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Clipped Wings

It's official. ABC's Pan Am is only returning for one more episode after the holidays. From there, it goes on hiatus until May when the network will announce if it returns. My bet is it won't. Crap.

Dave's Fave (Finally): Suburgatory

I wasn't a fan of ABC's Suburgatory when it premiered this fall. But after watching a few episodes, I can honestly say it's grown on me - especially Cheryl Hines character Dallas Royce. Her one liners are priceless. And I'm not a big fan of Cheryl, but this role was made for her sensibilities.


Wake Up America!

I thought America was tired of Kim Kardashian. Apparently, idiots want more. Kim's show on E!, Kourtney & Kim Take New York, posted 3.2 million up 6% from the series debut last January. Wake up America!

Dress Like Bieber

If you want to dress like Justin Bieber, the updated Junya Watanabe varsity jacket he wore on The Today Show is now on sale for $1,155 - 30% off on Mr. Porter. Grab it HERE while you can!

Yep, He Broke His Toe

Murphy has been limping for the past few days. So today, I took him to the vet. Turns out he broke his toe. Who needs kids when you deal with such things on a daily basis? If anything, my trip to the vet did have one bright spot. I'm not tooting my own horn (unlike most on FB), but the ladies asked if I was a model. Apparently I look like someone they'v seen on TV or in a magazine. "You're good looking," they said. "Aw thanks," I said. How sweet. Made the sting from Murphy's bill a little bit better - but not enough.

Getting Together

Last night, a few of us got together at our friend's Tom and Randy. It wasn't the whole gang, but just enough of us to make it feel like old times. And with Winter Party part of the discussion, it looks like we might pull off an even bigger get together with peeps from NY, Chicago and perhaps LA.

Did Someone Call a Doctor?

With one pup having the squirts, and the other limping around (the young one even), I've played nurse and doctor this weekend. I'd rather play another role - perhaps best selling children's book author.

PTT Reviews the Muppets

So I've been asked what I thought of the new Muppets movie. It's cute. Nostalgic. Exactly what I expected. It won't please everyone however. I actually know a few that walked out. But if you're a fan of the TV show, and what the Muppets have come to represent, you won't be disappointed.

There. I've done all I can to bring the Muppets back to the forefront of popular culture. It's now in America's hands (and with an expected haul of $50M+ this weekend, it looks like the Muppets are here to stay).

Dave's Fave: Bruno Mars It Will Rain

I'm loving, loving, loving Bruno Mars latest single, It Will Rain. He performed the song on the US version of X Factor last night and the show was amaze-balls. Check it out below. A talented performer, writer and more.

Happy Turkey Day

While others are stuffing their face today, we're headed to the gym, followed by Vietnamese Food and the new Muppets movie. Don't worry however. We'll be calorie loading tomorrow (after another trip to the gym of course) when a few friends make their way over for a late dinner. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Girly Show

With every passing day, Justin Bieber looks more like a young woman. Earrings don't help. Neither does wearing a $1,650 red and cream snowflake sweater coat designed by Junya Watanabe.

A & F Goes (More) Shirtless

For some odd reason, the other day while driving, I thought, "I haven't been inside an Abercrombie & Fitch store in years." I suppose I prefer designers such as Vince over the teen focused mega brand. So when I spotted an article noting the fashion retailer's Black Friday special, more shirtless men than ever before, who "will be ready to party with shoppers," I stopped, took a glance, then moved on. The men look like boys barely old enough to drive. No thanks A & F. I'll be "partying" elsewhere. But I know a good friend who might think differently (yes, TP, that's you).

GAYing it Up

Today I "GAYed" up the front porch. I made winter arrangements in the two urns that frame the front door. Not bad. Chris was even impressed.

Just a Friendly Reminder

If you're thinking about donating this holiday season, forego the Salvation Army bell ringers. Because as you can see above (from their website), they don't treat gays and lesbians with much respect.

The Muppets Gets ***1/2

This Thanksgiving, we'll be spending our time at the gym followed later in the day by a trip to the theatre for The Muppets. So I'm happy to read that USA Today gave Kermit's new movie 3 1/2 stars. Claudia Puig writes, "It's a pleasure to welcome back Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the lovable Muppet crew. More fresh than retro, The Muppets bursts with charm and cheeky humor."

Gay Bowling!

