Pink Trash Travels

Market Days Skyrocket

It's been a busy month. But that doesn't mean I haven't had time to spin. So before I upload my latest mix on Facebook, I'm dropping what I consider my BEST MIX EVER here first. Download the hour set HERE. With new music by Pet Shop Boys, Ke$ha, and Cher, it's again the best work to date. For a complete set list, just shoot me an email.

Juan Pablo 4 Bachelor

Juan Pablo wasn't featured much this season on The Bachelorette. But now that ABC highlighted the man from Venezuela, I can't think of anybody better suited to be the next Bachelor. Incredibly hot doesn't even come close to representing how I feel.

My Moment

I'd like to be the one Aiden is caught with in this Clorox Bleachable Moment commercial during the Bachelorette.

Smelling Good Nick

When we searched for an apartment in Paris, we checked out Paco Rabanne's flat in the Marais. It wasn't our cup of tea then. Perhaps if Paco would have had his model from his new fragrance welcome us, it would have been different. His name is Nick Youngquest from Australia. Can he personally deliver a bottle tomorrow?

Forever P Town

One of the best moments from P Town last week. Cher's "Woman's World" remixed and played by Danny Verde, booming through the speakers on a dark dance floor in the Crown and Anchor. Will forever take me back.

PTT Recommends Xelle

Xelle is delivering pop goodness. And their latest video incorporates many drag queens we've come to recognize from Ru Paul's Drag Race. Too bad I didn't know they were in town for Chicago's Pride Fest. Then again, I'd hate to work my way through the tragic mess again - even for some good sugary tunes.

Balancing Lazy with the Crazy

My first trip to Provincetown outside of Boston wasn't all about booze and boys (and many say). Instead, I balanced the crazy with the lazy.

Hey Cowboy

Who doesn't like a shirtless cowboy running through NBC's "American Ninja Warrior?"