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PTT Recommends Ab Rocket Roller (But Just the Infomercial)

This morning, during my 5:00 a.m. cardio workout, I watched an infomercial for the Ab Rocket Twister. Sure it's a gimmick. But the spot featured the hottest men around - and one I just wrote about on PTT a few days ago. Adam Von Rothfelder is prominently featured in the 30 minute advertisement. He didn't make me want to buy one, but Adam sure did make me want to watch more, and more, and more.

She'll Be Back

On April 5th, Jennifer Lopez premieres the video to her new RedOne produced, and collaboration with Pitbull, "Dance Again." From the snippet below, the track seems promising. It's a bit melodic with the dance beat you've come to expect with any partnership between RedOne and Pitbull.

Working Out 4 Illinois?

Apparently Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois used more than $300 in campaign money to buy P90X workouts. He considered it a health care expense. If anything, I'd say it helps him to get elected. Well, maybe not. Most gays are democrats.

PTT's Pick from Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2012 (So Far...)

Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2012 was held on Monday night in NYC. I'm on the hunt for my fave from last year Aaron O'Connell (then again, I'm not even sure he participated). But in the meantime, I'm appreciating Adam Von Rothfelder. Love the tattoo. Love the swimsuit. Love the shoes. Love everything pretty much.

Thanks Kevin!

Hotel clerk: "how many rooms do you need? " Me: One. Clerk:"And is that for one king bed or two queens?" Me: "Yes."

PTT Loves Almond Milk

I don't know who bought the Silk Almond Milk in the fridge. It was either Chris or our friend Hekk who's staying with us for a while before he moves to DC. In any case, I'm loving the replacement for milk. Almond milk is smooth, more creamy than traditional milk and tastes great over cereal. All of which doesn't help my cause to stop eating carbs late night.

PTT Reviews New Biebs

Justin Bieber is doing his best to turn into the new Justin Timberlake. The Beebs new song, "Boyfriend," has sultry raps, mid-tempo beats provided by Mike Posner, a falsetto reminiscent of the former Mouseketeer. Check it out below.

PTT DVR Report

If you're a pop culture junkie like me, you'll appreciate knowing how shows pull in additional viewers from DVR usage. For example, Modern Family adds almost 5MM viewers to its original airing of 12.78M - ranking it number one. Others in the top 10 include:

The Mentalist (CBS) – 13.31 to 16.84 million: +3.53 million (+26.5 percent)

Hawaii Five-O (CBS) – 10.79 to 14.21 million: +3.42 million (+31.7 percent)
NCIS (CBS) – 19.61 to 22.81 million: +3.20 million (+16.4 percent)
Criminal Minds (CBS) – 12.88 to 16.05 million: +3.17 million (+24.6 percent)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – 9.97 to 13.12 million: +3.15 million (+31.6 percent)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – 15.27 to 18.36 million: +3.09 million (+20.2 percent)

Two and a Half Men (CBS) – 15.58 to 18.64 million: +3.06 million (+19.7 percent)
Castle (ABC) – 10.44 to 13.46 million: +3.02 million (+28.9 percent)

CSI (CBS) – 11.54 to 14.54 million: +3.00 million (+26.0 percent)

PTT Appreciates Mario

My friend the other day told me he was watching Saved by the Bell. We both concurred that Mario Lopez looks better now than ever. How can you disagree? Whoa.

Everyone's Hungry for the Games

Yes Hunger Games' fans. Your new movie broke Twilight's record. I personally found the film a bit slow in parts. But overall, a solid stand alone movie (vs. needing to have read the book to follow along). With that noted, however, it appears my friends who actually read and enjoyed the book liked the film more - as the paper form gives more depth to the story. Kudos also goes to the studio for great casting (as it's hard not to compare shining Jennifer Lawrence to dull Kristin Stewart). All of which means I might actually try to read the next in the series. We'll see how that goes.

My New Gym Crush

There is one fine man at our gym that resembles Tim Tebow. He's in the Armed Forces and his schedule seems to be more flexible during the week. Sprinkled with tattoos with a rock solid frame, he's now my new gym crush. Of course, unlike the others, I won't say hello. I have a feeling he'd kick my ass and not in a good way.

Crazy Chicago Weather

It's been a crazy Spring in Chicago. Winter as well. So it's no surprise downtown Chicago looks like a scene from a spooky movie with the fog rolling in.

Can't Wait 4 Sunday

My Plea 2 America

Please, please stop using the word "fabulous." It used to be appropriate. Now it's as generic as the word, "fun." So please, once again, stop.

Which Do U Chose?

With the Hunger Games opening this weekend, Liam Hemsworth is expected to become the next "it" boy. All of which got me wondering: "Who's hotter, Liam or his brother Chris?"

And the winner is...

He's older and more handsome. That and he's unbelievably hot as Thor.

Levy Losing It?

While watching William Levy on Dancing with the Stars on Monday, I noticed something was different. The Latin hunk appears to be losing his hair (which apparently was rumored back in 2009 when he supposedly called someone ugly). So it appears Karma might be fighting back. Just another lesson boys and girls - be nice. Because you just never know how your unkind words will come back to smack you down.

