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A Bit of Advice

Tonight in Mykonos, we were told by a bartender at Jackie O's, "Americans talk to much during sex." Consider yourself told as well.

Touring Mykonos

As we were walking by the sea today, I heard this man smashing something against the rocks. Turns out it was an octopus. I suppose it might be his dinner.

I believe this pelican is the same one that wanders through the town at night. During the day, it appears, he likes to get a bit of sun. Good thing I was paying attention as I almost stepped on him. Sure, he's big but I thought the bird was a big white rock.

A view of Mykonos from atop the hillside where the four windmills spin.

An architectural tree that we pass by on the way to town every night. There's something about it's simplistic growth pattern that I find beautiful.

Congratulations Jim Parsons

I wasn't able to watch the Emmys live this year as I'm in Mykonos (I know, rough). But I did read that Jim Parsons won the award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. I'm glad the Academy finally recognized what I made NOTE of back in October of 2008 when I wrote, "Give Jim Parsons an Emmy already."

Touring Mykonos

A gorgeous sea view from the outskirts of our pool. In the early morning, you can spot local ladies swimming for exercise.

A shot of a church near the sea - actually the meeting spot for many looking for some "fun."

Where we go for Gyros - cheap and delicious. But beware of perched pigeons as one pooped on my head last night. I'm told that's good luck. I sure hope so.

The beautiful view from the front lobby of our hotel (Theoxenia) which includes the famous windmills pictured on every Mykonos postcard.

The place to go for late night drinks (which opened just two years ago). But we headed there for sunset cocktails on Saturday night as the Elysium was closed for party prep.


We've arrived in Mykonos! Yesterday was quite the long day with an 8+ hour flight from Chicago to Munich, followed by an almost 5 hour layover in the capital of Bavaria. But after a quick 25 minute flight from Athens to Mykonos this morning, we're unpacked, we've grabbed some sun, and we're getting ready to walk into town for amenities for the week before having sunset cocktails at the Elysium.

Look for more pics throughout the week along with what I hope to be an extensive Men of Mykonos report.

Another Day. Another Enemy.

I asked another dog walker this morning to they keep their pet on the parkway vs. letting the dog run up into yards. No matter how nice I ask, there's still a sense of confrontation. Good thing we installed outdoor security cameras in case someone decides to seek revenge.

Dave's Fave: Impossible (Jonas Jerberg Remix)

Ace of Base Returns

With the release of Alejandro, Lady Gaga and her producer RedOne revived Ace of Base's career. Alejandro is, after all, Don't Turn Around updated for 2010. So it's no surprise Ace of Base is returning to the pop scene with All For You. It's not the best single, but it's not half bad either. In fact, it's grown on me like Alexandra Burke's latest, "Start Without You" (another reggae inspired song). Check out a preview of All For You below.

April 11, 1990

My long lost friend Kathy sent me these photos this morning. What a pleasant surprise (and memory). I was a freshman at the University of Kansas, I lived in a dorm, and worked at The Buckle to pay for school, my car, and braces (of all things). The girls pictured became a second family to me as not only did I work with them, they exposed me to the Greek system and the many joys of drinking. I'll never forget them or the times we shared over 20 years ago.

As for Mitch, under the birthday banner, he was our boss at The Buckle. And at one time, we considered him a friend. But for some reason, he turned nasty. So, as a result, we all quit the midwest clothing store one week before the retailer relocated down the street in Lawrence. "Unity in numbers" we declared. Mitch was never seen again. But the gals and I continued our friendship for years to come.

Cat Dumper Gets Caught!

Police used the power of social media to CAPTURE a woman caught dropping a cat into a wheelie bin. Thanks to Facebook and YouTube, the cat dumper is now being questioned by authorities. Let's see the idiotic, middle-aged woman try to talk her way out of this one.

B.O. Has 2 Go

Today I smelled a gym rat from across the weight room. His body odor was so bad I almost lost it. If it smells that strong, shouldn't he be able to smell himself? And if that's the case, why doesn't he run downstairs to either wipe some deodorant where necessary or wash his underarms? An odor that pungent shouldn't be allowed to stink up the place. I'm trying to work out my muscles, not work out my breakfast.

Happy B-day Giada

I learned Giada De Laurentiis turned 40 today. So as someone soon switching decades as well, I have to say she looks amazing. Atta' girl Giada. There's hope for the rest of us.

Making Enemies

Why are people so disrespectful? Once again, I had to nicely approach someone walking her dog through our neighborhood and ask her to not let her pooch wander into front lawns. "But I pick up after him?" she said. "Yes, and we appreciate this. But your dog just peed all over this house's flowers," I said.

