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Let the Summer Begin!

Today I bought our tickets for tomorrow's 2:45 (or 14:45 for all you Europeans) showing of Iron Man. The Robert Downey Jr. flick is the first out of the gate this summer (even beating the US release date by one day). And since tomorrow is a holiday, and is forecasting Munich's weather to be rainy, we thought it was the perfect day to catch our first movie in months. We have reserved seats so I don't need to stress. Because if we were in America, the theater would be swamped - and I'd be unpleasant. Not tomorrow. Easy, breezy...

Chuck's Not Holding My Interest

We're watching our second episode of Chuck. As of 32 minutes in, I'm thinking the only reason to watch is "Captain Awesome." Other than that, I find myself being distracted by other activities - such as the blog. Though, I haven't noted much as work has consumed me once again. This time, I'm writing a European Product Guide for the new "M" burger that launched in France and Germany a few weeks ago - and one burger that's overtaken Chris' life since moving to Paris almost three years ago. Good thing the new premium burger is doing well! Again, as Chris' business manager, I like to gather substantial evidence why I think he should be promoted.

Hand Slapped!

Today I got my hand slapped a bit by the lesbian who manages our building (not that being a lesbian is problematic, it just adds a bit more comedic detail to the story). I bought mulch to place around flowers I planted in our front walkway. In addition, I also sprinkled slug killer to keep the snails from eating my hard work. Turns out the blue pellets are poisonous to dogs so she wanted me to ask her next time before doing any work. This, combined with the fact that I rearranged her efforts last week as she planted bushes and solar lights in designs that made no sense, probably makes her frustrated. I don't think she's mad - she actually appreciates my efforts. It's just managing the building, and yard work, is her job and not mine. So, understandably, I should ask. I just don't like to.

Kristin Wiig Rocks Again!

I love me some Kristin Wiig. But sadly, now that NBC has, I can't watch most of her SNL skits on-line. So, it's makes me happy when others around the world upload her videos - ones that don't get blocked in Europe. So, I was thrilled to find one of Kristin's latest videos on I can't embed the skit, but you can watch it by clicking here. Good to know she's getting the recognition she deserves - first a shout out in EW and now this.


Chris had a big photo shoot on Friday for numerous publications and media outlets. This picture, and subsequent story blip, is the first to be released by Reuters. In the words of Mary Katherine Gallagher, "Superstar!"

This Sure Doesn't Help

Just when you think it's safe to ride the train, this happens. Not exactly what I want to read after spending four hours on a high-speed train this weekend from Munich to Zurich.

Bonjour A & F!

With A & F now scheduled to move into Paris and the Avenue des Champs Élysées by Christmas, there goes any panache of wearing the brand in Europe. Because now, A & F is seen as a specialty clothing line - worn by everyone age 10-60 (because in Europe, there isn't any TOFA or too old for Abercrombie). I see that changing with the store in Paris and one rumored for Rome, Italy.

Zurich Photo Album

I wonder if athletic shorts and calf socks, along with party whistles, are making a big gay comeback? They seemed to be plentiful last night at the White Party in Zurich. If that's the case, get ready America. It's coming.

Zurich's Big, Gay Prom - A White Party Review

Because my friend DP (the PTT Swiss Correspondent) committed to moving to Zurich in December, I’ve had plans to visit him this past weekend since the first of the year. We specifically chose the weekend of April 25th as there was a gay dance party called “The White Party” – the perfect opportunity for us to experience together our first circuit party in Zurich and to dress like Miami pimps (though, I carefully pulled together a stylish all white outfit consisting of Diesel Jeans, a white tank, painted Chucks and a sparkling blue belt decorated with purple and silver jewels for a splash of color). Besides that, we thought the event might make it easy for DP to meet new people and expand his social circle in the biggest city in Switzerland.

Turns out, our plan of attack was a success as not only did we meet a great group of guys from Switzerland (who were mostly our age and not the 18 year olds we initially feared would take over the party), we also hung out with their friends from Vienna (including Armin who I referred to as "Adorable") and Munich for five hours on the dancefloor bopping to driving progressive beats interlaced with recognized vocals. And, before we left, we exchanged profile information on Facebook and Switzerland’s Gay Romeo (not that I have a profile but DP in Zurich soon will as he’s single) – all pointing to a successful night at the White Party. So because the night was a success, we’re already contemplating the big party this summer on the lake as well as a techno parade to celebrate the closing of summer. Not that I need a big, gay prom to get me to Zurich, but it sure does help!

How Ironic

When I was on the train to Zurich Friday, I noticed in the bathroom a small pimple forming on the right-hand side of my forehead. So of course, I started to worry it would get bigger and ruin my weekend. So how ironic is it that the pimple disappeared on Saturday and was replaced by two large red bumps on the left hand side– the unfortunate result of me smashing my head against a glass wall on the train as I caught a glimpse of an advertisement featuring the gay model of the moment Chad White (only to try and better understand what makes him such a big deal).

