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Just because you're old and frail and walking across the street illegally doesn't mean I won't run you over with my SUV. The world doesn't stop for you because you're wandering around aimlessly. I'm just sayin'.

The Housing Report: July 31, 2009

Over the past week, the crew has been paying a lot of attention to details inside the house. So, crown molding is going up, tile work is almost completed and capitals are on many of the door frames. It's amazing the level of detail we have - and that we didn't know about! Check out the pics below to see how it's all coming together.

A shot of the kitchen with its crown molding and beams running along the ceiling.

The small details that make a difference. Check out how the molding creates a single line from the family room to the kitchen.

The ceiling detail in the family room.

Historic capitals that decorate the door frames.

The 2nd floor bathroom and the railing that runs along the top of the window around the room.

A shot of the subway tile work (for a more classic presentation) in the 2nd bathroom shower. You can see how it doesn't go to the ceiling. Instead, it remains slightly open. And to the right of the shower will be a cabinet and shelves for towels, etc. The subway tile wraps the room and covers approximately 1/3 of the wall.

The master bath shower tile work. We chose a large format for a more simplified approach.

Take a Listen: Madonna's Celebrate

Thanks to Perez Hilton (ugh, I know), we finally can have a listen to Madonna's new single, Celebrate. Two words, "LOVE IT." I enjoy the quick vocals that salt and pepper the songs intro. And in true Madonna fashion, there's a bridge to the chorus - a chorus you won't forget. Thanks to Paul Oakenfold for crafting a summer gem. Check it out HERE.

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Chris realized today that we get to select a door chime. We hardwired the "guest notifier" so we could select from a wide variety of sounds. Besides that, a wireless door chime just didn't seem as glamorous. It's the little things in life.

Ready 2 Rumble with Madonna?

Ooh, this track is going to be hot in the clubs. Madonna's Celebrate was to hit airwaves this week along with remixes landing on the doorsteps of DJs around the world. I have yet to hear a full remix, but the clip below captures Benny Benassi's version - and it's a party stomper. Club kids get ready to rumble.

Oh Teresa...

Just another ARTICLE on obesity that's sure to get my cousin's panties in a bunch.

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Back in 1990, when I was working at the Buckle, listening to Madonna's Vogue and wearing Guess jeans, I always joked with my friend Kathy that we'd dance down the aisle if we ever got hitched. I wasn't attracted to her sexually, but I was intrigued with her as she could bust a move. Besides that, we always had fun at her sorority parties. So of course when I read about the "dancing wedding party," I thought to myself, "This is old news. Been there, thought that."

In honor of her appearance this Saturday night, at 7:00 p.m., on the Addison stage for North Halsted Market Days in Chicago, Kristine W is this week's Club One selection. Hopefully she won't mind a little promotion of her latest single, Be Alright. Check out the Offer Nissim mix HERE. And for the full weekend's entertainment schedule, go HERE.

My Cousin's Response

A few days ago I posted a BLOG ENTRY about obesity, its cost to taxpayers, and my thoughts regarding the subject. Tonight, my cousin sent her reply. It made me laugh. I'm sure it will you too.

I'm going to start dictating how you live your life. Ever read 1984? You're proposing it buddy. You totally hate how others judge you. STOP IT. You have no idea what people do, what's wrong with them. For you to say this woman should not eat a big mac, and then takes the elevator, bullshit.

You're costing more to the system by living longer, so if you want to bitch about how other people live because of how much it costs, its proven you will cost more in the long run.

Stick that in your gym shorts.

Better yet, I chuckled when I asked for her permission to reprint her response and she wanted me to note this brief description of herself:

"Oh oh oh, be sure to tell em your fat, chain-smokin cousin, freedom fightin rosie-da-riveter....who takes care of your beloved grandmother who's fightin for your and my right to stick a 'twinkie' in our mouths!!!"

Classic. Plain and simple. Thanks for all your hard work in not only fighting my comedic words but the bigots who exist in this world.

Summer's a Bust!

It's official. Chicago's summer is a bust as July was the COLDEST on record over the past 66 years. I'm not complaining too much as I appreciate the San Diego type weather. I don't sweat when walking across town. The a/c doesn't have to run all day long thus reducing our bills. And the workers at the house aren't dragging because of the heat and humidity.

For those of you who need to clean-up after your dog takes a #2 in the city, grab a few extra plastic bags every day from your gym's locker room. That, or save your grocery sacks. Why pay for something you're given for free?

If It's Good Enough for Brangelina...

...then McDonald's is good enough for you too! Now go buy yourself a Mocha Latte.

Gets My Goat

These kinds of articles about obesity and the impact it has on taxpayers really gets my goat. Sure, some overweight problems are the result of health issues a person can't control. But more often than not, it's pure laziness and gluttonous behavior that causes obesity.

