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Pee Wee Gets an iPad

Since I won't get out to LA to see Pee Wee's new show, I suppose bits like the one below will have to appease my Pee Wee fix. Check out his thoughts on the new iPad.

When U Need 2 Smile

Just because I left Europe doesn't mean I've forgotten Europop. It is, after all, while living in Europe that I discovered Lada Gaga in 2007 - long before she landed stateside. Not to say Neo's You Make Me Feel Like Dancing from Sweden is worthy of being in the same paragraph as the Ga Ga. But, the song does is a cheesy take on the classic. Check it out below. Because sometimes, you just need to smile. :)

Good 2 Know

I received a notice from the Chicago Department of Environment today. Apparently, they tried to inspect our home this morning. So I called downtown to ask, "What is this pertaining to?" I was told someone made a complaint against our house - that construction started before 7 a.m. and the alleyway was blocked. Considering we haven't had work done on the house since last October, obviously this anonymous caller had the wrong address. If anything, it's good to know I can make a complaint and the city is required to investigate. Look out neighborhood.


Neil Sedaka is married? He isn't gay? Seriously, WTF? That's one closeted homosexual. Right now, he's bopping around on The Today Show and if you were just tuning in, you'd think, "Who's this Richard Simmons dancing queen?"

I'm still considering jumping from Facebook. Though, I think I'd miss friend's posting of pictures. That, and FB is an easy way to keep tabs on friends who live in Europe. It's not like I can just pick up the phone to say, "HI!" So still I ponder. I'm just sayin'.

Goodbye Clicker?

I'm watching Seinfeld right now. Jerry and Elaine just had a fight over the TV "clicker." All of which made me think, "When will the 'clicker' be extinct?" I'm surprised the "clicker" is still around. You'd think we'd eventually transition to no "clicker" at all. Perhaps changing the channel with our voice? I'm sure it exists now, but not mainstream. Maybe in a few years?

When did turn into Peapod (see blog hyperlink below). I'm just sayin'.

Welcome Home Fat Sally

With my second quarter of Entenmann's Chocolate Fudge Cake last night, I vowed to return to Fat Sally Sundays - the process by which I only eat bad once a week. Not that I've gained much weight during my "eat all" sabbatical. It's just with my trip to Los Angeles just around the corner (and my expected workout a top the Four Seasons Beverly Hills), I need to be prepared for any and all star sightings.

Prepping for a Fight

It looks as though we might have a fight on our hands with the Cook County Assessor's office. This past December, the Illinois Historical Preservation Agency approved our rehabilitation project. As such, our "...assessed valuation of the historic property is frozen for eight years at its level the year rehabilitation began. The valuation then is brought back to market level over a period of four years."

However, after speaking with the Assessor's office last week, they're telling me our valuation won't be as low as what's noted in 2008 (the year we began work) but not as high as the new number for 2010. All of which details why we'll be fighting the office. Because the difference could be as much as $1,000 per year. It amazes me they think they can redefine the rules that are clearly stated in the program.

I missed this artist who "murders us on the dance floor." So of course I'm happy she's back with a collaboration of epic dance proportions. Seriously, it's hard to "fight this feeling" when listening to the new track. Check it out HERE.

Missing Tuc

I was watching Desperate Housewives tonight and missed my favorite gay neighbor Bob. So I decided to "Google" the actor. I had no idea Tuc Watkins was from Kansas. I knew there had to be a reason why I find the 44 year old so attractive (besides his tall, dark and ruggedly handsome profile). For more on Tuc, go HERE.

Drink Like a Fish?

Last night before heading out, I was talking with my friend Patrick. I made a comment that included the phrase, "Drink like a fish." A few seconds later, I asked the question, "Do fish drink?" I suppose I never thought of fish drinking water. Sure, they pull oxygen from the water through their gills, but it's not like they down 8 oz. of water to keep hydrated.

Pimpin' Some Pee Wee

If you've been reading PTT over the past few months, you know I love Pee Wee Herman. So I was happy to see him make an appearance on Conan last night (as it seems his show will close before we make our way to LA in February). Check out his bit below.

My Dental Report

Because I couldn't go to Asia this week, I decided to be as productive as possible with our vehicle. So today, after a meeting at McDonald's, I headed over to the dentist.

I'm happy to report there's no major damage. However, as I have a filling that's over 25 years old, my dentist recommends I should have it replaced with a crown. And because I want to sign-up for Invisalign, I have to undergo the nasty little "surgery" over the next few weeks (because they won't move forward with the teeth straightening process until all other work is completed).

All of which means I'm now an unhappy little camper as I don't want to go back to have my teeth drilled. But I suppose the end result, perfectly straight teeth once again, is worth it.

