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Mega Millions Losers

Well, we're not mega millionaires. In fact, we only matched one number: 31. So, I suppose that means we'll continue to be house poor. Wah wah.

We were driving around today when Naked Eye's Promises Promises played on Sirius XM's 80s channel. It reminded me of saving my lunch money in 1983 so I could visit Daylight Donuts after school to eat a chocolate covered Long John and buttermilk stick. I washed it all down with a large Pepsi. No wonder I was fat and shaped like a pear.

Pink Trash Travels to: Gethsemane's

Along with the "what seems to be the millions of dollars we're spending on our new home's construction" comes the need for landscaping as well. So, to save a few dollars, I ventured North this morning to attend a landscaping class at Gethsemane Gardens. I had spotted a disanthus cercidifolios tree there a few weeks ago along with what I call a "Dr. Seuss meets Charlie Brown" evergreen tree. Both are quite expensive as Gethsemane's is known for being pricey. So I found out I could save 20% by sitting through a lecture on landscape design. All of which means I started my day early today by popping out of bed at 6:45, drinking by protein shake by 7, lifting at the gym by 8, showering by 9:30 and arriving at the garden center by 10. Needless to say, I'm a bit tired as of 5:00 p.m. But saving over $150 makes it all worth it.

If you love the Sugababes, this week's Club One is sure to please. Check out these "city girls" and their Benny Benassi inspired massive dance explosion featuring girl group harmonies with attitude. For a listen, go HERE.

Who Knew!

I knew there was a reason I like Miley Cyrus' latest single, Party in the U.S.A.. The track pulled from Miley's upcoming CD was produced by Dr. Luke - the mastermind behind Kelly Clarkson. Who knew!

I'm not sure what's up with the internet, but it shouldn't take me 2 1/2 minutes to load a page. I'm just sayin'.

Update: I called Comcast to complain. Apparently, they're upgrading the system. Right.

1,460 and Counting

I started Pink Trash Travels in August 2005 when Chris and I moved to Paris, France from Chicago, IL. And in the span of four years, I can probably count on one hand how many times I've let day go by without adding commentary. Which, I must say, is pretty impressive considering that's 1,460 days of blog entries.

Hopefully you continue to find what I have to say interesting. I still do. Because when I think about quitting, I realize I need an creative outlet to voice my thoughts, opinions and just plain goofy stuff. So here's to another 1,460 days of fun.

Thank U NyQuil

I don't know if NyQuil is addictive, but it sure has been working to ensure I receive 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Ever since I began taking the over the counter drug on Saturday night, I've slept like a baby. Sure, I have crazy dreams, but at least I know I'm in a deep sleep. No waking up with hunger pains. No run around the block syndrome. Just pure Zs.

Pink Trash Travels to: The House

After my gym workout this morning, I'll be riding my bike up North to the house to ensure the fireplace inserts arrived and are being installed by American Heritage Fireplaces. Considering it's been a difficult journey from ordering the units to their arrival, I'm not making any bets that they'll arrive on time - if at all.

Laugh Out Loud Tuesday

It's Tuesday! You're past Monday, but not yet to Hump Day. So it's time to laugh out loud. Check out the condom ad below submitted to us by our Swiss correspondent. It's for sure nothing you'll see on TV in America.

Things I Miss

It's at this time every year that the Oktoberfest festival starts coming together in Munich. So of course, I miss the walks Maddie and I would take through the park watching construction crews build the beer tents, rides and food stands. Not that I was a big fan of the drinking. But the energy you absorbed and the happiness that bubbled through the city was uplifting.

Gordon's Back!

I'm happy to report Gordon returned home this morning. On his way to work, Chris saw Gordon crawl out from the passenger side mirror. And for the next 45 minutes, Gordon caught the breeze as Chris drove to Oak Brook. Welcome home Gordon.

