Pink Trash Travels

What Happened in Vegas?

With us headed to Las Vegas on Thursday, I found all the comings and goings of these celebrities interesting (especially where Channing Tatum was hiding) . I'm sure we won't see any, however. They avoid me like the plague.

Nick Lachey enjoyed a boys night out with several sporting pals, including Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush at Hollywood hotspot MyHouse on Friday night. The team took over the sunken living room VIP area and in true sportsman style kept trying to out spend each other with bottle after bottle. Meanwhile, Reggie's better half (aka Kim Kardashian) and her sisters made it a family outing for the night and were treated with sparklers and bottles of champagne and vodka.

Jamie Pressly celebrating her friend's bachelorette party in Las Vegas on Friday night, staying in a one-bedroom suite at Palms Place Hotel & Spa with her posse of pals.

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Jonathan Loughran and Ray Romano hit up The Mirage's "The Beatles Revolution Lounge" on Friday night after Romano's performance at the Terry Fator Theater. The comedic crew drank Amstel Light and downed shots of Belvedere, which were probably contributing factors to the antics that ensued. While James was doing handstands on the table, Sandler was approaching each of the go-go dancers and telling them that he was "scouting" actresses for his upcoming movies. The gorgeous ladies ate it all up but funnily enough, Sandler never ended up actually casting the role. Prior to their eventful evening, the guys fueled up at Stack Restaurant & Bar.

Barry Manilow being escorted by a fleet of people through Wynn lobby in Las Vegas on Friday night. Channing Tatum (sans fiancée Jenna Dewan) was spotted waiting at Wynn's Tower Suites valet line on Saturday morning.

Kim Kardashian pushing beau Reggie Bush and brother Rob into the pool at MGM Grand's first Wet Republic pool party for the season on Saturday. The sexy starlet was seen snacking on jellybeans in her VIP cabana alongside sis Khloe, step-brother Brody Jenner and BFF Brittny Gastineau.

Adrian Brody, Reggie Bush and Khloe Kardashian all at the Lil Wayne concert at the Pearl Concert Theater inside the Palms on Saturday night.

Sara Underwood, Playboy Playmate of the Year 2007 celebrated her 25th birthday at Tabú Ultra Lounge in MGM Grand on Saturday where she partied until the very early hours.

"The Office" Starlet Jenna Fischer dancing on the tables until 2.30am at Vegas's Prive Nightclub on Saturday in celebration of her 35th Birthday.

Headlines that Caught My I

Isn't THIS something we've all wanted to do at some point as we sit and wait for a plane to depart?

I suppose THIS happens because some love McDonald's food too much.

It comes as no surprise that SOME see Madonna as a bully. Duh. She is.

Why I LUV Girls Aloud

Another WTF?

Chris and I are renting a flat while our house is under massive construction. Unfortunately, the space has radiator heat that is somewhat regulated by the board and/or management company. So, in other words, there's a main system that applies heat to the building. And you, as a condo owner/renter, can adjust your radiators accordingly. But what is happening, and has happend over the past few months, is that there's no heat for us to adjust.

For example, it was 32 degrees and snowing yesterday afternoon. Sadly, we couldn't get the radiators to emit any heat. So there we sad, cold and angry. So today I called the management company to tell them someone needs to either manually adjust the heat or they need to replace the operating system. I shouldn't have to wear a shawl around the house like Gladys Kravitz.

It's Monday so why not start off your week with a sizzling remix. The original was leaked a few months back with only this former N'SYNC's boy band member's lead vocals attached. Some thought it might be from his forthcoming album. Wrong. Instead, it was the foundation for this R&B songstress' latest single that has "magic." Check out the radio edit HERE.

Summer Motivation Series

To help keep your week (and waistline) in check...


I've asked it once, I'll ask it again: Why do people think that Saturdays and Sundays give them the right to wear sweatpants and pajamas in public to the grocery store and brunch? Put some jeans on already.

Leaving Las Vegas

With the recession hitting Americans from California to Main, Las Vegas continues to feel the pain as both revenue and hotel occupancy is down 15%. Luckily for us, hotel rates are also down 20%. So, because we're heading to Sin City next week to celebrate two 40th birthdays, our trip will be a little less expensive. Combine this with the fact that $5 tables are plentiful, we should hopefully walk away from Las Vegas with at least more than the shirts on our backs.