As the women walked away, I wanted to continue with, "Besides that, your dog should be on a leash." But I didn't. I'm sure she'll return tomorrow with gasoline in hand. She looked that mean.

It's pretty amazing that someone may find their way to PTT via an image search, then stay browsing through page after page for almost 30 minutes. I'm just sayin'.

Betty Wins!

Today, in Los Angeles, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) awarded the 2009-2010 Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards for programs and individual achievements (with major categories such as Best Actor in a Comedy Series being distributed live in primetime August 29th). Sure, you wouldn't care about most, but I'm assuming you would like to know that Betty White won for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series for her appearance on Saturday Night Live. Sadly, she wasn't in attendance. She must have been having a Sunday Funday elsewhere.

Hot Tub Blows

This past March, when MGM released Hot Tub Time Machine, the Hangover copycat hooked me line and sinker with its 80s references. However, I suppose not enough as I passed on the seeing the film in the cineplex. "I'll wait," I thought.

Well, a few weeks ago, when I noticed the film was available through our Netflix one in/one out program, I added it to our queue. I should have left it off as tonight we tried to watch the "comedy" staring John Cusack. Less than 15 minutes in, we opted out. It was, quite frankly, horrible. Even a soundtrack filled with Scritt Politti and Wang Chung couldn't keep me interested.

How Being Annoying Can Make U Rich

Did you know you can make a six-figure salary just by posting videos to YouTube? Take the "Annoying Orange" series for example. The original has been viewed almost 30,000,000 times. That's a lot of zeroes - and exposure to featured ads. As a result, Dane Boedigheimer, the series creator, pockets almost $288,000 per year for his series about talking fruit. All I can write is, "WOW!" Check out the original below.

More Drama, Less Hair

Having just spent the night out at Tarascas and Spin with my friends, I decided to unwind before bed with a bit of Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. The pay cable's live feed of the CBS summer hit show wasn't thrilling last night, so I'm not sure why I gave it a second chance. I'm glad I did, however, as I discovered Brendon shaved his head - and won the PoV this week. All of which means he now looks like a goofy colonel (vs. a hot swim coach) and he's in the house for one more week. More drama, less hair to come.

Alexandra is Back!

My favorite X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, is back with a new single Start Without You and accompanying video destined to be played in every gay club around the world. The reggae inspired track, produced by RedOne, at first falls a bit short. The novelty beats, created by Lady Gaga's star maker, don't seem to fit within today's Radio landscape. Then again, upon further listens, the track slowly grows to resemble a summer fluff track that could, I suppose, sound wonderful jamming in the convertible. Check it out below.

PTT Rates Melissa & Joey

I caught a promo ad for the new ABC Family show Melissa & Joey a few days ago. So tonight, I decided to check out what looked to be one of those adorable shows that isn't laugh-out-loud hilarious but cute none-the-less. Second episode in of the Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence and I can say I was correct with my original assessment.

This star vehicle for former child stars of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Blossom smartly showcases their appeal - cute (especially Joey Lawrence and his tight shirts) and charming. And the Who's the Boss premise promises to slowly unfold the two's relationship with standard and unconventional family matters that involve the two not seeing eye-to-eye.

So, in short, Melissa & Joey is a winner. Check it out on ABC Family Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. Central.

PTT Calls It

Today, while combing through over 3,000 plus blog entries I've logged since PTT began five years ago, I ran across THIS post about a trend I spotted while visiting Lisbon in July of 2007. Funny how boat shoes are now all the rage in America - three years after the fact.

Whinnie. Cicada. Cicada. Whinnie.

More Brendon Villegas!

Last night on Big Brother, Brendon opened Pandora's Box. As a result, the borderline crazy was whisked away for 24 hours of pampering. If only I could have offered to keep him company in the villa - especially as the house masseuse.

Fire Island Rewind: Goodbye Circuit Dayz

I actually thought of this post's title while standing on the dancefloor in Fire Island this past weekend. Because as I looked around at the juiced-up, tweaked out muscle heads bopping around trying to hook-up with everyone with a penis, I realized this scene no longer was for me (not that it ever really was).

I suppose part of me didn't want to let the circuit days go as it somehow seemed like an admittance that I was getting old. But after looking around the Ascension Party, it wasn't so much about aging (as many there were older than myself). Instead, it was more about the drugs and what they do to you in the moment, the following day and down the road. These queens were a mess. Something I'd rather avoid.

Pencil me in for an evening out, mingling, such as we did on Friday night at Low T. The few hours on the pier were much more engaging as we made new friends (such as Michael from HGTV's Design Star). It wasn't about getting high but rather socializing and enjoying others company (some of which we later saw on the dance floor Sunday and who totally lost their appeal).