Goodbye Gordon

We've had a small, gray spider living in our passenger side rear view mirror over the past few weeks. We named it Gordon. At night, Gordon would emerge and spin a web from the mirror to the door. Then, he seemed to sleep most of the day - that is until we started driving. At that point, he would crawl out and hang on his web while we cruised down Lake Shore Drive.

Today, Gordon never showed up. We drove to the house but there was no Gordon. We're afraid he ventured out only to be left behind when we moved the car. Here's to hoping Gordon finds a new home - and not on the bottom of someone's shoe.

Missing The X-Factor

The X-Factor started yesterday in Europe. As the talent show was one of my favorite treats while living in Europe, I'm sad I can't watch it live. I'm hoping I can find somewhere to watch it online, but most sites block the program stateside due to licensing agreements. In the meantime, I'll catch-up via YouTube. Check out the best clip from last night's show below. Oh Cheryl how I miss you so.

Being Thrifty

Chris and I stopped by the grocery store tonight. As we were gathering items we needed for the week, I spotted a Kraft promotion with a $5 in-store coupon and $20 rebate offer. So, I read the fine print and began calculating in my head what we needed to spend. As a result, we purchased four packages of deli meats, one package of shredded cheese, two packages of sliced deli cheese and one jar of Miracle Whip light. Is it sad that we both got excited when the computer spit out our redemption coupon? Probably. But that's what buying house does to a couple.

Doing a Double Take

At the gym today, I glanced outside and saw what appeared to be snow on a rooftop. It was just reflection, but it shot me back to the days when it was zero degrees and snowing outside. Boy did it make me appreciate our current 74 degree day that much more.

Coming This Fall

I'm considering changing my look for fall. Gone will be the longer golden locks. In their place, I'm hoping for a much shorter, easy doo. And because it's difficult to convey exactly what I want, I've been on the lookout for a photo to take with me to the salon. Luckily I found it - but not in a magazine. Instead, I stumbled across my new fall haircut on Days of Our Lives.

I don't watch the show, but leave it on as background while working from home. One day, while eating lunch just as the soap opera was concluding, I spotted the police offer and his haircut below (he's kidnapped Bo and Hope's little girl and wants to collect a ransom - all because the Salem police department promoted Hope instead of him four years ago).

The short and swooped-to-the-side is perfect. Sure, his hair is thicker, but the idea behind the styling is ideal for my new autumn presentation.

Just because something is fashionable doesn't mean you should wear it. The latest in a long line of examples are these large, round, and rather chunky sunglasses that have become mainstream over the past few years. Sure, if you have a big head, go for it. But for many, these shades make you look like a little kid trying on daddy's sunglasses.

Consider this a true promotional Club One entry as I want to spread the word on Alex Says. I stumbled across his music twice today. So, it appears we have a new and upcoming DJ/producer on the scene. Check out his song HERE and be on the lookout for his work on Nadia Ali's Fine Print. And if you like what you hear, visit for more versions of the track available for purchase.

Taking the Plunge

I've been pondering a new career in real estate for years now. And the process of leasing our apartment in Munich and Paris only further exposed my interest in the profession. But since our return to America in January, I've been focused on continuing my marketing work rather than getting my real estate license. After all, it helps to pay the bills. But now that I'm at a crossroads in regards to available marketing work, I'm forcing myself to make a decision - either I take the real estate plunge now or focus my attention elsewhere. I've decided to get wet. More to come soon.

Lincoln Park Attacks

Over the past two months, various attacks have occurred in and around Lincoln Park in Chicago. Most have happened in the early morning hours and three more occurred last night. Unfortunately, Chicago police are unsure if the attacks are related or copycats of one another. So, for now, my recommendation would be for everyone to follow a set curfew and be home in bed by midnight. That, or take a cab. I wouldn't be wandering around alone.

Dreaming of Mykonos

With our friends departing for Mykonos this week and next, both Chris and I are sad we're not participating in the Greek festivities this year. We thought taking a year off would be a good thing. Wrong. We now have visions of Greek yogurt drizzled with honey dancing in our heads. Bummer.