My family was a big bowling family growing up. My brother and I would bowl Saturday mornings. We'd then watch bowling on ABC Saturday afternoons. And Saturday night, my parents would bowl in tournaments around the city. In fact, my dad and step mom owned a bowling alley when I was in high school. I never imagined when I was young that there were gay bowlers. I suppose I was one I just didn't know it yet! So when I spotted this article about a gay pro bowler getting married to his partner, I had to share it with the world. Because you never know if there's a little, insecure gay kid bowler who needs to know there are others like him out there.

Goodbye Ben

I've made note of the rat or mouse that has decided to take up residency in our garage. Before today, I've never seen the critter. But this morning, he ventured out in daylight. And now that I know he's a cute, gray mouse, and not a gigantic beefy rat, I feel bad that he'll soon be poisoned. With Orkin arriving today at 2, the little guy won't be around for Thanksgiving. Maybe he just wants a warm, safe place to reside during the winter? But Chris reminded me they spread disease and multiply quickly. So goodbye "Ben." I hope you had a good life.

Nuf' Said

Christina Aguilera's stylist for Sunday night's American Music Awards should be fired - immediately.

Putting Dennis in his Place

Our cat Dennis has a habit of jumping on the bathroom sink for fresh water. I blame Chris. So if you're like me, and you want the feline to stay on the floor, check out THIS article on spotted on Yahoo!

Looking 2 Donate?

If you're looking to donate to a charity this holiday season, may I suggest Nowzad. The organization based in the UK rescues stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan. Check out the clip below pulled from an NBC Nightly News telecast.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


I've never heard of Blue Mountain State on Spike TV. But now that I know Alan Ritchson is shirtless on the show, I might need to start watching. Yowza!

Turkey Tunes

When we're invited over to someone's home, I always l like to bring along music. So when I was scheduled to swing by a friend's last night before heading out, I thought I'd whip up a DJ Lutty mix for them to enjoy. Turns out they cancelled. But the mix still lives! Enjoy this hour set, at home or as your'e driving somewhere for the holidays, that begins with the radio hits you love, but slowly transitions to more club worthy tracks - ending with a Madonna classic from the 80s remixed for today. If you want the playlist, just shoot me an email. Grab the mix HERE.

Eying Clemente Russo

Clemente Russo recently modeled his new Dolce & Gabbana boxing attire. I approve. And I think, more like fairly certain, that he might make the PTT Advent Calendar this year.

Rihanna's Vibrant Performance

Rihanna's performance of her gigantic hit We Found Love on the US version of X Factor last night was, in one word, vibrant. The Calvin Harris produced track just exudes happiness. And this quality was evident in her number. Sure, she was backed by a vocal track, but the X Factor isn't all about vocal abilities. Check it out below.

Sad Simon

Apparently I'm not the only one not interested in the US version of X Factor. I thought the show would be as good as the UK version - which we watched religiously. But there's something not clicking. The results dropped another 9% in viewers last night - down from an 8% slide last week. Perhaps it's the bickering? Perhaps it's the annoying talent (that little cocky butthead Astro)? Perhaps it's the droll host Steve Jones (he's good looking but dry as a board). I'm sure Simon is cringing every Thursday and Friday morning once the ratings are released. What will he be able to do to salvage the talent competition?

Needing 2 Clarify

SmileyIt was brought to my attention today that there's a bit of confusion on the "call back" situation when one is speaking on the phone and it goes dead. To ensure you aren't crossing wires, getting busy signals and voice mails, the person who INITIATED the call is responsible for calling back. It doesn't matter who dropped the call, but rather the one who picked up the phone and dialed first. Clear?

Queer Money

I never give money, or clothes, to the Salvation Army as they've declared over and over again that same sex relationships would never receive any benefits regardless of local and state law. As such, I love THIS idea of printing queer dollars (that isn't illegal if one sided) and giving to the bell ringers instead of cash.

Goodbye Mr. Nice Guy

Sometimes you'd think we live in the country even though we're just 10 minutes outside of downtown Chicago. Possums sneak around at night. Racoons perch in the cottonwood tree. And rats tunnel under our brick sidewalk, scurry their way into our garage, gnawing through the frame, to eat bird seed. Little fuckers.

So today, I sprayed more foam to close the spaces they've created along the garage's foundation. I relocated the bird seed. And I've set a few traps with bit of cheese to snap their little heads off. And to ensure I no longer have to deal with the little fuckers, I've asked our Orkin man, AJ, to make an appearance this week so spread some poison. I'm done playing Mr. Nice Guy.

