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DJ Lutty Pridefest

My friends wanted some new tunes for Pride this weekend and next (along with P-Town too). So I spun a set last Thursday. THIS is the result. My faves include Rokelle, Jody's Ariana production and especially Ralphi's Rihanna track. For a full track list, just shoot me an email!

Can't Get Enough


I'm having issues with my IT band (a tough group of fibers that run along the outside of the leg). So I went looking for stretches. I found one - a monster walk. But it was hard to look past the model's arms and legs. He ain't no monster in my book!

My Superman

I've been making note of Henry Cavill as Superman for a few years now. But after seeing the movie today, I'm even more enamored by the Brit and his presentation of the Man of Steel. In short, his 6' 1" muscled frame takes my breath away.

Weird Weather

Chicago's weather this summer is everything but normal. Today, the fog rolled in from the lake - as the sun set in the West.

Why I Watch the Bachelorette

They all have their fine qualities, but the first, Ben is from Dallas and appears to be a gent with a nice physique and a Southern drawl (still my number one choice). Brandon, the second, is adorable with a nice bod. Dan has Superman features. #4 Juan Carlos is Latino sexy. And Michael G, the last, is a rugged hot man. Sure, the show is manufactured, but that's okay when "love" is involved.

Note, the pictures aren't in order of preference. If that was the case, Ben would be first, Michael G second, Brandon and Juan would be tied for third. And yes, this blog is UBER gay at the moment. :)

Why I Should B Watching Rugby

I need to start watching Australian rugby. Cooper Cronk is one reason. I've got more so check back.