For example, we witnessed an overweight woman load up on fast food then take an elevator one floor up. She could have easily made better choices in regards to her lunch AND she could have walked up the stairs that were just feet from the elevator. Instead, she shoved the calorie explosion into her mouth, will repeat the action tomorrow, then months down the road she'll visit a doctor for a medical situation that taxpayers will have to cover.

I could say the same for smoking so don't get me started...

PTT Spy Report

My friends Dave and Paul are in NY at a movie, 500 Days of Summer, sitting next to Julia Roberts and her "very handsome husband" Danny. According to Dave, "She looks good." I asked, "Shouldn't she be out MAKING a movie?" It's been a while.

Madonna's Celebrate

The song premiered this weekend in Ibiza. If you can't wait for the original version, and want a taste of the song but in a dub remix format by Paul Oakenfold (the producer), then check out the YouTube link below. The track will get massive airplay in Europe. But sadly, I'm afraid American audiences will ignore the dance track.


Yesterday, Chris surprised me by cleaning the house. He was up at 5:00 a.m. on a Sunday. So with nothing to do, he not only found light fixtures for the house, but also used the Swiffer, washed the floors, and sanitized the kitchen and bathroom sinks! All of which means when I woke-up a few hours later, and stepped outside of the bedroom, I was greeted with a fresh lemon scent. Seriously, is there anything better? Of course, now I expect the same next Sunday.

With the launch of a new movie in the coming months, remixes are now being released for this remake of a 1980s classic by Ms. Irene Cara. Check out the best of the bunch by the famous Bimbo I love so much HERE.

Avoiding the Piggies

I just got in from laying poolside for 35 minutes. I wanted to suntan both my front and back, but when I flipped over, I had a woman's feet in my face - and that I didn't enjoy. There wasn't any room for me to shuffle to avoid them. Besides that, I when I looked up, I was staring right into her blue bottom bikini. And that was another area I didn't want to be front and center. So unfortunately, I left. I'll return possibly this week to balance my color so I don't look like Ross on Friends when he forgot to rotate in the spray tan room.

When Chris was Swifferring this morning, I asked him if he applied Febreeze to the cloth. I mentioned it's what I do every morning. "Why pay more for the scented variety when I can do it myself?" I asked. He thought I should share my helpful hints for living on a budget. So, "What a Tip!" is born.

What a Tip #1: If you're a fan of a dust bunny free room with a fresh lingering scent, grab your Swiffer and cleaning cloth. Spritz the cloth lightly with Febreeze or other room deodorizer before applying it to the wand. This way, you can purchase the regular cloths from Costco (sometimes with a coupon) and save yourself big dollars as the scented varieties are more expensive at your big box retailers.

Cranking with Sugar

Chris and I needed to stop by the house early today to hand over some cash. So we also decided to deliver some good morning cheer by bringing with us two dozen donuts and a box of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Not that we're trying to fatten up America, but we didn't think a fruit plate would go over so well with the construction team. It was well worth it as the little, old painter man smiled and said in his mousy voice, "Thank you."

While there, we were delighted to see that the basement drywall was up as well as the hallways. They must have had a busy day yesterday as it wasn't there around 3 p.m. Now it really does seem to be moving along. Maybe the donuts will make them go even faster as they'll be cranked up on sugar. I can only hope.

New & Noteworthy: Donkeyboy

Lady Gaga isn't the only one bringing back the 80s. Donkeyboy, from Norway, and their single, Ambitions is a throwback to the REO Speedwagon days of yesteryear. Check out the song below.

The Housing Report: July 22, 2009

After my meeting today with the design firm about finishes for the house, I rode my bike over to the property to check on any new progress. I was happy to find a plethora of workers buzzing around the inside of the house (vs. the outside for once). Not only were they were installing the new oak floors in both the master bedroom and family room, grout was being applied to the second floor bath and the master bath crown molding was up around the top of the shower. Perhaps the contractor heard my "bitching" the other day about focusing on the interiors rather than a outdoor flower box so we could move in before October.

For all of you Girls Aloud and The Saturdays fans, a new girl group is on the scene! Check out a hot remix of the new track HERE. My question is this: Why can't these acts break through in America? With Lady Gaga leading the way, if they can't pull radio airplay now, there's little hope down the road. So until then, be thankful for PTT keeping you up to speed on fun Euro pop!

Whitney's Comeback

My friend X (who will remain nameless) informed me yesterday that he was lucky enough to be a guest at Clive Davis' Whitney Houston bash last night at Lincoln Center in NY. So of course I asked for him to give me updates throughout the night.

I want to share with you not only his thoughts but a few pictures he snapped of Clive and Whitney, but I don't think it's appropriate as I'd hate to release any information that shouldn't be made public. So instead, here's an ARTICLE that pretty much summarizes the evening.

