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Blogging Live: Lotto Fever

Unexpected Ending

I didn't know what to expect when watching this stripping video someone posted on their FB page. Needless to say, the ending shocked me.

Scary X-mas

Brazil is known for their hot beaches and bodies. But apparently, they aren't so good at Christmas decorations as seen in this picture (sent by Chris) of a scary caroler.

Stripper 101

As noticed last night at Cocktail in Chicago, they must teach strippers to "KEEP UR WINDOW CLEAN." How else will passing patrons spot the box dancer?

I Chose Lulu

I'm a fan of this Lululemon model. Seem him HERE (be sure to select the blue color). And buy something too. We have stock. Ha ha.

Zach's Growing Up

I'm finally getting caught up on Vampire Diaries. And Zach Roerig, who plays Matt, is growing into quite the handsome man. Good thing. Makes me feel less creepy.

Cher's "Woman World" Debuts

Cher released her new single "Woman's World" today. The track, co-written by Paul Oakenfold, is a thumping dance single that's sure to get the gays ecstatic - but sadly not many others. Check it out below.

Mickey's Hunt

I just spotted a tiny rat (or big mouse) running down the sidewalk. The brave little thing didn't flinch when a Goldendoodle appeared curbside. I guess the rodent was on the hunt for a some Thanksgiving of his own.

Dim Sum Holiday

We forego the traditional Thanksgiving dinner today by visiting Cai in Chinatown for Dim Sum. Not only was it a wonderful change of pace for the holiday, we got to load up a sparkly lazy Susan with tons of Cantonese favorites.

Ripped & Ready to Serve

Speaking of Skyfall, Daniel Craig is one mighty fine James Bond. Sure, he's a bit rough around the edges. But there's something incredibly sexy about him - body and all.

Long Skyfall

I was ready for a long movie with the latest Bond installment, Skyfall. But I wasn't prepared for the additional 15 minutes added because of a faulty digital "print." It was like trying to watch Honey Badger on YouTube with a slow connection - buffering, buffering, buffering. At least we got a "free" movie out of the deal.

More Props 2 Colt

PTT made note of Colt Prattes a few weeks back. Looks like Perez Hilton finally caught up as the blogger finally posted the pic below from Sunday night's American Music Awards. Yes, Perez, it's smokin' hot.

Hello Val

I've never made mention of Val Chmerkovskiy on "Dancing with the Stars." Instead, I've noted his brother Maxim. Well, that all changes with Val's Speedo wearing dance number from Monday night. Whoa.

Making it Interesting

There wasn't much to watch on the American Music Awards (and the ratings reflect the boredom as the show dropped 20% from last year). But at least X-tina gave us some hotties in speedos to accompany her single, "Let There Be Love."


How can I work when ads like the one below appear on a sidebar? Distracting.

Days Finally Goes (All the Way) Gay

It's taken months (years perhaps), but Days of Our Lives finally had the two gay characters consummate their relationship. And not only was it touching, it was nice to see a non-stereotypical, sweet treatment of the moment. Thanks Days!

PTT Likes Speedman

I've never watched a show featuring Scott Speedman. But as I waited for my ride to dinner tonight, I caught a glimpse or two of ABC's "Last Resort" featuring the Canadian hottie. What a PLEASANT surprise - especially knowing he's a handsome 37 years old!

Fat Fighting Pepsi

Pepsi released a FAT FIGHTING SODA in Japan. Who needs Dexatrim when you've got the ingredient in the pop you drink?


I just learned today that the term "420" refers to smoking pot. Apparently, it was first termed to give attention to the time of day potheads would meet to light up. You learn something new everyday.

People, I Agree

Veteran's Day

Thinking of my family, especially my grandfather, who have served in the military, on a day we give thanks to their patronage.

Just Peel It

Five days in, and my chemical peel is finally calming down. In other words, my dead skin is flaking off quite nicely. Sure, I'm a bit pink, but with another few treatments of acid on my face, I should look like I'm in my 30s. Or at least not a day over 40. Ha ha.

PTT's New Man Crush

Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden on ABC's "Revenge," is my new man crush. Hot. Sexy. British. And he looks good in black (any color really).


David Beckham recently previewed his holiday collection for H & M. Am I the only one that believes he's starting to look like a pirate?

Blogging on the Go: Whole Foods

With it being 70 degrees outside, the last thought in my mind is the holidays. That and they seem too early this year.

Models Need Rest 2

Apparently, models need rest too. David Gandy appears to be dragging a bit in South Beach this past week (as compared to his fresh face on the runway). Get some ZZZs David.

Midget Gypsies...and Romney

Who knew Stefon was a Romney supporter! Haha.

Congrats America!

Congratulations to America for getting the Presidential vote right in 2012. Thank goodness my fears were avoided. Though, I have to admit, Mitt's concession speech was his most heartfelt words to date. If only he would have shown this kind of emotion perhaps he might have had a chance - that and been open to supporting civil rights.

Just Sayin'


Something tells me tomorrow night, we'll be realizing Mitt Romney won the Presidency. Sadly, I feel as though the Republicans are more motivated to vote. So no matter what the polls say, Democrats will lose the Oval Office. All of which means it's important to ensure your friends and family get out and perform their duty as American citizens - VOTE.

Me, My Hair, 4 Ellen

In April of 2006, while living in Paris, I submitted a video to The Ellen Show to be her new DJ. I wasn't selected, but bits of my submission video made it into the final on air segment. So, for your viewing pleasure, the full near two minute submission with my hair (sassy frass) in all its glory.

Time 2 Dance - New Lutty Mix!

From US house to progressive to UK dance, the latest hour set feature's some of my favorite tracks of the moment from Rihanna, The Saturdays, Maroon 5, Midnight Red and more. Download the mix HERE. For a track listing, just shoot me an email!

PTT, Stacy and Clinton

I rarely venture out during the week. But when my friend Michael wanted to go shopping for new clothes last night, I decided to be his Stacy and Clinton. Though as I sat waiting for him to try on his stuff, I realized the retail fluorescent bulbs highlighted the fact that I hadn't spray tanned in a week. That and I learned never to wear a baseball cap shopping. It was tight and made my head itch.

Mitt & His Magic Hands

Something tells me next Tuesday is gonna be a long, long night. Especially considering Mitt and his magic hands will be causing problems for Obama is many of the swing states.