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KQOTB That's Us!

It was almost 17 years ago when Michelle and I rode home from a sorority party, in the front of a bus, declaring ourselves the "King and Queen of the bus!" We used plastic microphones to get our message across. I'm not sure where the time has gone, but we'll always have those memories together - along with new ones we made in Chicago on Friday. Sure, it's a bit Olan Mills, but great none-the-less!

Cascada's Take on Just Dance

If you don't think Lady Gaga has hit a chord with the record buying public, I direct you to check out all the singles being released that copy her success. Produced by RedOne (the team behind the tracks who give it a "sound"), Cascada's latest is like Just Dance Pt. 2. Watch the video below! And if you're lucky, maybe you'll find a remix or two here later today. N'joy!

ABC's The Bachelorette: Patrick's Fave

His name is Kiptyn. And when I spotted him on the net, I knew he'd be a favorite. So when Patrick said he had a pick, my guess was it was Kiptyn. Sure enough! Who's your favorite?

Body Shaving Goes Mainstream

There must be some gay marketing guys who finally won over the CEOs with their idea of teaching men how to shave - their body. Not only is NIVEA pushing a clean, smooth chest, Gillette is demonstrating the proper way to "trim back the underbrush to make the tree look bigger." There words. Not mine. All I can say is, "It's about time." There are too many "gorillas walking around the jungle." My words. Not theirs. Check out the video below.

The Year of Gaga

Lady Gaga is only one of five artists to sell over 5MM digital downloads with her hit Just Dance. Pokerface has logged almost 3MM. And with her new hit Lovegame storming up the charts, along with her Rolling Stone cover, 2009 is turning out to be the year of the Gaga (or should we say, the new "Madonna").

Of Course...

It's the wettest spring on record in Chicago since 1928. Just like it was the warmest August in Paris when we moved in 2005 and the coldest summer in Munich two years later. We're like weather bad luck charms.

Where Did the Willies Come From?

I just watched a commercial on TV for a retirement home in Illinois. I'm not sure why, but it gave me the willies - which led me to check on its spelling. Which, in turn, led me to a story from the Brothers Grimm. Which, in turn, led me to learn the history behind the word "willie."

According to Heinrich Heine (German legend), the “Wilis” are “maidens who have died before their wedding day, because of faithless lovers.” They rise from their tombs at night to seek vengeance, and if any man is unlucky enough to encounter them, he is forced to dance till he drops dead from exhaustion.

Oh That Dennis!

When Dennis sees birds, he makes this bizarre, vibrating "meow." In the video below, it's somewhat tame but I never seem to have a camera around when he's acting up. Check it out!

Seriously Hot

I tried watching the new season of the Bachelorette last week. It was rough. But if this is what I'm missing, I might have to change my mind. Seriously hot.

Go Pop!

I love the fact that pop music is making a huge comeback on the airwaves. I thank Lady Gaga for the resurgence. Just look at the hits populating the top of the charts - many of them have a definite dance vibe including Sean Kingston's Fire Burning and even Pitbull's I Know You Want Me which samples 75, Brazil Street. All of which means The Saturdays could break in America with their connection to Rihanna's record label. Check out their latest single, Work HERE. It's the best track off their album Chasing Lights.

Harpo Anyone?

When I look back on my career, commercial production is always something I remember enjoying. So when we returned to Chicago this year, I said I wanted to try and make a return that part of the business. So keep my eyes and ears open - looking for anything in production (with entertainment a focus). Well today, I spotted a few openings at Harpo working on the new Dr. Oz show. Sure, I'd have to go in at entry level, but I think it could be something I really enjoy. Besides that, I'll be working my butt off. But, again, it could all be worth it if I'm really happy. So, now the search begins for contacts at Harpo. Anyone?

New & Noteworthy: Daniel Merriweather's Red

Happy Memorial Day!

