries have made millions from Hollywood. But one I was surprised to see have such difficulty with facial presentation was Tom Ford. While modeling with Sarah Jessica Parker, the designer and now movie maker could barely open his eyes. Besides that, the man needs to lighten up a bit. Such a shame too as he's so sexy in photos. Perception is much better than reality in this case.

Going Cuckoo for Coconut

It's hard to eat healthy the rest of the week when Chris bakes such glorious pies, like the coconut cream pie above, on Fat Sally Sunday. So, sadly, I'll have another slice tonight.

Chris and I think it's funny sometimes about how we don't go out much, don't drink, don't smoke, etc. After seeing some photos of those we haven't seen in a while, those who like to party, well, we definitely have the last laugh. It's not pretty. I'm just sayin'.

Handsomely Funny

A bit of funny that aired on Jimmy Kimmel last night after the Oscars. Handsome Men's Club runs long, but the concept is entertaining. Check it out below "punk ass bitch."

Check it Out!

If you're looking for a great commentary on the Oscars, check out Nikki Finke's thoughts on the awards show are not only insightful (from an insiders point-of-view) but hysterical.

Why I'm a Fan

Sandra Bullock's ACCEPTANCE of her Razzie Award is just another reason why I love the actress. She's one of the very few in Hollywood that don't take themselves so seriously. Besides that, she's playing her pre-Oscar cards just right as Hollywood will stand up and notice her come Oscar night.

Hello Chicago Sun!

Alice Blows! (But in a Good Way)

I hate not seeing a movie on opening weekend - especially when it's a cultural phenom with a $45M haul on Friday (the largest opening in March and blowing away Avatar's first weekend numbers). So, I've distraught that we have to wait until next weekend to see Alice in Wonderland. Sure, we could have seen the flick in an average theatre. But I want to see the Disney picture in all its glory - so we have tickets for the IMAX experience next weekend.

Winter Party Weekend

With the Winter Party pool party today, and the beach dance tomorrow, it's tough for me not to imagine us down enjoying the sun. Winter Party is such a nice break from the cold doldrums of Chicago. Though, as last year, it's a bit chilly - for Miami standards. And with today in Chicago scheduled to be around 45 and sunny, 20 degrees separates the Windy City from SoBe. So I guess that makes me feel a LITTLE better.

For all my European followers (and those stateside who enjoy a good pop dance track), today's Hot Track Alert is from the winner of The X-Factor a few years back. The diva single has been remixed by Almighty who, I must admit, I haven't paid much attention to lately. Their high energy music was just too sugary. But their take on this Hot Track Alert is very unexpected - and enjoyable. So, push the button I say, "Push the button!"

Forget the Girls, Katy Goes 4 Smurfette

I'm currently working on a project featuring the Smurfs. So of course I'm excited to share with you the news that not only will Neil Patrick Harris be starring in the live action/animated film about little blue creatures, but Katy Perry will be the voice of Smurfette. Now, if only I could get them to lend a hand to my project. That would be fun.


Well, I caved. I was back on Facebook tonight. I suppose it's my friend Michael's fault. He noted I should just hide those who annoy me instead of jumping ship totally. So, I've been busy catching up on those postings I've missed. Yet the funny part of it all is that I really didn't miss that much!

Three Days & Counting

Three days and counting without Facebook. And do I miss it? No. Looks like I might pull this off after all.

My First Ding

Four days in, and I've got my first ding. WTF? And I've even parked in Timbuktu everywhere I've gone! Good thing I'm allowed one ding fix per month with my new LR2. I just didn't think it would be so soon.

Pavelka Sandwich

He's hot, but Chris and I decided Jake Pavelka is kind of a dork. And I compared his selection of Vienna tonight on ABC's The Bachelor to that of a frat boy falling for a sorority girl. But don't get me wrong, that has no bearing on my desire to be in a Pavelka sandwich with him and his distant cousin, Jessie.

We've never watched ABC's Dancing with the Stars. But after seeing this year's line-up tonight, Chris and I have decided we might just give this season's cast a try. Adien Turner, Nicole, Shannon, Evan, Jake. Could be interesting. I'm just sayin'.