Pink Trash Travels

Baguette 101

While escorting our friend Dave from Chicago through Paris on Sunday, we stumbled across an "artisan bread tent" outside Notre Dame. Inside, they were demonstrating how to make baguettes. But being that it was over 150 degrees inside, I couldn't stand and watch much longer than five minutes. So, rather than document the experience through words, pictures will have to suffice. Too bed they haven't invented "smellyvision." Then again, I didn't capture the aroma in a jar.

Preparing the dough.

Rolling the dough then placing in rags for "raising."

Placing the dough in ovens for finishing.

The final product - Atkins' lovers beware!

Welcome to the Big Top

My friend Val called me yesterday to tell me about Ellen's next DJ finalist. Apparently, someone wrote Ellen a song. And according to Val, it was funny - but not in a good way. So today I checked out the show's website. And sure enough, the third finalist is listed. Take a look for yourself.

I now realize it's not about the Djing gig but rather a way to create "bits" for the show. I agree with Kim. I'm not sure what they're thinking with Bob. And with Amar, well, it's now a three ring circus! Yes, BITTER table for one!

Ellen Update

Ellen's posted the second finalist in her DJ Search ( His name is Bob and he included some star power in his video. How can I compete with Susan Sarandon and Todd Oldham? But that's okay. I'm still expecting a call. If not for the DJ Search, maybe for an international correspondant?

Back from the Land of Strollers

Having spent six days in the sun (literally), my skin was probably ready for me to return home. I, on the other hand, was indifferent. Unlike my last trip to Miami, returning to Paris wasn't as difficult. Maybe within a year, I'll actually look forward to returning. Then again, we might be back in Chicago or another part of the world by then.

As for my last days in Orlando:

(1) I never found the Key FOB. Fortunately, Hertz didn't notice. Otherwise, I'm sure we would have paid dearly for the cheap piece of plastic. (2) Thursday's visit to Universal Studios was filled with glutonous eating behavior. It was probably a good thing that we only rode two rides. I might have tossed my hamburger, fries, pizza, chicken, churros... (3) There is only ONE Houston's in Orlando. If you ever rent a Hertz car with NeverLost, don't pay any attention to the listing of Houston's in Kissimmee. We drove 35 minutes only to find it didn't exist. So by the time we made it to the restaurant in Winter Park, I had been driving for over an hour and VERY irritated. Worse, Houston's discontinued baked beans on their menu. Whos doesn't love baked beans? (4) I somewhat had to force myself to eat Taco Bell. I thought I had been craving it over the past few months. I was wrong. Turns out, once I was in Orlando, I didn't want to eat at the faux Mexican restaurant. But I did. I should have run for another border. Not only did the cheese on my nachos taste odd, I shot my Dolce & Gabanna tank with Fire sauce. Thank God there was a grocery store nearby with new Tide To Go stain sticks.

As I look back, it was a good week for seeing friends, shopping, tanning and stuffing my face with both good and bad food. I can't wait to return in two years. Then again, I might be working and unavailable to attend. Nah!

In Sunny Orlando

Hey Mickey...I'm back! Chris and I arrived in Orlando last Saturday night after an exhausting 12 hour transfer between Paris and Orlando. We had to connect through Washington D.C., so our journey was unfortunately extended a few additional hours.

Since our arrival:

1) I've spent what seems 24 hours a day at the malls shopping for a few necessities at Abercrombie, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, etc. (2) Chris acquired food poisoning on Sunday night. Fortunately, Val and I went to Disney for fireworks and one quick ride on Space Mountain. (3) Val and I ate at Enstein Bagels. While trying to save my white shorts from the black soot on the metal chairs outside, I dropped my Ray Bans and chipped the lens. (4) I've lost the Key FOB to our rental. (5) Val and I played Bocci ball at our hotel. I kicked her butt. (6) I spent a few hours on the McDonald's convention floor sampling new products along with Val and Lisa. Val soon was sick after eating a Mile High piece of chocolate cake. (7) After taking Val to the airport, Chris and I spent almost an hour circling through one repeated toll booth after another trying to get to...none-other-than...a mall.

Over the next few days, I look forward to getting more sun, finally eating Taco Bell, and speaking like I know what I'm talking about.