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My ESPN Kicking In

Three months ago, Chris and I bought tickets to the pre-Broadway engagement of The Addams Family in Chicago. Before making the purchase, however, I noted I had a bad feeling about spending almost $400 for tickets on a Thanksgiving weekend as my ESPN told me one of the stars, either Bebe or Nathan, would cancel their performance. So of course, it was no surprise to me last night when I spotted a small sign in the theatre lobby that read, "The role of Gomez Addams tonight will be played by some dude's name I can't remember." "I knew it!" I exclaimed.

Chris and I immediately asked an usher where we could go for a refund. With 50% of the reason we bought tickets not performing, I refused to spend a small fortune on some understudy's lucky night. Luckily, we found tickets for two weeks later, in Row M (vs. L), four feet across the aisle. Not only that, we saved over $75!

Everything happens for a reason I guess. Though, I wonder if Nathan gave any consideration to those less fortunate who came to Chicago specifically to see him in the show. If not, I say Nathan owes them all a personal apology - with a side of cash for their troubles.

My Contribution

Yesterday for Thanksgiving, Chris did most of the cooking. I, however, added one dish - broccoli cheese rice casserole. If you've never heard of the dish, I wouldn't be surprised as it's a midwest thing. But if you like Cheese Whiz, cream of mushroom soup, and butter, you'd love it. Here's the recipe if you'd like to give it a try.

Combine in a large bowl the following then place in a casserole dish and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes:

2 cups instant rice - uncooked
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 large Cheeze Whiz
4 celery stalks chopped
1 small onion chopped
1 16 oz. frozen broccoli
1/2 stick of butter placed on top

New & Noteworthy: Kelis

The "milkshake" maker is back with a new track, Accepella. Think Donna Summer updated for 2010 (yikes that seems weird to write). Check it out below.

Happy T-Day!

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Did you know you're most likely to consume over 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving day? I suppose that's why it's a holiday tradition for the Lutman/Young household to go to the gym first thing Thursday morning. That way, we burn off a few only to replace them with 20 times as many.

I can't remember the last time I made a blog posting about the gym. Since my change to Lakeview Athletic Club, there's really not much to report. No hotties. Quite boring and quiet actually. But today, when I spotted two guys I've gotten to know (as we have similar schedules), one of them said something I feel obligated to report. When I asked the two beefies a question about what they were doing later, one replied, "Going to have..." Wait, I just decided this is too risque to report. So you make your own guess about what he said. Let's just say I clutched my pearls.

I have Dancing with the Stars on in the background. I don't know how anybody can watch this trash. It's terribly tragic. I'm just sayin'.

Check Me Out

I'm officially launched! My new site, built to push my job search into full gear, is a simple yet effective way of detailing my experience. Once there, you'll find a PDF resume, downloadable samples of my work, and contact information. Check me out at

The American Music Awards in a Nutshell

Adam Lambert's attempt to stir the pot by getting a blow job on stage and manhandling his drummer fell flat. I don't get the Black Eyed Peas. Their screams pierce my ears. Carrie Underwood wins hands down. Her outfit and performance were hot. What was up with Taylor Swift's Wayne's World back-up dancers? Rihanna needs new management. That, or somebody needs to tell her no. Janet looked like Peter Pan. She didn't move as gracefully however. And enough with the lip synching. If anybody could understand what J Lo was singing, please let me know. I liked the beats however. It seems as though Timbaland is back on the donut train. Ryan didn't look as tired - the botox worked. Whitney needed to focus more on her vocals and less on her hand gestures. Kelly showed why she won a singing competition. Sure, someone dumped a bucket of water on her head. Jay-Z and Alicia, from the audience reaction, win hands down for most popular of the night. Eminem seems irrelevant. And congrats to ABC for pimping every star on their fall schedule.


Well, not yet. Tomorrow, I'll be introducing my new website in support of my job search. A friend of mine convinced me it was the right thing to do. I'm glad he did. I think it looks great. And because a few are already waiting for the info, I hope it does wonders for my hunt. Check back tomorrow for the unveiling.

She's Getting So Big

Well, not really. As of six months, Winnie is looking to be just a bit smaller than Maddie. She'll grow a bit more, but not the expected 100 pounds the shelter estimated as her final weight. What were they smoking?

PTT Recommends: Friday Floor Fillers

If there's one place we'd move tomorrow, it's London. The music is amazing. And unlike Paris and Munich, they speak English! Check out my new fave: Friday Floor Fillers with Scott Mills. Go HERE to listen and for the tracklisting. This way, you know what you're missing in America.