Zurich Live: The Swiss So Far

My train ride to Zurich couldn't have been easier. No security check. Nothing. From our house to my train seat: 20 minutes. I did find it funny that as soon as we crossed over into Switzerland, border patrol with guns came through asking to see our passports. Luckily the weather is cooperating as it's around 70 degrees. So, we've been walking the city since 11:00 a.m. We've stopped for a bathroom break at DP's apartment, then onto the lake for another stroll until early evening when we'll return, rest, and get ready for the big White Party tonight. Not sure what to expect with the gay dance, but I'll make note that I'm not expecting much. It's always better to think the worst.

Off 2 Zurich

It will be my first time in Switzerland. I'm catching the 12:34 train from Munich to Zurich - another first. I've charged my computer, packed reading material, and planned for a pleasant four hour ride in first class (before any comments are noted, there isn't that much of a price difference between classes). So check back later this weekend, or Monday, for an update from Zurich!

It feels like fall as it's chilly and raining. As you're riding the escalator, do you ever think about the hair, skin particles and germs that blow your way from the people in front of you? Why do Germans where the funniest clothes, like cargo shorts and polos, to the gym? Speaking of the gym, Tilo, one of the trainers from Leo's, commented how everyone seemed to be on steroids at the David Barton gym he visited in New York. To him, it was bizarre as you don't see many here in Munich. I'm considered more normal - and everyone back home tells me I'm skinny! We're having to give Maddie daily biscuits filled with vitamins for her limp. At least they taste good - not that I've tried but she seems to like them. Chris made bierocks on Sunday out of a new whole wheat bread mixture we found at the store. What a surprise. It was delicious and good for you. I'm going to try my hand at them tonight. I don't like to cook but I'm forced to Monday through Friday. That's the downfall about working from home. Our plants are dying around the house as I bought Ikea pots that don't drain. I either don't water them enough or too much (I don't want water sitting in the bottom causing root rot). I'm hoping they can hang on for another six or seven months. I leave for Zurich tomorrow - the first time on the big trains. I return on Sunday. A short but expected nice weekend visiting DP - the PTT correspondent in Switzerland. We're getting our groove on as Saturday night at the White Party. I'm not sure what to expect. It could be really good or just plain tragic. I'll report back next week. I'm still hunting for a job. So even though the posting to the left is gone, it's not that I've stop looking. So keep your ears to the ground for something communication related - seems to be my best bet moving forward. That's all for now!

Eurovision 2008 - Latvia

Feeling bored at work? Check out Latvia's entry for Eurovision 2008. It's all about Pirates. Don't ask me why. I suppose it's because Latvia saw the success of Pirates of the Caribbean and thought, "Why not?" Be sure to check back for more contestants and the winning entry on May 24th!

Can Peter Save Madonna?

Have you missed the tunes? It's been a while since I've made note of any good music. Believe me, there's plenty out in the universe. But few have rocked by boat. That, and my time has been limited lately. That all changes today as I've found the link to Madonna's 4 Minutes remixed by Peter Rauhofer. Madonna commissioned Peter for the remixes (as well as Tracy Young and Bob Sinclar). Peter worked overtime and delivered not one, but three power stompers. I prefer the Peter Saves New York the best as the beat drives harder than the other two: Peter Saves Paris and Peter Saves London. Hopefully, Peter's remixes will help propel Madonna back up the chart as she slipped from 3 to 7 on Billboard's charts last week.

McDonald's Up Overseas

And as Chris' business manager, I say the McDonald's profit increase is all because of him.

Down Goes the Dollar - Again!

Will the madness ever end? By the time we move, the dollar will be so weak against the Euro we'll never be able to come back.

Headcases Rings True

There's a new show in the UK called Headcases. The show's promo caught my attention as its depiction of the Beckhams seems dead on - and more in line with reality vs. the media's (and Armani's) glamorization (and "hunkification") of skinny little David. Check out the promo below.

Captain Awesome Can Save Me Anyday

I know NBC's Chuck didn't take off in America last fall. And because of the strike this year, they're giving it another shot in September. Thank goodness as I'd hate to see "Captain Awesome" disappear from the airwaves. He's hot. Ryan McPartlin, a former A & F model (big surprise) and former athlete who decided to give acting a try (another big surprise) is one of the best reasons to watch the show - which we sampled tonight as it's now on our satellite feed from the UK. We're not 100% sold on the show (preferring Pushing Daisies (another show that just launched), but if "Captain Awesome" runs around in his underwear in episode four, well, we'll give it a few more tries.