I know I shouldn't say I'll never do such activities again. Never say never. But this past weekend forcefully drove home the idea that those circuit days are most likely in the past. I mean, what would be the point of drinking all that green tea and popping vitamins everyday?

RedOne Talks Gaga

RedOne, (aka Nadir Khayat), the mastermind behind Lady Gaga's biggest hits, revealed some new bits about the megastar's upcoming 2011 release. He states, "It's going to be shocking, shocking, shocking!" In addition, he notes something many artists should remember when considering an evolution of their music. "You never want to go too far from your brand -- people love you for a reason." Brilliant.

Fire Island Rewind: 80s Galore

Walking around Fire Island this past weekend was like jumping back in time to 1980. It seems as though the New York boys like wearing their boat shoes and cut-off jean shorts. Throw in a feather hair doo and it's Xanadu all over again.

Scissor Sisters R Back!

If you haven't heard the news, Scissor Sisters is back! Check out Any Which Way below. The second single pulled from Night Work is pure camp fun. And if you like what you hear, be sure to hunt down Night Work - produced by Stuart Price (of Madonna's Confessions).

Oh, Brendon Villegas

I'm looking forward to catching up with Brendon Villegas from Big Brother tonight. I missed the Sunday night episode as I was in Fire Island dancing alongside 4,000 GLBT party goers on the beach. So, here's to hoping Brendon doesn't continue making a fool of himself.

Allergy Season?

I didn't know I was allergic to anything. But apparently, I am. Ever since arriving in Fire Island on Friday, I've been fighting some type of funky discomfort. It hit hard on Saturday, better on Sunday, and subsided yesterday. But today, I'm still feeling the scratchy throat, slight nasal congestion and bit of the blahs. Maybe it was a specific tree on the island, or perhaps the deer that ate just outside of our door. In any case, I want it to all go away. I've got 9 days to prep for Greece so feeling under the weather isn't an option.

Welcoming Me Home

When Patrick and I were walking through the airport on our way home from Fire Island, I made note of a man welcoming someone with flowers. Tonight, Chris said hello with an iPad! So I'm using it to post right now. Thank you so much!

Side note: Look for FI Rewinds this week!

Outlook: Sunny

Looks like Fire Island this weekend will not only be full of gays for Dave Gray's birthday but sunny rays as well.

Pee Wee's Sturgis Adventure

If you're like me, and can't wait to see Pee Wee on Broadway this fall, then you should be excited to see Pee Wee at Sturgis this past weekend. The clip below aired on The Tonight Show last night. Check it out. "I like your big beads."

Brendon Villegas Goes Crazy

On tonight's episode of Big Brother, hottie Brendon Villegas goes crazy and shows America that he's a Looney Tune. Sure, part of it was an act to get the house to evict him vs. Rachel. But his tantrum at bowling and his "midget" comment to Matt proves he might be better off in the deep end.

Melting in Chicago

It's almost official. Two more days of 80+ heat and this summer goes down as the warmest ever.

More Buzz!

As I predicted, the artist in discussion replied with a note - and a cool one at that. The artist writes:

"no offense taken....I've heard way worst....just wanted to bust your balls ;)

Take Care...Have a good day!


So, in response, I wrote:

I suppose your balls need a busting every now and then. So thanks for doing so. And really, good luck with everything. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you down the road. Well, I suppose both actually. ;) And, of course, an ear to the ground.


See, our dialogue has a happy ending after all.

Creating Buzz

I received a note today from an artist I featured on Pink Trash Travels a few weeks back. In short, I wasn't a fan of one of this artist's single releases. On the flip side, I did make a few positive comments regarding this artist's looks. Well, I just received a personal note from this artist stating,

"Sorry you didnt like the song....nor my acting chops. btw your blog is beautiful ;)

All the best,

-Lady gaga wannabe

For starters, I appreciate the fact that this artist reached out to me to state his opinion. That's what makes the world go around. As such, I had to do the same. So, I replied to this artist with the following email:

Thanks for reaching out and sending me a note to react to my blip about you on my blog. I was just reacting honestly to a song (and an image) that caught my attention. You can't please everyone I suppose (as I've received negative notes about the blog).

As for the the Lady Gaga reference, I was detailing how, with the synthesizers and such, it seemed like the track was trying to squeeze into the "sound of the moment." That's not wrong, it's just, for me, it missed the mark. If I was recording a song, I'd do the same (as that's what I like). And it could very well not be liked someone too.

Finally, in regards to your acting, I was making reference to the fact that I haven't seen it, so I "...don't know about it." I can't (nor should) judge your talent if I haven't viewed your work.

So again, it was just an honest reaction, a personal take, on what I heard (and saw). I wish you the best. Good luck with your career.