Dreaming of Beheadings

I blame it on the Valerian Root I began taking to help me sleep better. Last night, I dreamt that I was riding a bike, holding on my handlebars a giant sheet of mirrored glass. As I began rolling down a hill, I passed a girl walking with a blue shirt and pink dress. Unfortunately, she didn't get out of the way so the glass cut off her head. I kept riding hoping I wasn't seen.

Summer Motivation Series

Maybe this will keep you away from the cookies and cake this weekend.

Makes Me Wanna Buy Adidas

Say Cheese!

As Chris and I were driving down Lakeshore Drive last night on our way to a meeting with our architect/design firm, Chris mentioned that the City of Chicago would soon be installing speed cameras on the stretch of road that runs along Lake Michigan. So, of course I found THIS article about the uprise cameras are causing across America interesting.

I've wondered why the City hadn't installed cameras on Lakeshore Drive before now. People cruise down that strip of road like they're in a Kansas countryside with nothing around but mooing cows and waving wheat fields.

Reliving Winter Party 2009

After I made reference to Tracy Young at Winter Party 2009 below, I found my way to a website featuring a short video of the event by the Miami Herald. When watching such clips, you keep your fingers crossed that you're not in the background looking silly. Fortunately I'm not. But who knew David Bromstad of HGTV's Color Splash was in attendance? I suppose we might have bumped into him if we would have moved from our 12' x 12' spot on the dancefloor. Check out the video HERE.

Don't you love it when you have choices? So this week, I'm giving you two, that's right, two remixes of this "lovely" song that shouldn't make you "cry, cry, cry." Enjoy both the INTENSE CLUB version by a female DJ who spun at this year's Winter Party and a more RADIO FRIENDLY dance mix.

Celebrity Buys More Than Bling

I'm all for prospective parents adopting children in unfortunate circumstances. However, as one who's discussed the possibility of adoption, I find it quite unfair and ridiculous that because you have celebrity status and money, you can circumvent the adoption process while the rest of us are turned away because either we're gay or single. Dollars don't determine the levels of love children receive. The Benjamins might dictate if the baby is dressed in Gucci or the Gap, but that's it.

Summer Motivation Series

With summer just under 12 weeks away, I thought it was appropriate to start a "Summer Motivation" series. Consider it my way of keeping all of us in check for beach season.

So before grabbing that cookie, check back with PTT for plenty of reasons to drop the carbs and calories.

It's gym time.

Going Digital-less

Last night, we watched American Idol live. No digital video recorder was used. Which, quite honestly, makes for a different viewing experience. You can't rewind to double check statements made by crazy Abdul. You can't fast forward to skip commercials for feminine products. It's as if we were living in 1998 - oversized clothes and all.

Why I Keep This Fire Burnin'

I received this note today from a friend I made in Mykonos this year. Not only does he look amazing poolside, he's very complimentary. He wrote after checking out my blog for the first time, "...but you are enormously funny and witty! You made my day! Seriously!!" Those kind words are exactly why I keep this blog up and running.

Thanks Oprah

I caught an episode of Oprah today as I was writing about Cheese Bacon and Onion hamburgers in Europe. And the topic was the fluidity of sexuality in women. In short, the show detailed the ability for some women to love men, then women, then men, then women. Oprah was later introduced to the Kinsey Scale - a reference point I use all of the time in identifying how you are born gay or straight but all within a scale ranging from purely heterosexual to raging homosexual.

Oprah seemed amazed that such a scale existed (which I find hard to believe). She is, after all, an "educator," a "teacher," so not knowing about Kinsey and his research is odd. But I appreciate her introduction of the scale to middle America as this way, maybe Ma and Pa Keettle in Kansas will stop thinking when I turned 26, I "decided" to get turned on by muscle men poured into 2(x)ist briefs.

Gym Tales

I have a favorite at gym #2. Unfortunately, he hasn't been very social. Because normally, when you see someone over and over and over again, you start to nod your head at each other, which eventually evolves into a "hello." Not with this guy. He keeps to himself. I've been told numerous times that he has no personality. I've refused to give up on him however.

