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Made Me Laugh

My cousin sent me a text tonight along with a photo. She wrote, "Madison was playing with her Barbies and she said her Ken doll reminded her of U. And the more I looked at it, I could see it! Lol!" I guess that's a good thing? Then again, it's not like I'm running around with my shirt off. And I wish my hair was that thick! Styled a bit better of course.

Caught My Eye

This banner for promoting a CBS Sports fan site ran on my Yahoo! home page. Did the analytical model that placed it there assume I was a gay ad buyer or was it merely because they knew I'd find the model smokin' hot (after all the copy does read, "Find the men you want"). Either way, it caught my eye. I clicked through to see what he was all about. Nice chest. Nice arms. Nice everything.


Gay marriages began in NY today. Congratulations to the happy couples. Here's to hoping New York's bravery paths the way for more States and more importantly, Federal recognition. Then perhaps Chris and I will say, "I do."

David Beckham's Homme

I'm sure about the creative execution, but the commercial for David Beckham's new fragrance Homme I suppose appeals to its target - gay men and women wanting to sleep with him. Check it out below.

Goodbye Amy Whinehouse

I'm not surprised by Amy Whinehouse's death. It's sad, but not a shocker. After all, we walked out of the European Music Awards when it was held in Munich partly because she was such a train wreck. It's so unfortunate that some can't handle fame - or life for that matter.

Looking Ahead to 2011 Advent Calendar

Chris said he tried watching Step Up 3D today (remember, he's on his sabbatical). The movie didn't last more than 10 minutes on our TV, but Chris did make note of Rick Malambri. I agree Chris. I agree.

Very Talented

I'd hire this girl in a second. "What? That's not a real puppy. That's too small to be a real puppy."

Congratulations Nicole

Congratulations to Nicole Scherzinger! Her single, Right There, jumps this week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart from 52 to 39 - giving her a top 40 track from her latest release Killer Love. Well deserved Nicole. The track is infectious and belongs at the top of the charts. She's been working the single since May when she appeared on American Idol, so your hard work is paying off!

Cruel "Hot" Summer Indeed!

Wit temperatures hitting over 100 degrees (real feel) in Chicago over the past few days, the video below by Bananarama is very appropriate. Cruel summer indeed!

Jeff vs. Brendon

Jeff Schroeder is apparently a homophobe, but that didn't stop America from voting him as the one they'd want to receive mouth to mouth resuscitation from in the Big Brother 13 house (over Brendon). I have to agree. But I hate to admit it considering he barks such stupidity in regards to the LGBT community.

Life changes tomorrow. After six years of self employment, I return to the land of the living. No longer will I be working from home (though fortunately that's still an option every now and then with my new employer). Instead, I'll be dealing with special clients, energetic co-workers and beautiful Beyonce. Not too shabby.

One Hot Doc

Tonight, before my "first day of school," my inbox is loaded with manly goodies. So I had to share with you a few of my favorites - and that includes Jan Schumacher. He's a model. He's a psychiatrist. If he was my therapist, I'd have problems every day.

Take Me 2 Hawaii

I'm not sure why we received the Alex O'Loughlin Men's Fitness magazine where he looks angry, but I can tell you I MUCH prefer the version below. Yep, this blog is quite G-A-Y this week.

Two Days & Counting

I return to the workforce, on a permanent basis, in just two days. I have so many emotions circling through me. After all, I haven't had to commute to the office on a regular basis in almost six years. So of course you can understand my anxiety - especially losing control of my schedule. Then again, the constant paycheck should help.

Nice (and Smart) Kid

I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber, but I think it's pretty cool that he swung through a wedding after hearing his song being played. Just goes to show he's a nice guy - that and he knows the video will go viral and enhance his image. Who says you need to "go big" anymore? With Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, a small gesture can be just as powerful.

And Here it Is...

Just another reason to watch True Blood. It's like they know the gays are hungry for more. Yes, we are.

Joe Manganiello Almost Naked

After catching a glimpse of Alcide (Joe Manganiello) completely naked on tonight's episode of True Blood, I jumped online to see if anybody had posted stills from the show. Sadly, it's too soon. But I did find a promo clip from Alive and on Fire where Alcide is almost naked. Good enough for now!

David and Harper Seven

All I can write is, "How cute."

Harry Potter in Six Minutes

Before I saw the Harry Potter film last night, I watched the six minute film below that summarizes the movies up to Hallows Pt. 2. Good thing too. I didn't remember half the stuff featured. Though, I still was a bit confused last night while watching the now highest grossing opening weekend film ever - over $162M since Thursday midnight showings and $476M worldwide!

Much Better Nicole!

Nicole Scherzinger performed her song Right There last night on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. And fortunately, the dance oriented number was much better than her showing on American Idol a few months ago. Hopefully this will continue to push the track up the charts - into the top 40 (as it's currently at #51 which is up nine spots from last week). All of which supports my belief she hopes to keep the song going until X Factor debuts in the fall. From there, she'll then release a follow-up single, Don't Hold Your Breath which hit #1 in the UK this past Spring. She'll perform the track for millions watching Simon Cowell, let the full album fly (which I love), and have a successful singing career once again. It worked for Jennifer Lopez. It can work for Nicole too!

Plagiarism Anyone?

Leona, Leona, Leona. Collide is not, I repeat is not, the single to bring you back into the spotlight. For starters, there's an obvious similarity to Avicii's Penguin. Credited to Sandy Vee, a producer who's worked magic for Rihanna, Collide seems destined for a lawsuit. Plagiarism anyone? Take a listen to Leona first, then Avicci, and judge for yoursef.