Let's see if (or how) this artist responds. And who knows, we could form a long term friendship founded on a little bit of honesty. :)


Either everyone is bored at work, and at home, or I'm just posting really good material. In any case, traffic for the blog has exploded this week. So thanks to everybody for checking-in when you can.

Dave's Fave: Teenage Dream

As California Gurls closes the summer, Katy Perry returns to the charts with Teenage Dream. And I've got to say, I prefer the track to the first song pulled from her upcoming CD. The guitar-driven melody shows exactly why Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco are, once again, the go-to-guys for pop hits. It's crazy to think it's been over 10 years since Max Martin introduced us to the bouncy beats of Britney, N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Will these guys still be relevant 10 years from now? When I'm 50? Ugh. 50.

Leaving the Grannies Behind

As it's my friend Dave Gray's 40th birthday this Friday, I'm departing for Fire Island. Unlike most gay men, I've never been. I'm not quite sure what to expect. Either way, it will be a fun weekend with friends. And as I told those who'll be in attendance, "I'll try to leave my granny panties at home." In other words, I'll try not to be a party pooper.

Who Knew?

I was told this weekend that those bigger port-a-potties that I noted a few days back are for the handicap. Hence, why they are larger than normal. I guess that explains all the room inside! Who knew.

A friend gave me what I consider a compliment this morning. As he walked up to me at the gym, he said, "You look huge!" He then arched his eyebrow - implying that I was taking more than over-the-counter supplements. "All natural baby!" I replied. All of which made my morning. I'm sure my pump is now deflated, but for one shining moment, I was closer to my goal. I'm just sayin'.

Goodbye Brendon Villegas?

It looks like the resident hottie Brendon Villegas on CBS' Big Brother might not be around much longer. With irritating Matt's win as Head of Household this week, he nominated Villegas and showmance Rachel for eviction. Doh! Even if one wins the Power of Veto, it seems certain that fellow housemates will terminate their alliance. Here's to hoping Rachel's behavior thus far has solidified her exit. Though, if that's the case, I'll miss her as well - just not as much as I would a shirtless Villegas.

Welcome 2 America Steve Jones?

I've made note of Steve Jones on PTT in the past as the TV host caught my eye while living in Europe. He was a regular on a variety of E4 programming centering around pop culture. Now, it seems Simon Cowell wants to bring him stateside to host X Factor. Sounds like a winning plan to me. Not only is Jones quite attractive, his accent will take me back to living abroad.

Market Dayz Rewind

Unfortunately I have no pictures to share from Market Days 2010 in Chicago. No "Men of Market Days." Nothing. I was so wiped out from Gaga on Friday that my crowd acceptability was as low as X-tina's latest comeback. So, I was only out and about for less than four hours on Sunday night. And the one time I had planned to snap a group shot with gorgeous 6:00 p.m. rays, the sun dipped behind the clouds. Sure, it's a bit Debby Downer, but that's okay. It can't be amazing every time.

Dave's Fave: Dakota Ray Feels So Good

Speaking of Lollapalooza

Not that I had the opportunity to go to the bathroom once we found our spot for Gaga, but beforehand, I jumped inside the largest port-o-potty I've ever seen. It was like a little house - with hand sanitizer and all. In two words, "Quite nice."

Lollapalooza Welcomes Gaga

Like a crazy person, last night we ventured down to Grant Park for Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza (along with 50K other fans). We positioned ourselves, to the stage left, around 5:00. And there we stood for another five hours - between 16-year old trannies and jocks. All of which made me think to myself, "This is pretty amazing." Because not only was the show a non-stop, two hour theatre spectacle with preaching thrown in for good measure, the mixed crowd is really a testament to the power of the Haus of Gaga.

Lady Gaga brings gays and straights together - and nobody cares. Jocks stand next to trannies while prom queens sway beside band geeks. All of which made me imagine how differently the world might be in five or 10 years when these kids (and yes, they were mostly kids), rise up to take their place in society. Hopefully Gaga, and the rest of us, will still be around to witness the transformation.

Stuffing a Honda Jazz

The commercial below for Honda Jazz in Australia made me chuckle. At times, I feel as though my gym bag resembles the car as the bodybuilders stuff protein shakes in the various cup holders. The posing is a bit humorous as well. With that, however, there aren't any similarities. Check out the spot below

Today, my friend Patrick told me he heard a song that reminded him of me. So of course I hunted down the track. And I've got to say, I love it. Take a listen to the radio edit HERE. Thanks Patrick!

BCN Circuit Week

Matinee's Circuit Festival is overtaking Barcelona this week. From all the postings and pictures, it looks fun. I especially love deep diving into the photos as you find quite an assortment of activity. Check out the guy who must have just dropped in glasses in the water. I can imagine he's screaming, "Oh shit!" Who knows in what language, however.

click on the photo for a closer look.