Let the grilling begin! But while you enjoy those burgers and dogs, don't forget to remember the ones we've lost. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

She's Back! Susan Boyle Returns 2 the Semis

If you haven't heard by now, the semi-finals began last night on Britain's Got Talent. And with them came Susan Boyle's return. So, you'll be seeing the following clip over and over and over again throughout this week. She seems a bit nervous at the beginning as her voice cracks. But I suppose this adds to her down home charm as being too polished would be her downfall.

So Went My New Rule

I thought I could go out last night and follow my new idea of drinking just sparkling water. I was wrong. Though, it did last for about thirty minutes. Then the crowd settled and I needed a cocktail. I suppose I was still off from our adventure to International Male Leather's Leathermart yesterday at the Hilton in downtown Chicago. All I can say is, "Some things should be left in the privacy of one's bedroom."

Class Act

It's nice to see Kris Allen making note that even those who are different can share commonalities and be friends. Check him out on Access Hollywood discussing his friendship with Adam Lambert.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Love the Hair

I've never been a huge fan of Supernatural. Chris and I tried getting into the show while living in Europe, but it just never clicked with us. But now that I've seen Jared Padalecki's Men's Fitness photoshoot, I may change my tune. Love the hair.

Because I've Missed Him So

Just as I Feared

That's all that needs to be said regarding American Idol. Though, I have to admit, I became a bigger fan of Kris' after his performance with Keith Urban. What a duo!

Who'll Take the Idol Crown?

After a balanced showing by both contestants last night, I'm afraid we'll be paying for our light fixture with our hard earned cash as Kris Allen will most likely take the title. Not only do most of Danny's votes roll to the southern boy from Arkansas, he's got the 12 year old girls votes locked, white bread America's pushing the boy wonder, and most gay men seem to gravitate towards the underdog vs. supporting one of their own. Within our AI pool, for example, of the 15 gay men participating, only two (including myself) voted for Adam. Unfortunately, that spells doom for both his chances of winning and my AI light fixture.

If you're looking for a light summer dance track, check THIS out. Perfect for road trips from Verona to Las Vegas! And speaking of Vegas, take a listen to this PTT Secret Affair BONUS TRACK.

Vote Adam Lambert!

With $260 on the line in our American Idol pool, I'm asking each and every one of you to vote for Adam Lambert tonight. Call. Text. Text. Call. We need a new light fixture for the front hallway. Know that your phone call is going towards a good deed - illuminating the way for visitors on Lakewood.

Stepping Out

Perez Hilton is reporting that Adam Lambert was out and about with his boyfriend this weekend alongside a few contestants who got the boot earlier in the season. Sadly, this isn't going to help Adam win over middle America. Just another reason why I have a feeling I'll be handing over the cash prize to my friends Tom and Randy on Wednesday night.

Um, Duh!

Bodybuilders in Belgium run for the hills when drug testers arrive. Here's the deal: we all know most of them do it. It's not a surprise. It's nearly impossible to look like that without a little help. So don't try to pretend that you don't.


It was announced today that Cynthia Nixon, or Miranda from Sex and the City, will be marrying her longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni. As such, a picture of the happy couple was posted on "omg." I'm sorry, but does anybody else see this couple and think, "Mis-Match!"

Chris' Night Out in Beijing

In his words:

Email #1:
OMG. I am in hell for dinner! Plus my meal was still alive!

Email #2:
The living meal!

Email #3:
Now we r on to a "lip sinking" flute player. I have also had to fake a story about why I can't drink! Ugh. Getting messy here...they are all drinkers (drunk)!

Email #4:
I am now in a car full of drunks trying to speak to me in slurred English with a heavy accent. Needless to say, I have no idea and am just smiling and laughing.

Hot Track Alert!

I featured his remix for a Russian superstar a few weeks back. Well Ian has found his way onto PTT once again with this hot track. Check it out HERE. Boy do I love dance music!

Where's Chris?

While I'm here in Chicago learning from my good friends that they're leaving us to move to New York (which is difficult to hear but on the flip side thrilling to learn for their personal and professional growth), Chris is making his way through China - hitting all the tourist spots including the Great Wall of China. I wish I could be there to join him but sometimes I have to stay behind to keep our world moving. There's always (I hope) a next time.