Delicious Hard Candy

Perez Hilton noted that Madonna's Hard Candy leaked yesterday.  So of course I turned to my trusted blog resources for the tunes - and I found them.  Now, I'll admit I downloaded the album.  Because lately, the full albums I've heard, like Mariah's, Janet's, etc., haven't been worth the money - not even close.  Madonna's, however, is simply awesome.  It's not heavy on the hip hop (like some feared).  Instead, she returns to a more simple sound, incorporating an 80s sense of pop sensibility, relying on her voice (undistorted) and easy instrumentation to carry the melodies.  In short, don't expect the 11 tunes on the CD to be like that of 4 Minutes because their not - far from it actually.  Which, I'm happy to report, is a good thing.  So yes Madonna will get my $10 next week when Hard Candy is released.  

My favorites:  Give It To Me, Heartbeat,  Beat Goes On, and Dance Tonight with Justin Timberlake.   

Going Crazy?

I've just spent the morning looking for my passport.  I even called the airport.  Luckily, I just found it.  I must have grabbed it while I was leaving this morning and placed it on top of a bookshelf.  Sadly, I don't even remember doing so.  Even worse, I do this all the time - misplacing items, leaving the stovetop burning, etc.  It's either old age, craziness or just too many thoughts swirling around in my head.  All I know is I wish it would stop.


Pepperidge Farm Bread

I'm sitting here eating my 5:00 p.m. sandwich snack - on Arnold Oat Nut Bread. I brought it back from Florida. As good as German bread is, I love the soft texture of the American made variety. Seriously, you can squish it into a ball. Um um good.

Hot Snowman

PTT Correspondent DP reports from Switzerland that last Monday was the Sechseläuten festival in Zurich. In short, think Groundhog's Day. But instead of any animals involved, the Swiss blow-up a "snowman." And depending on how long it takes for the "snowman's" head to explode, it will be either a cold or hot summer. Last Monday, the The Böögg "snowman" predicted a cold summer. According to DP, the burning of the "snowman" looked like a Pagan ritual. I can only imagine.

The Good & The Bad

It's great to hear Top Chef Chicago on Bravo is up double digits from last year including first in total viewers among all basic cable networks last week. I'm always cheering for Chicago.

On the flip side, it's sad to hear more than 32 kids have been shot in the Windy City recently. Hopefully, the bloodshed will end.

Yes, I'm Serious

The video below is #2 on the charts in Germany. It started out as a ringtone. Now, Schnuffel's Kuschel Song has a full release. Happy Monday!

There Goes Fashion

I lost a $225 credit slip for Diesel. Right now, I'm so irritated. I've kept that silly store credit piece of paper for one year. I then go and try to redeem it two weeks ago - and misplace it. Unfortunately, instead of putting it back where it belongs when I returned home empty handed, I left it in my back pocket - in jeans I washed later that day. I'm hoping Diesel has me on file. If not, there goes my new white pair of jeans. And yes, for you naysayers, white jeans are trendy this spring and summer in Europe.

Madonna on YouTube

And here I thought Perez Hilton was special. Apparently, Madonna must have made numerous "viral" videos to generate buzz for her single 4 Minutes and her upcoming album Candy Shop. I stumbled across this one on some random Madonna site as I was hunting for information on why 4 Minutes isn't generating top 10 airplay (hence why it falls from 3 - 7 last week on Billboard's Top 100 chart).

I'm sure Madonna is frustrated by the fact that she didn't go to number one and Mariah did. I'm also betting she won't sell as many albums either (as Mariah is expected to log over 500K). Quite honestly, Madonna should be happy she's still making good music 25 years after breaking into the scene (and at the age of 50 no less). And after seeing Rod Stewart on Thursday, I realized very few can lay claim to such success (he did just fine too).

Diary of a Happy Piece of Luggage

I finally made it home! A man from Lufthansa delivered me around 5 p.m. They even called to make sure I made it safe and sound. Of course, United didn't care about me at all. No wonder my owners say Lufthansa is amazing. They're right.

Diary of Frustrated Piece of Luggage

We're on a plan to Frankfurt, Germany. I'm not sure why we keep getting routed to other cities vs. directly to Munich. All I know is I'm tired. I want to be home and packed away on the top shelf of the closet. Hopefully, I won't go anywhere for a while. Those carry-on bags have all the luck. They never get lost.

Makes Me Wonder

While we were having lunch at McDonald's yesterday (even though we just spent one week around McDonald's food 24/7), we noticed a group of families gathered together, lounging around in the McCafé (as so many do in Germany as the restaurants are designed for comfort). Both the kids and adults were signing to one another. Which made me think, "Do they sign in German?" I suppose the essence of sign language is that the "words" are universal, but they throw in German words where necessary. I wonder what the sign is for "pretzel?"

Diary of Sad Piece of Luggage

After being left in Orlando while my owners flew off to Washington, my friends and I have finally made our way to DC. Now, we just sit and wait for someone to find us and send us on our way to Munich - which I hope is soon. I'm stuffed with new Calvin shorts, vanilla protein powder, natural peanut butter, a plethora of new Converse tennis shoes and some gym clothes I thought would be out of me by Saturday morning. And the airlines wonder why nobody wants to fly.

Well Duh!