Burning Down the House

Good thing we only had one bowling alley in Lindsborg, KS. Otherwise, THIS might have happened to my family as we were the owners.

Fox Got Me

Luckily I didn't turn the TV channel tonight after American Idol. I'm now a fan of FOX's new live action comic book Human Target. On the other hand, it didn't help my fear of flying.

This week's featured dance track, I'd say, is a bit late. His first official release didn't take off on the charts, so they could have used all the help they could muster - including support from the dance community. No matter, it's finally here with remixes by the Bimbo himself. Check out the single HERE by the Idol artist who's scheduled to be on Oprah today (and one who visited our local Asian hotspot Ping Pong followed by a stopover at Roscoe's last Tuesday).

Yours Truly, Hungry

Every winter, we usually have an event that keeps us in check physically. Puerto Vallarta. Winter Party. This year, however, nothing is scheduled requiring me to remove my shirt. So, there's been no need to push the no carb rule.

Well, this week I've decided to tighten up a bit even without a tropical destination on the horizon. All of which means I'm now sitting here hungry after eating roasted chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans for dinner. I'd like to balance the sensible meal with a cupcake, but something tells me that wouldn't be appropriate. So instead, my tummy growls.

So Long...Farewell...Asia

Because of my current freelance gig, I've decided not to go to Hong Kong and Bangkok. Two weeks is a bit long to be absent from an opportunity I just acquired. So sadly, I'll be remaining in Chicago. On the bright side, I my grandma is happy I won't be flying overseas.

Hanging @ the Globes

Yes, readers of PTT, these are my friends with Leo, Jodi, George and Taylor. What's missing? Me of course. But then again, you know fame eludes me around every corner. My friend Scott is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Film Press so every year, he's a big contributor to the Golden Globes. So this year, he invited our friends David and Jason to tag along for rehearsals, after parties and more. And these snapshots are even before the big event Sunday night. Of course, I'm jealous but happy for them too. Here's to hoping next year I'll be invited!

I'm sitting here waiting for a conference call. Earlier in the week, my client forgot to tell me a call was cancelled. Let's hope she doesn't forget again.

Jessie's Back!

Check out the video below from Jessie Pavelka's latest calendar shoot. I'm not a big fan of the hair pulled forward, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying every last minute.

Tru Dat!

THIS article about the gay scene in South Beach, Miami is dead on. You definitely get a sense that the gay community isn't what it used to be - even during the hey day that is Winter Party.

Pee Wee Returns!

The new Pee Wee Herman show (and set shown above) premiered last night at the Club Nokia theater in Los Angeles to a standing ovation crowd at both the beginning and end of the show. If only his comeback would be playing for an additional few weeks (past Feb. 7) as we won't be visiting L.A. until the end of February.

Booked - Now Worried

Because Chris has to go to Asia for work, today we booked a trip for me to tag along to Hong Kong and Bangkok. Of course, I start worrying about the flight. For example, a black crow was sitting in our giant cottonwood tree this afternoon as I was playing with Whinnie in the backyard. In addition, I have been looking for the name of the lawyer who drafted our wills. Of course, my friend Mike sent me the contact yesterday. Coincidence? I sure hope so.

Bigger Fan than Ever

I just watched Ellen where Eric Stonestreet was a guest. Who knew the star of Modern Family was from Kansas, attended Kansas State University and was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha (my fraternity)? Not only that, he lived in Chicago for two years, from 1996 - 1998. With so much in common, I'm now a bigger fan than ever.

Asking 4 Equality

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Bus Tales

The Broadway bus, or #36, is full of crazy people. Each day I ride the bus to the gym, I'm entertained my a myriad of passengers. Yesterday, there were two exceptionally crazy people headed North.

The first was an elderly man who was so drunk he could barely stand up. He got on the bus, dropped his pass (along with everything else he had in his wallet), then staggered down the aisle to a middle seat. Of course, everybody else around him departed for the back of the bus where the second crazy was seated. This little Asian woman was talking to herself, pointing fingers. She was dressed somewhat decent so I'm not sure if she forgot to take her anti-crazy pill or she was, indeed, a bit off her rocker.

I Chose David

It looks as though I've secured a four month contract with McDonald's to manage an "entertainment" area during their 2010 convention in Orlando. There's been talk about featuring Pele for autographs, etc. I'm pushing for David Beckham (shown above changing his shorts after a recent game).

Getting Physical this Spring

Olivia Newton-John was one of my favorite artists growing up. I'd come home on Saturday mornings, after bowling, and play her long playing record in the basement while my brother and I drew state birds and flowers. So of course I'm happy to hear that Olivia will get PHYSICAL on Glee this Spring. F-U-N.