Norway Wins Eurovision!

It's an interesting combination of a young boy and his violin. But the odd duo won Eurovision 2009 tonight with over 75% of the votes. Interestingly enough, this year was the first time a judges panel also contributed to the winning tally by impacting 50% of the vote. Check out the winner below.

Chris Hemsworth's Dreams Come True

The Ozzie hunk just made the leap to the big leagues with today's announcement that he'll be playing Thor in Marvel Studio's Thor set to be released in 2011. I find it fascinating that a rep from Los Angeles could go to Australia on a scouting mission, find Chris and his brother, and months later Chris finds himself not only in last week's number one movie Star Trek where he played George Kirk, but also nabbing the lead in Red Dawn. To top it off, he's living in the guest house of his manager along with his brother who scored a Disney flick with Miley Cyrus. What a Hollywood story.

Preparing 4 Eurovision!

Sakis Rouvas from Greece is getting a lot of attention from the gays. Check him out as he prepares for Eurovision next week in Moscow. Ooh, how I'm going to miss watching the event live!


This shot of Toby Barnett from some Hollywood website made me do some research on the hottie. Check out more photos HERE.

So Long Funding

For American Idol this year, 13 of us paid $20 to draw one contestant's name from a hat so we could play along at home. And each week, we gather on Tuesdays to watch the live performance show. Luckily, I was the last to draw a name as I pulled Adam from the almost empty hat. With Adam performing so strongly throughout the season, I had hopes of spending our winnings on the light fixture featured (and forever making note of its American Idol history), but now that Kris is in the finale, my idea of winning has faded.

I'm concerned Adam peaked too soon. Besides that, his screeching maybe alienating some. And to top it off, Danny's supporters most likely will roll their vote to Kris. So if there truly was only a separation of one million votes this past week, Adam most likely will be runner-up. In other words, there goes funding for my Parisian inspired light fixture for the front entry hall.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everybody has some fun set for the weekend. To help jump start your plans, here's the latest PTT Club One entry. I'm really diggin' these mid tempo chuggers (i.e. White Horse by Sarah McCleod) that aren't an all out dance explosions, but rather tunes that have a great melody with a supporting head boppin' groove. Check it out HERE!

Remember, if you need help with the artist and/or title, just shoot me an email!

New & Noteworthy: Pixie Lott

You hear them here first. Amy Whinehouse. Lady Gaga. Pixie Lott.

I'm Just Sayin'

Chrysler today announced the closure of approximately 25% of their dealerships. Of course, this is unfortunate. But the press is, and the dealerships, seem to think this never happens in any other industry. Here's a rude awakening. It does. McDonald's, for example, shut down underperforming restaurants years ago in order to put themselves back on track. Now look at them. The burger chain is one bright star in a rather dull economy.

Thanks United

Chris leaves for Asia today. Unfortunately, his original plane had "issues" so United made a switch. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the aircraft is apparently being held together by tape. As I told Chris, "If it were me, I'd run."

Shut Your Pie Hole

Tonight we saw Star Trek in an IMAX theater. For starters, let me say it was an amazing movie experience. The sound. The gigantic screen. The film. But of course, we sat in front of a trio of women who had to speak to the screen as if they were at home. Fortunately, they weren't as obtrusive as my last week's experience at Wolverine. It might have been because the sound drowned them out a bit.

Needless to say, I'm considering bringing to my next movie a sign to hold up before the show - one that everyone can see. It reads either "Please no talking during the movie. Yes, that means you" or "You're not at home so shut your pie hole during the show." I believe both would be effective.