Taking 2 Immortals

Luke Evans and Henry Cavill don't reveal enough for me about their diet and fitness routine for Immortals, but at least you get a hint of their personalities in the interview below. You'd never know, however, that Luke Evans is gay (and trying to be pushed back into the closet by his publicist). And believe me, I know. Not first hand, but close.

So Long, Farewell...

I enjoy the fact that the E! is getting requests to remove the Kardashian klan from the network. The family overstayed their welcome and it's about time America realized it was rewarding staged reality with millions of dollars.

More Jessica

The #1 dance record in America, according to Billboard magazine. And a track remixed by Chicago's very own Ralphi Rosario. Love the vibe Ralphi adds to his productions - hints of tribal that push the song to new heights.

Crazy for McDonald's

I started to wonder why so many freak out at a McDonald's. I then realized it's because patrons of the fast food giant are passionate about the food.

Take Shanaya Edgell for example. After arriving to a McDonal'ds in Janesville, Wisconsin on Sunday morning with her boyfriend, she flipped out after she realized the menu changed to breakfast. She began biting her boyfriend on the arm and tearing his shirt after she realized she no longer could order a cheeseburger.

I guess sometimes a girl just wants her beef. And yes, it's 100% pure beef.

Lady Gaga Goes Headless

Lady Gaga performed her latest single, Marry the Night, on the UK's X Factor this past Saturday. I'm not sure what the decapitated body means on top of her shoulders, and I wish we could have seen more of the dancers (especially the male ones) as a few of them look amazingly hot, but I appreciate her creativity. Check out the video below.

Blogging Live: Our Backyard

Chris and Hekk finished the landscape lighting. As a result, I'm in love with the colors of my lime Golden Spirit Smoke Bush in the fall - especially at night.

Sight Seeing @ Immortals

This weekend, I made my way to see Immortals. The special effects driven movie in the vein of 300 isn't getting great reviews, but we decided to see it anyway. After all, I expected nothing more than a visually stimulating pic - both in terms of creative presentation and rock solid bodies. With that, I wasn't disappointed.

Henry Cavill's pecs, abs and legs are stunning. Not a shock. But I was surprised by the sex appeal that Luke Evans oozed onscreen as Zeus. Here's to hoping his public relations team doesn't continue to force him back into the closet (as REPORTED by this past August).

Crossed Wires

Herman Cain says God told him to enter the race for President. I'm thinking God might have called to order a pepperoni pizza, not a hopeful President who forgets that Church and State are to be separate.


My invite to the Muppets Movie world premiere must have been lost in the mail. Too bad. I've been waiting, and waiting and waiting...

Saying Thank U

My family is a big Air Force family. My uncle, my cousin and my brother were all in the Air Force - my uncle having retired from the armed services. And my grandfather was in the Army (where he met my grandmother who was just 14 at the time). So thank you to them, and every other man and woman who have served our country. On this day, Veteran's Day, have yourself a slice of All American Apple Pie!

Jessica Sutta Goes #1

Congratulations to Jessica Sutta, former Pussycat Doll, as her single Show Me Love hits number one on Billboard's Dance Chart. Love the track including all of the remixes by the likes of Ralphi Rosario, Dave Aude and Alex Gaudino and Jason Rooney. Check out the original first, followed by the Gaudino and Rooney club stomper.


Committee Chair Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) in his opening statement to repeal DOMA, which is known as the Respect for Marriage Act, is necessary because “thousands of American families are now being treated unfairly by their federal government.”

“They are shunted aside — singled out from all other marriages recognized by their states,” Leahy said. “This unfairness must end. The Respect for Marriage Act would provide for the equal treatment of all lawful treatment of all lawful marriages in this country by repealing DOMA.”

X-Tra! X-Tra! Read it Here First

With Anderson Cooper's talker getting renewed for a second season today (as it's 1.4 percolating ratings warrants more shows), and Jeff Probst (of Survivor fame) getting his own show in the fall of 2012, I anticipate The Nate Berkus Show will only last one more season (for a total of three and ending in May 2013). Fortunately for Nate, his contract keeps him on the air until then. Otherwise, the execs might have booted his butt long ago.