Getting Answers (Sort of)

I received a note back from BSN regarding MY EMAIL to them a few days back. I questioned their product marketing and wanted answers. Here's their reply:

Hello David,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding our products. My name is Mark and I am a Customer Service Representative here at BSN.
The product you were reading about is our new N.O. Xplode from the Evolution Series. It is still in the testing phases but it going to be an amazing new version.
Also, in the Evolution Series is a new version of CellMass and a totally new product called Epozine-O2 which will be a pumped up version of Nitrix.
If you have any other questions regarding our products feel free to contact me.

Thanks Mark. But answer me this: Why would you advertise a product, noting it's introduction, when in fact it's currently in a testing phase?

Eric Dane's Sex Tape

Have you heard that Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy has a sex tape? If you're looking for it, apparently the video (featuring Eric, his wife Rebecca, and a third) will be available for viewing HERE tomorrow. As I'm a fan of the former Charmed star, I'll be checking it out for sure.

Blogging Live! Homebound

ABC just aired a promo for Couger Town with Courtney Cox. Not only does it look humorous, it appears to feature some attractive men. So, I'll be tuning in on Wednesday, September 23rd, at 8:30 p.m. (central time).

Down and Out

Myspace Icons
After pushing through my cold over the past few days, I've decided to succumb to rest. No errands. No gym. Just couch time with a cup of green tea. And, after today, if I'm still down and out, I'll be visiting the doctor as it will have been one week since the bug bit me.

McDonald's in the Nooz

Because Chris and I are very appreciative of the life McDonald's has given us over the years, I find it important to share the company's good news. So, as noted by Yahoo's Finance department, McDonald's Budgets Are Lovin' It

The iconic McDonald's dollar menu has been around since 2002, and although it offers only a handful of items, they seem like a steal. A dollar-menu staple, something you could actually call "lunch", is the McDouble: two hamburger patties, one slice of cheese, condiments and a bun.

Per-Burger Cost at McDonalds: $1
Per-Burger Cost at Home:
-Meat: 49 cents
-Cheese: 20 cents
-Bun: 25 cents
-Total: 94 cents + condiments and the time it takes to cook it

Bottom Line: Assuming the cost of the condiments adds a few more cents, you can see that the McDouble is a tantalizingly good value.

Poor Marketing

I've been a marketing professional for more than 16 years. With that noted, I'm not declaring that I'm a genius and know more than the marketing guy next door. But, I do know when a program isn't executed properly. So is the case with BSN and their ad for "N.O.-Xplode N-Tensity Technology."

From the ad in Men's Fitness this month, one would expect BSN is introducing a new product as they declare, "BSN Introduces the All-New..." The ad even directs you to a website for more information. Once there, however, you find no new product or nothing different than what currently exists. So, from a consumer's standpoint, I became annoyed by the fact that I wasted five minutes of my precious day to hunt down a product that apparently hasn't hit the shelves yet (or any website for that matter).

Myspace IconsListen up BSN. Before you release any information on a new product, make sure you have your ducks in a row. Otherwise, one of those little duckies might rome over to a competitor.

Reader's Email

I created Pink Trash Travels in 2005, after moving to Paris, as it was a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Four years later, I continue to update the blog everyday. Sure, the focus may have changed since our return to Chicago, but the blog is still all about my travels - whether across town, across the country or through life.

And it's reader's emails, like Nancy's, that helps to keep the blog afloat. Besides that, knowing I bring a little fun to someone's life on a regular basis is pretty cool. Check out Nancy's email below:

"I enjoy your blog as it’s fun and well-written, and always with lots of humor. I love the name of your blog, too! Very clever."

Thanks for writing Nancy!

That Little F**k

Last night, while I was laying on the couch sweating and trying to sleep, I realized I might have caught my cold from that little f**k who kept coughing through G.I. Joe last Friday. If only I could hunt him down.

