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Gym Tales

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When you visit the gym repeatedly at the same time, you begin to see the same people over and over again. At first, you nod. Eventually you say hi. That's what happened yesterday when I met Jake.

I've seen him many times, but I've never said a word to the shaved head, sexy man. I asked him, "So how was it?" He replied, "Good. My name is Jake..." We continued to converse for a few minutes - even while he removed his shorts and stood smiling in his green low rise briefs. Of course, I had to look. I tried not to. But I did. He didn't seem to mind as we continued talking about his job, etc.

I'm fairly certain he's straight as I've seen him with his girlfriend. But that doesn't take away from the fact that I find him attractive. All of which means I'm hoping he's there today. Because just like Samantha in Sixteen Candles, I'm smitten with Jake.

New Kylie

According to, Kylie's new single, All the Lovers is amazing. They write, "...a truly incredible comeback single that'll sit alongside Scissor Sisters' Fire With Fire as a solid gold summer pop anthem." One word - WOW. The summer is shaping up to be a great season of dance pop that I love so much. Please, please don't let this ever end. For a snippet listen of her new song, visit

Scratching Larry

Today, sadly, I scratched the back of my new LR2 - making a straight line 12 inches long. I had the trunk open. I pushed the garage door opener. I'm sure you can only imagine what happened next. So, now I have to order touch up paint to fix my scratch. It was disheartening. Poor, poor Larry.

Looking Back: Orlando

Back from Orlando

And I'm dog tired. The week was great, but McDonald's Worldwide Convention takes a toll on your system. Not only that, I'd wake-up early to work out before the big show, then walk eight or nine football fields a day managing the talent. Then, on some evenings, I'd return to the hotel to hit the gym once more before going out to dinner. I always thought it would make me feel better - charge my system. Did it? Not sure. But at least I didn't gain any weight from all that bad eating throughout the week. It's hard to say no to sampling every item from around the world.

Christina Sampling

I'm a fan of the new X-tina track. Is it the best ever? No. But the track continues the dance/pop trend at radio - and that makes me ecstatic. If you're anticipating the dance remixes of Not Myself Tonight, you can preview them HERE. Jody's will probably get more play, but the Chus and Ceballos remix works the circuit crowd.

On our way home from a delicious meal at Houston's in Orlando, we heard this dance remix playing on our favorite radio station in town - XL 106.7. Chris asked me who it was. I replied, "I'm not sure!" So of course, I wasted no time in finding the song and remix. I knew I had heard it before but I couldn't name the artist. And that never happens (nor should it). Needless to say, it's now one of my favorites of the moment. So push the button I say. PUSH THE BUTTON.

PTT Entertainment Report

I'm a fan of Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment CD. It debuted at #1, but the singles pulled from the release have been struggling on radio. His latest, Whataya Want From Me peaked at #23 last week. But because of his appearance on American Idol, the track jumps into Billboard's top 10. Great news as the single is a great pop song. And I'm always happy to see dance/pop getting attention.

My Wednesday Morning

Yesterday morning, after doing some core work in the fitness center downstairs, and seeing the guy Chris talks so much about (an all-American man who deserves a second look, and a third or fourth, but doesn't ooze sex appeal), I went for run outside. There's something to be said for taking a jog in the wet outdoors in Florida. Not only do I get exercise, I'm treated to an array of interesting plant life. And, in some cases, a few dead animals along the way.

It's 5:45 in the morning and I'm preppy to hit the gym before convention. I thought I might as well get up as Chris already headed down. With his call time a bit earlier than mine, he had to get a jump start on the day. That, and there was a hottie in the gym yesterday - which I missed. Chris noted his workout time was from 6 a.m. - 7 a.m. So, that provides a bit of motivation as well. Though, I haven't received a call to advise me of the beefy, and slightly older A & F model's appearance downstairs. So, I'm thinking I'll miss him. Damn it. Maybe I should go back to bed.

Escorting Michelle

It's Wednesday, the third day out of four at McDonald's convention. Yesterday was a doozy with me escorting Michelle Wie and her equally as stunning manager Nickole most of the day. Today, with Jamie McMurray NASCAR driver in our booth, it's sure to be another busy morning. However, unlike my time with the LPGA golf phenom, I won't be doing much entertaining with Jamie. I'm leaving that up to the Sports Marketing agent. After all, I can connect with Michelle on a much different level than Jamie. She is tall, gorgeous, and a bit goofy with her camera.

Me and the Chipmunks

My first day at McDonald's convention is done. I spent the past five hours with Alvin, Simon and Theodore and over 1,400 attendees in our booth. Tomorrow is sure to be just as busy as Michelle Wie, Papa Smurf and Smurfette join me from 11:30-3:30. We'll see if I can snap a photo or two.