My Fears Ring True

Last week, when I was selling electronics on Craigslist, I quite often made comments about my nervousness regarding strangers meeting me at the house to buy my items. And before that, I asked my friend Joel to stand by my side when I sold our kitchen cabinets. "You never know!" I say. And sure enough, my fears were substantiated today when I stumbled across THIS article about Craigslist robberies. Now, mind you, I'd never meet anyone at an abandoned house. But the reverse could apply whe those coming to your house decide to rob you point blank inside your living room!

Well what a coincidence, this week's edition of Club Fridays actually falls on a Friday! And knowing how many of you love the featured artist, you'll be one happy camper this weekend as your boppin' around to the Bimbo remix of this "Lady" of the moment. ENJOY!

One 2 Watch

If you're not watching The Vampire Diaries, you should be. Apparently the CW show is like Twilight, only better (I haven't seen the major motion picture so I can't judge). I do know the lead is much more attractive than Robert Pattinson. Paul Wesley, or Stefano on the biting show, is sexy. For show information, go HERE.

His Time Has Come

We don't talk to Nate Berkus anymore. He used to hang with our crowd a long time ago, but most of us have lost contact with him over the years. Anyway, due to his connection with Oprah, he's done quite well for himself. Being in the right place at the right time helped move his career along.

Lately, we've noticed Nate is looking better (as before he was a little heavy and appeared tired). My thought was something had to be motivating him to improve himself. My first idea was he might become a permanent guest panelist on Oprah's Friday Live. But when the show revamped itself, my theory was blown.

Well this week it was announced that Sony Television is in discussions with Harpo productions to spin-off Nate into his own show for the fall of 2010. We've wondered why it's taken so long (as he's been a guest on her show since 2001). My guess is there were others in line before him. And now that Oprah is considering moving her talker to her namesake channel, there are some deals going down to ensure her empire continues. Enter Nate.

It will be interesting to see how the ratings unfold for the gay designer. Will his sexual preference limit his audience? I'm sure it will turn away a few viewers, but Ellen's popularity, combined with the research I'm sure Sony has conducted when Nate appears on Oprah, leads me to believe the show will be a success. Probably not as big as Dr. Oz this year or Dr. Phil in 2002, but a ratings winner for its timeslot. Do you really think Oprah would stand behind a risk?

I was thrilled to come down this morning to find my Roomba had done its work - vacuuming the kitchen and family room floor at 4 a.m. Dog hair was gone. And I love a clean floor! I'm just sayin'.


And with the placement of the rosemary topiary in the kitchen tonight, the house really is starting to feel like "home."

Say It Ain't So

ABC is rumored to be interested in remaking Charlie's Angels. Say it ain't so. Haven't the networks learned you can't revisit the past? Think Bionic Woman and Knight Rider.

13 is my lucky number. So of course, today should be a good day! Though, it didn't start out well as I dumped my blueberry protein shake all over the floor. On the flipside, at least I only spilled half!

The "gay" car of the moment is the Lexus IS250. Every time I turn around I see some homo in his sporty Lexus driving around town. Usually black. Possibly gray. Rarely in white. But always with an attitude.

Classic Eurovision

For faithful readers of PTT, you're aware of EUROVISION. I uncovered this gem from 1981. I think I may have found my new hairdo for spring. Check out the UK's entry from the early 80s. It's a cross between ABBA and the Brady Kids.

Wholesome Hamburger Helper Review

The other night I tried Betty Crocker's new Wholesome Cheeseburger Mac Mix. How was it? Bland. Sure, it was a "bit" more healthy with the whole grain noodles and natural ingredients. But the sodium is still high and it tastes like hamburger sprinkled with artificial cheese. If you're going to eat Hamburger Helper, go for the originals. You may not get as much fiber, but that's what apples are for.

Showing Madonna How It's Done

Genius is the one word I'd use to describe Lady Gaga's latest video Bad Romance. She's creative. She's provocative. She's the hottest artist to hit pop music in years. Check out her video below. Remember when Madonna used to make such an effort?

Lookey What I Found

I was on the hunt for the holiday classic below last season while living in Munich. I wanted to duplicate one of my parents old Christmas "long playing records." Unfortunately, I couldn't find who sang the song. Then, today, while wandering through Target, I heard Nuttin' for Christmas by the Fontane Sisters playing on one of those music endcaps. So at least I know one song on my holiday playlist.

Just Because...

I'm sure Kyle will make the annual Pink Trash Travels Advent Calendar. How can he not? Seriously.