No, as a consumer, I'm not confident about the economy bouncing back so quickly. Besides that, of course we're going to PULL BACK OUR SPENDING as there are those who think we need to be taxed more. You tax us more. We will spend less. Now see where the economy goes. I'm just sayin'.

It's About Time

While living in Paris, we were very frustrated about stores not being open on Sundays. This month, all that CHANGES as finally the City of Lights crawls its way into the 21st century by allowing shoppers to spend their money on Sunday.

New & Noteworthy: BoA

As many of noted on American Idol, for some reason Korean singers can never seem to break through in America. BoA is no exception. Her first single, Eat You Up gained some attention from the dance community, but commercial radio ignored the single. Hopefully, with William Morris as her new agency, she'll rise in popularity as her R & B/Pop music, influenced by one Ms. Jackson, deserves to be noticed.

Gay Soup

Our friend Dave, the Swiss correspondent, just returned from a week in Barcelona, Spain. For seven days, he enjoyed the sights and sounds of the beautiful city with a few circuit parties thrown in for good measure. Of course, I asked him if he took his camera so he could report back to PTT. But understanding how bothersome a camera can be, I knew the answer. As a result, enjoy some "Water Park Day" photos pulled from Check back later this weekend for more pics from the his week in Spain.

No More Lip Locking

I've been healthy for weeks. But because of this weekend's socializing (and some gays way of lip locking to say hello), I'm now fighting a "sick" bug. My throat hurts and I'm sluggish. So today I've made a declaration: No more lip kissing to say hello. I've tried to avoid the American homo's way of saying hello since our return, but sometimes the action is unavoidable. No more. All of which means don't be offended when I say hello with a cheek-to-cheek. It's not you.

Wow, what a surprise! This morning, I found a gem of a song by this group with a snake in its name. Even more surprising was the contributing vocals by a CW star. Check out the remix by my "DJ of the Moment" HERE.

I hate it when I have a soar throat. The one I have now is a result of a fan blowing on my face the other night while the window air conditioning unit was cranked on high. But because our friend Xavier was sleeping in his private quarters I created from a drop cloth, I couldn't get to the unit to turn it down. Now I'm sick. And having a soar, dry throat is just about the worst condition on the planet. I'm just sayin'.

The Housing Report: August 12, 2009

Today we learned our custom made cabinetry won't be ready to install until September 12. In short, this date is four weeks late. So of course I let the words fly as this is unacceptable - especially as our cabinet maker promised the kitchen would be ready to install by the middle of August. And because I haven't been in conversation with the cabinet maker, I noted that Chris needed to take charge and get resolution. So I was excited to hear Chris placed a call and essentially opened a can of "whoop ass." Because if he wasn't going to do it, I was ready and willing.

The Housing Report: August 11, 2009

We received an email this morning from our house project team. It seems as though we'll receive the kitchen cabinets in a "couple of weeks" after the floors are finished and a first coat of paint is applied. All of which tells me we are entering into the homestretch - literally.

Pee Wee's Return!

Pee Wee is making a comeback! Beginning Nov. 19, and running for just 10 days, Paul Reubens will be performing a re-imagined version of his classic show at the Music Box in Los Angeles. I'm hoping the show will be a huge success. If so, I'm thinking he'll extend the run or bring Pee Wee across America! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and my toes, not my eyes however.

We're Lovin' Them

Because McDonald's has given Chris and I so much over the past few years, I'm honored to share the company's good news. The big burger brand released July sales figures today. And because of new products such as premium coffees, McDonald's posted a global same store sales increase of 4.3%. So thank you to everyone for continuing to support the brand that's truly an amazing company - one that supports domestic partnerships and provides a loving environment for the homosexuals. Thanks McDonald's!

It's a Bird. No It's a Plane. Really.

