Pink Trash Travels

Naked Marketing

Genius! Maybe this is how I should start marketing our rental properties.

Keeps Growing

Mitt Romney stated to the American people, "My heart aches for you." Yet he could care less for 47% of Americans - many who are suffering. We don't buy it Mitt.

Start Squealing

Wolverine is coming back to theaters. So the promo push is on. Welcome back big weasel.

Righting a Wrong w/ABC's Revenge

I'm usually a pretty good judge of success when it comes to TV programming. But last year, I made one giant mistake - I didn't watch ABC's Revenge. So this week because of the network's marathon, I finally had a chance to catch-up. Sure, I missed over 15 episodes, but I'm happy to be prepped and ready for season two. Revenge is a great, over-the-top drama loaded with handsome men with good hair.


Tim Tebow has become the David Beckham of Football. Because it appears he's more known now for his looks than talent. Why fight fate?

Good Job Mother Nature

While I was talking on the phone with my friend Jonathan the other day, I spotted a giant grasshopper in the yard. Knowing the insect was responsible for munching my plants, I went to hunt it down in the clematis climbing the garage. Even with a broom, I couldn't get the bug to come out of hiding. Then again, with those wings that resemble leaves, the grasshopper could have been staring me down and I never would have known it. The camouflage is amazing.

So today, I was happy to find the dead insect on our back porch - the apparent victim of a bird napping. And here I was thinking the robins and sparrows just eat my grass seed. Good job mother nature.

Good But Not Good Enough

While shopping for new sneakers yesterday at Sports Authority, the poster below, featuring a handsome model (with amazing hair) for Under Armour, caught my eye. Too bad he wasn't hot enough to make me spend money on the brand. He's handsome and all but there are limitations.

What Winnie Thinks

I gave both Winnie and Murphy a carrot instead of a dog treat. Murphy chomped his. As I took pictures of him enjoying his carrot, apparently Winnie let her opinion of veggies be known by making faces in the background.

Greetings Fall!

Fall has arrived to Chicago. And I personally can't wait for the leaves to change, air to chill, and pumpkins and mums to decorate front porches across Lakewood Balmoral. Fall is my favorite time of year - actually extending to January 1st. From there, you just go stir crazy.

Mario and Khloe Off 2 X Factor

It's not quite official, but close, that Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian will co-host X Factor. Mario's dimples and TV experience got him the gig. As for Khloe, she's soon to eclipse her buggin' sister Kim by snagging the job on Fox. Good for her. However you can get a break, take it! And she has (along with her sisters, mother, father, brother, dog...)


Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day."

Stewart Hits the Mark on Mittens

For PTT fans overseas, and unable to watch the political shenanigans unfold in America, check out Jon Stewart's take on Mitt Romney's latest gaffe. Stewart hits the mark with his assessment. Unfortunately, I don't see Mittens disappearing anytime soon - making the November election a nail biter.

Makes Me Laugh

I laugh every time this Geico commercial shows on TV. I don't know if it's Eddie Money's singing or odd body moves. In any case, I LOL - literally.

Midshipmen's Take on Gangnam Style

U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen get their 15 minutes (or is it seconds) of fame with their take on PSY's "Gangnam Style." Is it just me, or is there something very erotic about their dancing in uniform, on top of each other, or even cannons?

PTT Posting on the Go

My friend Dave snapped the pic below a few minutes ago while shopping in Walgreens. I can understand why. Levy lookin' good. Real good.

Uncomfortable Mit

Mitt Romney always looks uncomfortable. Why would you want this guy as President? Not to mention he'll apparently say anything to get elected.

Ricketts Can Suck It

Of course Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade Inc. and current owner of the Chicago Cubs, is going to spend millions on getting Mitt Romney elected (essentially trying to buy the election). Sad that Ricketts supports a Presidential choice that doesn't consider the billionaire's lesbian daughter a citizen that deserves equal rights. All of which makes me never want to visit Wrigley Field only to spend $10 on a hot dog. I don't need one that bad.

Last night, PTT traveled to a bday party with my friend DP. And oddly enough, we only recognized a few people. All of which reminds us that Chicago can both seem big yet small in regards to the gay community.

In addition, I got dragged into a photo opportunity with the birthday boy. I refuse to pose anymore unless I'm in control of the photos. So of course I wanted to grab the camera and run - especially considering I was sporting a new "doo" - one that hasn't been proven successful for FB yet. Just sayin'.

PTT Checks the NFL

I'm not a big NFL fan, but with hot quarterbacks and players like Trent Edwards with the Buffalo Bills, perhaps I need to spend more Sundays (or is it Mondays?) glued to the tube.