Now That's Funny

We're planning a trip to Australia for Mardi Gras in February. And because we'll be so close to New Zealand, we've opted to extend our adventure to include the the country that now rests closer to Australia due to an EARTHQUAKE. So of course I found it funny when my friend Tom asked (in reference to our flight from Sydney to New Zealand), "Does this mean our flight will be cheaper?"

The Wait is Over

I'm excited because today I get my hair cut. The Posh Spice meets skate border dude doo needs to go. I'm just hoping my stylist can get it right this time without hacking my longer golden locks.

4 U Madonna Fans

For all you Madonna fans, here's the first remix I've heard of her upcoming single, Celebrate, pulled from her second greatest hits album. As this remix is a dub, there's minimal vocals. And I'm not yet sold on the techno wizard's involvement, but I'll let you make that decision for yourself by listening to it HERE.

The Housing Report: July 20, 2009

They've begun tiling the second floor guest bathroom. Sans grout, the shiny basketweave marble and black border is disco ball shiny - and we like it!


The school across the street is resurfacing their playground and the smell of fresh tar reminds me of Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. My family would visit the amusement park (now a sad representation of its former self) every summer - our big trip for the year. We'd wake-up at 5 a.m., stuff the car with Pringles and Coke, and drive four hours to arrive before the park opened at 10 a.m. We'd enjoy air conditioned shows, log rides, and entertainment shows starring Suzanne Somers before departing 12 hours later with glow stick necklaces in hand. Good times.

If you're looking for a light, summery, piano driven track that plays perfectly with a cocktail outdoors, check out Chicane's Poppiholla below. It's big across Europe - getting played everywhere from London to Ibiza. Check it out.

Gaga Does Kermit in Deutschland

Our contractor told us tonight he needs another three months to complete our house. That means we won't be moving in until October. D'oh!


This morning, Chris and I bought our Christmas gifts for one another - Addams Family The Musical tickets for November 28, 2009. Starring Bebe and Nathan, the pre-Broadway show appeals to my theater sensibilities - light, fun with a hint of nostalgia. I can't wait.

The Dumb Award

This week's dumb award goes to Frito-Lay for their introduction of a $0.59 package of giant Cheetos. That, or the prize should be given to anyone willing to spend that much for five or six large puffs of artificially flavored air.

Adorable David Beckham

David Beckham was on the Today Show this past Wednesday. And he couldn't be any more adorable. For some reason, he presented himself even better than he has in the past. What's even more impressive is his ability to completely change his look to be one sexy beast. Now that's versatility!

Just a Little 2 Late

I'm not sure why we didn't find this Ibiza gem when we visited the party zone a few years back. I suppose we were looking in all the wrong places. If we do ever return to the island, which is highly unlikely anytime soon, there are many things we'd do differently. For starters, we'd rent a home or stay in a guest house like Can Xu Xu. We'd rent a car. And we'd be more prepared for a party scene that doesn't start until 2 or 3 a.m.

Dealer Loses

On our way home today from the burbs, we stopped at Jeep dealership to not only learn what incentives are available on a 2009 Jeep Sahara Wrangler, but to get a number on a black one they had in stock. Needless to say, we walked in a about 15 minutes. Not only are there no incentives to buy, our salesperson couldn't give us a number in just the few minutes we had to spare.

"We don't want to play games," we said. "What's your number? We only have 10 more minutes before we must leave." The salesperson, Sheldon, replied, "Oh we need more time than that." "No you don't," we thought. So we said goodbye. I don't need to haggle for an hour. Give it to me straight or don't give it to me at all.

I've never been a fan of Crocs. So I'm not sad to see them GO. After all, grown-ups shouldn't be wearing Fred Flinstone shoes.

2 Close 2 Home

I just accepted a friend request from someone I was fairly close with through high school and college. I haven't spoken to her in years, but thought it would be good to reconnect via Facebook. Now I'm a bit concerned as on her Facebook page she has old high school photos with comments from former classmates - some of which still have strong ties to the small hometown where my grandparents live. So, I'm now worried that Kenneth and Dorothy might learn of my affection towards men.

Maybe I should "de-friend" her? That, or I'll ignore any additional requests from high school friends as they can't read my profile and information unless I accept. Sure, they could easily do a Google search and find the blog, but I don't think I'm that important. It's only if they run across the specifics by accident that they'd start shouting to the rooftops that I'm a big homosexual.

Congratulations Jim Parsons!

I'm a big fan of The Big Bang Theory on CBS. So I was thrilled that Jim Parsons was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Sheldon on the CBS comedy show. He deserves to win. Memorizing all those lines of connected dialogue takes some talent - and he makes it seem effortless.

Why Not?