What a Small World

Chris and I were watching Oprah tonight. On the show, the chat queen was introducing talent show stars from around the world. One of them she discussed was Eurovision - a frequent topic on PTT. And of all the European countries she could have highlighted, Oprah chose Germany. So, a few minutes later Alex Swings, Oscar Sings! began to perform. I quickly turn to Chris and say, ""

You see, in May of last year, before we moved from Germany, I went to the Kylie Minogue concert. There I met Oscar. Soon after, Chris and I ran into Oscar at Pool (a hip clothing store in Munich) where he worked while he promoted himself as a singer and dancer. He even gave me a CD. So of course you can imagine my surprise when I see Oscar on the Oprah show performing from Hamburg in preparation for his Eurovision debut next week!

What a small world. Besides that, it just goes to show that even though we're back from Europe, our adventures still continue.

Now Don't I Feel Stupid

In the locker room today, after my workout, I was joined next door by one big dude who I spotted downstairs. Trying to be nice, I said (without a shirt on), "So how was it?" He replied, "What?" I answered back, "Your workout." His response? "Good. And yours." My answer? "Good. Long, but good." He then removed his shirt and it was though we were having a shirtless face-off in the locker room.

Of course, I tried not to look as I continued getting dressed. He then stripped down - all the while facing me. He wanted me to look. I tried to avoid the situation. "Why give him any more satisfaction to feed his apparent ego?" I thought. So I continued about my business as he headed for the shower.

See what happens when you try to be nice? Not only could he have said, "See you" like most people would as they exited, I'm sure he now thinks I was trying to make a connection. I suppose on some level I was. But in the end, I walked away thinking I was an idiot for being pleasant.

Now his ego is stroked, he probably thinks I'm creepy, and I'll have to see him again at the gym later this week most likely. Next time, however, I'll pay him no mind. I'll show him who's boss.

Side Note: They always say, "The only one who can make you feel stupid is yourself." Well, they always say SOMETHING like that. And it's true. But as I just told Chris, my incident earlier in the day just takes me back to junior high school when I was fat and shaped like a pear. I'd try to talk to the popular kids and nobody paid me any attention. So, how I felt then is exactly how I felt after I tried being nice. Silly, I know. But it's true. Who needs a psychologist?"

Justin's a Triple Threat

He can sing. He can dance. And Justin Timberlake can make us all laugh on SNL. Sure, he's not in the recording studio making music for himself, but at least he's entertaining us with appearances on tracks like Ciara's Love, Sex, Magic and numerous guest spots on the NBC variety show. Check him out below.

Just a Taste of Sunday

For all of you readers across the pond in Europe, if you ever wonder what some do on a Sunday in America, here's our proposed schedule for today: (1) Gyming it of course, (2) Walk Maddie, (3) Lunch at Smoque - a B-B-Q restaurant a little to the West, (4) Errands at Target and Costco, (5) A trip up to the house to check on space for lights and to gauge progress, (6) Call mom for Mother's Day, (7) Stop by to taste cupcakes at Sweet Mandy B's for our lighter version of Fat Sally Sunday, (8) A bit of laundry, (9) Walk Maddie, (10) Dinner with Desperate Housewives and American Dad, and finally (11) Bed. Now, doesn't that sound thrilling!

Blows My Mind

It blows my mind to think that it's been almost two years since we moved from Paris to Munich. Seriously, where does the time go?

Putting It All Into Perspective

I've commented numerous times since our return to Chicago that Boystown, or the area where many gays live in Chicago, no longer feels like Boystown. Over the past four years, the neighborhood in Lakeview has become more diversified with both gay and straight living together in harmony.

Some don't like the mix. But today, my friend Neil made a good point. "What better way for us to build allies for our causes?" And he's right. By sharing our lives and our stories with these new neighbors, we'll be able to demonstrate to them (and others they know) that we're not any less of a person just because we're attracted to the same sex.

Hot Track Alert: An-Ya Nightlife

Look for a Club One Secret Affair by An-Ya soon!