Of course Americans are going to stop spending money in Europe when the dollar is so bad. It's good to know somebody is trying to fix the problem!

Where Did My Butt Go?

I worked my butt off last week. I seriously underestimated the time it would take for me to manage the convention blog. There were hours spent on the convention room floor, more in my hotel room writing, then even more at special events taking pictures. But it was a good week making new connections, revisiting old friends, and indulging in the Cheesecake Factory. Now comes the best part, however. Tomorrow, I'll be preparing the bill. That will definitely make me happy.

Oh, and for a bit of fun, check out the winner of the Voice of McDonald's contest below. Think of it as American Idol of the burger world. Her name is Natércia Pintor of Lisbon and she's good. I couldn't film her up close as I was booted away from the stage. Apparently, USA Today and other media outlets were more important. How rude! She won $25K, a trip to the AI finals, and even was invited to Darkchild's recording studio to cut a demo (for all of you who don't know Darkchild, he most recently produced Janet's Feedback).

We're Back - 1/2 of us Anyway

We landed back in Munich this morning at 5:30 a.m. - but without luggage. So what was a pleasant trip up to that point sadly turned a bit sour. I think I prefer a two-legged journey as it breaks up the 10+ hour flight to Germany. But with another stop comes the fear of the airline losing something - which they did with our three bags filled with clothes and American goodies. Luckily, we'll be at home so we can survive. I'm more concerned with them finding the bags period. Because in the land of baby strollers and Mickey ears, I'm afraid it's too easy for them to get lost.

To Pooped 2 Blog

But, I can try to recap in 10 sentences or less.

1. It's 1:11 in the morning and I just finished working.
2. We leave tomorrow morning around 9:30 but we're going to the gym at 7.
3. I'm not a fan of Rod Stewart but watching him tonight was pretty cool.
4. We finally found decent Mexican, but my tummy is regretting it right now.
5. Straight couples who won't stop kissing and touching are annoying.
6. And yes, the same applies to gays.
7. My camera fell on the floor and I lost my battery.
8. I probably got 2 hours of sun this whole week. Boo hoo to me.
9. It seems all I bought this week are uncomfy undies and cheap socks.
10. Time 4 bed.

Stear Clear of Sonny's

After another long day at convention, and a few hours of me being locked up in our room blogging about everything from the European Business Session to the daily menu to a team of Hungarian men and women, Chris, our friend Lisa and I went for B-B-Q (as that's what Chris wanted for dinner). We drove across town to Sonny's. We should have returned to the B-B-Q joint around the corner as Sonny's was horrible. Our ribs were chewy. The baked beans were good. But a meal is not made of baked beans alone. That's exactly why I'm a bit hungry. But since it's 10:42, I just need to finish work and go to bed as we must get up early for the last Global Session tomorrow and closing ceremonies tomorrow night with Rod Stewart. Yes, Rod Stewart. Good times.

Auf Wiedersehen Heidi!

Here's a taste of the video Heidi shot for the McDonald's Worldwide Convention. It's the closing and only a few seconds. But it's cool my written words are coming out of her mouth!

Orlando Live: Our Weekly Menu

Since Chris and I were in the States in March, we haven't had the need to rush out and eat anything specific. That's not to say we're avoiding those restaurants, fast food chains or cuisines we prefer when back home. Since arriving on Friday, we've eaten at Cheesecake Factory (twice), PF Changs (somewhat ordinary), Don Pablos (quite the disaster), Subway (what I expected), Quiznos (no surprises), and Le Peep (the best of the best). I'm not sure what's on the menu for tonight as Chris had a function and I'm at the hotel waiting for a 6:30 meeting. I might just order room service and watch American Idol. Though, I've been in my room working all day so I could go crazy. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of Losing Weight

I haven't seen the McDonald's UK Communications team in over a year. So when we met on Sunday, they commented on how much weight I had lost. I told them, "This is me." You see, when I first met them in London in February of 2007, I was just coming off a weight gain mode. I was 15-20 pounds heavier. On the flip side, Chris is getting all these comments on how "beefy" he's looking. So as I told Chris, that makes me feel like the little woman in the relationship. That...I don't like.


With it being only 58 degrees in Orlando today, I don't mind so much working all day long. And when I mean all day long, I mean I've been sitting at my computer for hours blogging about McDonald's. Though, I'm almost done. I need a break. So we're going back to the outlet malls so I can find a black belt - one that actually fits as I've lost weight since I bought the last one.

Me and Kung Fu Panda

No Time 2 Write!

With convention blogging eating my time more than I thought, I have little ability (or energy) to post on Pink Trash Travels at the end of the day. For example, I woke-up at 6 a.m. this morning, went to the gym downstairs in the spa, then headed to the convention around 9 where I stayed until 2 before leaving. I then came back to the hotel to write until returning to convention for the Voice of McDonald's competition until 7. It's now 11:00 and I've just finished another two hours of work on top of the already long day. This blogging for convention is never done!