So today, I walked up to him and said, "Hi." And to my surprise, he smiled, introduced himself and made small talk (very small, but that's okay). I quickly wrapped up the conversation and returned to my lifting (after all, I wanted to play it cool).

All of which means I think he might just be shy. I'll see how the story unfolds over the next few weeks as I bump into him on occasion. I'll wave. He should wave. I'll chat with him later. He should chat with me later. And I'll be as giddy as a school girl. Not sure if he will be, but that's just fine.

Busin' It

Now that Chris is back in town for a few weeks, I no longer have access to the car. So today, in order to meet tree trimming companies, I have to either take a cab or the bus up to the house. Unfortunately, we don't have our bikes available. Otherwise, I'd pedal my way up North. All of which means I'll be taking the bus.

I think I've rode a bus in the City of Chicago once. And after that, I thought, "Never again." This was, of course, before we moved to Europe where all I did was take public transportation. So maybe this time my journey will be better than it was four years ago. One can only hope.

RuPaul's Drag Race Crosses the Finish Line

And so it ended. One "queen" was crowned RuPaul's next drag superstar. If you missed the grand finale of RuPaul's Drag Race last night, Monday, March 23, not only will it replay (I'm sure) on Logo but the full episode is available online (for stateside viewing only). It was as tragic as one would expect - loaded with drama and soft focus. If you'd rather pass on the show, but still want to see who won, click HERE.

Just Because

RuPaul's Drag Race Wins Me Over

By combining Project Runway with America's Next Top Model and Queer as Folk, the result is my new favorite "train wreck" program on TV - RuPaul's Drag Race. The budget production on Logo is full of happy moments and one-liners such as when the bottom two contestants must, "Lip sync for their life." Check out a clip below and be sure to watch the finale tomorrow night, Monday, March23 on Logo.

Piss Party Anyone?

We're headed to Vegas in two weeks to celebrate two 40th birthdays. And while there, we'll be sharing the strip with another event. Check out who's visiting Sin City also HERE. Piss party anyone?

Beautiful, Articulate & Smart

An Evening 2 Celebrate

Patrick's 40th birthday party was a winning success. Our small and intimate group of friends gathered at 8 - dressed to the 9 (that was until our internal furnaces forced us to shed some clothing). After dinner, of course, we headed to the bars. Some stayed out later than others - with Chris and I returning around 1:30. All of which means today I felt a bit sluggish. Ugh.

Happy Spring 2 U!

It's the first day of Spring. Hopefully here in Chicago, we'll truly leave winter behind as it's been brutal. Let the blooming begin!

Are boy bands trying to make a comeback? If so, I welcome them to the music scene with open arms. I miss me some good, old fashioned boy band pop music - especially when its remixed for the dancefloor. Check out my latest find HERE. And since I had a hard time deciding what mix I like best, I've included a SECOND for your choosing (and the one getting played on XM/Sirius radio).

Making Magic

For all of you searching for that perfect Facebook cover shot, it's nice to know that magic in the studio is really what makes the difference between a good picture and one that's incredibly hot. Take the latest cover boy for Instinct magazine for example. Bernardo looks great in person. But when you compare the real life version below to what ends up in print, the difference is dramatic. Lighting and quick strokes of the airbrush enhance all the right features. If only we all had such computer tricks at our disposal for all those shots that get uploaded to Facebook.

Down Goes the $

Now that we're back in America, and we don't have any plans to travel overseas in the near future, we don't mind the dollar's loss against the Euro this week. McDonald's does better when the dollar is weaker in foreign markets (as sales figures get converted back to dollars because McDonald's corporate office is located in Oak Brook, IL). And right now, we're all about McDonald's performing well - both in sales and its impact on stock.

Who ISN'T getting bailout money? It seems we have an endless supply of dollars to hand out - all from the 60% who actually pay taxes. Enough already.

I was happy to hear the remixer on this American Idol's new single decided to venture into new territory as his previous onslaught of mixes started sounding the same. There's instrumentation that reminds me of Kylie's Can't Get You Out of My Head. LISTEN for it!