Riddle me this: what DJ/Producer from Israel likes to flip his hair and dance like a gypsy while spinning for crowds of thousands? If you know the answer, you'll most likely be thrilled with today's Secret Affair. Even better, you get to chose from a selection of five remixes - all in a zip file. I'm assuming you know how to "unzip." If you don't, shoot me an email and I'll pass along the version of my choosing. I prefer the first, but depending on your mood, you may take kindly to the original. Check them out HERE. Happy Friday!


How could anybody at KFC be shocked about how many Oprah fans flocked to KFC for their free chicken? You'd be an idot to not assume millions would redeem Oprah's coupon. And now, instead of a positive promotion sprinkled with good feelings, KFC has created a chicken nightmare that's enraging customers across America.

Calling Ms. Manners

Why is it that so many people are obnoxious and disrespectful to those around them? My friend Mike and I discussed this topic at lunch. And my friend Doug and I did the same later in the day while sitting outside at Starbuck's. Funny that the issue arose twice in one day.

An Idiotic Response

Republican Sen. Debra Plowman of Hampden argued that a bill (for gay marriage in Maine) was being passed "at the expense of the people of faith." When will opponents understand gay marriage isn't a matter of a religious connection, or deconstructing faith, but rather gay marriage is about securing equal rights for us all.

Quote of the Day

"We don't have any interest in making their religious institution recognize our marriage or our relationship," Grandis said. "Instead, it's about the government recognizing the couple's civil rights."

- Ed Gandis, Dupont Circle

Ronald Loves His Beans

Today, McDonald's launches a media blitz promoting it's new McCafe. We've enjoyed McCafes for years while living in Europe. And even though they aren't quite the same (for example not featuring the double chocolate cookies), it's good to see McDonald's taking charge of the coffee market.

Free Chicken!

Did you hear you can get a free two piece grilled chicken meal from KFC by clicking HERE? Sure, it wasn't that good when Chris and I tried it last week. But I have a feeling that was due to poor restaurant execution. So, I'll give it another try - because it's free! Thanks Oprah and KFC!

"Yay!" I Say

I've been telling my friends about Oprah Live on Fridays for weeks now. Not only is the "View" format light and airy, having Jenny McCarthy as a guest host has been fun to watch (as was her visit to Chelsea Lately las week).

I've also been saying many times over that Oprah needs to dump Ali Wentworth and give Jenny a permanent spot on the show. Well, looks like Ali's position is safe as Oprah has handed Jenny a development deal. "Yay!" I say.

A Little Respect Please

I was going to walk up to the house today from our temporary apartment. But by the time I got halfway, I realized walking 20 blocks might take more time than I alloted today for leisure activities (that and the stone sample bag I was returning to our architect firm was a bit heavy). So I jumped on the bus. Which, means I utilized public transportation on my way home too. As such, I was treated to a very loud and obnoxious phone conversation, filled with curse words, by a woman who had no respect for those around her. Who taught these adults manners? And is it wrong for me to want to address their impoliteness now - hopefully educating them in the ways of common decency?

Ooh la la! I'm in love with this dance track by an artist who's been called the "Madonna of Russia." This morning at the gym, as I took a first, then second, and third listen, the Ian Carey remix transported me to Space of Sound in Madrid or Ibiza around 1:00 a.m. when the diva vocals kick-in with a sexy beat. Take a listen HERE.

Nice & Refreshing

If Only...

Madonna was spotted with daughter Lourdes at Lady Gaga's concert in NYC this past Saturday night. If only I could sit down with Madonna to get her thoughts on the new face in pop town. I would find it fascinating to hear what Madonna thinks of Lady Gaga's music, fashion and influence on today's pop scene.

With Love

Ah, the days of living in Paris where the City of Lights actually embraces gay dance events such as this opening party at Mix. If only I could send each and every one of these box boys to the house of my face-off from Friday night - with love of course.

Yep, I'm Still Upset

Even though it's been two days since my run-in with the idiotic woman at the movie theatre, I'm still fuming a bit. It's hard to let go of those feelings I had when she stirrd the pot by calling me "faggot with your purse." I hate that I'm still mulling over what I could have said, but again, it's difficult to let the situation pass.