Wet N' Wild Brawl

Good thing we didn't go to Wet N' Wild yesterday! Two brothers were shot outside of the water park. Though, going to Wet N' Wild is last on my list in terms of activities in Orlando (we did drive by the other day, however). Why anyone would wait 30 minutes to slide :30 seconds down a slide is beyond me.

Photo of the Day

I thought at first it was Tammy Faye Baker in the lobby of our hotel. But after some googling, I realized she passed away a few years back. So, it turns out the subject is just eccentric. Too bad I couldn't get closer.

Blame it on the Sun

I've determined the sun brings out the worst in people - especially their lack of clothing. Because when we went to the new Prime Outlet International outlet mall again tonight while it was raining and chilly, the scene wasn't so tragic. And considering it's forecasted to be 69 for the next few days, I'll be saved from ill fitting tanks and shorts if I venture out again in between convention blogging.

Orlando Live: The Smell of Honeysuckle

One of my favorite activities when coming to Orlando and staying at the Portofino Bay Hotel is running around Universal Studios as the smell of honeysuckle and other plants fills the air. I then usually follow it up with a sandwich from Subway before going to the pool. However, today my plans must shift a bit as Chris wants to eat breakfast before he goes the convention floor at noon and I am scheduled to meet the UK team at 2:00 to shuttle to the convention center as well. So, it looks like I'll eat at IHOP with Chris, lay out by the pool for an hour, then start my day with blogging for McDonald's. Not too bad I'd say.

As we sat around Don Pablo's last night, it was hard not to notice how (dare I pull an "Obama" and generalize the population) overweight everyone was around us. Besides that, both men and women, even kids, were dressed in too short shorts and tank tops. It's hard not to cop a Euro elite attitude when you return home to America and you're witnessed to such lazy attitudes towards health and fashion. Sure, it's Orlando, but a true observation none-the-less.

Orlando Live! Day One

It's midnight which means we've been up for 24 hours. And as I mentioned to Chris tonight, I hope that we've put the worst part of our trip behind us. Because the day's traveling adventure hasn't been pleasant.

For starters, for the first time ever, our flight from Munich to Frankfurt had to abort its landing just after touching down. So just as it's wheels grazed the runway, the pilot gunned it and away we went. As I joked with my co-worker from London, at that very moment, my rates shot up as well.

Then later, we opted to eat at Don Pablos as it's one of our favorite Mexican chains. Well, the guacamole was bland, my chimichanga was overly dry and Chris tacos were quite limpy. Needless to say, we have no plans to return to Don Pablos while we're here in Orlando.

Finally, we arrived at the Portofino Bay Hotel. We were tired and not in the mood for clowning around. Well, not only could we NOT find our room, but the suite wasn't up to par. The carpet seemed grungy, it was badly decorated and quite honestly, not worth the money. As a result, we flipped rooms and downgraded to a Deluxe. Sure, you may think that isn't so bad. But if you knew how large the hotel is, it's like walking the length of a football field to get from the lobby to your room. And when you've been up for a day, well, I had to bite my tongue a few times.

It's now 12:20 a.m. and time for bed. Overall, I suppose you can say it's better that we arrived safe and sound - so looking on the bright side is the way to go. Maybe I'll think that tomorrow after a bit of shut eye.

Recipe 4 Disaster

Two blogs. One Blogger dashboard. It's the perfect recipe for disaster. Over the next week, while blogging for McDonald's in Orlando, I'm going to have to pay particular attention to the welcome screen so I make sure I don't post hot shirtless men or random thoughts about schnitzel on McDonald's website. Ronald wouldn't be happy.


Chris and I always comment when traveling through Europe on how many beautiful women we see with average looking men. The ladies are stunning. The men? Not so much. Now there's new research that explains why.

Reality shows in the UK seem to produce countless aspiring actors and singers - the latest being Chanelle from Big Brother. And because radio actually provides support to those less fortunate, she's on the move in the dance/pop world with I Want It. If you like bouncy vocals and clubby beats (think Posh from a few years back), you'll love I Want It (Club Junkies Mix). And if you want to check out the original with an 80s Samantha Fox vibe, watch it below.

I'm Happy 2 Report

Our satellite is back up and running! After two phone calls this morning, along with follow-up emails, the system returned to normal around 3 p.m. Now we won't miss our shows next week and I won't be bitter Betty in Orlando. How could I blog with such negative energy?

I Frickin' Love Sue!

"I'm so frickin' excited!" declares SNL's newest character portrayed by Kristin Wiig. Once again, she's genius. Never mind Sue is basically an extension of the "Publisher's Clearing House" skit with tones of the "Target Lady" splashed with a hint of Molly Shannon's Mary Katherine Gallagher. It's a riot. Check it out below. Thanks to PopCrunch for featuring the clip pulled from NBC's

A Gay Celebration

And just because we can celebrate our sexuality without going to jail (see post below), I give to you Sean Harley. The article's a bit silly as Sean says his physique is the result of a good diet and exercise program. Sure. Either way, I'll play ball with him anytime.