Yes, it's a plane - and many of them as the Chicago Air and Water Show is this weekend. I wasn't sure when the event was being held, but the rumbling of jets overhead this morning confirmed the dates. So for the next seven days, our windows will shake and Maddie might yelp every now and then. A small price to pay for living so close to the lake.

I Was Thinking Today

Do birds get hot? If so, why would they be sitting on a sunny wire in 100 degree weather?

Be Careful What You Ask 4

Everybody has been complaining in Chicago about our poor summer weather. Well, mother nature finally listened and is delivering today a scorcher! Today the high is forecasted to sit around 95 with a heat index of over 103! It's hot. It's humid. And it's going to be uncomfortable - especially later today on our friend Doug's deck where we'll be celebrating two birthdays. I'm going to melt.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to enjoy a movie outside the comforts of my living room again as last night, as always, my movie experience was bothered by someone sitting within 10 feet from me. This time, the geek behind me had Bird Flu, Swine Flu, or something in between. Stay home if your sick. Don't muck it up for the rest of us. I'm just sayin'.

The Best Friday Night EVER!

With our Parisian movie buddy Xavier in town, we decided to venture out to a flick Friday night in Evanston along with our friend Tim who lives in "Indiana." Chris, Xavier and I had spent the whole day running around town, so an evening show was just what our tired feet and backs ordered. Of course, we selected what could only be the worst movie of the season - G.I. Joe. And to top it off, we wandered around the corner to Chilis just after 10 as we were famished. It was one catastrophe after another.

For starters, I refer to G.I.Joe as this year's Mortal Kombat. Terrible acting. Terrible writing. Just plain terrible. The special effects didn't even salvage the movie. Even worse, Channing Tatum barely had his shirt off - maybe for 15 seconds. At least that would have made the film more interesting.

Two long hours later, we ended our night at Chilis with what could only be described as "stomach turning" food. Tim ordered a bowl of chili. When it arrived to our table, it looked as though someone in the kitchen opened a can of Hormel chili, blended it, and served the "dog food" hot with bright sour cream and multi-colored cheese. Needless to say, we sent it back.

The rest of us shared the new Chili's special - one appetizer, two entrees and one dessert for just $20. Ugh. My tummy is still trying to expel the queso dip with mysterious meat, steak quesadilla, chicken tacos and chocolate chip cookie pie.

But because of my new positive attitude mantra I adopted this past Monday, I look back on the evening with only the kindest sentiments. Bad entertainment. Good company. And sure, my review may be filled with unflattering descriptions, but I note they are only statements of fact and not bitterness creeping through. There is a difference.

Another 80s Icon Passes Away

Today we lost another 80s icon - John Hughes. His films, such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off defined my generation. Thank you John for the memories. You left too soon.

Explaining My Lax Behavior

I haven't posted much today as our friend Xavier arrived from NY last night. As a result, Chris and I found ourselves acting as tourists, along with Xavier, by embarking on the Chicago Riverboat Tour sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, visiting the Magnificent Mile, then ending our long day at Ping Pong (yes, the restaurant I vowed never to return to but find myself visiting it quite often as it's conveniently located in the hood). And with tomorrow's agenda of lunch at Ralph Lauren, browsing at the Merchandise Mart, then wandering through Millennium Park and finally venturing out and about in Boystown, I'm thinking blogging may once again take a backseat to being a wonderful host.

What I Find Funny

Almost every day, Maddie and I walk past a dated condo up the street. And inside this condo lives an old man who has little to do but decorate his front patch of yard with ceramic bunnies filled with geraniums. He also cares for a bit of grass between the sidewalk and street - one that he doesn't want your dog or cat to touch.

Well Shello Pete Andre

While living in Europe, Pete Andre and his wife Jordan were all over our UK satellite. The duo even had a late night talk show that wasn't half bad. I'm sure it helped that I thought Pete was a hottie. Well, it looks as though he's pulled a "Beckham" since his divorce from his bimbo wife. Check out a few photos of Pete's latest photos below.