PS - I feel for the dude. Bully or not, nobody wants to lose their hair.

Finally! Karmin's Brokenhearted

I've been a fan of Brokenhearted now for weeks. So I'm happy that Karmin finally released a video. Perhaps this explains the tracks jump on the Billboard Hot 100. The peppy song, with its heart in the 80s, is part Swing Out Sister part Jessie J but all good fun. Check it out below.

Half Naked Men = Happy Gays

I haven't seen one bad review, or comment on Facebook, towards Madonna's Girl Gone Wild video. Goes to show how the gays react when Madonna recalls her Erotica days accompanied by half naked men.

The Bean in Spring

A beautiful shot of Chicago's Millennium Park and the Bean in Spring.

Thanks Jason

SF driver: there is an entire building under the street right here, it's a museum
Me: we have miles of catacombs under Chicago, it's used to escape snow and house the homeless

Boy Bands R Back!

Boy bands seem to be making quite the comeback. One Direction. Big Time Rush. I'm not complaining. Just sayin'.

Dita is Back

Madonna's Girl Gone Wild video premiered last night. The good news is the video is solid (and actually makes me like the song a little more than before). The bad news is it won't spark record sales. So, the Material Girl needs to move onto track number three - hopefully selecting one of the better songs. But something tells me radio has moved on to the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction. Check out the video HERE.

Disney Sees Red (Big Time)

Sometimes in Hollywood cash seems like play money. Take Disney's write-off of one of the biggest flops to date, "John Carter." Chris and I wanted to see the film but for some reason we never made it to the cinema. Apparently neither did anybody else as Disney will be taking a hit of about $200M. The House of Mouse released the following statement:

“In light of the theatrical performance of John Carter ($184 million global box office), we expect the film to generate an operating loss of approximately $200 million during our second fiscal quarter ending March 31. As a result, our current expectation is that the Studio segment will have an operating loss of between $80 and $120 million for the second quarter. As we look forward to the second half of the year, we are excited about the upcoming releases of The Avengers and Brave, which we believe have tremendous potential to drive value for the Studio and the rest of the company.”

Hello Spring

We've hit record highs in Chicago since last Thursday. So today's first day of Spring actually does feel like the new season. Thank you Mother Nature for a wonderful fall, mild winter and gorgeous start to Spring in Chicago.

Sweden Picks a Winner

We're just two months shy of Eurovision (oh how I miss watching it live with the rest of the 40+ countries participating). As such, Sweden has selected its entry. Check out Loreen and her song Euphoria below. She's quite the animatic performer.

Who's this Tristan?

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars, I was flipping through the channels when I spotted Tristan MacManus instructing Gladys Knight. What a cutie. Not as good as Maksim of course, but adorable none-the-less.

William Levy Half Naked?

I don't watch ABC's Dancing with the Stars, but knowing William Levy will be shaking his bon bon (hopefully half naked), I might have to record so I can fast forward to the good stuff. Just sayin'.

Making Donations

If anything, Facebook has made it easy to secure donations for your cause. Unfortunately, it's difficult to give money to everyone. So months back, Chris and I made a rule: we'll only give monetary donations to those causes that support animals in need (for example the West Suburban Humane Society located in Downer's Grove). This way, we can help those who can't speak for themselves.

But sometimes, all we need to do is lend a hand. Take Sugar for example. Pro Plan isn't asking for money, but rather will donate $1 up to $100,000 for every time her quest for adoption is shared on your wall. For more information on Sugar and how you can help, visit the Rally to Rescue FB page HERE.

Chicago Goes Green - Literally

Every year, the city dumps what I'm assuming is environmentally safe green "food coloring" into the river. It never quite goes away - looking spectacular for a few weeks at least.

Will's Back

Will Young's new single "Losing Myself" is a melodic pop tune that harkens back to the days of Simply Red with its feet firmly planted in today's beats. It's amazing that Young continues to make current and successful singles more than 10 years after winning Pop Idol in the UK.

What a Day

I've never participated in St. Patrick's Day events in Chicago. I'm not a big drinker so I usually avoid the craziness. But yesterday, with Chris departing for Amsterdam, I decided to hang with the boys all day (and somewhat into the night). And what a fun day it was! I'm sure my new drink of summer, Grey Goose, Club Soda with a splash of Sprite had something to do with it!

Thanks Kevin!

Me: "Can I get a small orange juice?" McWorker: "The smallest we have is medium." Me: "Then I'm not sure you know medium means."

Mega Madonna

Not only is Madonna releasing snippets of tracks from MDNA (which are much better than the tracks she's released so far), she's in full public relations mode by pushing out promotional photos of her upcoming tour. She looks half her age - mostly as a result of plastic surgery and a good air brusher. But no matter, she looks amazing. But is she worth $375 per ticket to see her live? I guess she needs to pay for that nip and tuck somehow.