Bangkok Bound

Because Chris is scheduled to travel to Asia next week, I'm investigating tagging along. I'd leave a few days later, but join him in Hong Kong followed by a luxurious stay at the Four Seasons in Bangkok. How can I say no? Sure, the flight is over 16 hours, but the thought of having a three hour Thai massage sounds wonderful. That, and I'd like to escape the Chicago tundra for a few days.

We placed an order for wallpaper. We got the bolts in this week. Our wallpaper guy arrived this morning at 7 a.m. to begin work. Sadly, one hour into the project, he tells us we don't have enough wallpaper. The dumb bitch at the design center miscalculated. And yes, she's a dumb bitch. Not only did she lose our order twice, we've had to call to follow-up numerous times. That, combined with her latest snafu, makes her a dumb bitch. No apologies for my foul language. I'm just sayin'.


We've been on the hunt for a rustic, yet interesting coffee table for our family room. So last week, we visited Salvage One where we found an old fire door we wanted to convert into a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. After speaking with Davide (the striking Italian owner) about the door and our thoughts on its conversion, he sent us tonight the drawing below. Essentially, we've approved the design and are moving forward with the collaboration. So by next weekend, we should have a table for all to admire - especially us.

If anything, this past week has made me not only realize who and what's important but also those things and individuals better left alone. I'm just sayin'.

Looking Back: Our Visit 2 Lincolwood Mall

As we were walking around the Lincolnwood Mall over Christmas, I spotted this ad for Jockey underwear. I'm thinking, "Couldn't they have found a male model more intriguing than this man who looks like a wandering geek from nerd island?"

Besides that, Chris and I passed by a string of pearls that, as Chris described, "...looked like kernels of corn."

But that's not all. We noticed this mannequin selling thermal underwear. It appears he's wearing a droopy diaper.

I'm not sure we'll ever return to Lincolnwood Mall. Unless, however, we have a need to visit "Something Remembered" to buy a Precious Moments figurine.

Bus Tales

Yesterday, while riding the 36 bus to the gym, it came to a stop. The bus driver then requested we exit quickly as the rear end of the vehicle was smoking. "I don't want you to get sick," he said. One rider replied, "We gonna get sick if you make us stand outside in the cold!" From there, the bus driver was bombarded with requests for emergency transfers as the delay would cause their free transfer to expire. "Poor guy," I thought. He just wanted us to be smoke free.

Why We Watched the Bachelor

Remembering Maddie

One of my favorite moments with Maddie. She had quite the backyard in Paris - the Louvre. Now that's classy.

Gets My Goose

Reading articles like THIS ONE on how gay couples get the shaft in regards to Federal and State taxes gets my goose. Take the church out of the equation and give us the same rights as heterosexual couples already. Why should we pay millions more in taxes because some crazy church goer thinks we'll ruin his definition of marriage?

She fell during the Grammys, but that didn't stop me from liking her latest track. This remix is the first I've heard, and it's beats fit nicely with the original track's vocals. Then again, with such a catchy chorus, how can you go wrong? Throw on your Louboutins HERE.

And So It Begins Tonight: The Bachelor

Yes it will be cheesy. Yes I'll barely be able to watch. But Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor tonight will most likely hold my interest if he keeps his shirt off. Will he find love? Doubtful. Will he be naked in a hot tub? I hope so.

McNugget Crazy

It looks like McDonald's has LOST one customer in Toledo. Sad as McDonald's needs every customer right now. We want stock to soar!

I'd say the Sherlock Holmes promotional tie-in with 7-Eleven has to be the oddest pairing in years. Because what does Sherlock have to do with taquitos? I'm just sayin'.

Pink Trash Travels to: Salvage One

We visited Salvage One in Chicago today to look for a rustic coffee table for the family room. We're specifically looking for an eclectic piece to balance the more modern elements of the room off the kitchen. We didn't find one already made but instead our eye caught an old Chicago cast iron fire door that we'd work with Salvage One to create a custom item. Because as we learned today, Salvage One is moving into more of a design and event center vs. retail outlet for rescued goods. We'll know more tomorrow when we return to meet with the owner, but as of now, we hope to convert the fire door into a one-of-a-kind conversation piece.

Looking Ahead

It's been a hard few days, but with the new year comes our focus forward rather than looking back. Though, there are times we get dragged back into sadness such as today when I moved Maddie's dog food container to our crawl space. I couldn't throw out the rest of her food so instead I hid it in the basement. I'm sure it would be more healthy to empty the bin into the trash, but I just couldn't do it. Maybe in a year or two when the crawl space is full.