Who knew there was such a thing as, "Volcanologists." Thanks to NBC's The Today Show, and the fact that I'm up at the crack of dawn in Orlando, I now know they're flying overhead the erupting volcano in Iceland.

I have a feeling this song will be the one I remember most from our time in Orlando. The original sticks in your brain as does the REMIX by those Londoners who are pumping out some stompin' remixes. So push the button I say. PUSH THE BUTTON.

Pink Trash Travels to: Vince Outlet

When in Orlando, you visit the outlet malls. it's just what you do. So yesterday, Chris and I ventured over to the premier outlet where you'll find Thomas Pink, Niemen Marcus Last Call, Y3, Ferragamo and VINCE. We almost walked by the latter as it has a small store front, but I'm glad we spotted the establishment as inside we found quite the bargains.

The racks at Vince were not only full of prices marked down from $300 plus to just under $50, but they were lined with my size. Apparently, the mall trash doesn't wander inside - all a good thing for many reasons. So Cassandra, the store manager, and her assistant, helped Chris and I find 10 items from plaid shorts to long sleeve hoodies (perfect for Mykonos) - all made with the the most soft cotton and design aesthetic.

For more information, or to visit the store:

4957 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

Blogging Live: Orlando

As I'm in Orlando for McDonalds convention, I'm sitting outside of P. F. Chang's waiting for a table. Unfortunately it's an hour or more wait (damn those prom dates). At least it's warm and breezy with some good people watching. It's Orlando after all.

Dig Deeper Russia

Russia has HALTED adoptions to US families until the two countries can come to terms on processes. Russia might want to dig deeper as they seemed to have overlooked the many underhand dealings that take place on the local level where the adoptions takes place - i.e. paying judges for approvals, bribing orphanages, etc.

Again, on tax day, it's comforting to know that nearly 47% of Americans don't pay any Federal Income Tax. Thanks to everybody, and I mean everybody, for doing your part. Especially when knowing we pay and yet we are denied rights, such as marriage, that others receive. I'm just sayin'.

I've been a fan of Lady Gaga's since 2007. But she's on the verge of jumping the shark in my opinion. Every time you turn around, she's there - wacky hairdos, crazy outfits and all. It's as though she's trying to outdo herself every minute of every hour. Give it a rest already. I'm just sayin'.

Have you noticed the name "Droid," as featured in Motorola ads promoting the product, is a licensed trademark of Lucasfilm? According to Wikipedia, "The word droid originated as a contraction of "android," as evidenced by the fact that in the novelization of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the word is spelled with an apostrophe ('droid)."

Gym Tales (with Mom Alert!)

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Today, as I was preparing for my lifting session, I noticed a European looking guy doing a lot of rubbing over in the corner. Turns out, he was lubricating so his cock ring would go on easier. I think that's what it was. It actually looked like a big, thick (now, now ladies) rubberband. Of course, I thought to myself, "Why would he need to wear this at 11:00 a.m.?" Whatever floats his boat I guess.

Scissor Sisters Return!

It seems this week my posts are all about music. No surprise I guess as I love sharing what I find. All of which means I'm happy to report that Scissor Sisters are scheduled to drop their latest on June 28th, 2010. Check out their WEBSITE for a sample of one of the featured tracks.

New & Noteworthy: Your Love's a Drug

I'm a sucker for a good pop song. So when I heard Leighton Meester's Your Love's a Drug today on the radio, I was like, "Say whaaat?" Of course, I sent my friend Dave a text that asked, "Is it wrong that I love Leighton's new song?" Check it out below and on iTunes as it was released on March 31, 2010. Much better than that Bieber's bubble fluff any day.

Calling LeKid

I love my Swedish pop. And telephones too. So it's no surprise I enjoy LeKid. Check out their latest single below (that has yet to be officially released). Too bad, for now, you can only enjoy the embedded sound track.

Kids Make it So Simple

There are some fierce, and I mean fierce, circuit tracks finding their way to the net. And this one fits in nicely. So if you're ready to pump up the jam, push the button I say. PUSH THE BUTTON!


Amen! THIS review of The Addam's Family hits the nail on the head - exactly where I did back in December when Chris and I checked it out in Chicago. So if you're in New York, and are thinking about checking it out, I'd think twice.

There's something about this week's Hot Track Alert artist that takes me back to the circuit dance floor. Her vocals, combined with Cruz tribal beats, are hard hitting and perfect not only for the disco lights but the gym as well - especially when you're trying to grab another few reps on leg day. So push the button I say. PUSH THE BUTTON.