Ted is Almost Dead on Arrival

Just what I expected. Better Off Ted premiered last night to low numbers. Sure, it built from lead-in Scrubs by 8%, but with a third-place 3.9 rating and 6 household share (compared to a 6.4/11 for the #1 show), Ted looks to be dead by summer.

And as a side note, I'm not the only one thinking, "WTF?" with Lost on ABC. I missed a few episodes and I was completely "lost" last night so I turned the channel. Everybody else has apparently done the same as the show ranked #3 with a historically low 5.4/8.

Hello Daniel

My cell number belonged to a "Daniel" before I received the digits last December. Not only does it show up as Daniel when I call someone, but I get people looking for him all the time. And today, I received an "Easy Update" from United stating that Daniel was flying from Austin to San Francisco, March 19th, on flight 657, estimated to arrive at 8:17 a.m. at gate 69. I suppose I should call AT & T to ensure they make the change. But how can I let Daniel go?

ABC's Better Off Ted

I've been seeing commercial spots for ABC's new Better Off Ted for weeks now. The network did a good job of catching my attention. Now that I've watched the first 15 minutes of the show, I'm a little disappointed. The show is a bit absurd but features an enjoyable cast such as Portia de Rossi as Veronica Palmer and the best reason to watch, Jay Harrington as Ted Crisp. He's adorable while being handsome at the same time.

Will the show make it past a few episodes? With Scrubs as its lead-in, Better Off Ted has a big uphill climb ahead of it.

Pinching Pennies

I feel as though I'm neglecting a few since our return to America. But the truth is I'm trying to limit my spending as I don't have a full-time job. So those who I'd like to meet for lunch, or hang with at dinner, must take a second seat to my financial plan of attack.

For example, I'm sitting at home wanting to get out tonight. But knowing I don't want to spend money makes me sit and stew inside this one bedroom apartment. And with birthday dinners on the horizon, I need to save every penny I can. Because when our friends get together, it ain't cheap!

What's UR Poison?

The owner of a new bar opening on the North side of Halsted asked me today if I was looking for a job. Specifically, he wanted to know if I'd like to become a bartender. I told him that's not really where I'm at today, but thanks for the offer.

Not that I didn't give his question any thought. I keep telling myself I want to do something different. Well, being a bartender would sure qualify.

When I see him again, I'm going to make sure I say "thanks" again for the offer. I took his question as a compliment. And to think he's trying to hire in an economy where people need jobs, again, it was a nice gesture.

Getting Noticed

I never thought he was sexy, but there's something about this picture of Alex Rodriguez from Details magazine that gets your attention.

Confirming Our Selection

Our architect, Thom Greene, is being recognized for his work in the community. Great to know we hired the right guy and one who's demonstrated thoughtful preservation of our neighborhood. I suppose that makes us feel better for what we're spending to have him on board.

As noted by the Historical Society Museum:

On Friday, April 24, 2009, 6 - 8 PM, the Edgewater Historical Society is host to Thom Greene, AIA, of Greene & Proppe Design, Inc. At this opening Reception, Thom will present his collection of designs, sketches, and renderings created over the past 20 years, of unbuilt designs and concepts for various sites within the Edgewater and Chicago area that have not been realized. The second half of the exhibit covers 31 years of intriguing creations ranging from high-rise works of imagination to highly stylized architectural oddities. Thom has been recognized in the past for his extensive work beautifying the Edgewater and Andersonville communities, as well as throughout Chicago. The exhibit will last until June 6, 2009.

For more information, call 773.506.4849 or visit our website .

Twitter Taking Over the World

I signed up for Twitter back in July. When I did, nobody I knew was on board. In fact, there was little interest in the new social networking site. Now it seems Twitter is all over the news as those in Hollywood are "tweeting" constantly. TV shows have even jumped on the bandwagon. And Facebook has decided to change its format to be more like Twitter. What's next?

Making it More Official

Now that our architect/design firm and contractor placed their signs in our front yard, and the permit is hung in the window, it seems truly official that the work has begun on our home.