One Reason Why We Don't Visit Egypt

Stories like this make you appreciate the freedom you have to openly live your life in most of America and Europe.

Something Smells Fishy

We've been charged double for our Sky satellite since last June when we moved to Munich. So we called to cancel the credit card and issue a new number as nobody knew why we were being billed twice - not even Sky. As a result (and just like I called it), we now have lost service including all the shows we've recorded to watch. Gone is our last episode of Weeds, as well as Dirty, Sexy, Money, The Big, Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy as well as countless others we've been saving. Of course, I'm frustrated. But what's even more annoying is the fact that we've called our contact in Munich and in Paris to solve the problem as we can't solve it ourselves. They're the ones who set-up the account through the UK. And when we have a problem, we can't contact Sky directly. So here we sit and wait with no TV. And for those of you who follow along on a regular basis, you know how upset I must be. Words cannot describe.

Blogging 4 Europe

It looks like my blogging is catching on with corporate America also.  I've just been given the go ahead to book my travel to Orlando to blog for McDonald's at their worldwide convention.  I've created a persona, similar to Gossip Girl (from the television show of the same name - and one of my current faves) who will blog from inside the bi-annual event. And because I'll be in sunny Orlando for seven days, I hope to have some time in between blogging to replenish my tan from Puerto Vallarta. Besides that, I love Orlando at this time of year including running outside around the Portofino Bay Hotel as the smell of jasmine fills the air, visiting the outlet malls and eating at all my favorites such as Don Pablos. Let the blogging begin!

The Swiss Report - Space Sex

PTT contributor DP spotted a billboard on his way to work today that definitely caught his attention. Be warned, it's quite sexual. To check it out, and other information about Switzerland's campaign to stop the spread of AIDS, visit To view the poster:

(1) For English viewing select the small "e" in the upper left hand corner, (2) Choose the "campaign" icon in the lower portion of the screen, (3) The "Astronauts" poster will appear. If not, select "Astronauts."

If you're more into heterosexual couples, be sure to click on the other posters available including "Diver," "Tarzen" and "Speleologists" (whatever that is).

Much Better Justin!

Who Needs a Fryer?

What is turkey schnitzel? In short, it's a turkey breast that's been smashed like a pancake, covered in a crumb mixture, then fried. In its original form, schnitzel isn't the healthiest main course. So last night, I experimented with the dish - trying to make a healthier version while retaining the crispness of the original. I'm happy to report it was a success.

First, I bought turkey schnitzel meat (sliced and ready to coat). I then dipped the flat pieces in egg, followed by the crumbs, and placed on a coated piece of foil. I baked the meat at 200 degrees in our convection oven. 15 minutes later, my turkey schnitzel was done. Crispy and delicious.

New & Noteworthy - The Veronicas

The Veronicas are big down under but they haven't broken through in America. They tasted a bit of stateside success with their very modest hit Everything I'm Not back in 2006, but radio just wouldn't experiment with anything other than T-Pain or other similar sounding hip hop artists. Their new pop rock electro infused album Hook Me Up, and its lead single by the same name (that reached #1 in Oz), failed to generate buzz (except on the dancefloor with remixes by Tommy Trash). But Warner Brothers is pushing the follow-up track Untouched (#2 in Australia) hoping the second time is a charm. I prefer Hook Me Up, but I'll let you decide by featuring both below. Hook Me Up first, Untouched second.


The game was awesome. But also quite entertaining were the commercials - especially the Bud Light spot below. Sausages! Sausages!

Kansas Takes the Title!

"On the anniversary of 'Danny and the Miracles,' Kansas claws their way back from a nine point deficit to take the championship!" Those are the words spoken by one of the announcers tonight - possibly by the Gumble brother.

I'm so glad I couldn't sleep and that I woke-up to see the big ending to the NCAA game. Though, from what I can tell, the finish to the regulation game was quite impressive as Chalmers tied the game with a 3-pointer. So though Brandon Rush is the team's biggest star, Chalmers has now secured his place in KU history with his last minute shot.

Now, I'm sure a few of you are reading these posts - somewhat shaking your head at my enthusiasm towards basketball as I'm not a sports. But there's something to be said for alma mater spirit. So even though it's been 15 years since I graduated, those KU memories are strong. Besides that, we all take pride in waving the wheat as it's something we've waited for, as Jayhawks, for 20 years now.

12.8 seconds remaining...


It's 5:40 a.m. and I just woke-up expecting to see who won the big game tonight. And, to my surprise, the NCAA is in overtime! 2 minutes remaining...

Halftime Report

It's halftime and I'm pooped. So, I'm afraid my night (or morning) is done. Maybe if I can't sleep, I'll be back. But I hope in a few hours I'll wake-up and see on my Yahoo! home page that KU is the new NCAA champion. That would be sweet.

