Pink Trash Travels

Just in time for the weekend - requested hour set featuring remixes by those you know like Avicii, Miley, Beyonce, and Katy alongside those you might not such as Flashdancerz, Natali Yura, Liam Keegan and Zendaya. It gave me "gingles" at the gym (gym + tingles), hope it does you too - gym, home, car, wherever! Grab it HERE!

How 2 Smile

Oddly enough, this queen's funny take on how to snap a good picture involves some advice I believe I've used for years - to slightly laugh when taking a photo. Sure, he's a cross between a gay man and sassy black woman, but it's entertaining none-the-less.


Eric Turner and Morné Coetzer are getting married. Yet they don't have enough money to pay for their parents to fly to the nuptials. As a result, they hope YOU'll pay. Sure, they have enough to spend on themselves (take a guess), but not their mom and dad. Truly one of most pathetic displays of narcissism I've ever come across. Read all about their problems HERE.

Streaming Cher!

If you like Cher, or wonder about her new CD she's releasing Sept. 24, Amazon has it streaming HERE. Take a listen!

Smoking Hot

I agree with Buzzfeed. Clint Eastwood's son, Scott, is one handsome dude. Even smoking a cigar.

Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Well now I'm crying. After watching this video, perhaps you will be too.

For Realz

Looks like a good workout to me. Perhaps I should try this at the gym tomorrow instead of legs.


I'm not sure what to write. Thanks Norway.

Winning Me Over

NBC renewed "Hollywood Game Night." Apparently, the $25K winning prize is chump change in comparison to the decent ratings it pulls. I'm not a huge fan, but the show wins me over with guests like Hoda Kotb and David Giuntoli (who looks amazing in a beard!)

Lady Gaga's Manicure

Another song from ArtPop, "Manicure," reminds me of her first offerings before the world new her as Lady Gaga. A bit punk. I prefer the pop sound, but "Manicure" is a nice complement and way to round out the upcoming album.

Lady Gaga's ArtPop

Lady Gaga debuted new music at the iTunes festival. "ArtPop" was the first. It's a throwback to 80s - recalling days of Eurythmics. Check it out below. Great start.