Something 2 Watch

This weekend, I watched a 20th anniversary special of the Berlin Wall's collapse. Amazing to LEARN what measures the East German government undertook to keep their population steady. Barbed wire. Dogs. Mine fields. And when someone would escape, they'd create an additional layer to ensure the route couldn't be taken twice. Families would spend months creating tunnels to funnel loved ones to to the West - all in the name of freedom. Such revelations should make you appreciate what many of us (most actually) have had since we were born.

Giving New Betty a Try

Because Chris is out of town, I decided to try Betty Crocker's new Wholesome Helper Cheeseburger Mac. The product promises, "Great taste" and a "good source of whole grain, calcium, and vitamin D." I suppose I don't expect much. But for Fat Sally Sunday, I wasn't in the mood for pizza, pasta or Mexican. So I thought, "Why not give the Hand a try?" Check back tomorrow for my review.

PTT Picks: Robbie Williams Reality Killed the Video Star

Very few male vocalists tickle my fancy. For some reason, I prefer the ladies. But there is one that I enjoy - Robbie Williams. There's something about Robbie's vocals combined with Trevor Horn's productions that raise him above the rest. Sure, America could care less, but they don't know what they're missing. Check out one of my favorite tracks off Robbie's latest offering, Reality Killed the Video Star. The song, Starstruck, is a nice combination of mid tempo beats with a subtle hook (reminiscent of George Michael). Perfect for a cocktails!

Oh Well...

Chris left for Paris yesterday. I had planned on tagging along. That was until we adopted Winnie. I just couldn't justify leaving her behind while she's in the midst of potty training. That, and with the house not yet complete, it would have been inappropriate to return to France. So, I'm hoping Chris has to once again visit Europe in 2010 (yikes that seems scary to write - 2010). By then, hopefully Winnie will knno how to cross her legs like a lady until outside and the house will at least 98.5% complete.

PTT Fresh Update

For the past four years, when clicking a link within a blog post, the reader was redirected to the web page - leaving Pink Trash Travels in the process. Today, I finally discovered how to direct the links to open a new page. Thanks to Jason for finally pushing me to make the change. And for that, may you all enjoy Michael's sister's latest remixed by DJ Dan. So frickin' full of energy I can hardly stand it! If all my gym music would be this motivating, I'd be huge. Huge I tell you. Huge. ENJOY!

Words I Heard from Our Contractor Today

Of Course

The worst year for the European Music Awards was in 2007 when the show was held in Munich. Since, big name stars have graced the stage - such as Beyonce this year in Berlin. Check her out below. She flips her hair like no other.

The Sky is Falling

As I was taking out the trash last night, and a plane was flying overhead, I thought to myself, "What if it were to drop something on us as it jets to O'Hare?" Well, today it was reported a home just 15 blocks away received an unwelcomed gift when a passenger jet dropped a chunk of ice onto their house. Freaky. Sometimes my psychic powers ring true.

Oprah Leaving Chicago?

It was announced today that Oprah will be leaving the syndication world - moving her show to the Oprah Winfrey network in 2011. Along with the shuffle comes an eventual move of her operations from Chicago to Los Angeles. So sadly, the Windy City will lose one of its' biggest draws for major stars. Not that I've ever seen anybody here promoting themselves on the show. Like I've said many times, Hollywood avoids me like the plague.

Just Sad

This sad comment was made towards the battle of legalizing gay marriage in Maine today.

"The majority of America does not want gay marriage, never has and never will. They will continue to try to brainwash your kids, embarrass straights and use the courts to try to get their way without votes being cast but their lifestyle is perverted, unnatural and sinful - no one, not even a messiah, can fix that."

Um, yes, that's right. We're trying to brainwash children, make fools of heterosexuals and use the legal system to promote our dirty way of living. Let me get on the phone. I've got work to do.

Take a Listen

For those of you waiting for the release of Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment, check out the album sampler below. It's exactly what I expected - a little over-the-top and packed with dance pop and glam rock singles.

Just Because...

Getting Excited

With two dogs who tramp dirt inside, a Swiffer alone just won't do. So I told Chris I needed to find an easy way to clean the floors. Today, I tried my new Scotch Brite cleaning pad with Orange Glo wood cleaner. The microfiber cloth and fresh scent liquid did just the trick - in less than 10 minutes. First I Swiffered. I then followed-up with my new cleaning tools. Now the floors are clean, shiny and paw print free. That's an exciting Monday morning.

Reason 2 Go!

I'm not a fan of hitting the bars. But there's one bartender at Mini-Bar in Chicago that gives me reason to be social. So of course I was happy when I stumbled across him on Facebook in someone's pictures from last night (no I wasn't the one being creepy). Yum.