Girls Aloud's Untouchable

Of course, there are many things we miss about Europe - friends we made along the way, shopping and the music. Not that I can't keep up with Europop stateside, but at times I'm a few days behind the curve. Such is the case with Girls Alouds and their first time performance of Untouchable on Dancing on Ice. I could do without the skaters floating around, but the Girls actually sound better than they have in the past. And if you like the original mix, check out the Bimbo Jones version I posted earlier this week.

Prepping 4 AI

With us hosting our weekly American Idol watching party tomorrow night (well, actually just me as Chris is still in Asia), I'm prepping the apartment for 13-15 people and a baby. On the menu? Manwich on whole wheat buns, baked chips, sodas, Irish beer and some type of dessert that helps to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. By combining that with a 70 degree, I'm forecasting success!

What U Should B Watching

Not only should you be watching Big Bang Theory on CBS Monday nights at 7:00 p.m., you should be paying close attention to Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz. Sure, he's a secondary character, but his one-liners and attitude towards sex are hysterical (such as his comment tonight about glue and strippers). Check out his bio HERE as well as videos from the show (sorry, only available stateside).

Oh boy is this a good one! Combine the high energy of remixer Bimbo with that of the #1 girl group in the UK and you have yourself a hot ditty! Check it out HERE.

PTT Entertainment Report

I don't know why I feel cheated when I don't see the number one movie of the week, but I do. So, of course I feel slighted as I didn't get out to see Race to Witch Mountain this weekend. The movie beat analysts projections by raking in almost $26M followed by Watchmen at $18M (with a huge 67% drop) and Last House on the Left with $16M. I attribute the Disney film's "bigger than expected" debut to adults who fondly remember the original, Escape to Witch Mountain.

Fat Sally Sunday

My one day a week where I eat anything I want, commonly referred to as "Fat Sally Sunday," has been less isolated since I arrived back from Miami a few weeks ago. She's crept into maybe one additional day throughout the week - or one meal I should say. I need to keep that girl under control.

As for my meal last night? I consumed one 12" Homemade Pizza Company pizza followed by two large cupcakes from a new bakery we found not too far from the house, Angel Food Bakery. The pizza was delicious. The cupcakes looked better than they tasted.

Now it's Monday morning and my tummy is rebelling. Which is exactly why I'm headed to the gym for workout #1 followed by workout #2 around 5 p.m. Nothing like pushing that fat through the system.

The Countdown 2 Eurovision 2009

We may have moved back to the States in December, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the countdown to Eurovision 2009 in May. Check out Greece's entry by Sakis Rouvas This Is Our Night. I'm sure his looks had nothing to do with him winning. Check back later this week for Sweden's winning act. It's opera meets pop - and not in a good way.

Becoming a Soap Addict

I don't tune-in to soap operas. But from what I've discovered, I should start. First, I made note of the hot men on Days of our Lives a few weeks back. Now check out Brandon Beemer from The Young and the Restless. Forget looking for a job. There's some soaps to watch.

Yes, It's True

I'm sure you can tell from the last few posts that I'm becoming more Republican, in regards to the economy, everyday. Specifically, as defined by Wikipedia, "Republicans emphasize the role of free market decision making in fostering economic prosperity. They support the idea of individuals being economically responsible for their own actions and decisions." Amen!

Now let the emails pour in...

Lex Luthor Bailout

With all the money being handed to irresponsible recipients (who then turn around and convert this money into bonuses for the top fat cats), it's appropriate that Funny or Die spoofs this silliness with it's new clip featuring Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor.

Robin Hood Revisted

Speaking of Robin Hood, it appears he wasn't as popular as once expected. Makes sense to me.

Here Comes Robin Hood...Again

401Ks are down, food prices are up, and housing values have tanked. So now on top of the higher federal taxes Obama is proposing, Illinois may increase its state tax almost 50%. At this rate, even those who can afford to pay their mortgage won't be able to for long. That, and they'll start cutting back on discretionary items which, in turn, will spiral this nation further into a recession (or depression depending on how you view the current state of affairs).

Chillin' with Channing.

Just a few reasons why I'm excited to see the new G.I. Joe movie. Channing Tatum as featured in Vanity Fair.