Rick Perry's "Oops" Moment

Rick Perry's flub in tonight's Presidential Debate made me uncomfortable. When talking about three Federal agencies he would eliminate, Perry couldn't name the third. He ended his comment with, "Ooops." I don't like what Rick Perry stands for but I still felt horrible for the guy. You can take him out of the oven now. He's cooked. Check the video out below.


I think it's a wise choice that Brett Ratner resigned as producer of this year's Oscars telecast. After all, his inappropriate use of an anti-gay slur offends many in Hollywood - those out of the closet (and those who still remain locked inside). And who cares if Eddy Murphy stepped down as host? His movie opened only at #2 so he's most likely embarrassed that his comeback didn't go quite as planned.

Dave's Fave

One of my favorite new shows this season is 2 Broke Girls. Created by Michael Patrick King (of Sex and the City fame) and Whitney Cummings (Chelsea Lately), the quirky comedy isn't loud out funny, but entertaining, likeable and a perfect fit to CBS' Monday night line-up. I especially like Johnny played by Nick Zano. So cute. Sure, they geeked him up a bit, but they can't hide his hotness.

Blogging Live: The Vet

A little helper checked out Murphy and I today at the vet. Maybe they were a little under staffed.

Cialis Hotties

Why do I find the men in the Cialis commercials handsome? I suppose it's the rugged good looks that are trying to convey, "I'm a man but I still need meds to get it up."

New Madonna Single Give Me All Your Love

Want to listen to what's being touted as Madonna's new single? Go HERE. At first, I felt as though the track is something Gwen Stefani would record. The (I believe) William Orbit produced song definitely doesn't sound like anything currently on the radio (i.e. created by RedOne or Max Martin) - which is a good thing. Judge for yourself!

Update: Upon a second listen, I'm starting to groove to Madonna's cheers.

Innovation @ Ford

I've noted to Chris in the past that Ford is doing a great job of marketing itself as a leader in auto innovation. The latest example is their hands-free liftgate. Just kick underneath the bumper, with keys on your person, and the liftgate opens. I wish it would be a bit more reactive and more immediate, but cool none-the-less. Check out the video below.

Good Job McD

McDonald's said Tuesday that a key revenue figure rose 5.5% in October, fueled by the popularity of its Monopoly game in the U.S. and improved results in Europe and Asia. Keep it going!

Rainy Tuesday

On this gloomy, rainy day, I think about Milli Vanilli's Blame it on the Rain. Who cares of it wasn't them singing. The song still takes me back to my freshman year at the University of Kansas. I enjoyed listening to the track in my shared room with Brian Harris - a tennis player who loved red plaid. If only I could connect with Brian once again. I've tried finding him on Facebook, but no luck. I'd love to know where he landed. Until then, sit back, relax, and blame it on the rain.

Erika Jayne Returns

Erika Jayne returns to the dance floors this November 15th with her new single Party People (Ignite the World). I've been a fan of Erika's for years so I'm happy she's releasing new material this holiday season. Check out the Bimbo Jones remix below as well as the original radio edit. I'll be hunting down the Jody Den Broeder mix as of today, it's my favorite.


Most times when I visit the Jewel near our home in Chicago, this man is working at the TCF bank. He's tall, dark, big and sexy. Of course, I've wanted to snap a pic of him for months (to share with friends and the blog). But taking a good pic without being creepy is tough. So today, I looked as though I was texting on my phone. I was further away than I would have liked. And I would have preferred a shot from the front. But I believe the picture gives you a sense of how yummy he is.

Fight Inequality

You can do you part to fight inequality by signing the petition to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Do your part and go HERE to sign the petition and to spread the word.

Lady Gaga @ the EVMAs

Again, when Chris and I went to the EVMAs in Munich, we were treated to second rate acts and one very drugged Amy Whinehouse. Every year since, the EVMAs have proven to be quite the draw for talent - Lady Gaga headlining this year's show in Belfast. Check out her performance on a giant blue moon.

Disney Afternoon

Chris and I just watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Well, actually it played in the background while I worked and he cooked. And we were reminded of how impressive the movie is - soundtrack and all. What a great film. Ooh, and now Aladdin has started. Another classic.


I've wanted to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway since I saw a report on the show last year. I'm happy to report we'll be at the big, gay event in December when we visit New York. 7th row. Center. We could have been closer but my experience with Pee Wee last year made me realize first, second or third rows aren't always the best option.