Going Hollywood

As I wrote last week, a film crew was shooting the pilot The Line next door and across the street. And even though we weren't part of the official shoot, we were compensated for running a cord through our backyard. But it didn't stop there. They overtook our front yard too - without permission. So I raised the red flag - not necessarily trying to get more money but because they weren't following protocol. As such, we received more cash (all a good thing).

Today, one of the production managers stopped by the house so I could fill out some new paperwork to receive our additional funds. Of course, I had the house in perfect condition - music playing and all. And after talking to Raul, I gave him the grand tour. While doing so, not only did I learn he was in awe of our house, but he also is "family."

So for the next hour or so, we hung out, talked about his job, his boyfriend, etc. Of course, we also discussed him wanting to return to film our house. After all, if it's going to take me a few years to get famous, maybe our house can beat me to the punch.

And While I'm on My Soapbox

The other day at the grocery store, I stood behind a woman in line as she bought generic Mountain Dew with her LINK card. I'm sorry, but if you are using tax payer supported money to buy groceries, you shouldn't be allowed to buy soda - instead only healthy and needed food items such as milk, bread and fruits and vegetables.

I usually don't get into politics as it raises the heat index quite quickly. But THIS article, and its explanation that almost half of U.S. households don't pay any Federal Income Tax, hits a nerve. In short, everybody should contribute to our nation's healthy existence - not just those who have worked hard and made sacrifices for their success. I'm just sayin'.

Up, Up and Away

Go McDonald's! Analysts expect the stock to possibly increase another 3% when earnings are reported in a few weeks - just in time for all of us at convention to celebrate (we hope). Now, if only it would split. Split!

Freak of Nature

Random freaks of nature, like THIS, should make you appreciate and live your life to the fullest everyday.

Step Up 3 in 3D, Really?

Studios are doing what they can to keep the dollars from drying up at the cineplex. They've found their savior in 3D. So now every movie it seems is going multi-dimensional. I'm not sure Step Up 3 is the best application for the technology, but then again, anything that gets me closer to Rick Malambri is a good thing. Check out the trailer below and few screen shots from the film that demonstrate exactly why I'm a bit eager to see him sweat.

Looking Back: Birthday Bowling

On Friday, to celebrate our friend Tom's birthday, about 20 of us gathered at a small bowling alley/bar combo. We bowled two games and drank plenty (well, some of us anyway). Of course, with 20 gay men, we quickly turned the Lincoln Park establishment into a gay hang out - so aptly pointed out by a few men at the bar as my song selection played on the jukebox (which looks odd and sounds weird when you type it). As Lady Gaga's Just Dance spun round, I heard, "Where are we, Roscoe's?" Damn straight little bitches.

Happy Easter PTT Readers

Today is Easter. So whether you're celebrating with an Easter Egg hunt or catching the new Clash of the Titans film in 3D, PTT wishes you a very "hoppy" day. I'm not sure what my plans are (except for the gym of course), but I'm thinking it will involve something outdoors as today's high is expected to reach 72 with plenty of sun. Now that's a great day!

A Pretty Woman Kind of Night

It's a quiet Saturday night in Chicago and I'm watching Pretty Woman. I wondered how old Richard Gear was when the movie filmed so I did some research. The movie was released in 1990 and Richard was born in 1949. So that means most likely he was 40 years old - my age (almost) as Garry Marshall shot the Julia Roberts' star maker one year prior. On one hand, I feel old. On the other, if "Edward" can look good at 40, who's to say I can't?

I'm not sure why her first release hasn't picked up steam stateside, because the effort by this X-Factor winner is worth the attention. This lifted single is a club jam on its own, but the dance remix by Cahill creates a fun, summer bouncy track. Push the button now I say. PUSH THE BUTTON.

Typer Perry Does it Again

Every time I see or hear about Tyler Perry, he impresses me. Today, he's on Oprah and once again, I'm amazed by his candor, generosity and down home charm.

It's a Wrap

Our neighborhood TV shoot wrapped yesterday. Now, I can finally plant my grass seed in the parkway - and most likely once again in the front yard as the crew decided to shift their production onto our property. Of course, I raised some red flags because nobody asked. So, I got a few more bucks out of the deal. I wasn't looking for additional cash, but I suppose it makes me feel a bit better knowing the production paid for a new spring shirt and short combo.

Happy April Fool's Day

It was no joke today in Chicago as temperatures soared into the mid 80s. We haven't had a hot day like today since last September! So I grabbed my pick and started hacking away at the cement rock in our backyard. I needed to make way for some new bushes. I'm not sure what those lesbians did before us, but they sure did make it a challenge to landscape our private retreat. I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow. That won't stop me from going to the gym however!