Pink Trash Travels

PTT Loves the Boy

Who knew three drag queens could make such a catchy tune? Thanks RuPaul for giving these gals a platform to perform.

Hair 4 Cuddle

Just cause she wanted to cuddle, I forego the hair on the couch for Winnie. Of course, Murphy looked on with jealousy.

Speaking of Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell Makes Me Wonder

Watching the CW's "Arrow" makes me wonder where the men like Stephen Amell are hiding.

Fields of Colorful Dreams

The Netherlands are known for their tulips. From March to May the countryside transforms into a blanket of popping color. Check out a few images from a collection on Flickr by Bruxelles5.

PTT Welcomes Andrew Cooper (with Mom Alert)

There's a new Diet Coke man in town. Not in America but Europe however. Meet Andrew Cooper. And he can mow my lawn anytime (MOM ALERT! MOM ALERT!)

Chugging Required

Fernsby may have taken a hiatus with development, but that doesn't mean I'm not an everyday juicer. Today's mixture was more about necessity vs. taste. Asparagus. Orange. Lemon. Ginger. Carrot. All about the chugging!

Did I Mention Why I Watch the Bachelor?

Why I Watch ABC's The Bachelor

A Doll is Back

Nicole Scherzinger is back with new music. I still listen to "Killer Love" almost daily so I haven't missed her much. But her new Will.I.Am produced single "Boomerang" gets a (UK) release this week with a video to soon follow. Take a listen below. It's not an immediate sensation for the PTT, but there's growth potential.

Brightening The Today Show

Jason Kennedy, E! correspondent, appeared on The Today Show (the only good thing about the program). And in short, he's turning into quite the handsome man.

How Cold Is It?

It's been cold in Chicago. If you want to know how cold, the images below of a building on fire last night tell the 10 degrees story.

PTT Loves the Brits

The UK continues to offer some of the most "poptastic" music on the planet. Check out two of my favorite tunes of the moment by Olly Murs and Conor Maynard.

For the Hekk of It

Chris on the Travel Channel

I forgot to share that Chris and McDonald's were on the Travel Channel's "Fast Foods Gone Global." In repeats now. But check out a clip from the show below - along with Chris detailing the "McDonald's way."

PTT's Man Crush

I'm not a big fan of ABC's "The Bachelor." But for some reason (well, I know why I suppose) this season has caught my attention. Sean Lowe is an all-American hottie who's more attractive without ab photoshopping (see below).

PTT Recommends Sarah Connor's Cold as Ice

A new Dave's Fave. Check out Germany's Sarah Connor's "Cold as Ice" remixed by PH Electro.

Peeling it Off

Because I'm turning 39 soon (well, close), I've decided to do a few chemical peels to keep my skin young. Today, I visited the dermatologist for round two. All of which means I'll look like Samantha from Sex in the City for a few days (not quite but close enough to keep me from going out in public too often). And of course, a friend is finally making his way from Atlanta to Chicago for a job interview. So I've warned him not to be scared (and to perhaps reschedule his trip until next weekend when I'm as fresh faced as a 27 year old).

Sweet 2013

I've talked about getting my real estate license for years. I remember when the eventual tenant of our flat in Munich mentioned (after showing her the unit), "You should do this for a living!" And it continued as we vacationed in Mykonos and I talked extensively to a friend in Dallas (over Greek Yogurt at breakfast) about selling real estate. But because of consulting jobs with the likes of McDonald's (and the pay that accompanied the gigs), I postponed my new career. All that changed in August when I decided to finally go after my real estate license.

I gave myself until the first of the year to complete my 90 hours of pre-license course work and to pass the State exam. So I can happily write that today achieved my goal - and only six days behind schedule! Sure, I sweated off five pounds in the steamy H & R block AMP testing center for three hours, but the end result makes the torture worth it.

And oddly enough, while celebrating at the gym with a late afternoon workout, I ran into one of the principals at a brokerage firm that approached me a few weeks back. Coincidence? Everything happens for a reason I say.

So tonight I celebrated with couch time, the Bachelor and a 1/2 of a cinnamon roll. And tomorrow, the search begins for a sponsoring broker and new life in the business world - doing what some say I was born to do.


Having spent the day driving around Chicago, I realize most behind the wheel shouldn't have a license. 98% can't drive. They're too focused on eating a Big Mac, fluffing their hair, talking on their phone or texting their BFF.

Pondering 4 Ponder

I was going to watch the Vikings/Packers football game with my friend Patrick. But then he informed me Christian Ponder wasn't playing. There went my enthusiasm.

Happy New Year!