Some may consider this beautiful. I don't. So keep the images to yourself Nick and Vanessa. Just sayin'.

Better Than Ever

Gotta say, Ben Affleck looks more handsome than ever on the cover of this month's Details magazine.

PTT's Birthplace

For those of you wondering where I was born, look no further than Lindsborg's new website. Check it out HERE.

New Reason 2 Watch "Glee?"

Dean Geyer might be a reason to start watching "Glee" again. Though, give him 10 years and he'll be even hotter. Umhmm.

Circuit Monkey Throw Down

Because of jury duty yesterday, I decided to pass the time mixing a throw down circuit party set. Featuring new music by Bieber, Matchbox Twenty, Loreen, and new artists such as Derek Nicoletto and Princess X, as well as throwbacks from PCD, it's a glow stick twirlin' return to the circuit (that gave me the best workout today - goosebumps and all). Click HERE for the hour set!

PTT Commentary

It amazes me that more people don't edit themselves on Facebook. Specifically, individuals post "party" photos and ignorant political and/or religious comments that reflect their inability to understand they are a brand - and that their posts reflect them as a person.

Chris Powell Proves He's No Fatty

Chris Powell, host of ABC's "Extreme Makeover," looked a bit heavy when my friend Patrick and I caught the show a few weeks back. But by the looks of the shirtless photo below featured in Bello Mag, Chris appears to be quite fit - and sexy.

Please Consider Rescue

My friends Matthew and Brian just brought home their new rescued, baby Wire Fox Terrier - Giuseppe. All of which goes to show you can find great breeds, both pure and mixed, through adoption!

For more information on adoption, check out Katherine Heigl's foundation: Just one of many that help to fight animal cruelty.

A New Fall Fave

Going 2 Court

So I finally received a jury duty notice - as a standby. Today I called the hotline to find out if I have to report tomorrow at 8:30 in Maybrook, Illinois, and the answer was "yes." Ugh. Who knows how long I'll be in court. Hopefully it's a short and sweet decision. If not, however, I'll be creating a new DJ Lutty Mix. And depending on how many days I'll be holed up, it could be upwards of four to five hours!

I Must Have Blinked

How did I miss Jessie Claus on Big Brother (aka Jessie Godderz from BB season 11)?

PTT Loves "Let's Have a Kiki" Instructional Video

I'm in love with this song - and now the video to support "Let's Have a Kiki." An unexpected treat from Scissor Sisters. Now if we could just get all the gays to stop using the term.

Happy NY Fashion Week

To celebrate NY Fashion Week, an image from one of my favorite "Sex and the City" episodes where Carrie takes a tumble on the runway.

Mad Men Gets Rickrolled

Have you heard of Rickrolling? Apparently it's a bait-and-switch practice in which a video redirects the viewer to Rick Astley's 1987 hit single, "Never Gonna Give You Up." I can understand the fascination with the song. After all, the Stock Aiken Waterman produced number is classic 1980s hit that deserves repeated listens.

Check out the latest Rickroll featuring the "Mad Men" cast. Genius.

And I Quote

"When you're successful and walk through the door of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you."

Well Done!

I'll be the first to admit - I'm a Republican at heart. But because of the crazy, right wing nut jobs running the party today, I could never place a vote for an Elephant. And after tonight's speeches by Julian Castro and Michelle Obama, I may never again. Both Castro and Ms. Obama were simply amazing - especially the First Lady. She reached through the TV and pulled my heart strings. Well done Democrats on your opening night.

Alan Prepz

Alan Ritchson is apparently preparing for his role in the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, by doing steroids. I suppose I'm just jealous. Thanks to Perez Hilton for the images.


Pleasant Surprise

Speaking of Labor Day weekend, a new friend from Dallas surprised me by swinging through Chicago on his way home from Abu Dhabi. Of course, I didn't take any photos with him because I refuse to try with the iPhone. But now I wish I would have snapped a few including: When I found him at Walgreen's with PopChips in hand, or when we ate Paddy's favorite, dates wrapped in bacon, at Frasca's, or finally when we enjoyed a bland cinnamon roll at MHenry - one that should have been much, much better.

Sunday Funday

Because of the holiday weekend, we decided to venture out for a Sunday Funday. And finally, because I dragged my old school digital camera around, I got a few good pics with friends whose past attempts have been nothing short of horrible due to the iPhone's terrible camera. I especially love the "Olan Mills" shot with Nate posting high atop his stool and the rest of us congregating around for prosperity.