Sad State of Affairs

It's a risky endeavor when you decide to see a movie at the Kerasotes 14 theatre on Western in Chicago. Not only do people talk around you, the patrons are downright rude. So it shouldn't have been a surprise to me tonight when a family of three talked throughout the entire showing of Wolverine. What did shock me, however, was the mother's comment out in the hallway. And I quote, "Faggot with your purse."

It all began when I politely said, "Shh" to the family about one third into the movie. Head turns didn't work. So I thought a pleasant silencing action would do the trick. I should have known better. The mother quickly replied to the effect, "I'll shut up your ass," and so on and so forth. Which, sadly, made my movie experience unbearable.

When the movie was done, I decided to avoid any confrontation by going about my business. Literally, I exited and went to the bathroom. On my way out, I passed the mother as she made rude comments from the sideline. But instead of letting them pass, I decided to walk up to her and be nice about the situation - letting her know there was no intention of being rude. "Listen," I said. "I wasn't trying to be rude..." At that moment, she stepped back (thinking I was going to hit her I suppose), and let her uneducated statements rip.

"Faggot with your purse," she said. "Faggot," she repeated. I turned around and replied, "Listen, this purse is worth a lot more than your piece of crap." Sure, I should have kept walking, but something inside of me just couldn't let it be. "Then why don't you go to a more expensive movie theater!" she declared. Inside I was boiling.

Chris stood there in amazement - unable to believe his ears. Others were in disbelief also as we weren't the only homosexuals at Wolverine. It's a Hugh Jackman movie after all.

So I walked up to Chris, looked her in the face and said, "You're not worth it." Chris and I then turned around and walked away. Of course, her mouth didn't stop running. And sadly, her daughter then began mimicking the situation. And they wonder why some of today's youth are unable to demonstrate respect for others.

On our way home, with my blood bubbling over, I told Chris it's a sad state of affairs when such stupidity still exists in today's society. Of course, I quickly made note that we most likely never would have experienced such intolerance in Europe. That, and we live in such an bubble in Lakeview that we're somewhat secluded from this type of behavior.

All of which means we won't be returning to Kerasotes 14. I refuse to put myself in that type of situation again where my integrity could be compromised.

Update: After talking with my friend Tom, I realized I should learn from this experience. So what would I do differently next time? I'll suffocate them with kindness. I'll use my logic rather than my sarcasm. Because in these types of situations, I'll never win by yelling and spewing derogatory comments. They will. Instead, I'll demonstrate a level head and/or walk away. After all, it's the respectful thing to do.

PTT hits you up for the weekend with some electro business featuring a former Destiny Child. Check out the Paris vibe HERE. Get ready to "rumble." Though, I suppose "vibrate" would be a better analogy. Then again, electric currents can make you do both. So, go ahead. Do both!

My Run 2 B King

With the arrival of May 1st, comes a lost memory from high school. You see, we celebrated May Fate in Lindsborg, KS. We'd get a day off of school. There was a carnival. And my high school nominated one boy and girl for May Fate King and Queen. Essentially, it was a popularity contest. So of course, I wanted to win.

It all began the summer before my freshman year (when I was the new kid in town). I had dropped a handwritten note inside one of the popular girl's doors - declaring my affection. Not only that, I gave a shout out to her on the radio. Which, of course, got me in trouble with her quarterback boyfriend - one of the most popular boys in school.

So when my cousin and I were walking through town one 85 degree summer night, just eight weeks before school began, the quarterback, his best friend, and goofy big brother found me. A few minutes later, I was bleeding from a broken lip. Not a great way to make friends.

From that day on, I vowed to become more popular than him through high school. Seriously, that was my overriding goal. Forget studying. I wanted to beat him that month of May in 1989.

Did I win? I'm happy to report I did. After the votes were tallied, I placed third, him fourth. Sure, I didn't collect the crown. But I knew I had reached my goal of stepping over the quarterback to become the 3rd most popular boy in a school of 264. Dream kids, dream.