Nervous in Chicago

With the weather again setting records today in Chicago, we all seem to be waiting for the ball to drop with temperatures returning to normal (or even worse). But with 60s and 70s forecasted for the next two weeks, we might just have started Spring in March vs. May!

Happy Pi Day!

Who doesn't love some pi? Oh wait, wrong kind. In any case, I heart pie.

I'd Pay 2 C It

Unfortunately, it's not real. But that doesn't make the premise any less intriguing.

R We Dreaming?

Snoozing with A & F

Does anybody care about A & F anymore? While watching the promo reel below, I thought to myself, "I don't!" Anymore, their marketing seems overly forced and unimaginative. But I do know a few of my friends will appreciate the retailer's efforts. So for them, PTT features the short below.

Cartier Goes Long

While catching up on Desperate Housewives, I caught a 3.5 minute commercial by Cartier. The extremely lavish ad, celebrating the company's 165th anniversary, apparently took over two years to produce and cost around $14M. In today's world run by Snooki and short attention spans, the film L'Odyssée Cartier 2012 stands tall. Check it out below. Quite the spectacle.

If you feel the need to FB post or Tweet every location while on vacation, think twice about your actions. It looks a bit desperate for attention and calls out your insecurities.

GCB Holds

Turns out ABC's GCB held its audience (approximately 8M viewers), and actually grew by 5% in the key 18-49 demo. So it appears the show is headed for season two. I'm sure it had something to do with PTT's review and highlighting of Mark Deklin.

4 Laughs

Dave Aude Does it Again (Updated)

Girl Gone Wild, the original mix, by Madonna is a bit lame. But Dave Aude's remix is on F-I-R-E. I jammed out to it last night on the way to our friend Mel's for bday cocktails. Grab it while you can HERE. It's balls to the wall beats!

Krazy Kansas

Nice to know my home state of Kansas is about to choose a Krazy (with a capital K) for their GOP candidate. I'm proud to be from the land of Oz, but Dorothy needs to school residents on the importance of electing a President that knows how to separate Church and State.

B on the Lookout!

My sunglasses were stolen at the gym today. I should have known it was going to be bad gym visit when (1) I couldn't find a parking spot (2) I told my friend Nick to go to the wrong gym and (3) I had Lake Michigan running out my nose. Normally I would have taken off my sunglasses and placed the pair in the locker. But because I had to seriously blow my nose, I rushed in, set my Ray Bans on the counter, and reached for a Kleenex. Someone saw them laying there, but didn't turn them in the front desk. As a result, a gym goer decided to take what wasn't theirs. As my friend Jacob noted, "Maybe they couldn't have your drawers so they took the next best thing." Perhaps Jacob. Perhaps. All I know is I hope Karma bites them in the ass - and hard.

Madonna Previews "Girls Gone Wild" Video

Madonna released a snippet of her "Girls Gone Wild" video. I don't think many will care beyond 40+ year old gay men. And that is a stretch. Sure, because it features half naked guys, the video will be played in every gay bar across the globe. But that doesn't make the song any better! Time to move onto the third single Madonna.

Dave's Fave of the Week

Niki and the Dove's "DJ, Ease My Mind" remixed by Seamus Haji is a pumping dance track that had me going on the treadmill today. Check it out below.


Trevor Donovan strips down to nothing for Cosmo UK's Everyman Cancer Campaign. I don't watch 90210, but looking at the picture makes me think I should. Whoa.

PTT Supports ABC's GCB

We finally caught the premiere episode of ABC's new GCB (Good Christian Belles) last night. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Mark Deklin's character Blake is gay. Now it seems even more appropriate that PTT FEATURED him just a few weeks ago.

As for the show, it's a bit campy. We'll see how America takes to the Dynasty meets Dallas dramadey. So far, it's looking good with 97% retention out of Desperate Housewives. But it's next week that network executives will examine closely.

Finally Madonna Gets it Right

A new Madonna track has finally leaked that I actually like. Gang Bang is a down and dirty minimalist track that isn't dance/pop but rather an electro banger with vocals that fit the beat. Here's to hoping MDNA follows this path rather than Girls Gone Wild (or Mild as my friend DG sings).

Jake Does Vegas

I just read that Jake Pavelka is now part of Chippendales in Las Vegas. Turns out he doesn't strip, just host. Though, it seems he still has his shirt open - which is a good thing. Now only if he could convince his cousin, Jessie Pavelka, to join him on stage without ANY clothes. I'd fly to Vegas tomorrow.

Good Boy Anderson

Congrats to Anderson Cooper who's daytime talkie has increased in ratings since premiering last September. Unlike that other gay fella on the tube, the silver fox has built an audience and looks to be around for quite a while.

Madonna's Latest Attempt

Another track from Madonna's MDNA found its way to the net. Addicted has bits of unique pop/dance sensibilities, but it just never quite closes the deal to create a tune that will find its way to the top of the charts. Judge for yourself below.

Escort 4 One?

While lounging at the W in Miami on Monday, we spotted a young, (seemingly) latin hottie sporting a perfectly tanned body following around an older gentleman with rather round proportions. All of which made us wonder, "How much?" If you have a better explanation, please let me know.