Go Jayhawks!

And here I am again. It's 3:53 a.m. and I'm up watching the game on Yahoo! sports. This time, however, I have to get up early tomorrow so I'm not sure how long I can hang in there with the boys from Kansas. But I feel as though if Kansas does win, I should be part of the event as us Jayhawkers have been waiting 20 years for a national championship (as I arrived at KU one year too late in 1989). Right now, Kansas is 3, but that's a basket. If they'd be leading by 15 or 20, well, I'd feel more comfortable going to sleep. Oh great, now it's 1. Ugh times two.

Spring Sprung a Leak!

At it Again

Demonstrators in Paris? Never. Oh the memories of walking around Paris as activists engulfed the streets. That's something you rarely see in Munich. Though, the smokers did take to the streets to protest the smoking ban. And look how that turned out. I have two words to share: political wimps.

Unions Fine French Retailers

There were numerous reasons why living in Paris was frustrating. One issue that spread across many facets of French living was the inability to amend a law once it's been set - even if it was put into action hundreds of years ago. Times change. But the French don't like to. This article highlights that frustration.

Introducing Mr. Switzerland

Now that my friend Dave lives in Zurich, he's feeding me some good reports from the land of the Swiss such as his email to me this morning about the Mr. Switzerland contest held this past Saturday night. So, I suppose I should make it official that he's a contributing member of Pink Trash Travels. Congratulations Dave! Check out video below of the winner Stephan Weiler.

"Nuke" from As the World Turns

I just learned that As the World Turns on CBS features two gay characters in a relationship. Surprisingly, Luke and Noah aren't psycho or stereotypical nelly queens. Great to see daytime TV giving a shout out to all those sisters - besides the gifts of numerous hunks with their shirts off (speaking of hunks, though "Nuke" doesn't rock my world, Dr. Chris Hughes does). Check out Luke and Noah's first screen kiss below.

Ronald's On Our Side

Good thing McDonald's supports the Gay and Lesbian movement. Considering Chris and I both work for the house of Ronald, it's nice to know he's on our side. Well, not on our side literally...

John Lewis Strikes Again

John Lewis, a UK department store, returns this spring with another winning commercial spot. Their Christmas ad was one of my faves. Their spring ad once again is subtle yet mesmerizing. Particularly, I enjoy the woman on the slide.

Congratulations Jayhawks!

Lob City 4 Kansas!

Back up to 12. I hope it doesn't go into overtime as I should get more than three hours sleep. On a side note, I am enjoying the commercials. Maybe it's because I'm hungry and every spot seems to be for food i.e. Taco Bell, KFC. Oh wait, here's one for Lexus IS. Looks a bit like the BMW 1 Coupe. I'll have to check that one out later. But now, back to the game.

From 28 to 6!

Seriously, I start watching and now KU's lead is down from 28 to 6! I think my eyes curse the team. Ugh.

KU Basketball

It's 4:17 in the morning. After trying to sleep, I decided to check out the KU and N. Carolina NCAA scoreboard. And low and behold, KU was up 17 at halftime! Better yet, I found out I can watch via a live stream! I'd rather be waving the wheat with other Jayhawkers in a bar (yes, scary I know), but this is what it's all about. Reminds me of watching KU basketball back in college at Johnny's with quarter draws! I can smell it now.

Crap, now the lead is down to 14! KU has a problem with closing the deal. Here's to hoping this isn't another fine example of them crashing and burning in the homestretch. More flashbacks to Johnny's yet this time, we're leaving with our tails between our legs.

Herbie Causes Flashbacks

In between working and enjoying my new favorite sitcom The Big, Bang Theory, I caught the ending of Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. My grandparents took me to the 1977 Disney film as well as the two other Herbie movies. It's a fond memory I'll never forget.

As I sat and watched the film's ending (as they zip around Paris), I realized that when I first saw the little bug with a personality in Salina, KS at the Mid-state Mall, I never imagined I could visit Paris let alone live there. It seemed so foreign - literally. And now look at me. I'm an international traveler who's been to France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Istanbul and Greece with upcoming adventures to Croatia, Denmark and Ireland. Oh how times change.

You don't look cool carrying toilet paper on the metro or around town. But because you have to buy plastic bags in Munich, most people sacrifice looking silly for .15/euro. Besides that, the toilet paper doesn't even fit in the bag.

Crunched 4 Time

At the rate I'm going today (and this week really), I'm seriously going to have to consider blending my food. I've been so busy working, the last thing I want to do is cook. Take for example tonight's menu of a tuna salad sandwich and chips. I had planned on experimenting with a seasoning packet that makes Turkey Schnitzel (Germany's version of Shake N' Bake). But because that requires kitchen time, I think I'm going to pass. Tuna salad is much easier as I only have to open a can of tuna, chop a few pickles and add a drop of Miracle Whip Light.