I say go for it. Make marijuana legal, tax it, and collect the revenue that would help to support much needed social programs.

The Housing Report: July 16, 2009

Today, we're having an unpleasant conversation with the architect/design firm we hired to help us with the house. Over the past few days, some elements have been exposed where we felt as though they should be managing the process, not us.

For example, we asked them yesterday what colors our Master Bath sinks should be. They replied, "Biscuit. And they should match the toilet." This was news to us - and problematic as we already ordered the Toto toilets in white. And, considering we've passed along to them the information to everything we've ordered, it's as though they're not focusing on the small details to ensure it all comes together. Which makes us nervous. We know we've taken control on many aspects as both Chris and I have an idea of what we want. However, we rely on them to guarantee it all makes sense in the end.

So now the toilet is "biscuit." But because it sits against an "ivory lace" tile wall, we now might have another problem because we don't want the colors to be a mismatch. All of which means today, when we have a conversation with the firm, we'll have plenty of examples to illustrate their lack of involvement and creative input.

This Swedish pop group decided to forego their traditional marshmallow dance for a more house oriented track on their latest effort. The Euro release features a guest appearance by an artist who helps to better define the song's "chemistry." It's still light, but just not as airy. Definitely check it out HERE if you like to sing a happy song. "I'm talkin' bout love..."

The Beginning of the End

I don't remember much about MJ's Pepsi commercial mishap. Sure, I spotted the headlines, but I don't recall seeing any actual footage. So tonight, when I watched what many are identifying as the cause of MJ's drug addiction, my stomach turned a bit. If only we knew then what we know now.

Just Because

Photo courtesy of "OhLaLaMag"

Happy Birthday Eiffel!

This week the Eiffel Tower celebrated its 120th birthday. If only we still lived in Paris to witness the spectacle. Instead, pictures will have to do.

Tooting My Own Horn

It was tough waking my tired butt up at 5 a.m. this morning. But, in the end, it was worth it as I received a nice compliment from Chris' trainer. He asked Chris if I was his boyfriend. And when he heard the answer, the trainer replied, "He's hot." This coming from a straight man is quite the comment. He then continued, "I'm comfortable in my own skin, but he's probably one of the best looking guys in the gym." Just what I needed to hear as I've been feeling frumpy with tired skin and bad hair.

My Two Cents

Because AirTran Airways now offers wireless internet service, they are advising passengers of some do's and don't via pamphlets tucked away in seats. What a great idea. I say movie theaters should do the same with brochures that tell patrons to "shut their pie hole." Heck, I'd even pay an additional $0.50 to cover the expense.

Facebook has many good qualities. It allows you to easily keep up with friends - both those you may see everyday and others who somewhat remain in the background. However, there's also a factor about Facebook that I find baffling: why would someone post personal pictures where they look like a complete idiot? Those photos become public domain. And I'm sure if people would stop to think about their personal brand, they might reconsider. I'm just sayin'.

The Housing Report: July 13, 2009

Because I spent the entire afternoon at the house waiting for the delivery of our Ann Sacks tile, vanity and mirror, I had plenty of time to "ooh" and "ah" over our new cupola atop our garage as well as the decorative flower boxes and trim on the back of the house. It's the little details that really pull it all together.

Buttload of Crazies

Because our Ann Sacks tile, vanity, and mirror is being delivered today, I'll have to take public transportation North to the house. I'd like to meet the shipment upon its arrival to make sure nothing is damaged, so that means the 36 bus is in my future - along with a buttload of crazies.

Songs Galore!

While visiting his family this weekend in Kansas City, Chris' brother Jon gave him a hard drive he received from a local radio station that went belly up. Jon thought we'd appreciate what was locked inside.

A few minutes ago, Chris and I finally had a chance to do some investigating. Can you believe we now have over 465 GBs worth of music? That's around 5,000 songs including soundtracks (such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, Back to the Future, Clueless, Pretty in Pink, and Xanadu), and Top 100s from 1969 to 1995.

What a find! Thanks Jon. Now, back to the music.

New & Noteworthy: Ameerah

Back in the days, music labels were unwilling to officially release dance singles as they just didn't make any money. At most, some would sell only 5K copies. Today, however, the digital age has made it more cost effective to offer the latest dance tracks electronically. So, I'm still baffled why many incredibly worthy dance singles never see the light of day (hence why PTT's Club One and Secret Affair were born).

Fortunately some record executives know they have an audience so they release to iTunes amazing songs like Ameerah's The Sound of Missing You. The song floats along on a summery beat with heavenly vocals - perfect for sunsets on rooftops or poolside in Mykonos. Support Ameerah by purchasing her single HERE (but if that link doesn't work, which it might not, simply go to iTunes and search for "Ameerah"). Believe me, it's worth it.