Breaking Down a Gay Pool Party

Have you ever wondered about a Gay Pool Party? If so, read a breakdown HERE. On so many levels, it's true.

I Take It All Back

Now that I know Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 13 is a homophobe, I take all my "hottie" references back. With his idiotic statements (featured below in a conversation with fellow contestant Kalia), he just became very unattractive.

Jeff says "Who's Dumbledorf.. who is that, the big guy?".. Rachel then says "why would she want a gay character?" while Jeff in the background says "That would be perverted!" Kalia explains that she made the character so that her kids and other kids would understand homosexuality.

Jeff says "how is he meant to be gay? he doesn't have any gay tendencies..." Kalia interrupts and says "maybe that's the point! so that people like you don't stereotype gay people".

Jeff says "WHAT DO YOU mean stereotypes around gay people? He's in a school with little kids, you can't make THAT GUY GAY!"

Kalia squeeled "WHYYYY? Gay men can't work with little kids!?"

Jeff says "it isn't right to have it in a little kids book, and have the head master locked away in this magical land, be gay. That isn't the right kind of writing to do."

Kalia doesn't see anything wrong with it. "I don't see why not!"

Jeff says "Oh I can see your PC view of it, but it's not the right thing to do..." she asks him "WHY is it PC?"

Jeff says to her "Listen, you know what I'm talking about and don't make it seem like your doing the right thing by saying it's not! You are going to let your kids read a story book where little kids go to fantasy camp without their parents and the guy is GAY?"

Kalia: "Just because he is gay, doesn't mean there is a thing wrong with him!"

Jeff: "GTFO! Don't start with that f'in *****!" While Kalia is trying to defend herself, Jeff is yelling louder "Don't tell me the right answer for f'n T.V.!..."

Laura Bell Bundy of Cooter Country

Do you know of Laura Bell Bundy? She's the internet actress who created Cooter County and all its community members including Shocantelle and one of her newest creations, Tatiana. Check out Tatiana's Waxing and Taxing below.

Welcome Back Jeff

I'm a big fan of Big Brother - especially when there are hot men running around the house. So of course, this year I'm overly happy that Jeff Schroeder and Brandon Villegas are back.

Run 2 Vince

If you live in Chicago, run to Vince on Oak Street. Right now, they're having a big sale - 60% off merchandise. Chris and I just scored some deals - balanced of course with some purchases for fall (including a super soft green Serpa hoodie shown above). Be sure to ask for Kristin!

Keep Talking Michele

Michele Bachmann continues to bury herself everyday. Which, for those of us who prefer a more liberal and open minded presesident, is good news. So go ahead Michele, keep talking.

Club One needs to make a comeback. I'm hearing some great tunes so be on the look out for more music postings (of course, not ones I upload but rather links I find to hot tracks online). This week's selection is Beyonce's latest. The original is a ballad, but Hector takes it up a notch. I first grabbed the Rizzo mix, but much prefer this version as it lifts the song with some sexy beats. Check it out HERE.

New & Noteworthy: Elena's Midnight Sun

She hit it big with Disco Romancing. Now Elena is back with a ditty similar in styling - Midnight Sun. Check it out below. I'm sure we'll be hearing it all over Mykonos next month.

Quite the Smartie

The video below, of a young boy meeting his first gay male married couple, just goes to show the world can (and should) be an accepting place for a loving relationship between two gay men. This very young fellow obviously doesn't care, and finds it quite interesting - all of which gives us hope for a future filled with tolerance and not hate.

I was just told you could deduct your wardrobe if you have your initials etched somewhere on the clothing items. "Really?" I asked. I personally think it should apply to any purchase - especially if your in a business where making an impression is essential. I'm just sayin'.

It's Official

After six years of consulting, I've decided to return to a permanent gig. What brought me back? Translation LLC. The agency started as a collaboration between Interscope Record Executive Steve Stoute and Jay Z. But today, it continues to grow from a transcultural branding firm that unites pop culture icons with brands into a full-service agency - just the unique, creative and funky environment I was looking for to complete my return.

I'll be leading the State Farm Young Adult business including sponsorships, digital marketing, affinity programs and more. Here's to hoping Beyonce welcomes me with open arms on day one. For more information on the agency, check out the video below of agency head honcho Steve Stoute.

INFLUENCERS in-depth Series / STEVE STOUTE from R+I creative on Vimeo.

New Kelly Clarkson

Curious about Kelly Clarkson's new single, Let Me Down? Check out the mid-tempo rock jam produced by Alejandro Kobbeksson below. I'll give the girl props for jumping off the Max Martin/Dr. Luke bandwagon and trying something new - that kind of works!

Meeting of the Minds: Madonna and Solveig

Madonna's people announced today that one of the producers on her Madgesty's upcoming album (that she's now in the studio recording) will be none other than French DJ Martin Solveig. It makes sense as he's big in the dance community but not overexposed like his counterpart David Guetta. Check out Solveig's big hit, Hello, with Dragonette, to get a sense of where Madonna might be headed with her beats and sound.

Happy 4th of July!

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The Gay Man's Toupee

Tonight, at T Dance in Saugatuck, MI, we talked about how some men, especially those with hot bodies, are helped by wearing sunglasses. In other words, sunglasses can make a man quite attractive. All of which led someone to make the statement, "Sunglasses are the gay man's toupee." So true Neil, so true.

Dancing with Autobots?

Haviana held an event at North Avenue Beach in Chicago last night. Check out an over served "dancer" and his love affair with an automobile.