And because I'm crunched for time, I almost passed on posting tunes for the weekend. But since I'm here, it will be short. No logo. No description. Just the promotion (Danity Kane) and the music Damaged (Tyler Nelson Dark Mix). Now enjoy.

Teasing Me with a Tall Drink of Water

Because my gym gives models a 50% discount off standard day rates, many agencies send their posers to Leo's for a workout. I still think the idea of giving a reduced fee to pretty people is, well, quite silly. Sure, it makes going to the gym more exciting when they're present. But then again, it's also a big tease. You may never see them again.

Like today when I was getting ready to leave Leo's around 4 p.m. I'm usually there closer to lunch but because McDonald's convention is in a few weeks, my plate is full with creative requests. As I was getting ready to finish my cardio, one big, tall drink of water made his way up the stairs. He looked. I looked. Then, 20 minutes later, as I was leaving, I looked over and he was on the elyptical machine next to where I was stationed earlier. I looked. He looked. I then looked again when I checked out over by the snack bar. If I only would have pushed myself another few minutes I could have closely inspected his tattoo on his left shoulder. Then again, I'm sure I would have passed out as I hadn't eaten solid food all day. And that, my friends, wouldn't be pretty. Though, I suppose if this tall drink of water was so close, he could bring me back to life quite quickly.

A Forced Redesign

For some reason, I lost the formatting to Pink Trash Travels. So, now I'm forced to go in and reconfigure - which isn't easy. Who knows how long it will take to get things back to normal. I guess this is a good time to redesign the blog. C-R-A-P!

Evening Update: Fours hours later and I'm sure you're thinking, "It doesn't look that much different!" I guess I didn't have the patience to rework the site. Besides that, why recreate the wheel - especially if it rolls just fine?

Maddie's Pet Passport

In between playing the role of cruise director for our friends' 40th birthday celebrations in 2009, and working overtime for McDonald's UK, I found the time to take Maddie to the vet for the first time since we left Chicago. She was up-to-date on her vaccinations until this year, but because she's been limping around like an old lady (which she is at 11), we wanted to make sure that was it and only it. So we jumped in the car and headed for the burbs to a vet we heard speaks English.

Four hours later, Maddie now is current with shots, her limp is under investigation and better yet, she has her pet passport. She can now travel between countries without getting harassed. Luckily for us, we didn't get stopped on our drive from Paris to Germany. I can only imagine what would have happened. If we were fined $300 for bringing too many cigarettes into Germany for our friend in Paris, our punishment most likely would have put us in the poor house.

Dave's New Fave: Gossip Girl

I've been waiting to watch Gossip Girl since its debut on the CW in 2007. But sadly, the new show by Josh Schwartz, creator of the O.C., wasn't available on our satellite - that is until this past week. And now that I've just watched the first episode, I can honestly say, "I luv it, luv it, luv it!"

Not only is the concept genius (with the all knowing blogger Gossip Girl bring you all the show's scoop), but the cast is very engaging - especially the rocker dad. Known as Rufus Humphrey on the show, Matthew Settle is a hottie. And as I noted to my friend Dave today, it's a funny state of affairs (and a slap of reality) when I find myself attracted to the dad on a show that targets 13 year old girls. Because on other phenoms like 90210, I was culturally relevant. Not so much anymore.

The Real Beckham on Leno

I'm a big fan of David Beckham - especially after those Armani underwear ads hit the streets. But what's funny is that he loses some of that sex appeal when seen in person. On Jay Leno last night, David seemed somewhat ordinary. Sure, if you passed him on the street, you'd think he was attractive. But I have a feeling his persona in the media, especially all those airbrushed billboards, have become bigger than the man - literally (considering he's around 5'11" and only 160 pounds). Maybe I'm just jealous.

On My Soapbox

As I'm sitting here reading an article from USA Today about foreclosures in Denver, I can't help but to get irritated about people's stupidity towards financial situations. Listen, I know how much money comes in and, as a result, how much I can shell out for clothes, mortgages, etc. That's one lesson my mom taught me well (with her little notebook documenting all her expenditures).

These families getting ejected from there home should have known better in terms of what they can afford. I'm not saying the lenders are innocent, but the ownership of the situation comes down to the individuals who borrowed the money. And sadly, now America, and the rest of the world, is paying for their mistakes.

I'm coming down from my soapbox now...

Eurovision 2008 - Estonia

As you'll see in the coming weeks, some Eurovision 2008 participants are worthy of their countries title. Others, like Estonia's Kreisiraadio and their entry Leto Svet are just truly bizarre. They're obviously not going to win (then again, who knows with this crazy contest). Check out this comedy's troop (enough said) entry below. You can even sing along as the words are noted along the bottom of the screen!

US Depression Story Goes Awry

This article in the Independent has drawn fire not only for its usage of an old photo from 2005 but also of its content. The link was featured on The Drudge Report and pulled over 21K hits on Monday, April 1.